In My Bedroom

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A good glass of wine is like good company and is to be enjoyed. My only wish was You could have been standing behind me with Your hands on me touching as You watched in the mirror.

I laid across the made bed with my long legs bent at the knees… wearing only a pair of white lace panties and a bra that matched… I had never been one to buy sexy things like that, but when I saw the guy in the mirror behind me in the store watching as I held it up to myself I couldn’t resist knowing he was probably fantasizing about seeing me in it. I’m sure his thoughts where of tearing it from my body and having his way with me.. not just watching. I then pulled up my favorite pillow… and took the bottle of pink blush Chablis pouring it slowly. I watched the slight pink color fill the flute as I thought back on Your words. I had already positioned the mirror… and caught a glimpse of myself.

I slid my fingers though my naturally curly brown hair… those pools of blue seemed to looking back and what I saw was hot… and tempting… almost foreboding I was already aching to touch… but I just squeezed the muscles…. enjoying the feeling. I poured a second glass and ran my finger around the rim.. care for some? I know it wasn’t champagne… bursa escort but I just had to put it in the crystal flute… seeing the way the candle light reflected though it, taking it to my lips I sipped it slowly.

I watched with each glass poured… the bottle empty slowly… half way though it I touched … only the outer lips of my shaved pussy and softly rubbed my fingers over them. The wetness was aching to be free… I let my nail scrape the inside of my thighs and squeezed again I could feel my sweet juices start running down to the crevice below. I rubbed my thumb over the tip of my hard clitoris…. and sipped the last of the wine.

I laid the empty bottle between my thighs and thought about what was to come. Thoughts of what would be in it next made my mouth water. I spread my legs and watched in the mirror…. pulling my panties to the side then sliding the top of the bottle across my hot little slit… then let it lay just at the entrance and pinched my clit… that made me moan out loud. I had never done anything like this before.. but knowing you had suggested it made me want to do it even more.

My hand started shaking as I slid my white lace panties down slowly… I reached for the empty bottle bursa escort bayan and slid it in some… it was so tight…. and aching. The smooth glass and the way my hand fit around the neck of the bottle made it almost feel like a cock as I guided it in more. I watched my expressions in the mirror, I could see the refection of your face in it as you watched.. that just made me even hotter, your eyes flickered along with the candle light.

I wanted you in me so badly.. it was no longer a wine bottle I felt.. it was you pushing into my warm depths taking me again… I could feel your hot breath on my neck… your lips licking me… your hands touching… oh yes ” Take me “.

I could feel little beads of sweat form on me as my body started shaking… I moved my hips ever so gently enjoying the feeling as I took myself to that oh so sweet edge. The muscles gripped at the slim neck as my fingers slide across just above it just lightly teasing. I was loosing control… I wanted this to last and let the bottle slip out then just softly stroked my fingers over the soft wet flesh of my swollen lips and squeezed every few minutes. I could see a grin come across your lips as you taunted me from the mirror.

I could hear your escort bursa voice saying go on I’m watching.. I pushed it back in just a little and rubbed my clit I couldn’t stand it and was moaning louder and pushing on it more… I came so hard, then took my clit in between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it hard pulling up and down on it… then changing I just pushed hard on it with my thumb and found myself moving though another wave… almost as hard as the first.

I raised my hand pulling the fabric of my bra from my firm soft breast, cupping the left breast and licked around my erect nipple… keeping my right hand on the bottle… pushing it in as far as I could stretching myself around it. I wiggled the bottle gently but fast and then flicked the nipple ring with my tongue.. then taking it in my teeth and pulled… I couldn’t breath as another orgasm took me… I let the bottle just lay there as it slipped out slowly. My breathing came back to normal the image I saw in the mirror was truly lovely. Laying there for a bit I enjoyed the last little twinges of pleasure.

I smiled as I looked down at the bottle which now held my sweet nectar… taking it to my lips I licked just around the opening… tasting myself there… it was oh so sweet. I then licked slowly across my lips savoring the last sweet drop. There’s only one thing just as sweet… something long and lick able like a lollipop to be savored and totally enjoyed to the last succulent drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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