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Impossible Virgins Chapter 5 Through The Wringer -Chapter 5: Through The Wringer – Tiffany Fucks Lulu Gosh,” Lulu sighed as she stared at Tiffany, her prick still rock hard, and thrusting out from her crotch. “She’s still so big.” She quivered, her flesh sizzling as she ogled Tiffany’s monstrous cock. “Her cock is like a tree limb,” Jordan said as she stroked Tiffany’s ass with her hand. “That’s another lesson that you and Toppsy need to learn around here, Lulu,” said Tiffany. “We can do it three or four times in a row, before we have to take time out and rest. We’re not like a guy and have to recover each time we shoot off. “But right now, I want to take a few minutes to play with those twin boulders that you call your boobs. Let me at those tits of yours.” Tiffany reached out and grasped Lulu’s monster juggs with her two hands. Tiffany was one of the bustier girls on the Island, and there weren’t many times that she was outclassed in the size department, but this was definitely one of them. Lulu’s breasts were so huge that Tiffany had to use both hands, and could still barely contain even one of her twin mountains. “Big enough for you, sweetheart?” Lulu coyly asked. Tiffany looked into Lulu’s eyes and smiled. Lulu was finally loosening up, and responding on her own. Next, Lulu stood up, leaned forward and allowed Tiffany to nibble on her tits. From this position, Tiffany was truly impressed at the size and weight of her tremendous melons. “Give ’em a taste, Tiffany. I know you want to.” Tiffany didn’t have to be told twice. She slathered her tongue all over Lulu’s tits. Then Tiffany settled on one breast, planting her mouth upon it like a vise. She sucked Lulu’s huge nipple into her mouth, tonguing and teething the huge teat for several minutes. “Yeah, Tiffany…just like that.” Lulu could feel her pussy juices churning again just from Tiffany’s efforts. Tiffany then turned her attention to Lulu’s other breast, dined noisily on the fleshy morsel. She soaked the huge milky tit globes with spit then used her lips and nipping teeth to turn the white tit meat to a glistening pink. Jordan was overwhelmed as she watched Tiffany dine on Lulu’s melons. She dropped to her knees and stroked Tiffany’s rump again, her eyes riveted to her huge hanging balls and thick cock shaft protruding from between her legs. Jordan’s mouth watered and her pussy bubbled, as she gently stroked Tiffany’s cock. “Tiffany’s still hard as a brick,” Jordan gasped as she watched the bloated head of her prick peek out from its foreskin. “She’s ready to do it again, without missing a beat.” “You’d better believe I am,” said Tiffany, as she noticed Jordan’s attention on her. “And as much as I love these tits of yours Lulu, I did make a promise to fuck you. And I always keep my promises.” “C’mon, Tiffany,” Jordan moaned. “Show Lulu how big your prick is.” “Good idea,” said Tiffany. She pulled slightly away from Lulu, and guided her prick so that the hot shaft was resting against the lower part of Lulu’s tummy, as they stood near each other. Tiffany exerted an upward thrusting motion with her cock, and felt it lodge against the massive weight of Lulu’s knockers. Thanks to the saliva and the jism that had been deposited on them recently, Lulu’s boobs now glistened like two flesh-colored bowling balls, and were almost as slippery to boot. Without too much effort, Tiffany soon had the head of her cock jutting out from between Lulu’s incredible cleavage. Twitching and bobbing her head, Tiffany fucked her prick through Lulu’s shifting tits. Her balls rumbled and swelled. A shrill moan came from her drooling lips as Lulu placed her lips against the tip of Tiffany’s oozing prick. Lulu kissed her seeping pisser and smeared the sticky jism over her lips. Her body quivered as she parted her lips and eased the fat head of Tiffany’s cock into her mouth. “Suck her,” Jordan gasped as she stared hypnotically at Tiffany’s shaft. “Suck