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indian mom and black priest 3A few days later, my grandfather came to visit us. Dad was a copy of his father. It was granddad who taught dad how to be a macho man and how to keep mom under a tight leash.I also knew that grandfather disliked niggers but I never knew why. I guess if Father Tyrone wasn’t a priest, dad wouldn’t let him inside the house also. But unlike granddad, dad was a devout religious man who dearly respected clergy no matter their race.When grandfather arrived, mom and the black priest were already in session. He had heard about mom’ troubles and knew that a priest was living with us to exorcise the demons. What he didn’t know is that the priest was a muscular handsome macho nigger stud. He was about to get to know him soon.The three men of the family – granddad, dad and me – were sitting like idiot wimps outside the room hearing mom moaning and begging for more as the black stud took what was dad’s on his marital bed. Grandfather was shocked at the sounds mom made but dad reassured him that the demons were being killed and she was fighting them off with the priest.The fucking inside continued for thirty minutes as the priest mercilessly pounded the imaginary demons in mom’s addicted-to-black-cock cunt. As he discharged his virile seed in the place where only dad has the right to, he put on a shirt and shorts and went outside with mom.Granddad couldn’t accept the fact that he was seeing a black man in his son’s house who has just left the bedroom with his son’ wife. Granddad was a big man. He rushed toward the black priest and slammed him a punch right in the jaw that made Father Tyrone reel in shock.Mom screamed as dad tried to hold back my granddad.“WHAT WAS THIS NIGGER DOING WITH YOUR WIFE IN THE BEDROOM? WAS HE BREEDING HER?” screamed granddad as the blood rushed to his face.“YOU ARE ALL THE SAME YOU DIRTY NIGGERS!!!! ALL YOU WANT IS THE CUNT OF AN INDIAN MARRIED WOMAN.”As he said that in a fit of anger, granddad collapsed on the ground because of a heart attack. We rushed him to the hospital. The black priest cleaned his face form the blood and looked at granddad with a look that scared me…A few days in the hospital, I found dad sitting next to granddad who was still very tired. Granddad wanted to explain to dad what he kept from him all these years and why did he say what he said to the black priest.“You know son, I haven’t told you or your brother this before but a black man nearly broke our family when you two were young. Your brother was a little older than you and he remembers what happened. That is one of the reasons he left the house as soon as he became 18 years old.”Dad seemed distraught at the introduction of my grandfather.“Tell me what you are talking about”Granddad took a deep breath and looked to the ground as he began his story.“I lost most of my money in a bad business many years back. We had you and your brother and I needed to get money into the house. I don’t think you remember the neighborhood we moved into. It was a black poor neighborhood full of thugs and nigger criminals. We were the only indian family there and your mother was the only indian woman with a fair complexion in all the area. One of the leaders of the thug groups was a big black mean macho man. As soon as we arrived at the neighborhood he began eyeing your mother and defying me publicly. Whenever your mother went to get some groceries he would follow her and harass her. I knew all of this too late or I swear that I would have killed him”At this point, my macho granddad began having tears in his eyes from the painful memories he was having.“That filthy nigger would follow her and talk dirty to her. He would tell her that she has to try his black lollipop. He would describe his fat cock and tell her that he wants to fuck her indian breasts and pussy. Sometimes he would get bold and corner your mother and steal a kiss from her lips or grab her big breasts. She would escape and hurry back home. I don’t know if I could blame your mom for what happened next as I was away most of the time trying to get money for our living, That fuckin nigger thug followed her one day to the house. He broke in and violated her. As I knew later on, he ripped her saree while you and your brother istanbul escort were in school and her undergarments leaving her totally naked. Then he leapt on her like a tiger licking and sucking her breasts which were mine alone!! He then disrobed and took his big fat 10-inch nigger dong and slammed it in her indian homely cunt, right where you were born son. He destroyed your mom’s cunt for me. She wouldn’t feel my little indian dick inside her after he had finished mounting her. He kept r****g her that day for hours until he finally came inside her fertile womb.”Granddad put his head between his hands and began weeping like a little c***d.