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How we started our adventures 1Quite a lot of men and women after a few years of marriage / relationship when the excitement and the reality of having fun in the bedroom fades a little start thinking about how to spice up their love life and think about how to keep the spark going. Men of course, at least most, think about watching their partner playing with another male and seeing how she is being pleasured.Well, this is a true event that led us to having a few meets with other men over the years on occasional basis, (we are not hardened swingers) and if the meeting was good and C enjoyed herself would sometimes go out with the male by herself, then tease me knowing it gives me a hard on and finally making love into the night. This has kept our relationship exciting and fulfilling. Even the last 2 years where she has been unwell, it still keeps our love life on a high, reminiscing as to what we had done and learned a lot from others, as in the way another man pleasures your partner. One thing I’ve learned is to mak C squirt more than ever with a technique I watched from others.Just to let you know I’m M 54, 6’1, 8.5” cock, (so it wasn’t to see her have a bigger cock satisfies her) Mrs C is 53, 4’10 slim build with small breasts and we have been together 10 years but have known each other for 14 when she was previously married.Things began when after fucking C I would keep asking if I was good enough for her. And she always reassured me and started admitting quite a few flings had acured during her marriage as when a man fancied her and gave her compliments and was attracted to them. She would sometimes have some fun to satisfy her own needs and desires due to her husband’s illnesses.. This gave me an instant hard on wanting to know more about what she had done, with who, where, which ended up with me getting another hard on and giving her a repeat performance saying things like I wish I had been there.Then over the following few months I started asking if she missed her adventures and did she ever think about playing around again to have more experiences, this shocked her saying, I satisfied her more than any other lover she had had. I mentioned that it turned me on knowing that one day she might come home with another mans seed in her pussy and tell me how naughty she has been and that when we had role played these eventualities I had noticed she orgasmed more when I come inside her and that it would be nice to see her open her lips and show me the spunk seeping from her pussy when she’d been out and then adding mine while listening to how she had been fucked. Nothing more was said apart from me bringing it up in the bedroom quite a few times when I started to fuck her and talk dirty saying just think if you had been fucked today another man’s spunk would be inside her I would be flooding you with more, this bought her to more orgasms over and over again arching her back trying to squeeze my cock even more calling me a bastard knowing I knew it turned her on so much and me telling her you have my permission as I love youOver time she started telling me some of her little escapades with the job she did, mentioning she had played with one of the client’s bosses and she had let him bend her over his office desk giving her a good fucking and coming over her arse while the staff were at lunch. There was another time while working in a hotel and she thought a guest had left the shower running and walked in on a Swedish guy who was walking around the room naked and smiled as he said he had been thinking about her in the shower as he played with himself but hadn’t cum. And somehow in a trance was guided by him to the bed where she gave him a blow job and later came back after work and was fucked. Then there was a time when her husband hadn’t touched her in months and the escapade with the farmer came up where she used to keep her horse and over the years became good friends with him and his wife going out for evenings with their respective partners and her husband mentioning quite often when he got drunk that C always went commando! This lead on one winter’s evening where she left work, picked the c***dren from school (she was wearing a tight business suit as in skirt and jacket as well as heels) and decided to check on the horse due to the bad weather. When tuzla escort she got to the farm the farmer’s wife greeted the c***dren, inviting them in for some hot soup while C checked on the a****l and when it started to rain the farmer came over with an umbrella. But he saw her bending over checking the horse’s shoe and mentioned what a lovely sight he was looking at and that her legs looked fab asking was it true she always went commando and her laughing and jokingly saying one day you might find out. Suddenly he came up behind her, put his arms around her breast, kissed the back of her neck (that turns her on like a switch) then dragged her over to a bale of hay and when she didn’t fight his advances, suddenly hitched up her skirt, bent down on his knees and kissed her cheeks, spread them wide, licking her pussy to her arse hole and inserted a finger telling her she was one fantastic woman and he had wanted to know for ages, she moaned in shock but didn’t resist as she placed her hands on the bale of hay and the next thing she knew his cock was pressing against her pussy and started fucking her good and proper for about 5 minutes saying he hoped she was enjoying it as much as he was and suddenly cumming all over her bum, the tops of her legs and hold ups and without wiping it away pulling her skirt down saying he was sorry but couldn’t resist. She told me it had been exciting being taken knowing she might be caught, even more so that her skirt might be stained and