How I met my wife

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Asa Akira

How I met my wife“Hey… Tony?”I turned around to be surprised and uncomfortable with an unlikely reunion with Brad, a close friend from college.“I’ll be damned, Brad!! What are you doing here?”I swallowed with a hint of discomfort. Even though I was very close to Brad in college and were in the same fraternity, I wished that I would never meet him again. The convention that both of us attended was paused for refreshments. We were forced to catch up and bring up old times, at least I was.Inevitably Brad brought up the craziest and wildest thing we’ve been together in college, which I was desperately trying to avoid. Brad was a typical quarterback back in the day, he was popular and had his way with the ladies, he’s slept with all the girls I’ve dated in college, most of the time before I had my way with them. We’re not an inseparable duo, but we’re close and did some crazy shit together and obviously he won’t forget the craziest of them and obvious he’d talk about it now.“You know Tony, the first thing you remind me of is that night with, Lucy, man she was some hot piece of ass, wasn’t”I was speechless and I literally saw my face turning red. I wrestled in my head whether I should tell him or not. “But you know I was bummed out to hear that it wasn’t that special”, he was now having beer, that was served by the convention which I found weird, but it was far less weird than the conversation I was having with Brad. “I ran into Drake and Marcus a couple of years back, I told ‘em about my..our widest experience in college, you know what they told me?”“No..what?”, I was quieter than usual. Drake and Marcus were the inseparable duo in our frat house, and they ended up starting their own business. I was really hopeful that their reply to our wild night would somehow change the topic. “Apparently our wild night was a regular occurrence for slutty Lucy. She’s such a fucking whore but we already knew that..right buddy”, he said in a cool way and took a sip out of his beer.I got seriously pissed when he called the mother of my c***dren a whore and I almost lost it.“Dude I’m married to Lucy”, I said quite sternly“Shit”, he dry drowned on his beer and izmir escort bayan then shared the weirdness I had from the beginning.***It happened 10 years ago, when we were young and dumb. I was a 21 year old horny k**, sexually inexperienced relative to the likes of Brads out there. I was getting laid all right but unlike Brad I had to work for it, sometimes really hard. Lucy was already an acquaintance of Brad and had asked him for some “help” with Advanced Calculus. For an athlete he was very good in math, but not as good as me. He agreed to help her, and called out for me to help him teach her. Lucy was a ballet dancer, meaning she had a smoking hot body with a perfect ass and tits. Brad was determined to sleep with her eventually after of course helping with her math, but later we found out that Lucy was much more determined. When the faithful night came, Brad and I drove to her apartment which was a studio couple of blocks away. She was supposed to have a friend with her who wanted help as well, my goal was to score with this friend. After a little chit chat we started to teach Lucy and her friend Janine, I took the lead in the tutoring since I was very good at it. When the night unfolded we all discovered several things. Lucy needed no help with math, she was very good at it. I was the only one teaching and Janine was the only one that actually needed help. Janine was super weak in her math that I had to teach her the very basics which bored the other two and they had a steaming session of flirting and basically foreplay.It didn’t bother me because Janine and I were hitting it off except she was so overwhelmed and depressed with the math and wanted to go get drunk. I of course expected to accompany her but then I discovered another thing that night, Janine had a boyfriend, who came to pick her up at a moments notice and they left Lucy, Brad and me alone in the studio. Out of courtesy I walked Janine out of the apartment, when I left the apartment I could swear that Brad and Lucy were on the couch in a deep conversation while almost snuggling. When I returned inside the apartment I was taken aback, and the wildest excursion izmir escort bayan of my life began.At first I was confused as to what I should do, I couldn’t leave, because Brad and I came in the same car, his car. I can’t stay because they were fucking. I’m sure they were aware of my return inside, they just didn’t care. If they didn’t care why should I?. So I just stayed. I sat on the couch and began to browse through my phone. It didn’t happen of course. Lucy’s moans and Brad’s grunts were too distracting. I noticed a bra on the floor and other articles of clothing that trailed up to the bed, my eyes followed the trail of clothes until I saw the blatant love making on the bed. I could see a hint of Lucy’s soft breast squashed under Brad and a smooth thigh over his back. It was a sexy sight. Brad’s lean muscles were rippling across his body, pounding into Lucy. I could clearly see, my buddy’s butt rising up and slamming down,deep inside the sensual curvaceous blonde underneath him. His body was in constant state of motion, working really hard causing him to sweat like a bastard. I was boldly observing the live pornography unfolding in front of me by now and it was making me very hard and horny and I gently caressed my hard-on.I watched them until the end. Brad changed positions a couple of times. He got under her, but still kept mercilessly pounding deep inside her, in this position I could see Brad’s dick, which looked huge from where I was going inside Lucy, when it came out, her pussy was reluctant in letting it go, . It felt like hours to me but Brad went back to missionary and ejaculated, got off her and started to catch his breath. He looked like he ran 10 miles, he sure was sweating like it. Now, I had a clear view of Lucy’s nakedness. I was breathing hard, my dick became harder, I was filled to the brim with lust and on the brink of cumming just by the sight of Lucy, her nipples erect, her blonde hair tousled, her soft round breasts. I didn’t move my eyes off her, I think she noticed but I didn’t care. In peripheral vision I noticed Brad grabbing a towel and going to the bathroom probably to shower. Lucy grabbed a T-shirt and wore it over her naked body, I still saw her erect nipples. She walked toward me and stopped to pick up her bra. I was outright staring at her body with desire and to my surprise she stared at me with what looked like the same. Then for a moment we had an electrifying eye contact with each other, which seemed to be a very long time. I was lost in her blue eyes, she was as bold as I was and didn’t look away. I was high, not from alcohol or weed but from lust and I was taken over by something primitive.I swiftly got up, went to her, took her in my arms and kissed her with rough impatience. For a moment she didn’t reciprocate and then she did, her hands methodical and calm, began to undress me. But I was far too eager, I rushed ourselves back to the bed. It was warm, like someone was there before, and mildly damp. Lucy’s body was also damp. She was slick with sweat, something told me that most of it didn’t belong to her and voluptuous body gave a pungent musk, which definitely was not her own.She got me naked, while I was kneading her ass and kissing her soft breasts. I was dripping with precum. Both of us were looking at my hard dick, which I guided to her entrance, pushed it inside her taking my time and enjoying and feeling every moment of it. Once fully inside, I was engulfed by a loose, slippery and a very wet pussy. It reminded me that Brad was here before, apparently unprotected and I was covered with his sperm. When I pulled out of her the entire length of my dick was covered with a thick, gooey layer. I believe I was never this hard ever again in my life. I fucked her cum filled used pussy like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t last very long. I came, came so very hard and stayed deep inside her until I got soft, looking at her blue eyes the entire time. I was so tired I slept at her apartment cozying up with Lucy. Brad had assumed the voyeurs role the whole time.The next morning I was woke up to sex noises. Brad was having his second round with Lucy, but in the bathroom, while showering together. When we were ready to leave something interesting happened, Lucy came up to me, kissed me passionately for what it felt like an age and looked into my eyes with her blue ones. After that wild night, Lucy and I never met for another two year. Then after five years we got married and had three k**s.

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