“I should have been there for her but I arrived too late. When I got there I saw him taking his cock out. Rage filled me son, and I tried to defend my honor as any man would do. But I was too weak in front of that nigger stud. His muscles were so big and full of tattoos. As your mother laid on the bed, nigger cum running from her cunt lips, she heard me, her husband, screaming, as the nigger hit me and punched me time and time again until I fell u*********s to the ground.”Dad was speechless as he heard that my grandmother was ****d by a black man. But what my granddad omitted from this story is that his wife got pregnant from the **** and she delivered a big black baby that she gave for adoption against her husband’s will, who wanted to kill the bastard infant. What neither of us knew at that time is that my father’s bastard brother would grow up and take the identity of a priest and exorcise the demons from his brother’s wife with his big black cock.Back at our house, Father Tyrone was having his way with mom in the kitchen. Dad was with granddad in the hospital and I went back to the house alone.As I watched what was happening, I hid near the kitchen door to watch as my young mind was stuoified by the scene.Father Tyrone’s black ass was glistening as he humped into mom’s cunt. He held her in his strong arms against the kitchen wall and raised her legs to his waist.Mom looked like a slut with her big breasts jumping around and her saree and panties on the kitchen floor.Each time the thick cock penetrated her, I would hear the sound of Tyrone’s black balls slap against her ass. The moans escaping her mouth were never heard by dad while they had sex. Mom was biting her lips and closing her eyes as she receive the pleasure from the priest.A few minutes later, Tyrone plopped his cock out of her cunt and made her kneel in front of him. Lie in a trance, mom kneeled and opened her mouth while looking in hunger at the priest and rubbing her nipples.The black muscular man bellowed as I saw the veins on his boulder-sized biceps tighten. Was after wad of rich nigger cum escaped his thick hose and splattered over the slut’s face drenching her until she couldn’t see.Then I was stupified to see the priest turn towards thhe food mom wa spreparing and continue cumming into the salad… His cum drenched the salad bowl.”I saved you time preparing the dressing for the salad. When your husband and father-in-law come, serve them this salad. Do you understand?”Mom nodded her head not able to see becaus eof the cum in her eyes…Two hours later, dad and granddad came back to the house from the hospital. Granddad was still on a wheelchair to recover well.Mom had washhed her face and body from the sex fluids generated by the black priest. As we sat on the dinner table, granddad addressed Tyrone”I am sorry Father Tyrone for what I did earlier. I shouldn’t have acted based on prejudice. My son told me what you are doing and I want to say I’m sorry””Don’t worry c***d. I forgive you”The thought of the young Father Tyrone addressing my mature grandpa as c***d (in the parish, religious sense of way) was weird for me.Mom put the salad on the table and told us to dig in. I excused myself saying I am feeling sleepy and not hungry but didn’t dare to tell dad and granddad what is there in the salad.As the three men shared some anecdotes and laughs, Tyrone ate the meat and potato and didn’t touch the salad.Dad and grandad both helped themselves to a large dish avcılar escort of the salad. I watched as they ate and swallowed the vegetables mixed with the cum from the black priest’s heavy ball sack.Both commented on the richness of the salad and asked mom what did she put in it. She only said that the vegetables were fresh.Grandad was so hungry that some of the cum dressing dribbled on his square jawed chin. It was so humiliating seeing my handsome macho grandfather eating another man’s sperm and having some of it on his chin. He even licked them clean from his fingers.That night my parents and my grandad had a dinner fresh from Tyrone’s balls and cock. That was before another round of fucking in dad’s room while dad and grandad slept peacefully in the guest room…Worrying news that night talked about heavy army movements on the border of our town form the opposing country. Father Tyrone would soon expose his real skin…One day in early summer, I heard a huge ruckus outside our house. Men were running in the town ringing bells and shouting. The raid from our neighboring country has begun.During the last few months, grandad became better and now he was able to walk, although with assistance from his cane. Mom’s belly has gotten bigger as she has discovered her pregnancy a few months back. Dad was overjoyed in the fact that mom was going to give him another c***d. All the talk about his low sperm count escaped his mind. He was thankful mom was pregnant again.That morning, dad searched for Father Tyrone, who was still living with us under the pretense that the village municipality hasn’t authorized him to take over the parish house yet, being from the opposing country and all.Dad was all too glad to accommodate him with us, and grandad was tamed after his accident. He never objected after that when he saw the black man, night after night, spending time in dad’s room alone with mom, behind closed doors. But I could see the look in his eyes, he clearly hated the black priest.Mom on the other hand had become in love with the priest. In front of us, she would hold the pretense of exorcism, but with her stud, she was just a slut in heat and in need of a big cock. Dad forgot what it means to sleep with a woman since the priest moved in as Father Tyrone warned him constantly that no “filthy intercourse” was allowed until all demons leave mom alone.Dad didn’t even think of relieving himself with another woman. He was a pious honorable man, who loved mom too much. He resigned to waiting for mom to become pure again.So, as dad was searching for the black priest, he lead me and mom to a nearby shelter. Mom couldn’t walk faster because of the baby in her inflated womb, so dad held her hand and shouted for me to go hide faster and take mom with me.He said he was staying behind with grandad and the other men. He wasn’t a man who would run and hide from the battle to defend his country and his family.Me, mom and the other women and c***dren of the village stayed in the shelter as the battles raged outside. Grenades and shots wer efired and explosions drove some of us in the shelter to tear sin fear