In The Beginning Ch. 11

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As I lay in the darkness, I tried to make sense out of the past few days. I thought of the bizarre things I had learned about my mother, and the rest of my family for that matter, and the strange relationship she and dad and Louise had shared. It seemed to me as if mother had concocted this wild and crazy scenario for their lives and then, wasn’t satisfied with her results, and just gave up and conveniently died leaving Louise holding the bag. She had created in Louise, a woman of huge character and determination, turned all of her problems and possessions over to her and just checked out. Louise appeared totally submissive at times, but still, she had the strength and resilience to keep the entire family functioning. She has now chosen to devote herself completely to the task of making my life a success. Go figure.

My father had suddenly come up with this unbelievable plan to split his fortune between Dianne, Camille, Louise and I, and then just move south. I still wanted to get more insight into his thinking, but was reluctant to upset him right now. His mind is going a mile a minute, and everything he’s done has been to benefit the rest of us. I hope guilt wasn’t a contributing factor, or if it was, I hope he gets over it after he gets situated in the Keys. I thought I might drive down later in the summer and spend a few days alone with him and see if I could be enlightened.

I could see lightening flashing on the walls in the studio, through the bedroom door, and hoped today would not be a repeat of yesterdays deluge. I was looking forward to our gig at The White Lion this weekend. I hoped that rain wouldn’t dampen the crowd. St. Augustine, being such a big tourist town, boasted some really great audiences for entertainers. I especially enjoyed playing The Lion because of the atmosphere. It’s located in the historical district, and the building was originally constructed back in the late 1600’s. The restaurant and bar were basically one room and the band played right in the center between the two areas. You could see into both the bar and restaurant from the stage. The spectators sat on three sides of the stage and it was rather cozy.

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was only 5:35 AM. I usually didn’t wake up early. Things had been happening in such a flurry lately, I must want to get started early, so I won’t miss any of the action. I really need to slow down.

I decided to get up and have a nice hot bath before school. I ran the tub full, as hot as I could stand, and slid in. I switched the Jacuzzi on and was enjoying the bubbles when I saw the lightening flash on the draperies. I really hoped it wouldn’t rain. The hot water had relaxed me, and the next thing I knew, there stood Louise, grinning like the Cheshire cat, with my morning cup of scalding coffee hanging from her finger. “Well, don’t you look all comfy there with the bubbles going?” She asked, “Did you have a hard time sleeping too?” I peered up at her beaming face, reached for the proffered coffee cup, and asked, “You too?” She stood with her hands on her hips looking down and nodded, “Lots to think about these days. Your papa’s got me worried. He’s thinking too clearly and that’s always cause for alarm.” Then she tilted her head back and laughed a great big belly laugh. “It’s been almost fifty years I’ve known that rascal, and nothing surprises me anymore. But he’s on a mission, and there ain’t no changing his mind. We’ve just gotta live with it.”

“By the way, Tall, you all right with last night?” She asked. “Yeah, you?” I asked back. “I got off easy. Your daddy used to play a lot rougher. I might not be able to handle that much anymore. I needed the discipline though. Can you understand?” She replied. “I felt the rush. I don’t think I can go any harder. It’s just not in me. I liked the king and queen bit though. It made me feel the power, not that I need it. I’ve just never had to be the pusher. I’d rather lead. Do I make any sense?” I countered. “More than you can ever know, Sweet Baby, more than you can ever know.” She said. “Now get your skinny white ass out the tub and come up for breakfast.”

She spun on her heel and was gone. I pulled the plug and reached for a towel. Yellow today, good girl, I like yellow towels. I found a bright yellow Hawaiian shirt, with colorful butterflies all over it, and a pair of jeans. I dressed and climbed the steps just as I monstrous clap of thunder shook the whole house. Damn, it is going to rain. I hoped it would be short-lived; I really wanted it to be nice tonight. I sat and watched Louise finish loading my plate and as she placed it on the table I asked her, “Have you given any more thought to hiring a couple to help around here?” She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat across from me at the table. “As a matter of fact, I have. I talked to your dad this morning, before he left, and he agrees with us that we need to staff this place like they did several years ago. He thinks we need a cook-housekeeper, someone to keep up the grounds, and a maintenance person to take female fake taxi porno care of the buildings and pool.” She said. I agreed with her assessment. I asked, “Anybody particular you have in mind?” “I’d like to see if we could locate that girl Janice. I enjoyed having her around. I heard she had a rotten marriage and is divorced and living up in Jacksonville. I’m going to try and find her right away. I’ll need help with your sisters coming.” She answered. “Good. I’ll ask at school if anybody is interested in the grounds keeper job for the summer. That would give us a chance to find someone permanent. Now, I have to scoot, I’ll be late tonight. We are playing in St. Augustine and I’ll take my clothes and change after we set up.” I carried my plate to the sink and turned and nearly ran over Louise. She stood on tiptoes and kissed me on the chin, and said, “You play good tonight, make your old black mama proud.” I squeezed a big titty with one hand, and patted her butt with the other. “Bye my Queen.” I was gone.

