In Dreams Ch. 05

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In Dreams–Chapter 5

This story contains descriptions of close family members engaged in entirely inappropriate activities that some may find either disturbing or hot. If you find family members fantasizing about or taking liberties with each other or otherwise behaving in naughty ways, then you probably should stop reading right about… now.

All characters in this story are fictional and are eighteen years or older. Any resemblance to any real person, living, dead, or under the age of eighteen, is in your own dirty little mind. Sadly, most of the events portrayed in this story are not based on true events. I wish.

If you are still reading and are not offended by MILF or SILF or BILF and believe siblings behaving in very naughty ways is hot, I hope you enjoy this story.

If you have not read the earlier chapters, the only part that probably will make sense is our hero lusting over his MILFy sis. The story probably makes more sense if you start at the beginning…

Although I cannot guarantee that.

Look up insanity online or in a medical textbook.

There is a plethora of definitions: the inability to distinguish reality from fantasy; whether a person is in control of his or her behavior; a disordered mind. My personal favorite is the definition under the law, which defines an insane person as one unable to tell right from wrong.

All apply to me. To my sister, too. We cannot determine what is real and what is a dream or a fantasy. Neither of us has any ability to control our behavior, most particularly after we fall asleep. My mind is certainly disordered. And while I technically understand society views how my sister and I behave as wrong, we certainly do not care if it is wrong or right. Nor can we condemn what we do when we fall deep into a dreamlike state as wrong.

In those days, my sister became an obsession. At work, I sat at my desk thinking of nothing more than to take a little nap. That would have been a terrible idea, of course. The moment my co-workers caught sight of my cum-stained pants, human resources would be marching me out to my car carrying my personal items in a box.

Alyssa confessed she, too, suffered a similar obsession. Quite strange, from my perspective, to imagine someone thinking of me in such a way, but I guess it was possible. We both came to the conclusion only one thing might cure our affliction.

Alyssa’s car was there when I arrived. As I opened the door, she was waiting for me like a cougar, an ambush predator awaiting her prey to venture too close.

“Hi, how was your…” She stopped me by pulling her shirt over her head, that stunning red mop spilling free as she peeled it off. She wore a bra underneath, both disappointing and alluring because of how amazing black lace looks against skin of polished white marble. Barely had I shut the door behind me when she threw her body against me, arms around my neck and her tongue down my throat.

Despite her aggression and abandonment of any pretense of formalities, this was no dream. I think. I was pretty sure, because I had driven six hours to get here, and that never happened in our dreams. The physical sensation was exactly the same, though, completely real and stimulating beyond comprehension.

The moment we kissed, I grabbed two handfuls of that tiny round ass. If her desperation exceeded her capacity for patience, I saw no reason to hold back, either. Her legs lifted off the floor and wrapped around my waist, holding her up. Two hands gripping her ass helped. Sprouting wood pressed against her crotch in this wonderful position. Even in our dreams we typically interact in some way before getting down to business. Talking or doing something.

I didn’t know my way around the kaçak iddaa Air B I’d felt it before. Caused it many times. But she did not vanish, and I did not awaken awash in my own splooge. Her moans grew in fury and pleasure, her thighs squeezed my face and her hips drove her pubes into my nose, rubbing it raw.

I licked that orgasm right out of her, stopping only when my darling little sister quieted and her body grew still.

Swear to god or the aliens or whatever, I didn’t need anything else. I could have climbed back in my car, driven all night until I got home, and would have been the happiest, most satisfied man on earth. No joke.

Fortunately, my sweet little sister had much better ideas.

Apparently not wishing to waste precious energy on words, she began kissing me, and like once she did once before, licked her juices from my face and chin. At the same time, her hands were fiddling with my pants, which was a much better idea than driving the hell home.

Before I came–I mean, made the drive here–I did some research. Had we done this in the state she lived in, no problem. Literally, in some states, it is totally okay to have oral sex with your sister, which is pretty cool. But, in the state where we were meeting, I had just committed a felony, and it didn’t seem fair for her to not be as guilty as me.