her again, Lulu.” With Tiffany whining and twitching, Lulu gobbled on her huge cock. Tiffany’s prick filled her mouth immediately. Lulu gulped, with Tiffany’s prick hardening as it stretched towards her gullet. Tiffany jerked forward, fucking Lulu’s throat with her blood-engorged prick. Tiffany stomped the floor as she felt her prick turn to steel. An agitated groan came from her lips as she fucked her prick through the incredible vastness of Lulu’s monstrous tits. Lulu’s boobs sandwiched the entire length of Tiffany’s rigid prick. Her balls brushed against her ribs and Lulu used her teeth, gnawing on the fat cockhead of her mammoth prick. Tiffany let Lulu take several long slurps and work on her cock for a moment with her throat, before she forced herself to take control of the situation again. With a signal to Jordan, Tiffany waited until Lulu pulled back, and only her cockhead was in Lulu’s mouth. At that moment, Jordan gently grabbed the back of Lulu’s head with her hand in her hair. This startled Lulu enough to let go of Tiffany’s cock without really hurting her. “Naughty, naughty,” Jordan scolded Lulu. “Tiffany didn’t say that you could suck her off again, did she?” Lulu simply gave an exasperated smile. “I guess I couldn’t help myself.” “Around here, you wait until someone tells you it’s okay to help yourself, when you’re a new girl,” said Jordan. “I had to learn that lesson the hard way, myself.” “As much as I like having my meat sucked, and playing with your tits,” said Tiffany, “I promised to fuck you today.” Lulu whimpered as she watched Tiffany ease her monstrous prick out from between her tits. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. “It’s the size of a fucking tree. It looks even bigger than before, Tiffany.” “Every once in a while, that’ll happen to us, and we gain a few inches of size for a little bit,” said Tiffany. “You can be damned proud that you turned me on enough to do that to me on your first day here.” “Ready for your first asyabahis yeni giriş real fuck?” Tiffany asked. Jordan stroked Tiffany’s giant prick and huge cum-crammed balls. “Once Tiffany stretches your pussy, you’ll be able to take every beautiful inch of just about any prick on the Island.” “I don’t know,” Lulu gasped. She licked her lips. “Let me touch her cock.” “You’ve already touched it, and you’re gonna do a lot more than that with my cock, Lulu,” Tiffany said with a hot smile. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve probably never been fucked before.” Lulu swallowed hard, as she realized what that meant. Jordan grabbed Tiffany’s long meaty prick and kept gently stroking and priming it as Tiffany’s desire for Lulu continued to grow. Anxious herself, Lulu climbed on the mattress. On her back, with her legs spread wide, she waited. “Bring it on, Tiffany,” she sighed with excitement. “My prick is aching for your fucking cunt, Lulu.” “C’mon, Tiffany,” Jordan urged as she tugged on her raging hard-on. “Show Lulu what you can do, Tiffany.” Lulu was writhing on the bed, her pussy on fire as Tiffany positioned herself. “C’mon, Tiffany. I want your cock.” Tiffany’s prick throbbed and her balls ached as she aimed her prick at Lulu’s sizzling cunt. Tiffany lowered the shaft of her cock, and rubbed it against her pussy lips. “I want your cock, damn it,” Lulu gasped. “I want you to put that slab of meat inside me, and fuck me!” Lulu was trembling with excitement. Tiffany gouged the slit of Lulu’s cunt with her cockhead and hissed out her breath. Eyes wide, she mashed the tip of Tiffany’s cock into Lulu’s stiff clit. Toppsy gasped and squirmed as she watched from the side. “Put your cock deep into her, Tiffany,” she squealed impatiently. Tiffany jammed her cockhead against Lulu’s overheated cunt and forced it into her hot bubbling pussy. Lulu’s cunt muscles attacked her prick, greedily pulsing as she plunged deep and turned Lulu into a whimpering mass of flesh. Jordan gently stroked Tiffany’s monstrous prick. “C’mon, Tiffany. Really