Infidelity Ch 2 & Ch 3

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Infidelity Ch 2 & Ch 3Chapter 2Thursday, August 15thI couldn’t forget about the previous night. I tossed and turned and had odd dreams about the evening. By the time I got out of bed, Jason had left for work. I went downstairs and made a coffee. I was slightly hung over, or it could have been the lack of sleep. I began to do what I do best and that is analyze the situation. What happened?First, it was not my intention to do anything with Dave. I didn’t even feel a slight physical attraction to him. Second, it is not like me to act that way. I always said that I would be faithful, and I took an oath before God and our families, but I had strayed, and it wasn’t simply because I wanted laid. Or was it?I was able to deduce that there was a huge disconnect between Jason and me. He always wanted to have sex and I never did. It wasn’t because I wasn’t horny, but more because I was bored. Our sex was so scripted. He would start by lying in bed and then kissing me. He would squeeze my ass a few times and then start rubbing my pussy. He would finger me and then we have sex that usually wouldn’t last more than a minute before he would finish leaving me high and wet so to speak.I was to the point that I was repulsed by it. I never wanted to admit this to him, and I think I had hid it from myself. I didn’t want to believe that sex could be so important, and I always scolded my husband for making it about sex. What had turned me on last night wasn’t because I was looking for sex, didn’t love my husband, or found him unattractive, it was because I was longing for that passion, that spontaneity, the rawness of it. I wanted Jason to do that to me!Years ago I shut down from him because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I just never knew how to convey this to him. I just went along for the ride, pun intended. After several years of unfulfilling sex, I just gave up. I let him have sex with me because I was afraid he would cheat on me, but I was getting nothing out of it. I plugged my daughter in front of the TV because I was not in a mood to play mommy. I needed time to myself and time to think. I asked my father if he would watch after her because I didn’t feel well. That wasn’t far from the truth, but I just wanted to go upstairs.I climbed into bed and began to relive the night before. I thought through everything. Did I give Dave signals? Had I led him on? Did I wear something wrong? We were just sitting there and having drinks. We talked about our work lives and some various other small talks. In our past conversations via text we never flirted. I know I drank a good amount of wine, but I wasn’t completely intoxicated and well aware of what I was saying to him. I was wearing a simple loose-fitting striped cotton dress that went to just above my knee. I didn’t find it provocative, hot, or sexy.I thought about the kiss and as I did, I started to feel that familiar tingle in my vagina and could feel it getting wetter. While it is true I was not attracted to Dave, nor was he a good kisser, it was still hot. It was because of the spur of the moment. It wasn’t planned out or scripted. It was spontaneous and it was taboo. I then pictured myself pressed against my car being fingered. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have sex where someone could see me.I will also admit that his fingers inside of me was pure pleasure. Not only just the feeling of having them in me during the heat of the moment, but also feeling wanted and desired. I could never recollect ever being that wet before. My pussy was throbbing, and I found myself massaging it. I had soaked through my panties.I reached under my bed and pulled out my vibrator. I took off my pants and panties as I ran the toy over my breasts. I closed my eyes and slowly inserted it into me as I imagined Dave sliding his dick in me pressed against the car. I could see him pressing me against the car and fucking without a care. The vibe in me became his dick and it wasn’t long before I felt the rush of my orgasm pass through. I was moaning softly trying to be quiet as I kept moving the toy in and out of me dreaming about amazing sex. When the orgasm ended, I started to sob uncontrollably.Tears streamed down my face as I felt incredible shame. I needed to tell Jason what had happened and I wanted to fix us. I didn’t want to be imagining myself having sex with someone else. I wanted to have hot steamy sex with my husband. I wanted him to press me against my car or a wall or anything for that matter. I wanted him to finger me in a parking lot. I reached for my phone and sent him the following text:Babe, we need to talk. I want to have sex. Rough sex. I want to fuck, not make love. I want it every night. I love you and I want you to fuck me.This led to about an hour of back and forth text messages. To summarize them we talked about different things that we could do to spice up our sex life. I only told him that I just felt like something was missing and that we really need to work on it. We did discuss the fact that he comes super quick. He always told me that it was because we don’t have sex enough. He would get so worked up waiting that when the time came, so did he. I tried to