to go back and face the farmer’s wife but became acutely aware she had been naughty. This became a regular event evidently for them and it was good for us especially when we made love on all fours and I mentioning the desk and the bale of hay telling her to imagine it was them fucking her again. This led to me saying on many occasions that if she ever wanted to play away again, I would love her to come back and tell me what happened. She knew I meant it and she said one day we will see but I did mention I’d also love to watch her having fun.So how did it start? Months after talking about it, we were laid in bed and she was playing with my cock, she mentioned a member of staff she used to work with in the same office had gained promotion and had moved to head office as he was head if I.T. and was having to visit her office due to a system upgrade and the work had to be done out of hours to stop any interruption. Evidently he was having trouble finding accommodation for a couple of days. She mentioned he used to compliment her and say if only you weren’t married I would love to take you to bed. Evidently she nearly said yes to one of his advances, but got cold feet when they were in the lift going to his room. I said well do you want to offer him a room here? It’s up to you. She then said as she was licking my balls and wanking me slowly and looking me straight in the eye. Well if you want to see me fuck someone it would probably be with someone like Dave, and you might be able to watch if he is alright about it or you could watch from a far as it will reassure me knowing you were there and I wouldn’t feel as if I was cheating on you. I came on the spot and she laughed saying mmm I know what the answer is my darling as she cleaned my cock up sucking every last drop out of me.The date was set the following Friday and leaving on the Monday, I was so excited I left work at 4 to make sure the house was right wondering what he was like and would it happen. I even set up the camcorder discreetly under the tv and kept the remote in my pocket. I received a phone call at 5.30 saying they had gone for a drink and that she was excited and was I sure she wanted her to still play as he was touching her under the table and so turned on. She also informed me she had told Dave that I knew of her indiscretions in the past and that I didn’t mind if she was attracted to someone, but he didn’t believe her. When they arrived home about 7.30 they had had a few drinks but weren’t drunk, I suggested we got a Chinese. This was instantly agreed upon and so it was ordered and although I told them I would pick the meal up, I had asked for it to be delivered. I was in the kitchen pouring some wine when C came in, she grabbed my cock and said are you sure? Because I am so horny, my god you’re so hard! I then told her quickly my tuzla escort bayan plan about the Chinese and that I would go out the back door pretending to leave and watch what happens from there. She smiled saying it looks as if you have it all planned and I’m going to tease you as she blew a kiss before returning to the lounge.They were both on the 3 seater couch and laughing and joking about past times while I sat opposite in the recliner, C looked at me and crossing and uncrossing her legs, she had hold ups on and I could see the flesh at the tops of her legs with her skirt edging higher every time and on many occasions showing her pussy, she broke my trance by saying is it time to get the Chinese? I got up and left pretending to open and shut the back door. I then crept to the hallway door beside the stairs and watched through the crack of the door. They weren’t talking, there was an awkward silence then Dave broke the ice by saying you look fantastic, I wish we had gone all the way in that hotel, C laughed and said, that was regrettable on her part, but he could try again if he wanted to. Dave said how long have we got before he comes home? C said it doesn’t matter he knows about my past and he’s wanted me to play since we met but I have resisted till now. Dave said can I kiss you and take advantage of your body? There was no reply as Dave kissed her and she opened her mouth accepting his tongue putting her arms around him. It became frantic they were rubbing each other everywhere and taking their clothes off. Dave said he wanted her to leave her skirt on just in case I came back, C knelt on the floor then took her bra off and started sucking his cock and squeezing her breasts as Dave stroked her hair he was begging within minutes for her to stop as he was about to come. She then stood up raised her skirt over her hips spread her legs showing her bare pussy then sat astride him and mounted him telling him to suck her breasts. His cock was average and slid in easily, she then bent close to his ear saying fuck me, take me! He didn’t last long before he said I’m going to come I better pull out, C grabbed the base of his cock and came off him, looked at him telling him to make it last then looking over at the door saying I want you to come inside me as it turns me on! That was the go ahead as she sat back on his cock, they were both moving in unison she was sucking her fingers and staring straight at me as she was fucked, then he changed speed and started thrusting into her like a rag doll lifted her on and off his cock and rose 12 inches off the cushions making a long groaning sound and I knew he had cum inside her as she shouting O fuck, O fucking hell that was amazing! Keep pumping your seed into me! As she squeezed her breasts biting her lower lip looking at me, saying that’s it give it to me and smiling knowing I was watching. Suddenly the doorbell rang, I hadn’t realised the time or that I had opened my fly and had been wanking at the site in front of me, I rushed out