fuck her.” Tiffany jabbed at Lulu, anxious to fuck her prick inside the bubbling depths of her cunt. She stepped forward, the bloated knob of her prick smashing against Lulu’s clit. Lulu gasped. “Please, Tiffany. I need it. Stop teasing me.” Tiffany pushed forward and more of her prick slipped easily into the waiting gash of Lulu’s cunt. “You got it, girl!” she squealed with pleasure. “I want it all,” Lulu cried out. Her massive tits heaved as she lifted her ass off the mattress. “Fuck me, Tiffany!” Tiffany tossed her head and lunged forward. Her lips trembled as her cock fucked deep into the heated slit of Lulu’s pussy. She jerked again, her monstrous prick stretching Lulu’s pussy as the frothy cunt cream bathed her buried cockshaft. “Holy fucking shit!” Lulu squealed as she rolled her hips and milked Tiffany’s stabbing prick. Lulu’s eyes bulged with passion and her face twisted into a mask of fuck-lust. Toppsy gulped, her eyes wide as she watched Tiffany’s giant prick disappear inside Lulu’s thrashing body. “How does it feel?” she whispered hotly. “Tell me, s*s.” Her own pussy contracted and the juices flowed from her cunt slit. “Tell me, Lulu!” Lulu’s head snapped to the side. She stared drunkenly at her sister, a dreamy smile on her lips. “It’s heaven, Toppsy.” She lifted her ass and ground her cunt onto Tiffany’s jabbing prick. “So fucking good, you can’t even believe it!” Lulu began to shake as the pleasure of having her pussy filled swept through her. Lulu thrashed as Tiffany filled her hungry cunt with even more of her cock. Her cunt muscles massaged her throbbing cock-shaft and the hot buttery juices of her cunthole kept her Tiffany’s cock greased. She moaned, her hips lurching up. “It’s wonderful!” Lulu wailed as the pleasure increased. “You’re gonna love it, when it’s your turn.” She jerked, her huge tits flopping as she leered at her enthralled sister. Toppsy spasmed. Seeing Lulu get her pussy stuffed like this was making her cream. “I can’t wait,” she gasped. She tore her eyes away from Lulu for a second and looked at Jordan. Jordan returned her stare with undisclosed lust. “You’re next, honey. When it’s your turn, I guarantee that you’ll remember this day for a long time to come.” Tiffany lurched forward again, fucking her gigantic prick even deeper into Lulu’s bubbling vat of hot sizzling cunt juice. Tiffany stabbed, her prick throbbing as the spongy cunt muscles and sizzling cunt cream attacked her cockshaft. A shrill moan came from Tiffany’s mouth as she slammed hard, fucking her prick to the balls into Lulu. Lulu reared her hips up, met her thrusting cock-stab and spasmed. She jammed her body against Tiffany, impaling herself on her raging hard-on. “She’s up in my fuckin’ belly!” she squealed with delight. “So fuckin’ deep!” She swooned and shifted her hips wildly as she clawed Tiffany’s heaving buttocks. “She’s all the way inside me, s*s!” Toppsy felt almost light-headed. She nearly drooled as she watched Tiffany fuck her prick into Lulu’s twisting body. She moved closer, her eyes fixed on Tiffany’s raging boner as she ravaged Lulu’s pussy. Lulu squirmed, her jiggling ass rubbing into the fabric of the mattress. She humped up, grinding her clit into Tiffany’s body as she fucked her cunt with hard quick cock-jabs. “Fuck me, Tiffany. Fuck me!” She raked her hips and screamed as another hard, punching jab from Tiffany’s cock made her eyes roll. “Turn my pussy inside-out! Fuck me!” With her head shaking, Tiffany ravaged Lulu’s tight gripping pussy. Her hair swished across her neck and she grunted as Lulu’s clawing hands and hot pulsing cunt around her cock aroused her to a feverish pitch. “Fuck her, Tiffany!” Toppsy squealed as she rocked hypnotically on her haunches. “Fuck her hard!” Tiffany jerked forward, fucking her prick into Lulu’s gulping cunt. Her hard quick fuck-jabs rumbled asyabahis güvenilirmi the cum in her balls as they slapped against Lulu’s juice-drenched flesh. Tiffany moaned and