Humiliating Father

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Humiliating FatherAs I lay reading a book in my bed in my old bedroom in my parents’ house I hear footsteps outside my room, a gentle knock that I remember from my c***dhood; Mum always used her secret code knock to let me know it was her. The door opens and I watch as mum enters my bedroom, she is wearing her bright red satin negligée with black lace trimming, I can see the material underneath of her Bra, I can see her sexy legs in her black stockings and her feet in her red and black slippers.She almost glides over to my bed and takes a seat on the edge of my bed and her eyes eat their way into mine. I could never resist my mother when she stared at me with those magical brown eyes; her matching brown freshly washed and brushed hair hanging down past her shoulders. She leans over and kisses me on the cheek. I hope that I know what is coming, but say nothing.“So my darling” she starts, “how is that wife of yours?”“Catherine?” I respond, knowing mother has no great love for her, but she likes the fact her family has wealth, as do I. “she is well mother”.“It must be nearly six months since you wed her!” she states, “is she pregnant yet?”“I am not sure, we have been trying; although she does not like me making love to her too often” I reply.“It is a wife’s duty to provide an heir for her husband, make it clear” Mother responds, “fuck her and fuck her hard!”Mother continues on about Catherine and tells me I must bring her home with me soon, I am sure she is as weak a person as your fucking father. We`ll make her strip naked in front of us, would you like that? I know I would, maybe we could get that bitch and your father to walk around naked and serve us like servants do.Mother then lays her palm on the bedclothes and pretends to wipe away a piece of fluff from the bed linen, but she is more successful in feeling my penis below the bedding. She is well aware that I sleep naked.I remember when I wed your father, she tells me; that useless piece of shit that does next to nothing around the house. My family had wealth like your dear Catherine; but your father squandered it on gambling and religion…I`m sure he fucks that bishop where he visits…he must do, he never fucks me anymore.I blush slightly, not from her talking about sex and swearing, she does that all the time, but about father, I know how she despises him. He used to be in the army, a good soldier and leader of men, but he suffered a defeat years ago and was humiliated, but instead of turning the situation around; as mother advised him to do. He turned away and found religion and gambling and lost almost everything else including his family.Mother smirks at her comments about Father and tells me not to mention it to anyone.“I do not wish people to know that he no longer fucks me” she says, “to make matters worse, he does not even have someone else like a young whore”.Again mother rubs the bedding, but even firmer this time and for longer, much longer. Her touch arouses me, but still I stay silent. She teasingly unties the top of her satin negligee so I can get a better view of her cleavage as she knows I have recently been spying on her when she is changing. We have not really been together alone since I wed Catherine nearly six months ago.Again she leans over and kisses me, this time on my forehead and whispers in my ear how much she misses me.We then hear footsteps outside in the hallway and mother whispers to me.“Do you want to see how weak your Father is nowadays?”“What do you mean?” I ask.“Just go along with whatever I say” she replies, “Okay?” she asks firmly.“Of course!” I confirm.Father then enters the room and sees Mother sitting on the edge of my bed facing towards me, but she stands up as he kadıköy escort enters the room, she turns to him and unties the rest of her negligee and drops it in an erotic way that women do, on my bedroom floor.“So my darling husband” she says, “are you ready for sex tonight?”I can’t help but laugh as father looks at her almost ashamed that she has asked him such a question.“Okay then” she responds, but furthers her attempt to humiliate him further. “Would you at least unclip my bra for me?”Mother then turns to face me and cups her hands under her breasts.“What in front of our Son?” he asks astonished.“Our Son?” mother says, “You don’t know you have a fucking Son!”I am surprised as father ignores her response and unclips her bra and steps back from her; he looks at me and shrugs his shoulders; like a little boy who has been caught stealing something. Mother smiles at me and slowly and sensuously slips her bra off of her arms and slides down her sexy black lace g-string and lets it fall to the carpet. Mother is now facing me, fully naked; her bare breasts are divine, they are large c-cup sized and I know; probably better than father, how good they taste and how sumptuous they feel in my hands. Her sleek body shows no sign of the good living she has endured in her fifty something years, her curvaceous hips are a perfect shape that emphasises her mature body. Her untrimmed pubic hair makes her looks so naturally wonderful and as my eyes make their way down her soft thighs to her lower legs, I realise how much father has missed over the years being married to this wonderful woman.As mother approaches me father finds his voice and asks her what she is doing.