Innocent Experience With College Girls

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Innocent Experience With College GirlsBefore I start I’d like to apologize on the way I wrote this piece, I could barely recall the details and I’d like to share it before I completely forget. This did happen, probably in a more erotic way than I wrote it and to protect those involved, I wrote their names differently, except Ann because fuck it.When I was a freshman in high school, I didn’t really know any better. I grew up with three older sisters and ever since I could remember, I always took a bath with my youngest of my older sisters who I’m just going to name Velma to protect her identity.I never really gave a big deal about seeing her naked since I’ve taken baths with her almost every week until I reached started high school. I didn’t see her as a naked college girl in front of me, what I saw was soap and shampoo.She always had her friends around during the weekend because we lived by the beach. I didn’t know she’d sometimes talk about my cock size until the incident and her friends would ask her to ask me to show them. Of course she’d be protective of me but one day she figured out that she won’t be able to see it a lot since I’m going into high school and baths like we used to was not going to be something we’d do anymore.So a week after I graduated primary school, her friends came over to celebrate. We had a barbeque party and took a swim at the beach. She always had her four friends around; of course I’m going to change their names to hide their identity too. First there was Loraine, she was half Chinese; her black hair was long and reaches her ass, which until today is a beautiful ass; she had skin like porcelain and didn’t like wearing a lot of make-up unlike the others; she was a model and a VJ of the local FM channel. The second was Andrea, she was a brunette, perfect perky tits which I did have the touch a few times without knowing how lucky I was back when I was younger; she was studying to become a pediatrician; among the four I knew she was the one who wasn’t a virgin because they always teased her by grabbing her tits and showing them off to me and she didn’t give a shit. The next one was Eliza, she had the classic kind of beauty which most young boys would think she didn’t look pretty but if you were her age you’d probably think she’s just the right kind of pretty; she was the “nun” of the group; she’s always going to church and using phrases from the bible; she was the goody two shoes but I’m willing to bet she had a dirty mind (I mean come on, the bible had i****t in it.). The last but not the least was Ann, I don’t know what name rhymes with Ann so her real name is Ann; she was wild and carefree; he was studying to become a teacher like my sister; she was the one who’s always playing with me and bringing me sweets; she was a lesbian when I was that age, now she’s straight.After the mini beach party, we sat in a circle around a bon fire. Ann was the one who spoke first “D, now that you’ve graduated you should have a graduation gift for all the hard work you’ve done in primary school. What do you want?”I shook my head “I thought this party was your gift.” canlı bahis They laughed and some said awe.“No, this is just the party. The gift is another thing; but, we want you to choose what you want us to get you.” She spoke to me in a way you’d feel like an equal but you know she’s still trying to explain to someone younger than her.I smiled, I knew I wanted to watch a movie, I forgot what was the title but I knew that was what I asked for. “I want to see movie.” I looked down a bit embarrassed with my request. “I know it’s not something I can use or keep to remember this day but that’s the first thing that came into my head.”They looked at each other. “Okay then, next weekend, we’re going to the cinema.” Ann declared. Little did I know that they were already planning something.Velma took me to the mall where the rest of the gang were waiting, “Well, I need to go to that thing, you guys take care of him okay?” I was surprised thinking she was going to see the movie with us. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back just after the movie ends. Have fun.” She smiled and left us.We headed to McDonald’s and then to the cinema. I was in the middle of the four girls. There weren’t a lot of people that day; I still remember where they sat and how many were sitting in twos and fours.We sat at the second to the last chair at the back of the cinema. When the lights were turn off and the movie started rolling I felt a hand slide along my leg, I looked to the right it was Loraine’s. I looked at her with a face that seemed to ask ‘what are you doing’ and she just smiled at me like nothing was happening.I tried not to mind it, maybe this is what she does when she watches a movie. Soon Ann who was at my left did the same. It sent me a weird sensation that I haven’t felt before. I knew I was getting an erection but the way they teased me was electrifying.I tried to close my legs but it only made my cock hurt as it started to get harder so I was forced to spread my legs. I closed my eyes for a bit to try and relax. I could feel Loraine holding my hand and making my palm open up, she then pulled my hand closer to her and placed it somewhere soft and warm. I opened my eyes to see what it was and she said “Oh D, I didn’t know you were a little grabby in the movies.”I asked myself, “Did I do that? Did I really grab her tits?” I thought to myself. “You-you were the one who…” I wanted to defend myself. She was smiling though, enjoying the sight of me panicking.