drilled Lulu’s pussy as each cock thrust squished juice from her cunthole. Lulu’s pussy juices spattered her balls, the sizzling heat from it churning the cum inside them. Lulu met each powerful fuck-lunge from Tiffany. She milked her prick greedily as her cunt contracted rhythmically against Tiffany’s fat powerful cock. Lulu lifted her ass and swiveled her hips, her clit mashing into Tiffany’s body. “Toppsy!” Lulu squealed. “It’s fucking wonderful!” Toppsy gasped as she watched Tiffany’s giant cock continue to fuck Lulu’s pussy. She brought her fingers to her own pussy and pinched her clit. “Fuck her,” she moaned throatily. “Fuck her, Tiffany.” Lulu humped and twisted her hips. Her ass slapped against the mattress and her humongous tits flopped wildly. Lulu absorbed the hard fuck-thrusts and squealed like a banshee as Tiffany drove her insane. In a trance, Jordan reached under Tiffany and fondled her balls. She felt dizzy as her anxious fingers traced a path around her stabbing cockshaft. She rubbed her fingertips at the entrance to Lulu’s pussy and quaked as she felt Tiffany fuck her cock deep into Lulu’s humping body. “What does it feel like, Lulu?” Jordan gasped as she felt Tiffany’s hips piston in and out of Lulu. “Totally awesome,” Lulu hissed. “It’s like a fucking telephone pole inside of me! Keep fucking me, Tiffany!” “I want it,” Toppsy whimpered. “I wanna get fucked.” Toppsy seemed as if she felt each stab of Tiffany’s cock into Lulu, as if she were fucking her. Sticky cunt cream flowed out over her fingers and she shivered. “My pussy needs a cock.” “You’ll get it,” Jordan assured her as she watched Tiffany’s jabbing fuck-stabs continue into Lulu’s pussy. “Right after I cream my fucking balls out in your sister,” panted Tiffany, “you’re next!” With her balls being fondled and her cock trapped inside Lulu’s pulsing cunt, Tiffany grunted. She fucked forward, smashing Lulu back into the mattress with her powerful body. Her eyes glowed and her nostrils flared. The heat from Lulu’s cunt was churning the cum in her heavy swinging balls. “Fuck me, Tiffany,” Lulu cried out deliriously. “Fuck me!” She trembled as she felt each delicious cock-stab. Tiffany fucked hard, driving Lulu’s twisting body along the mattress. She tossed her head and pounded the screaming blonde dancer with her fat throbbing prick. Her hard spearing fuck-thrusts had Lulu screeching with joy. She battered her hot twisting body as the cum rumbled in her balls. “Cream her, Lulu!” Toppsy squealed. “Cream all over her cock.” “I’m almost there!” Lulu squawked as she beat her body into her pounding frame. She lunged up hard, mashing her clit into Tiffany as she smashed her back to the mattress. Squirming and twisting on the mattress, Lulu nearly went insane as she raced toward the peak. Her pussy turned to fire and the spongy muscles in her cunt gripped Tiffany’s fucking cock. Lulu felt her balls whack against her quivering flesh and she knew that soon Tiffany would be drowning her in her cum. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Lulu wailed as she raced toward an explosive orgasm. “Fuck me!” Panting and moaning, Tiffany fucked hard. Her cock sliced through Lulu’s gooey cunt ooze as her swinging balls slapped against her flesh. Tiffany’s head flipped up and her hips heaved under Jordan’s scratching nails. Her cock throbbed and swelled as Lulu’s cushiony cunt muscles and hot cunt cream brought her to the verge of an orgasm. Powerful cock-jabs drove Lulu along the mattress, her tits flopping. “I’m there!” Lulu squealed. “I’m gonna cum!” Her head snapped from side to side as her ass thumped against the mattress. “I’m there!” Tiffany brought a screaming Lulu to the peak. She fucked forward, driving Lulu to the end of the mattress as her entire body started to violently shake. She lunged into Lulu, her balls ready to explode. “Cum!” Lulu urged hysterically. “Cum inside me!” Toppsy rocked on her haunches for a better view, anxious to watch Tiffany climax. Lulu went into convulsions. Spasms ripped through her cock-stuffed cunt. An orgasm erupted deep inside her steamy pussy. “I’m cumming!