“I am going to make love to my Son” She replies matter of factly. “Do you have a problem with that?”“Of course I have a fucking problem with that…he`s your Son” He says.“Oh, so now he`s my Son?” she replies.“That`s not what I meant and you know it!” He says, sounding a lot braver than he was a while ago.“Well you have not fucked me in years” she says “and you are not going to fuck me now are you?”“Fucking right I am not!” Father says.Mother then winked at me and turned towards father and grabbed hold of him and pushed him against the bedroom wall, pushing her midriff into his and gyrating her body against his.“You are the weakest fucking piece of shit I have ever had the misfortune to meet” Mother said to Father. “So you are going to do what we say, You are our slave for the rest of…we`ll who knows?”“Your slave?” he said, “What do you mean?”“Well…” Mother said, and let the word hang for a while as she considered what we should do with him.“Take your clothes off” I said, rather more confidently than I felt.Father looked at me in disgust, which I know I deserved, but to be honest I never expected him to do it, but do it he did. He undressed there and then stripping his clothes off down to his underpants without asking why.“Did you not understand me..all your clothes“. I told him, “and then put your hands behind your head”. Once he had done what I asked of him, I called my mother over to me and she joined me in bed, underneath the covers she quickly placed her sweaty hand on my penis; stroking it gently and tickling my testicles as only she knew how. Above the covers we both laid there looking at my weak father standing there naked in front of us. I turned slightly and kissed my mother’s breast; cupping it gently with one hand and licking in circles around her nipple with my tongue.“Are you not envious Father?” I asked, “Watching me use your wife, my mother!”He said nothing, but just looked sheepishly to the floor, hoping üsküdar escort it would suck him in.My mother kissed me lovingly on my head and then..“Fuck me boy!” she announced, “Fuck me I have never been fucked before!”“Are you sure Mother?” I asked.“Yes I want you to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she responded, “and fuck me good in front of your Father!”I grabbed the covers of the bed and threw them on the floor, and then we heard something we never expected.“Leave her alone” Father said, although rather sheepishly, “remember you are a married man!”“And so are you” Mother replied, “and I reckon Catherine is as much of a fucking piece of useless whore as you are!” “Maybe you should fuck her, eh?” I suggested.His eyes glistened, but not in anger.“So you`d like to fuck Catherine, eh?” I asked.“Well…” Father responded.“Okay, I`ll bring her over and make her strip naked in front of you both, and you`ll strip naked too, while Mother and I remain dressed”. I said, “You`ll both be our whores for the night!”Mother then placed her hand around my penis in full view of Father and started to caress it firmly. She then repositioned herself and started licking my penis and testicles and really arousing me. It wasn`t long before I had a complete erection; only to look up and discover Father had one too.Spurred on by my Father’s lust I then placed my arm around Mother and swung her on top of me; she sat facing me wonderfully naked, leaning over me with her breasts hanging inches from my face and slid her naked torso up and down my naked and sweaty body, her wet feminine juices moistening my body, I felt my stiff erect penis touch her the crack of her backside and that aroused me further. She reached back and took hold of my throbbing cock and lifted herself slightly allowing her to insert my warm firm cock into her vagina.She then lowered herself down onto my midriff and started to raise and lower her body. She leaned over me once again and her breasts were now so close to my face that I licked at them with my wet eager tongue as they bounced off of her chest in time with my penetrating her warm wet and loving vagina.I looked down between our pulsating bodies and saw her bushy black pubic hair and the split of her vaginal lips and my wet hard cock together and I felt a touch of pre-cum leave my bell-end and lubricate my mother’s pussy even more; making it easier to slide my cock up and down inside her.I glanced across and saw with pleasure that father was masturbating and told him to stop and put his hands back on his head. Again he complied with my order.Mother had raised herself and I watched with pleasure as her buxom breasts bounced up and down as my Cock pushed inside her deeper and deeper. She leaned over again and this time pressed her body tight to mine, her breasts were squashed upon my chest and I held her tight, not wanting to let her go. Mother was kissing me on the lips and slid her tongue inside my mouth as her body jolted in rhythm to my pelvic thrusts. Before I knew it I could feel my semen running through my erect penis, I pulled my cock out and ejaculated and the semen squirted onto my mother’s pubic hair and onto her chest. She collapsed on top of me and we kissed and laughed like school c***dren.Mother then slid off of me and lay next to me on the bed.