It rained until just after lunch and then the sun came out and it cleared off. It would be a barnburner if it stayed like this into the evening. I saw a couple of my chums and mentioned the summer job offer and felt confident that I had that position covered. I was nearly late for Ms. Stone’s class and had just stepped into the room as the bell rang. As I took my seat, I glanced up at Ms. Stone and noticed she wore a black pullover blouse, with a sequined butterfly on the left side right over her breast. She smiled and said, “Nice shirt.” I grinned and pointed at the butterfly on her blouse, “Yeah, good choice for you too, lots of butterflies.” She stared straight into center of me and I watched the corners of her mouth twitch as she said softly, “Lots of butterflies.”

Then I saw all her teeth at once as she smiled and turned to the class and launched us into our lesson for the day. I had no idea where any of this would go, all I knew was that I wanted Marie Stone in the War Room, tied to the horse with my dick in her ass. So many butterflies.

The bell rang, and I bolted for the parking lot. I waved at Gail and Chrissie and loped over to Gail’s car and met them just as they walked up. “You coming to The White Lion tonight?” I asked. “Chrissies boyfriend wants to take her to a movie in Daytona, but I think I’ll come anyhow. I asked my sister if she wanted to come too and I think she’s up for it.” “Great, tell everybody over at King’s if you go by there. I’d like to have a crowd.” I said. “Look, Hon, I gotta fly, I want to get there early and help set up the sound board before we’re overrun with tourists. See you tonight.” I touched her cheek with my fingers and headed for my car.

The drive from Flagler beach to St. Augustine is beautiful any time of year. I always enjoy driving on A-1-A. I cruised north and it took about forty minutes to reach the bar and I backed in just ahead of Dennis and Terry with the truck. We unloaded and exchanged pleasantries with the bartender and started carrying in our equipment. I appeared that they had made some improvements since the last time and we would not be required to use our own lighting system. The house had installed a new integrated system with all kinds of different effects. This was going to be great. We took our time with the sound equipment and amplifiers and did an especially neat job of laying the cables. The stage was nearly clear of wires and that makes it much less dangerous if you want to move around while you are playing. We did a few sound checks and found everything to be in order. Al showed up right on time with his drums and we all helped him in and he was ready to go in no time. We still had a little over an hour before we were to start, and I decided to have big platter of fried shrimp before we did.

I attacked the shrimp. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until after I had eaten. I went to settle with Gerri, my waitress, and she told me dinner was on Bob our bartender. The place was beginning to fill up with the after work crowd, and I had to skirt the outside of the dance floor to get over to the bar. I dropped a five spot in Bob’s tip jar and he nodded his thanks and asked what we would be drinking while we played. I told him I’d be having sweet tea until we finished, and then maybe one beer. I told him the others would let him know during our first break.

I moved back to the stage and stepped up. I had just plugged in my tuner and started to put the final twist on the strings when I saw Helen and Karen come through the door. Outstanding! I thought to myself, I don’t think Helen has ever heard us play as a group. They looked fine and waved as they found a table on the far side of the dining room.

The rest of the guys joined me and we started at eight sharp. I always try to be punctual with the start time. It impresses whoever booked you. We kicked it off with an instrumental by the Ventures, called Perfidia. I always like to open with an instrumental because it helps genel porno to get a sound level check without the vocals. We played through the tune twice and I nodded at Denny and we modulated in to a Jimmy Buffet song titled Come, Monday. The first set went well and the dance floor got its first taste of the tourists, for the night. I saw many familiar faces and I felt wonderful. We played through our first break and waited until just after ten o’clock to make a nature call. The place was packed by now and Bob had my tea sitting on the end of the bar when I got there. “You guys are fantastic. Everybody loves you. Talk to me later about some future dates, I want to put y’all in the regular rotation with the other bands.” Bob shouted over the din. He threw me a thumbs-up and went back to his customers.