the door round the house and paid for the Chinese, then rang the bell saying I had left my keys.When I came in, C was dressed as normal, but Dave was flushed and a little red in the face as he buttoned the last one on his shirt. I said is everything all right as I went into the kitchen with a smile on my face, C came in and put her arms around me, then felt my cock saying did you enjoy that, I put my hand behind me, raised her skirt and inserted a finger swimming in spunk, I then removed it, turned around and placed my finger to her mouth as she sucked it clean, saying I know what is for pudding later. We sat round the table eating our food and having a good conversation about this and that and I bought up that C had mentioned that they nearly got together in the past. Dave nearly chocked on his food! I said it’s alright mate, I would love to have watched the two of you back then. Dave looked at C then at me and then C said we have just made up for lost time while you were out my love as she got off her chair, came over to me and said and he came inside me as she kissed me. Dave’s jaw just dropped, was silent until I said did you both enjoy it? Dave was going to say something but he just couldn’t talk it was if he was in a state of paralysis, C turned away from me and went over to escort tuzla Dave and looked at me as she kissed him, reassured him saying it’s alright Dave he has wanted me to have someone since we met and you were the one I wanted to do it with. Dave just said wow man that’s so cool and you don’t mind me fucking C? I looked at him and said I have found it such a turn on to fantasise that one day she might be playing away but also would love one day to watch her with someone. C started clearing the dishes then said well my love your wish might come true on day let’s see what happens.When we settled down watching TV, C turned round and said look both of you, I’m horny again and I need some more fun, are you both up to it? Dave and I looked at each other, stood up in unison and went to her aid by kissing and touching her all over. She got our cocks out and started sucking one then the other saying mmm a nice pair of cocks. The next thing C stops us goes to the dining table and lies on it spreading her legs asking me to lick her below so I can taste her juices from before and started sucking Dave again. I went down on her and more or less spread her liquid all over my face while finger fucking her, she was jerking against me all the time and that familiar squelching sound became apparent as she squirted all over the table. Dave was saying he was close to coming and asked if he could fuck her. She looked at both of us and said, just use me for your pleasure guys as I think I have been very naughty. I then said guests first and fuck her like you’ve dreamed of doing. C stopped before he had his cock touch her pussy saying “ We aren’t bi Dave but I would love one favour” Dave just said ask away. C looked at me and said seeing you wanted this to happen, I want you to grab Dave’s cock and place it in my pussy the pussy you own but want me to share with others now and in the future and I will do as you ask. I was at a stutter but C kissed me and then said please do it, it means a lot to me that you want this to happen in your pussy. I looked at Dave and he seemed alright about it so grabbed it, rubbed it against her clit quite a few times as she raised to meet the touch, then i pressed it down a little further seeing her open pussy waiting for it and said push that cock right into her and make sure you cum inside her!!C was on her back but on her elbows as she watched it go in. She arched her back as she said O fuck darling, thank you, hold me and kiss me. I did as asked but it was hard to keep the lips on her as Dave was pounding into her, I grabbed her breasts and sucked on one of her nipples and she held my head in place saying o my god this is so fantastic did you like putting a cock in my pussy? she came screaming the house down and shaking her head from side to side. She was a quivering wreck as Dave shouted I’m going to spunk your pussy as his arse cheeks showed with every thrust a squirt of cum was being injected into her. C was sweating and looked at me saying you haven’t cum darling use your cock on me fuck that fresh pussy full of spunk do it!!! I pulled her to the edge of the table by her legs, put them on my shoulders, looked at her and said here comes my cock for you as I thrust my full length into her. God it was amazing all wet and gooey, I looked down to see my cock full off white spunk going in and out of my pussy and relaying this back to C, she was on the verge of another orgasm and I told her I loved having sloppy seconds, suck our guests cock clean. She did as asked and as she was doing it she looked at me, blew me a kiss and that was it I came inside with such force the table moved 4 inches along the floor as I arched my back and touched her clit. She screamed out, arching her back and squirted for the first time while my cock was inside her. Another first for us!As you can imagine we were all spent and needed some sleep so retired to our rooms. Before C and I went to sleep we cuddled each other and I said Thank you for what you have done tonight. Are you alright about it? She just said it was amazing to have two men play with her and if you want me to play again I only had to ask. I finally said well we have the rest of the weekend to sort out and experiment as you wish. Good nightIf you want to know what happened on the Saturday night please leave feedbackWe have vids on xhamster as we are genuine so here is one link We will be back to play soon as C is getting better XX

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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