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!” “Holy shit,” Toppsy gasped as she watched Lulu climax. Lulu, her body racked with orgasms, humped up and fucked her cunt onto Tiffany’s spearing prick. Lulu reached out and clawed Tiffany’s hips and mangled her clit into her crotch. With her pussy stuffed, the spongy walls of her climaxing cunt hole gripped Tiffany’s stabbing prick and bathed it in a deluge of buttery pussy-cum. “I’m cumming!” Lulu shrieked as one orgasm after another ravaged her cock-stuffed pussy. “I’m creamin’ her cock!” Her feet came off the ground and her legs stiffened. The next instant, she clamped her thighs to her jerking rump and furiously rode her piercing cock. “I’m cumming!” Tiffany pounded Lulu’s thrashing body. The sizzling heat of Lulu’s greedy climaxing cunt muscles brought her to the peak. Her balls swelled as Lulu’s juices splattered her ball sac. Lulu’s ass humped back and forth, her ass-cheeks dragging against the mattress. Her massive tits flopped wildly, the nipples feeling as if they were going to burst. She saw Toppsy and squealed. “I’m creamin’, s*s! I’m creamin’!” Lulu lunged at Tiffany, battering her climaxing body into her. “Cum!” she shrieked as she milked her cock. “Cum inside me, damn it!” She needed Tiffany’s jism to quench the fire raging out of control in her cunt. Tiffany let out with a shrill whine. Her balls burst. Hot thick jism shot through her fucking cock and the thick cum spewed into Lulu’s gulping cunt. She lunged hard, almost knocking Lulu off the mattress as a spurting wad of jism splashed deep into Lulu’s pulsing pussy. “She’s creamin’ me!” Lulu screamed hysterically. asya bahis giriş “It feels like a firehose inside me!” The hot thick jism spurting into her pussy took Lulu into another series of intense orgasms. “She’s squirtin’ her cum in my pussy!” Toppsy was trembling, and nearly out of control. She watched Tiffany and Lulu cum and it blew her mind. She saw the cum gush from Lulu’s pussy and saturate Tiffany’s swinging balls. She gulped and drooled as the cum from Lulu’s pussy flowed from her cock-stuffed cunt and down her ass crack. Lulu bucked maniacally beneath Tiffany. Her pussy contracted against Tiffany’s jabbing prick, milking it as more thick clumps of cum gushed into her overstuffed fuck hole. Lulu clung to Tiffany’s rump with her legs. Clinging desperately to Tiffany, she climaxed again. Summoning her reserves, Tiffany forced herself to slow her maniacal humping of Lulu. “Don’t stop,” pleaded Lulu. “Please don’t stop!” Cum continued to spew from Tiffany’s cock and flood her pussy. “Jordan…” Tiffany panted. “When I pull out of Lulu…stick your hand over her box…and hold it there.” Jordan shot Tiffany a puzzled look, and started to form a question. “Just do it, Jordan!” exclaimed Tiffany. Jordan knew better than to argue when Tiffany used that tone of voice. Tiffany then pulled her prick all the way out of Lulu’s pussy. Like the little boy in the fairy tale plugging the leaking dam, Jordan clamped her hand over Lulu’s gushing pussy. Lulu squealed in protest as Tiffany’s meat was removed. Then as Tiffany positioned herself, Lulu got her first look at a shemale amazon in the throws of a full-blown orgasm. The sight of Tiffany’s cock in action, and Tiffany fighting for control, caused Lulu to stop and stare at Tiffany. Her cock still throbbing like a jackhammer, Tiffany gripped her cockhead as hard as she could with one hand to control the spurting jism for a moment. “If you thought I came inside you just now, Lulu,” panted Tiffany, “you ain’t seen nothing yet, girl!” Lulu could only stare at Tiffany, as she had her cock pointed straight out from her crotch at her like a battering ram. Tiffany sucked in her breath, and furiously stroked her hand up and down her massive shaft, making the pressure in her nuts build up to