I squeezed my way over to the men’s room and had to wait to get in. I felt a hand on my butt and looked around to see Helen’s smiling face. “Hey, Big Guy, not bad. You’re very good. I’m impressed.” “Thanks, Helen, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourselves.” I answered. “How about coming by the house tonight when you get finished?” She asked. “Sure, Helen, but it’ll be late. We don’t quit until one AM.” I answered. “We’ll leave the light on for ya.” She disappeared into the crowd. There was that WE word again. I felt lucky. I took care of my iced tea overflow problem and went back to the stage.

We started again at 10:20 and played ’til 11:45. We took a short break, and went back from 12:00 ’til 1:00. I announced that the last dance was a ladies choice and we would love to see everybody tomorrow night. We played a slow dance tune and we got a nice hand from those still present and pulled the plug. Bob came up as soon as I stepped down from the stage and handed me as envelope with five one hundred dollar bills in it. “Our deal was for four a night.” I told him. “The extra is your tip, from the house, for starting and finishing on time and only taking two breaks instead of four. This envelope is your split on the tips with the waitresses, and the bar. We did over nineteen hundred bucks because of you guys keeping the crowd in here for us. Twenty percent is yours. House rules.” “Great rule, Bob, but y’all split that up between yourselves. I do this because I love the music. My guys made enough tonight, and the house extra was great too. We’ll really give them hell tomorrow, Saturday is always a better night anyhow.” I chided him. “Thanks. What do they call you anyway?” He asked. “Well, Virgil’s my given name, and my family calls me Tall Cool One, because of the name my half-sister gave me when we were kids. But the guys in the band just call me Cool. My friends don’t know what to call me, so I guess you can pick from any of the above.” I answered. He stuck his hand out to shake mine and we both laughed as he said, “Cool it is. Let’s have that beer now.”

I finished my beer, picked up my guitar and left for home. The drive was peaceful and there was no traffic at this hour. Without speeding, I made it to the Islands in twenty minutes and, as per her instructions, the light was indeed still on over Helen and Karen’s door. I tapped lightly on the door and Karen greeted me warmly with a deep wet kiss. “Hi, Cool, want a drink?” She purred. “Beer’s good.” She stepped away from me and I saw that she was dressed appropriately for an evening of sex. I could also taste Helen’s pussy on my lips from her kiss. They had started without me and they were probably hot as hell. Karen’s hair was piled high on her head and she wore a short, silver, transparent robe and silver pumps. Her make-up was severe, almost trashy. She looked sexy. As she handed me the beer, Helen walked into the room wearing exactly the same outfit, and make-up. Hair also piled high on her head she came into my arms and kissed me just like Karen had. She smelled of Karen. “Hi, Virgil, how’d it go tonight after we left?” She also purred. “Great. I like that place. We even got a nice tip.” I answered. She rubbed my swelling lumber through my pants and asked if I was interested in fucking two horny bitches tonight. “You’re not bitches.” I returned. “Oh? We can be if we’re not going to be fucked.” She demanded. “So then, let’s do the fuck thing. We don’t want you two to be bitchy, do we?” We all laughed and went into the den.

They had a big leather sofa in the den and two chairs. A stack of towels sat on the floor near the end of the sofa and one was spread open on the sofa. It had a large wet circle on it where one of them had evidently had an orgasm. Both of them being copious shooters, it would be hard to say who had made the spot. Helen picked up the towel and dropped it behind the sofa. “We got started early, Karen couldn’t wait for you and I had to settle her down.” “I know. I could taste her on you, and your sweet pussy juice on her. Did she get you off too?” I chuckled. “Not yet, I want my first explosion to bathe your sweet face.” She whispered as she melted into my arms for another deep kiss. She fumbled with my belt and then I felt two pairs glory hole secrets porno of hands removing my shirt and jeans. I sat on the sofa, took a quick pull on my beer and gathered one of them in each arm. They were both so gentle, soft and tickly, two sexy vixens both on the same mission. Karen had her mouth on my fully erect cock, licking the droplets of pre-cum as they emerged. Helen licked and nibbled on my nipples and neck. She had a hand on Karen’s head as if to raise her up and down on my shaft. “Let’s get on the floor,” I urged, “I want to eat your pussies.”