stay awake for Jason to come home, but he again güvenilir bahis had a late night. I fell sleep around midnight and he still wasn’t home. I felt a little bit better about the situation, but I knew that before we did, I would have to tell Jason what happened. Chapter 3Friday, August 16thJason was gone by the time I woke up. He was getting ready to start nursing school and had some prep class that he had to take. It was scheduled until 3PM which gave me all day to think about what I was going to say to him. I tried to distract myself throughout the day but I needed to plan out what I was going to tell him. I decided that I would just tell him the gist of the evening but leave out that it was planned and leave out the fingering part. I would just tell him that a guy kissed me, how it made me feel, and that I want to work us. I couldn’t wait for him to get home and I spent most of the day feeling sick to my stomach. I wasn’t sure how the night was going to go. This evening was a long time coming though. It needed to happen someday, and it only took last night’s events for me to see that. We kept living in lies to each other for one reason or another and tonight we were going to plow into them head on. I knew there was a chance that tonight could be the end of our marriage and that thought scared the hell out of me.At 130PM, Jason texted me that he was on his way home and that drive would be about 40 minutes. I put our daughter down for a nap and then sat in the bedroom waiting for him to get home. I was debating if I wanted to talk to him when he got home or wait until tonight. Our daughter doesn’t really nap, just plays in her room and I didn’t want her to hear our convo or keep interrupting us for various reasons. On the other hand, I wanted to get this over with and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish our conversation. He had to work again tomorrow and Sunday and on Monday school started. I didn’t want this hanging over our heads and to deal with it in short bursts between his busy schedule. At about 245pm, I heard the door open. My heart started to race, and my stomach was in knots. I felt like I was about to have a panic attack. I heard him walking up the stairs and now my heart was beating out of my chest. When he entered our room, I stopped breathing. I felt like I was going to cry. This was the first time I had really seen him since my act of disloyalty to him and the shame was stronger now than it had ever been. How could I have done that to him? Ten years of a relationship, 4 of those married and 3 of those with a c***d would all come down to this conversation.“So what do you want to talk about,” he said with a bit of apprehension as he sat down on the bed.I looked down at my feet, unable to look at him and trying to find the will for the words to come out. I took a deep breath and finally let it fly.“You know I went out Wednesday night.”“What happened,” he asked cutting me off, panic in his voice.“Well I have guys hit on me all the time. I have always been able to reject them and had no interest, but last night a guy kissed me and for the first time, I felt like I couldn’t reject them.”“So you cheated on me?”“No, I.” He cut me off and left the room. Tears started to stream down my face. I had no idea where he was going and I tried to listen for him leaving the house but I heard nothing. The door opened a few minutes later and he walked in holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. I can’t say I blamed him. I could use a drink myself. I reached out a hand for the bottle and he handed it to me. I hate whisky but I found some comfort in the burn of the liquid as I swallowed it. Maybe this pain was penance for me. “Continue,” he said after taking a long pull on the bottle.I told him that I had met a guy while out with the girls. They had left but I stayed because I was having fun talking and didn’t want to go him. I told him that he kissed me and that I stopped it and left. The experience left me thinking about our marriage and how I wanted to fix it. He sat there quietly the whole time. I was impressed that he sat there without interrupting me. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing.After I finished telling him, he sat there for a few moments silent, not moving. He then opened the nightstand drawer, pulled out a condom and tossed it at me.“If you fucking another guy is what you need to fix us, then go do it. Have fun, and when you are done and get it all out of your system come talk to me.”I was pissed at him. I just told him that it was nothing like that. I didn’t want to fuck other guys, I wanted to be with him. We just needed to fix things. Our problem was that we never communicated with each other. He had been in a series of friends with benefits relationships prior to us and I had come from a long term committed relationship. I did not know how to ask for my needs because I never really had to. He had never really had much emotional connection to the girls he was with so he did not know how to mix love with raw dirty sexy. I guess he felt like I was too good to be dirty with so he tried to keep it sweet.It was killing me though. I was so tired of the same old thing and I wanted it to be out right dirty. güvenilir bahis siteleri For as long back