the point where it was almost unbearable. “Oh fuck, yes!” screamed Tiffany, as she passed the point of no return. Seconds later, the first massive stream of jism erupted from Tiffany’s cockhead. Like water from a garden hose, Tiffany’s jism exploded in a long, thick stream. The hot, thick liquid splattered all over Lulu’s face and tits. Even though Lulu had just experienced one of Tiffany’s cum shots earlier, she had no idea that Tiffany had such power and potency still in her body, as she did now. Hot cum continued to spew out of her cock as Tiffany creamed again, her hand a blur on her shaft, as she stroked herself. Tiffany’s rump jerked and her mouth gaped as her orgasm overtook her body. Cum continued spewing from her prick as her balls churned. Lulu’s arms slipped in exhaustion, and she collapsed on her back. Her cunt was still stuffed with Jordan’s hand, and cum trickled from her cunt hole. For almost a minute, Tiffany kept on pumping huge streams of jism onto Lulu’s face and tits. Tiffany’s ejaculation was so extreme, she also succeeded in spraying Jordan liberally too, as her cock shook from side to side. Lulu thrashed on the mattress, her pussy stuffed, her body spasming and convulsing as Tiffany regained her breath. Lulu sprawled out, whimpering and twitching as Tiffany moved closer to her face. Tiffany let her still hard prick land on Lulu’s drenched tits with a wet smack. “What a fuck,” Lulu moaned. “I feel like a whole football team just gang-banged me.” “We’re not finished yet,” said Tiffany, with a smug smile. “Get over here, Toppsy.” Toppsy stared at Tiffany’s cum oozing from Lulu’s cunt around Jordan’s hand. Her mouth watered for her sister’s pussy. She whimpered and crawled next to Lulu’s outstretched legs. “Yeah,” Lulu hissed weakly. “Suck my cunt. Suck out Tiffany’s cum.” With some help from Jordan, a cushion was placed under Lulu’s tailbone, so that her pussy was pointing nearly straight up in the air. Jordan now pulled her hand out of Lulu’s cunt. It was completely soaked in Tiffany’s jism and Lulu’s juices. Resisting temptation to down it herself, Jordan brought it to Lulu’s chin. “Have I got a treat for you, girl. Open your mouth wide.” Lulu opened her mouth and eagerly sucked one finger after another of Jordan’s like a popsicle. Then she went to work licking her palm and wrist. At the same time, Toppsy positioned herself between Lulu’s legs, and buried her face in her sister’s cunt. Lulu lifted her ass and ground her cum-filled pussy into Toppsy’s face. Toppsy lost her head as she tasted Lulu’s cum-filled cunt. She sucked deep, drawing into her mouth thick lumps of Tiffany’s gooey jism. Toppsy gulped it greedily then sucked again. She filled her mouth and savored the taste of Tiffany’s cum and Lulu’s juices. “Tongue me s*s,” Lulu sighed as she twitched on her back. “Get every last drop.” Eagerly, Toppsy fucked her tongue into Lulu’s cum-filled pussy. She lugged out wad after wad of Tiffany’s cum and swallowed it greedily. The taste was exquisite. Her young body shuddered as she sucked out the last of the delicious mixture. “You’re clean,” Toppsy panted as she raised her head. Her tits were heaving as she stared at Lulu’s red puffy pussy. Finally, Lulu collapsed on her side, more exhausted than she’d ever felt in her life, but also more deeply and more sexually satisfied at the same time. “I’ve gotta admit it, Tiffany,” said Lulu. “Nothing I’ve ever had before can compare to what you just did to me. I want to leave a wake-up call for November. No, make that next November.” Toppsy wanted to continue eating Lulu, but her need to be fucked overwhelmed her. “I’m ready to get fucked. Do it to me!” “You can take it easy for a little bit, Lulu,” said Tiffany. “You’ll be surprised at how fast your stamina builds up when you’re with us on the Island. “Jordan, you’ve waited long enough today. It’s your turn to give Toppsy an experience that she’ll never forget!”

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