I Feel The Pleasure

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I twirled my blonde curls with my index finger. Tonight, I was going to see my boyfriend who I am in deeply in love with. He was a tall, handsome guy and I knew we were going to have sex. The look on his eyes told me so, and truthfully I am excited.

“Ian Croswick,” I murmured. I loved the sound of his name whenever I said it. My panties were starting to get wet when I started to think about what will happen in this heated night.

I stared at my bedroom mirror and admired myself. I had big breasts and a nice ass, perfect for tonight. I shivered when I touched myself down there, but maybe it was alright to play. The thought about Ian sucking my boobs while making love to me got me more excited.

I panted in deep breaths as I lowered my panties down and unclipped my bra. I tried to control myself, I really did! It was too late to calm though, I started moving my hands in fast circles around my clit.

“Ah fuck-” I cried.

I crawled to my bed and was in doggy position. I grabbed a vibrating dildo from my desk that was safely hidden. Ian bought me this for my 20th birthday. I was Escort bayan waiting for him to use it on me but I guess I have other plans.

I imagined him grabbing my hair while slowly going inside me. The hum of the dildo was representing him pounding me inside. I impatiently put the toy inside me and got shocks of pleasure.

“Yes!” I moaned while grinding my hips into a pillow. The vibrations felt good and I could actually imagine Ian fucking me hard. I stroked my clit as I turned the dildo into full speed. I couldn’t wait for tonight.

The toy kept pleasing me as I pinched my erected nipples harder and harder each time it sped a little. I opened my mouth and imagined myself doing a blow job on him. Screams of pleasure were replaced though, I could feel myself almost climaxing now.

I helped push the dildo in and out as the imaginary Ian sped up and continued to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. My hazel eyes scanned the room before a sudden wave of sheer bliss was in my pussy.

“Ahhh!” I moaned before I blacked out. The intensity was too high.


“What’s Bayan Escort this pounding?” I thought. It was down in my vagina but I couldn’t make out what it is, it felt slippery. My eyes were opened as I looked down to see my naked boyfriend licking me!

“Ian?!” I yelled with surprise.

I reached out to grab him but my hands were stuck. I averted my attention to the handcuffs that were placed around my wrists to the bed poles. A tongue was inside me and I arched my back to his mouth.

“Not there,” I groaned. The truth is, I think he just gave me sudden climax. Ian looked at me with a smirk on his face. I could feel his throbbing penis waiting to enter me. He placed both of his hands on my breast and rubbed them in a fast motion. Shit! I think he’s giving me another climax. Ian, look at what you do to me.

Then, at a random time, he entered his manhood into me and I winced slightly.

“Sorry, love.”

I closed my eyes and tried to relax myself as he moved in an agonized pace. “Faster, bitch!” I blurted out. Ian looked at me with his eyebrows raised Escort and bent down to my ear.

“I’ll make you scream my name, bitch.”

The way he talked dirty to me turned me more on as I felt wet again. This helped him move faster and I was crying out in pleasure. In and out, his penis was gladly fucking me. I could hear the sound of sex echoing the room. The bed creaked loudly as he bounced up and down on me. My handcuffs were sore so I begged him to take it off.

“Suck me,” Ian demanded ” and then you’ll get your wish!”

He removed his penis and I lost the sudden warmth. I wanted him in me again so I opened my mouth and waited.
Ian placed the throbbing member as I noisily suck him off. I gave him a blow job with my head bobbing up and down.

It was kind of hard considering the pain of my hands, but I sped faster anyway. I wanted him to cum into my mouth and fuck me one last time. As my head bobbed down faster, he gripped my boobs and pinched them slightly. I jerked at the sudden reaction and realized what he wanted me to do.

I sighed and motioned him with my eyes that my hands are still chained. Ian nodded and grabbed the keys and unlocked them, his erect penis never going down.


“Damn it,” I growled. He was fingering me and I was on the bottom again.

Oh well, let’s wait for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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