as I could remember I was not happy with the sex life. I eventually just walled off that part of me because I figured it would never be fulfilling. Jason said he picked up on this and felt that something was wrong. This was his reason for him always asking if I was going to leave him. It was also why he had contacted his ex-girlfriends and talked about sex. He apparently wasn’t satisfied either with our sex with but didn’t know how to bring it up. Basically, we both wanted the same thing but sucked at communication and it caused a huge issue with us. Apparently, sex was more important than I thought and not just for him. We had to end our conversation because I could not keep our daughter in nap time any longer and I had to prep dinner. He said we would continue this conversation later and he seemed okay to me. I went downstairs feeling better about the situation but knew we had a lot of work today. The whole conversation did go better than I thought it would and I think he took it well. It made me love him more it.After a couple of minutes Jason came downstairs, said he would be back soon and walked out the door. It caught me off guard because I could tell his attitude had changed. He seemed upset. I could see it in his face and hear it in his voice. I sent him a text message if he was okay. It took him several minutes to reply but he just said that he needed time away to think.He was gone for several hours and returned around 730PM. It was bout time for us to put our daughter to bed. I asked him everything was okay and he just nodded his head that it was.“After you put our daughter to bed and she is asleep, come downstairs into the basement. Ill be doing work on my computer.”I had no idea what he had planned. I was very nervous. I couldn’t tell by looking at him if this was good or bad. He seemed very in different and he didn’t say anything else to me before he went downstairs. I honestly was kind of pissed at him because I wanted help putting my daughter to bed. However, what I did to him, it was the least I could do for him.Our daughter never goes to bed easy. The whole process to get her to bed takes almost an hour and sometimes it is another hour before she is asleep. It gave me plenty of time ponder what he had planned. Was I going to find out that these will be the last few moments I am married? To be honest, the thought that he might hurt me also cross my mind. He had never been abusive to me, but I had no idea what was going on. All I know is that after he came down from our conversations earlier, he seemed different. It seemed like forever, but around 10 she finally fell asleep and I made my way into the basement. I expected to find him sitting at his computer but when I went downstairs, all the lights were off. “Don’t turn on the lights, just come into the bedroom,” he called out.I cautiously made my way into the back room of the basement. It was illuminated by a single lit candle. No other lights were on and I could not see Jason. When I entered the room, he told me to turn around and face the door and get naked.I did as told and stood there naked looking toward the door. I stood there for several minutes pondering what was going on. I tried to listen for any sound, tried to figure out where in the room he was. All I could see was the light of the solitary candle flickering on the wall. My heart was racing and my pussy was tingling. I had no clue what was going to happen next. In the glow of the candle, I could see the slightest movement in my breasts from my heart beating. I thought I heard something move and before I knew it, I couldn’t see anymore.He had placed a blind fold over my eyes. He then pulled me tight against him wrapping his arms tightly around my chest. His dick was pressed into my back. I don’t think I ever felt it so hard before. He started to kiss my neck and nibble on my ears as his fingers rolled my nipples between them. He then stopped and whispered something in my ear.“You have been bad. For that you need to be punished. What I say goes. You don’t speak unless I ask you too and you don’t do anything I don’t tell you to do. I get what I want, and you are not allowed to say no. If it is rough you want, it is rough you are going to get.”I was a bit scared. It was fucking hot, don’t get me wrong, but when I told him I wanted it rough, I didn’t mean like Fifty Shades of Grey rough. I did deserve it. I felt vulnerable as I stood there. Suddenly, he spun me around and pressed me hard up against the wall. I heard it reverberate through the basement. It reminded me of the night before when Dave had pressed me against the car. He lifted my arms up over my head and pressed them into wall. He placed a knee between my legs and spread them so that he was pushing it against my vagina. He started to kiss me.This kiss was different. I never felt this from him before. It was hot, raw, and a****listic. He sucked my lips in and bit gently on my upper lip. When I would try and kiss him he would pull away. The tease was killing me. I tried to peak around the blindfold but he had my arms tight up over my head. I could iddaa siteleri just make out little flickers of light from the candle.Then he pulled me away from the wall and from what I could tell into the center of the room. Without saying a word he pulled my arms behind my back and tied them with something. He must have had this all planned because he never left my side. I stood there, not knowing what was going to happen next. I kept waiting for something to happen. Nothing. It was like when I was first told turn around. The only noise I heard was from the dehumidifier in the next room. I didn’t hear him leave.