She seemed to think the same thing and had my pants off and took the place on the floor where I had felony licked her. Like with me, she did not waste any time playing with my cock because she knew I was as horny as she was. So, she launched right into her new felonious hobby by taking it into her warm, wet mouth.

Her lips, familiar and new, felt no less amazing on me than they had while dreaming of her blowing me. This was so fucking real, and I watched as her head lowered to take me deeper inside her with each stroke. The one thing I desired more than nearly anything was for this beautiful sight to continue after I came. Her eyes went back and forth from my cock to my face, and I tenderly ran my fingers through that beautiful head of hair as she sucked hard on my throbbing cock.

That little minx pulled me forward so she could find the right angle, and suddenly, the tip of my cock hit the back of my sister’s throat. Holy fucking shit! How I didn’t come right then and there is one of those wonders that remains unexplained. You know, like how she had done this several nights already this week while she was asleep in her bed six hundred miles away from the boner that was now in her mouth.

And that thing with her tongue she did in our dreams? Sure enough, she did it, exactly the same IRL.

“Oh, Alyssa! Oh, Alyssa!”

I just started babbling like an idiot, because my brain had completely melted. Literally, the only thing that existed was my sister and me. When she sucked the orgasm out of me, I felt it was only fair to warn her, to give her a chance to not have me cum down her throat. I really didn’t know how she would handle it, since she vanished right at this point and I came in my pants each time. I really didn’t care all that much, although I kinda did want my sister to swallow my come.

“I’m going to come!” Fair warning.

And she did. It came out with as much power and pleasure as I felt when returning to the reality of my home and bed to come my brains out. She let out a little sound when I began gushing way back in her mouth, and I suppose she half expected me to disappear right about then, too. But she was a sweetheart and swallowed every drop. She looked so sweet and deadly, those soft lips around the tip, softly sucking when I was through to drain even the last from inside.

Hard to believe, as wonderful as those nighttime trysts had been, but reality was actually kaçak bahis better. We had soaked up each other like sponges, and now we knew exactly what each one wanted. This secret window into our sibling’s fantasies and desires seemed to have imprinted on us an innate understanding that no other lover could match.

We shared our deepest thoughts, and now we knew how to fulfill every whim and need.

She lay atop me, naked and beautiful, her face inches from mine. “Hi.”


“Nice to see you,” she said, acting like this was totally normal.

I grabbed her little ass again, hardly believing this time it was real. “Nice to do… everything we just did. That was seriously intense.”

“I know! Okay, was it the same for you as, you know, before?”

“Exactly, except maybe more…”


“You, too?”


I let my hand rub up her back, feeling her skin and shape in a rare moment of calm. Denied any afterglow with her before, I decided to enjoy it. “It’s so nice having you still here. You feel really amazing, even just lying in my arms.”

“I was just thinking the same thing.” She laughed, “Of course we feel the same thing.”

Her hand fondled my cock. “Is this thing hard again?”

“To tell the truth, I don’t think it went away.”

“Oh, my god! Did you take Viagra?”

“Do you really think I need Viagra? Don’t you know better than that by now?”

Why the fuck not? I rolled her off the couch, catching her with one arm to gently place her on the carpet and lay atop her. There was no need for words. We both knew.

We must have kissed for half an hour. My rod was against soft, warm, wet flesh, yet we waited. This was going to be a big deal. Then again, so was just enjoying kissing and feeling our bodies pressed together. Her skin was warm velvet, every breath underneath me moving her body ever so much.

Every few minutes, something came over us, and we started laughing. I don’t know why. Maybe it was just the reality of being together at last. Or the absurdity of all that had happened. Or the pure joy of freedom or of the best sex of our lives, no longer being merely in some mysterious dreamland.

We had such a deep connection, we really did not need to speak. Besides, what words were necessary?

Without interrupting our long kiss, I maneuvered slightly down, and she knew. In response, she wiggled under me to accept my offered crime. Of course, although knowing full well what we were doing, we considered it something very different.