of what will happen to the men of our town.A few hours later, everything got quiet, as we heard synvhronized footsteps approaching the shelter. The door opened to reveal 20 soldiers from the opposing army grinning evilly at us.Women’s screams were heard and c***drne’s cries echoed in the destroyed village. Every woman under 50 was ****d right there in front of her c***dren. The 20 soldiers were the brutest mercenaries you can imagine. Women were grabbed by their hair and obliged to suck the soldiers’ dirty cocks,take them in the cunt and in the ass repeatedly.This action took an hour under our gaze and the army’s guns. The women of our village were laid on the ground of the shelter like sluts used and abused. The only young woman who didn’t get that treatment was mom. We were thankful for that, but we didn’t know why.A blond officer came for me and her and took us on foot to the village’s police station. As we passed in the town center, we could see the heavy artillery ( ) deployed and the enemy soldiers resting and laughing at us. Around şirinevler escort 50 men from our village were also killed and piled there from the fights.My heart sunk as I prayed that dad was still alive. The blond officer reassured us that dad was still alive and grandad also. They were captured with the rest of the resistance and put in the police station.”What about Father Tyrone?” asked mom.The blond officer looked at her with a smirk. I think he knew about her and the priest. Mom felt ashamed from the quesiton and the look on the man’s face.”He’s fine too. Don’t worry about him”As we arrived to the police station and entered , we saw Father Tyrone surrounded by three enemy officers. Mom looked at him with a burning gaze asking him if he’s ok.The officers laughed as the priest’s face remained stone cold. Leading her to the prison cells, mom saw dad, grandad and eight other men in that cell.They were severly beaten. Dad was holding his broken arm, hil left eye completely blue and shit down and his lips disfigured. Grandad was still spitting blood as it seems he was beaten.Mom ran to the jail bars as dad ran to her and they began to cry.”That damn bastard priest is with the enemy. I should have never let you in my house you dirty nigger”Mom’s cries were stuck in her throat as she felt Tyrone’s big black hands on her breasts from behind.Looking at dad, Tyrone began to caress mom’s bulging belly.”Is that how you treat a man who is the father of your wife’s baby?”Dad couldn’t believe what he just heard.He and grandad were enraged. Cursing and threatening the black priest as he laughed evilly and gave mom a hard kiss on the mouth.”You dirty whore. How could you do this to my son? All of you, dirty women, crave a black cock, don’t you?” spewed grandad at mom who ran away from the room.The other men of the village in the cell with dad and grandad began to llok at dad differently. It was a look of pity and mockery, how a black man from the enemy country has taken mom from him in his own house and has probably amde her pregnant.Dad was resolved at that moment to end the fake priest’s life, even if it took him years, even if it meant his death, he would do it… He just had to find out a way to get out of the prison.Back at home, I ran after mom as she arrived crying and went direclty to her room. A few moments later, the black man came in and went directly to my parents’ room.Standing outside, I heard mom shouting and screaming, and the priest was saying nothing. Then I heard the sound of pants hitting the floor, and suddenly mom was silent.The blac bastard wanted to make my pregnant mother shut up so he took his huge cock and shoved it in her waiting mouth.Peaking inside the room, I saw mom on her knees, her bulging belly in front of her and Tyrone’s big cock filling her mouth, saliva dripping from the sides.Tyrone didn’t waste much time. he made her stand up, took off her panties and slammed his fat cock in her pregnant pussy.Her moans of passion and desperation filled the house, as the black stud fucked the shit out of her, cumming on her clothes and leaving her on the floor.Father Tyrone left and mom began to cry again in shame and fear.Our whole country was being conquered in a few weeks. Dad and grandad were still in prison and two of the other men that were with them died from torture.The day of mom’s delivery came as an enemy officer passing on front of our house heard my pleas for help. Taking mom to the military hospital they set up in town, she delivered my brother, Tyrone’s son.Tyrone didn’t waste a chance to torture dad psychologically. Taking my brother to him, he showed dad the coal-skinned baby that he made with mom.Dad was in a fit of rage, cryng from the pain and swearing to the priest he will kill him even if it was the last thing he will ever do.As the new regime settled in, dad and grandad were considered war prisoners and were shipped off to the enemy country prisons, 100 miles away from our town.But as they were being put in the van, Father Tyrone approached grandad and held him by his hair and spit in his face.”You remember the baby your wife delivered and you thre away for adoption? Well, here he is spitting in his face and taking revenge on your family”Addressing dad, he said sarcastically, “Don’t worry brother, I will take good car eof your wife” while making a gesture in front of his belly foreshadowing that he is probably going to knock up mom again.As dad and grandad were shipped off, destroyed and humiliated, they both swore off that a day will come when they willr egain their honor that was stolen by this fake priest stud…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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