“Babe,” I called out. No reply.I felt a hand on my thigh spreading them apart. I started to shake from the adrenalin. My breathing was slow and deep and my heart was skipping beats. I could hear it pounding in my ears, feeling the blood flow through my veins. My vagina was throbbing with every beat and I could feel the blood flowing there. I then felt something running down my leg. My pussy was gushing juices. I had never been this turned on before. Then, without warning, like they were laser guided, his fingers were fucking my vagina. I started to moan out in pleasure, almost screaming. It was extra sensitive, and I could feel every little movement in me. It sent electricity throughout my body, depolarizing my muscles. I tried to crumple to the floor, but Jason was holding me up with the hand that was fingering me. He was going so fast and It was intensified by me putting pressure on him. Suddenly he stopped and I collapsed onto the floor. I’m not sure how I didn’t hit my head. He grabbed my shoulders and helped me up. I stood there trying to catch my breath, my pussy was aching, and my legs were wobbling. I regained my composure and stood there again. It was getting harder to hold still as I was on the verge of coming. The fingering also left me weak in the knees.Smack. His hand found my left ass cheek. I stumbled forward a bit but caught myself. Smack. My other cheek this time. I let out a loud “uhh.” It was so fucking hot! Smack, my left breast this time. The three sites were tingling and I thought for sure I would have a bruise there in the morning. Again, I was waiting for something to happen.Now he started to spin me around to my right several times. When we stopped I was super dizzy and then all of a sudden he pushed me backward. I screamed as I fell onto the bed. Jesus, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I laid there panting trying to catch my breath, hoping my heart wasn’t going to explode.“Have you ever tasted your pussy after you played with yourself?”“No,” I said out of breath.His fingers went back into me. He touched every bit of my insides and then ran his fingers over my clit. They were slippery with my juices and I could tell that I was soaked. “Your pussy juice is white and creamy today. Open your mouth.”I opened my mouth as told and he inserted his index and middle finger into my mouth. I closed my lips around them and ran my tongue over them. I tasted my juice. It was creamy and truth be told, it tasted like butter. Not as bad as I thought. I licked all my juice off and he asked me if I enjoyed it.Not bad, I might eat pussy after all if we do a threesome.”He then climbed over me on fall fours and took the blind fold off. I was looking right up into his eyes and I was in awe. There was a spark in his eye that I never saw before. This raw a****listic stare, like a wolf about to attack it’s prey. We just stared at each other. Our breathing was deep, rapid, and in sync. I looked down and saw his dick hanging. It was larger than I remember. He has the perfect dick. It has the right shape. Thick and long, but not so much that it hurts. The head is the perfect mushroom shape and is the right color. I hate when a cock is a pink color.He got off of me and seemingly pulled a condom out of now where. He ripped the package open and rolled it over his penis. He flipped me over on my stomach, grabbed may ankles, and yanked me to the end of the bed so that my feet were on the floor. I spread my legs apart for him and he ran the tip of his cock over my pussy. Then, he thrust it right into me. I moaned as he buried all 7 inches into me.Then he grabbed me be the wrists and pulled back so that my back was arched and my breasts were off of the bed. He started to pound me, pulling my arms back, bringing me into him with each thrust. I felt him deep inside of me as he fucked me faster and harder than anyone ever had. My breasts hurt as they bounced back and forth. I let out screaming moans as I couldn’t hold back. This is what I wanted and I never knew my husband had it in him. It wasn’t long before we came together at the same time. He collapsed onto of me and we laid there for a moment, a sweaty fleshy pile on the bed. I could feel his dick shrink inside of my pussy. Without saying a word, he pulled out, and left me. I just laid there. My knees and vagina were having tremors as I tried to catch my breath. My ass and tits stung where he slapped me and my pussy was throbbing from the pounding it took. I heard him walk up the stairs and then a few moments later, heard the second story shower turn on.I scooted myself up on to the bed and fell asleep there for a few hours. When I woke up around 1am, I went upstairs, washed myself and climbed into bed. I wrapped my arms around my husband and for the first time, I felt a bond with him that I never had with anyone else.

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