I Wanna Be Degraded Ch. 03

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Author’s note: After a near-fatal hard-drive incident I was backing up some old files when I came across this. Somewhat to my surprise, this was abandoned in a nearly-finished state and then forgotten about. I mostly just had to spruce it up a little and give it an edit. I’m not sure that at this point, eight years (!) later, there’s anyone looking for a continuation of this story, but here it is regardless. (There was even an outline with details for further parts, but I wouldn’t say those are going to appear any time soon.)

* * * * *

I looked up and down the hallway, unsure of which direction to go. I could feel rivulets of piss running down my chest as I clutched my bundle of clothing to my body, and I could get a whiff of a strong odor starting to waft from them. I had no idea of which way I should go until I saw a slice of light as a door down the hallway began to open. I hastily turned in the opposite direction and made it to the a corner, ducking around. I paused and peeked out, seeing a man with an ice bucket in hand heading away from me. Phew!

Well, keep moving, I figured. It’s not like this could get any worse. After a couple more turns, I was in a long hallway. I could see elevators about halfway down, and figured there might be a stairway there as well. Maybe I could slip out that way. As I got closer, I actually saw a small sign that said “STAIRS” further along. Then, I heard a ding! and the sound of elevator doors opening. There was no way I’d make it to the stairs, and nowhere to escape back to.

About a half-dozen women stepped out – or staggered out – of the elevator. They were all in their late 40’s and looked like they’d had a night out. Almost as one, they turned to look at me. I was frozen to the spot, trying to hold my bundle of damp clothes over my exposed genitals.

After a second, a blonde in a tight black dress with high fuck-me boots cackled. “Oh, Sylvie, did you hire this one, too?”

“He looks too chubby to be a stripper,” said another one.

“Maybe he has a huge cock!” laughed a third, a redhead in a strapless number.

“Let’s have a look!” said the first one, still laughing. She was obviously pretty drunk, and she half-staggered the few steps over to where I was standing. She started to reach out to me, presumably to move my hands out of the way. I guess I didn’t want her to have to touch my piss-soaked clothing, as my first instinct was to lift them out of her grasp – exposing myself to her.

For a second, she was perplexed by the chastity belt that Ford had locked over my cock. “What? Now will you look at this!”

By now the rest of her friends were clustered around me.

“Why, someone has him all locked up!” said a pretty brunette.

“Gives me some ideas,” responded a drab, fat blonde.

“I thought you already had Alan’s balls under lock and key!”

“Well, I guess there’s no fun for you tonight,” the brunette said, looking at me.

I was mortally embarrassed by all of this, but I managed to stammer back to her, “it was fun, right up until that went on.”

“Were you having sex with a bum?” one of them asked. “You smell awful.”

As I fumbled for some words to explain myself, the first woman had pulled her phone out of her purse, and snapped a picture of me. Her friends laughed, and quickly they were all taking pictures of my imprisoned manhood. The blonde in the fuck-me boots even squatted beside me, so her friends could take pictures of her grinning face right next to it.

“He doesn’t have a huge cock,” said the redhead, sounding disappointed.

“Well, he’s not erect,” said the fat blonde.

“What would happen if…” said fuck-me boots, looking up at me.

“I don’t know, and I don’t think I want to find out,” I said.

Just then, the elevator dinged! again, and an elderly couple stepped off. They were quite taken aback by the spectacle in front of them, the man scowling.

“He’s with us!” fuck-me boots said, standing up with a bit of a wobble. “Bachelorette party!”

The man audibly huff-ed as they turned and went down the hallway to their room, although his wife turned back and gave a broad wink as they departed.

“What’s that?” asked the redhead, who was now checking out my ass. I felt like a piece of meat as she gripped my shoulders and physically turned me around to show her friends, who were now keenly observing the buttplug that was locked in place by the belt I was wearing.

“I wonder if that’s as big as the one I got at my shower!” said fuck-me boots. She reached over and tugged at it a couple times, working out how the straps were holding it firmly in my ass. It created a jitter that zapped from my prostate to my cock, and I was even more worried now what would happen if I got turned on.

“Every man should have one of these,” said a mousy little brunette who hadn’t said anything yet.