A year before that, if given the option of making love with my sister, I would have said “Sure,” then come up with a million reasons why we should not. What drove us to this moment was not only the sense of inevitability. It was more. Much more. Certainly desire played a huge part, and obsession. The knowledge that we had already done it, even if we had not, has a way of changing your perception.

But I suspect the main reason we did it was in desperation to control the nightly bliss which had fully taken control of our lives. How long could it go on, my sister having the power to control my dreams and body, and me being in control of hers?

Neither of us ever spoke of it, but I know we both hoped actual, undeniably real sex would free us so we only came into each other’s sleep when bidden. Perhaps a weekly fling, like a couple having a long-term extramarital affair might get together once a week or month, for years.

Seriously, if someone told you that you could sleep with your sister once a week or once a month forever, you’d take that in a heartbeat, right? And you’d be a lucky man!

Whatever combination of motivations, I paused and lifted to gaze into her impossibly beautiful sapphire eyes. A illegal bahis little string of saliva went from my lip to hers, and it felt like a reminder of the thread that had bonded us together, driven us to this point where we were in a position that either one making even the slightest move and we would be joined as one.

She drew in a deep, halting breath and her lips parted slightly. In her eyes, I saw a strange combination of terror, hope and desire; I suspect mine looked much the same.

Slowly, I slipped inside my sister. My heart was beating about 200 beats a minute, and I stopped with just my purple head poking slightly inside, thoroughly expecting her to freak and pull away, begging me to stop.

Instead, her eyes bore into mine and she thrust her hips to take me, a look of determination set on her face.

So, I drove full and deep into her. Although I knew the exact sensation, the sheer silkiness inside my sister’s slender body did surprise me. For a woman who has had children, she was oh-so tight. Our bodies were made for each other and I fit inside her as if my penis was molded for this specific purpose.

One thing surprised me. Right away, she started moaning and yelling like a porn star.

“I ca… I ca… I can’t… I can’t help it!” After managing to get that out after several thrusts interrupted her, she began to laugh until my next thrust deep into her body turned it into a sort of scream and head tilted back, her eyes narrowed. It suddenly occurred to me that her orgasm had started already, which made no sense. We were only seconds in!

Powerful as my need to feel the intense pleasure of an orgasm while inside my little sister may have been, I wanted this current sensation to last. But her coming already made me worry if I held out too long, I might miss our chance at a mutual, simultaneous orgasm. Which, in my experience, was rare and only happened in dreams and such.

How long could hers last?

Turns out, that orgasm might have lasted all night. Certainly lasted as long as I did. When I realized she had been climaxing for 2 or 3 minutes already, I fought it off. I had a feeling I might be giving her the best sex of her life and, if so, I was going to do it. After all, how many guys get the chance to ruin their sisters for other guys by raising the bar so high no other guy will ever get close?

But holding off while she was coming, and coming, and still coming is virtually impossible. After doing an admirable job, it started welling up inside me. I leaned up to watch her, seeing her boobies shake with a few thrusts, and that did it. No one has enough self-control to overcome that incredible view! I held her, lips together although not kissing, but breathing and moaning on each other.

It was like one of those I woke up from. After already unloading a huge wad down her throat, the volume of this one shocked me. Almost like her, and like our wet dreams, I kept coming for way longer than normal. Okay, nothing like hers, but it must have been 45 seconds. I felt it inside her, lubricating her differently.

She was grinding her hips then, too, still climaxing herself, and I realized I was shouting along with her, right into her face, as she was screaming like trying to win an AVN Award. I started laughing, and she laughed, then we moaned and grunted and laughed all at the same time as I filled my sister with so much bodily fluid, she must have gained two pounds in the last five minutes.

We were too spent to climb off the floor, so we lay there, holding each other. Her breasts were covered with sweat and looked more incredible than was possible. I already wanted to screw her again–that was fun as hell!

“Are you always like that?”

“I am never like that!” she said. “I don’t know what got into me.”

“I have an idea what got into you,” I looked down at my slightly wilted cock.

“Let me rephrase that: I had no idea what happens if I put my brother in me!”

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