“I`m thirsty” she said, “go and get us some drinks you worthless piece of shit!” Mother ordered Father.He obediently agreed and went to pick up his clothes.“Naked” I told him.He dropped his clothes and walked out of the room.While he was gone my mother licked my semen from my penis and we fondled each other and when father returned he watched us fondling tuzla escort each other. Mother spread her legs wide apart and asked if I would like to taste her. Father stood there watching us, watching my arse as I bent over in front of him as I licked his wife’s pussy clean.Mother and I had sex three more times in different positions that afternoon and Father watched us all the time. With Mother reminding him of what he was missing; although he never admitted it, I knew he was wishing he could fuck her.The final time that afternoon that Mother and I had sex, when I cum, she let my semen dribble down my penis and she rubbed it into my pubic hair.“Oh darling” she called to my Father.“Yes dear” he responded.“Be a darling and lick your Son`s semen from his Cock and body will you?” Mother asked.He walked towards us and leaned over the foot of the bed as I spread my legs wide apart. He knelt over and stuck his tongue out and started to lick my semi-erect Cock, his tongue licked up and down the underneath of my shaft. It was quite arousing and made a mental note to ask Mother to do it like that next time.After a few minutes Mother told him.“Suck it, you shit, suck it and swallow it!” She ordered him.While Mother and I watched, Father spent around ten minutes licking and sucking my Cock and swallowing my semen from wherever it lay on my body until I was clean of semen.As he was finishing licking me, I had the urge to urinate and told him to fetch a bowl; which again he did without question. But when he was out of the room, Mother suggested I pee on him.“We`ll make them both urinate in a bowl when that bitch of yours visits next time” Mother suggested.“Make them piss in the garden?” I suggested and Mother smiled a wicked smile.Father arrived with the bowl and I told him to leave it on my bedside cabinet and follow me to the bathroom. Once we were in the bathroom I told him to kneel down in front of me. A few seconds later I started to pee; Mother stood behind me and took hold of my Cock and slid my foreskin back allowing total direction of urine to flow through my Cock and pee over Father.Mother directed the piss over Father; into his hair, on his face, down onto his chest and onto his un-erect penis. He was saturated in my piss and I felt great. I felt powerful and I felt truly loved by my Mother; whose warm naked body was touching mine. Her breasts pressing against my back, it was like I was in heaven.“My turn, my turn!” Mother said like she was missing out on a chocolate bar. She walked around in front of me and opened her legs wide so Father had a good view of her hairy pussy. Within seconds her urine squirted out of her cunt and sprayed Father. Mother laughed excitedly as she twisted and turned her body to pee all over her piece of shit Husband. Soon the tiled floor of the bathroom was saturated with urine.“Roll in it you worthless piece of scum!” she ordered her Husband.He immediately started to roll and cover himself in the urine Mother and I had provided. After a few minutes She told him he had had enough fun and he had to clean it up. Once he had cleaned the bathroom thoroughly, mother ordered him to go out into the garden.While he waited out in the garden; he found a secluded section of garden to wait in. Mother and I got redressed and made our way to the garden.Mother turned on the garden hose and sprayed the very cold water over some flowers. She then turned the hose on Father and made him walk into the middle of the garden while she sprayed him. She then told him to wash himself as she threw him a bar of soap. We both watched for around thirty minutes as Mother ordered and re-ordered him to wash himself again and again; Mother even took pictures on her camera to show Catherine when she came to visit.Father spent the rest of the day naked as our slave. Mother could not bear to sleep with him after that day and slept with me in my room, while Father slept naked on the floor in my room too.Mother suggested that Father invite Catherine for dinner the following week. How could he refuse such a good idea?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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