“Keep ’em locked and loaded, right?” said fuck-me boots, who now grabbed a handful of my right Taksim Escort buttock and shook it. I moaned a little, and she laughed before giving my ass a light smack.

She must have enjoyed that, as she followed it up with a couple more, and then a rather hard slap.

“What’s that?” the mousy one asked, poking at the dressing on my other asscheek.

I winced at the touch. “It’s my… tattoo,” I said.

“Really? what’s it say?” asked fuck-me boots, and before I could say anything she tore off the gauze.

“He’s a piss whore!” she said, laughing, as her friends all made an ahhhh! sound.

“How gross!” said the fat one.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the redhead give her a look that implied she didn’t quite think so, and I was starting to wonder where this was going. Maybe they would want to…?

But just then, fuck-me boots wobbled again. “Oh, Deb – I think I’m gonna hurl,” she said. And then she leaned over and puked on the floor, almost at my feet.

“Oh no, hon!” said the fat one, who leaned over to support her. And right away, it was as if I were forgotten, at least as a source of amusement. Helping her to stand up, the women now suddenly all moved as a group down the hallway. Only the redhead turned around to wave. “Have a fun night!” she called out.

As I was thinking of how to respond, the elevator dinged! again. This time, reflexes kicked in, and like a shot, I entered the stairwell as I heard the elevator doors opening. Not really pausing to plan, I went down one flight of stairs, then another. I wondered if there would be anything gained by wandering the hallways of a random floor when I came to a bottom of a flight and saw the sign: 3RD FLOOR – BUSINESS CENTER – MEETING ROOMS – 24 HR. GYM.


That sounded promising, and after peeking through the door, I set off down the hallway. The other parts of the floor were abandoned at this hour, but there were some people getting their night-time workout. There was a woman on an exercise bike just inside the entrance, but she was facing away from me and staring at the little TV screen as I slipped behind her and ducked into the change room. At least a naked guy isn’t so out of place here!

I momentarily relaxed and leaned against a locker. There was a large, open shower area around the corner, and a bench running the length of the floor in front of me. It looked like whoever was currently in the gym didn’t feel the need to use a locker, as their clothes were just sitting there in a pile.

I just needed to be wearing enough to get out of the hotel without being arrested. But… could I? As I thought about the morality of stealing someone’s clothes, I was already setting my own piss-damp bundle of clothing further down the bench. I picked up the t-shirt, and realized there was another one beneath it. Not being fussy, I realized the second one was a larger size, so I grabbed it, and started pulling it over my head.

And of course, just then, two men walked into the change room.

“What the fuck? That’s my shirt, bro,” said the larger of the two of them, stepping toward me. His friend, tall and skinny, looked surprised, staying in place and blocking the exit door. Half-tangled in the shirt, I made an awkward step backwards, banging into the lockers behind me.

“Seriously, bro… what the fuck?”

I was standing defensively with my back against the lockers, worried the guy was going to deck me. Only after we all stood there for a couple seconds did he pause to look me up and down, his eyes stopping at the chastity device that was locked to my crotch.

“Wow… what the hell is that?” his friend asked, taking a step toward me and looking at it.

When all else fails, maybe try telling the truth, I thought to myself. “I, uh, hooked up with a stranger,” I offered, looking from the one man to the other. “Things sorta went further than I was expecting. I just needed something to wear so I could get back to my hotel.” I paused for a second, pulled the t-shirt back off, and dropped it on the bench. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay,” the tall skinny one said. “It happens.” I could tell he was intrigued by the chastity gear, as he walked right up to me. “Let’s have a look at this.”

With that, he reached down and gently grabbed the plastic tube that was locked around my cock. I felt a jolt in my stomach as this stranger started handling my privates, lifting up my balls to see how the tube was attached to the ring there.

“What about all these belts? Turn around a sec.” Without arguing, I did so, and soon they were looking at the straps keeping the buttplug locked in place.

“That’s really sexy, Will. I might have to get you one of those.”

“He’s a piss whore, too,” said Will, the heavier guy whose shirt I had tried to steal, as he read the tattoo on my buttock.

I could feel the skinny guy’s hands running down my back, and over my asscheeks. “Nice to meet you, Piss Whore. Taksim Escort Bayan I guess that explains the smell. You’re lucky, you know that? If some straight guys found you, they would probably freak out.”