Helen lay down on her back and I took a position between her legs and licked her puffy lips savagely. She bucked like a bronco and begged for me to slow down. I accommodated her and felt Karen’s hot tongue run across my ass hole. Her hand cradled me balls and she lathered my entire bottom with her mouth. Helen was sobbing and pushing her cunt into me face. I thrashed her clit with my tongue. Karen had moved around and found Helen’s mouth with hers and was kissing her deeply and tongue-fucking her face. I watched as the two of the exchanged deep sucking kisses. I backed away from Helen and pushed Karen back and ravaged her dripping cunt. She shrieked as I found her protruding love button. Helen was shaking and had both of her hands clenched between her legs to slow the sensations.

I wanted them to both cum on my face so I sat up and leaned against the front of the sofa. I pulled them both to me and as I fondled their tits I told them I wanted them to each shoot their juices onto my face. They climbed up, one knee on the sofa, the other foot on the floor, one to the left, one to the right. I started to lick them. Alternating from one to the other, licking the lips, then the clit. Back and forth, both of them were getting closer and I could feel them tremble each time my tongue hit home. Helen reached her end first. She and Karen were wrapped in a steel tight embrace, mouths joined together so that only moans, and grunts could escape. She erupted in a torrent. Her cunt juice washed over my face as if poured from a caldron. Once, twice, three waves hit my face and then I felt Karen stiffen and I turned my face to feel her flood me with her first release. She erupted again and again, until I sat there, in a lake of their mixed juices, on the carpet. They clung to each other still kissing and still humping each side of my face. I could hardly breath. They had to stop soon, or I was sure I’d lose consciousness.

They broke their embrace and Helen sat down next to me on the floor. Karen slumped back on the sofa with one leg behind my head, the other leg hanging to the floor beside me. My mainmast still stood tall and proud and Helen took it gently in her hand and slowly stroked it from root to tip. I was soaked in their mixed juices and little rivulets ran down various crevasses of my body. My body was slippery from the mixture of female ejaculate and my own sweat. I felt wonderful. Helens tongue was busy on my neck and shoulder. I felt Karen move and soon I felt her start to lick and suck on the other side. “I want to see you fuck mama’s ass hole, Cool.” I heard Karen whisper in my ear. “I want to see her take your cock all the way up her hole.” “Helen,” I said, “Show me your ass.” “Ooh yeah, lick my butt hole.” She begged. “Stick your tongue in my ass.” She moved forward and presented her proud round cheeks high in the air. I moved into her cleft with my face and my mouth began a slow search for her center. Each time I came into contact with her rosebud, she would stiffen and then relax. Karen crawled under her in a sixty-nine position and sucked for flowing pussy, while I worked on her ass. Helen was flying up in the clouds now. Her nectar flowed freely from her protruding cunt lips over Karen’s face. Her ass hole seemed to be trying to suck my tongue inside each time I rimmed her. I finally stopped teasing her and thrust my tongue through her ring and she stiffened again. This time I heard her moan loudly and Karen moaned at the same time. I had found something that took Helen to new heights. “Put your cock in me, Cool, please fuck my ass. Push it right in me, I’m so fucking hot.” I heard her pant. “Fuck her ass, Cool.” It was Karen urging me on.

I rose up onto my knees and forward. My cock thrust out like the bowsprit on a schooner. Karen’s tiny hand reached from between her mothers legs to guide my journey into Helen’s waiting sphincter. Her fingers held me firm and as my lance touched Helen’s hole, she pushed back as Karen pushed me in. About three inches disappeared. I stopped and Karen released me and turned her attention to Helen’s cunt. I felt her tongue through the thin wall separating the two cavities. I withdrew and advanced again, this time deeper. Helen’s moaning grew louder and was now continuous. Again, I withdrew, and again I pushed forward. She met each thrust with her own backwards heave. Karen was sucking on her cunt with a constant steady motion and each time I was embedded all the way in Helen’s ass, her tongue would swipe across my balls. Each time I withdrew, I could look down and see Karen licking Helen below my cock. This is as nasty as sex can get. Ass fucking a beautiful woman while her daughter eats her cunt and licks your balls at the same time, has a meaning all of it’s own. I was consumed.

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