“I’m straight,” Will said, sounding a little wounded.

Skinny dude shot him a look. “Maybe I should get you a tattoo that says ‘Raunch whore’. Or maybe ‘Sweathog’. You probably love this guy’s pissy smell.”

He looked at me. “As it is, I think we can help you. Of course… there’s a price for that, as I’m sure you know.”

I nodded. “Of course”. What am I getting myself into now?

“I’m John, by the way. Will, it looks like you’ll have help tonight. But I guess I can’t keep your reward from you.” With that, he sat down on the bench, and without delay, Will sat on the floor at his feet.

John lifted up one foot and Will pulled his sneaker off. John wasn’t wearing socks, and Will held the shoe up to his face and breathed in a couple times before taking John’s foot in his hands, lifting it to his face as he began licking the sole. He moved up and licked between each of the toes before slipping each in his mouth in turn. Then he repeated the process on John’s other foot. Will had that look somewhere between ecstasy and nausea on his face that I’d seen before on men lost in pleasure.

John, meanwhile, merely looked bemused, and when he’d had enough, he pulled his foot away from Will. With that, he stood up and the pair quickly took off their workout outfits. Soon the pair of them were as naked as I was. As we all walked over to the shower area, I had a chance to look them over. John was tall, skinny and wiry, his hair just longer than a buzz cut. He looked like the sort of guy you see wearing wire-rimmed glasses and twitching from too many espressos as he rants about something he heard on NPR. Will was closer to my body type, thick around the middle –though the greying hair at his temples implied that he was a few years older than me.

The shower room had no stalls, just nozzles on three walls of the room. I was more than eager to have a chance to wash all the piss dried on me, but instead of turning any of the taps, John leaned back against one of the tiled walls and laced his fingers together, putting his hands on top of his head. Will stepped up to him and moved his face right up against one John’s hairy armpits, and I could see him breathing in John’s smell. Oh… he really is a sweathog, I guess, I thought to myself as he began licking John’s armpit.

“So, Piss Whore… just follow Will’s lead here.”

I knew I needed these guys’ help, so I stepped up to John’s other armpit. With my face close up, the smell hit me: John obviously hadn’t been using deodorant, and had just finished a workout on top of that, so there was a strong musky odor of fresh sweat layered on top of the day’s buildup. Though it hit me with quite a wallop, the smell wasn’t overpowering – and much to my surprise, it wasn’t unpleasant. It had those same notes that caused excitement when I’d smelled a man’s crotch.

I leaned closer, and began licking the armpit. Now the bouquet was all around me, and there was a salty taste on my tongue – the taste of man. It was powerful and arousing, and suddenly I felt a jolt of pain. It was my cock, pressing against the plastic cage of the chastity device. I could tell if I got any more turned on it would be quite uncomfortable.

I closed my eyes and just kept licking John’s armpit clean. Without really thinking about it, my hand reached up to his chest and my fingers found his nipple, which I began rolling between my fingers. A movement in the corner of my vision confirmed that Will was paying similar attention to John’s cock. He didn’t wait much longer until he dropped to his knees and pressed his face to John’s crotch to breath in his smell there.

John seemed to enjoy the attention I was giving to his nipple, so I moved my mouth to the closest one and my fingers to its opposite number. That also meant I could look down and watch as Will’s tongue worked its way around John’s crotch. Not paying special attention to the cock yet, he was licking deeply along the seams of John’s thighs, and then underneath the scrotum – the places where the smell would be strongest. Gathering up John’s aroma seemed more important than pleasing his member, and Will made no attempt to service it. I was starting to wonder if the relationship between these two men was “sexual” at all.

John pushed my head away, and as he did so, Will moved back. He gestured for me to get on my knees. Perhaps I would be given the opportunity to service him?

He stepped in front of me and gripped his cock. “I’m intrigued by your occupation, Piss Whore,” he said. “So I think I’ll test you out.” By the time he was done saying that, he had already started pissing, aiming his stream right at my mouth. The first of it splashed on my face until I could open my mouth, but soon I was catching his stream Escort Taksim and swallowing quickly. Just like his sweat, his piss had a musky, manly flavor and as I was gulping it down, I thought to myself, maybe I am a piss whore, after all.

His flow slowed to a trickle and stopped. He looked over at Will. “Well, go on… tell me if you like the taste and smell of that.”

With a bit of reluctance, Will leaned over to me and began licking the piss off my face. I could see John nodding to himself. “Yes, I liked that. You may have been an inspiration, Piss Whore. We may just have to incorporate that into our routine.” Though he didn’t say anything, I could feel Will tense up as he heard that. John must have noticed that too, as he commented, “Oh, just a little price to pay. You wouldn’t want to lose access to me, would you? I know how long you were looking for someone like me.”

Will was done licking my face clean and had moved away from me. “He’d lick the sweat from my brow if I let him. He feels guilty but he can’t feel ashamed,” John said. He turned around to face the wall and leaned forward, sticking his ass out. “And anyway, Piss Whore is gonna handle one of your other duties for you today.”

The task seemed obvious. Still on my knees, I shuffled forward and moved my face in to begin rimming John. His musky smell was powerful here, and I could taste the sweat as my tongue touched his asshole. That didn’t subtract from his flavor, however, and I was quickly lapping at his hole.

From above, John looked over his shoulder. “I feel it coming on… you better corral him, Will.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but I could feel the other man moving behind me, his thighs pressing against the back of my shoulders. What, does he think I don’t want to eat this ass? As I kept up my tongue action, I could feel Will’s hands on my head, holding it in place.

John’s asshole twitched below my tongue in a way I’d never felt before. I was thinking I was getting him excited when, with a rippling noise, John farted in my face. Oh, shit, it’s…

The smell! I almost gagged, and instinctively I tried to pull my head back from the noxious gas fumes. This, of course, was why Will was holding me in place. I only managed to move back a couple inches, and as I struggled to breathe – or not breathe – John cut loose with another one, a longer, rippling fart that sounded more like thunder from this close up. And the smell was overpowering! My eyes were watering as the hands on the back of my head pressed me forward, and I had no choice but to go back to licking his asshole, the pungent smell still caught around me like a cloud.

“Oh, I think these are especially strong today,” John said once the fumes wafted up to him. He sounded almost jovial. “You see? Piss Whore is doing you a real favor.”

All I could do was keep going until I was released, so I tried to focus on the pleasing aspects of the asshole in front of me, not what it had expelled. John’s body relaxed a bit and he pushed his ass a bit more into my face – a sign I was doing a good job, even if made it even harder to breathe. I kept going for a couple more minutes, starting to work my tongue into John’s asshole a bit more, and again starting to enjoy the work.

“Okay,” he said. “I feel one more coming on, and this one’s not gonna be a surprise… so I just want you to lock your lips to my asshole and wait for it.”

Oh, fuck no! He wants to fart right in my mouth! That’s not right. At the same time, I also wondered if it could be any worse that being right in front of it… maybe I wouldn’t be able to smell it this way. And what else was I going to do at this point? I stretched my mouth into an ‘O’ and moved to cover John’s asshole. Just out of habit, my tongue darted out and poked at his opening a couple times. And then, I felt that twitching again… and then, he farted in my mouth.

It was, more than anything else, a curious sensation. The closest I could relate it to would be to blowing up a balloon and then letting it deflate back in your mouth. But this was a more powerful blast of warm air, and volatile… and… I could taste it. I tried to breathe through my nose, as Will’s hands held my face tight against John’s body. My tongue flicked at him a couple more times, and as john’s body relaxed, Will released his hold on me. I could move back, to get fresh air, to breathe…

…and, involuntarily after having that compressed air pushed into me, I belched loudly, and I could taste the fart once again. I was dizzy, and felt like I was going to simply pass out.

And just then, a locker door in the change area next door clanged. Someone else had arrived for a late night workout. Suddenly, John and Will were models of discretion, stepping away from me. Without saying anything, they walked out of the shower area, and back toward the lockers. I wobbled for a few seconds, breathing in and out, trying to maintain my balance. Finally, I tentatively stood up, and felt, to my surprise, not much worse for wear as I also left the showers.

As I entered the locker area, I saw a guy walking back out to the gym and start jogging in place. I guess he didn’t notice that the two men coming out of the shower weren’t wet!

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