“What? You’re such a pervert! I bet you’re already getting hard.” Ann grabbed my crotch. She wasn’t wrong, I was indeed hard, but Loraine was framing me for grabbing her tits. “Oh my, what would your sister think if she knew you were a pervert?”“Please don’t.” I panicked. Eliza and Andrea joined in.“No one’s watching, just do it.” Eliza said. I figured she was the look out.“We’ll have to get even D, we were kind enough to treat you to a movie and you started fondling Loraine.” Ann was unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning my pants, and unzipped it quickly. I didn’t struggle, I thought that if I did they might tell on me. I let her pull down my pants and my underwear.“My bahis siteleri my, you’re a big boy.” Andrea commented. “Maybe we need to take care of that so our little perv her can calm down.”“I think we should. Don’t take your hand off now, you’re already caught you might as well go all the way.” Loraine pressed her tit against my hand. “There’s no backing out now.” She whispered.Ann was the first to start, they tried to sit normally while watching Anna stroke my cock. I was getting harder and harder as she slowly stroked it. She took my other hand and placed it on her tit saying “It’s not fair that I’m doing all the work and she’s getting the credit.” I couldn’t fight back the urge I was holding back a while ago; the urge to move my fingers and feel the softness of Loraine’s perky tits.I squeezed them both as Ann jerks me off. Loraine lets go of my hand and started playing with my balls. I’ve never had anyone touch my like this. I was a virgin so I ended up moaning a little. Loraine leaned towards me and kissed my lips to stop me from moaning. As she sends her tongue into my mouth Ann speeds up and I squirt.I felt like I was getting weak but my cock was still hard and still coming. “Time to switch.” Andrea said excitedly. Andrea and Eliza switched places with Ann and Loraine.Andrea asked me to arc my back and so I did, she leaned in and started sucking my cock. It was ecstatic. The feeling of her mouth around my cock and her tongue coiling around it. She took my hand and made me fondle her tits too. Eliza on the other hand was reluctant at first but she then pulled her dress up and her panties down. It was hard to see but her pussy was the first pussy I’ve seen that wasn’t my sister’s. She took my other hand and made me rub her pussy. She showed me where to touch her and it didn’t take long for her to get wet. I wanted to cum too, I wanted to cum again. I could see Andrea reach into her pants to touch herself as she sucked my cock. The thought of it made me shoot into her mouth without warning.She didn’t stop drinking my cum until I stopped coming. “Next time give a warning.” She said and traded places with Ann and Loraine.Loraine was the first girl who was older than me who I had a crush on, I wanted do her more than the other three. Ann took my hand and taught me how to finger her. To my surprise I fitted two fingers into her. Loraine was in charge of making me cum this time. “This is just an experiment, you understand? Just a college experiment.” She tells Eliza.Loraine starts stroking my cock but often loses grip. Andrea got my cock so wet earlier. She pulled down her shorts and her panty, the movie illuminated her pussy and she showed it off to me. “Look D.” She said and my cock got harder. She wiped my cock with tissue and started stroking me when it was dry enough to hold on to.As she stroked me, Loraine started fingering herself. It was a mystical sight for someone like me back then. The image of a girl pushing and pulling her middle finger in and out of her was too erotic. I could see her enjoying this. She moved her hands faster and Ann moved my hand faster. güvenilir bahis I could hear her moan, thankfully the movie’s sound effects hid her moans from the rest of the audience.She came, I knew she did. I saw her juice shoot out of her like a fountain.She didn’t stop there. She stood up, pussy still dripping and sat on my cock. She held on to it and slid herself down to my shaft. I couldn’t help but moan as she took my virginity away. I was about to moan louder when Eliza came to the rescue and kissed me. Her tongue played with mine as my cock slides into Loraine’s cunt. Ann came on my hand. Just after she came Loraine started grinding on me with my cock in her pussy.“Keep going, everyone’s caught up in the movie.” Andrea said. I could tell Ann already stood up, I felt her kneel between Loraine’s legs as she started eating up Loraine’s pussy, that’s when Loraine tightened around my cock. I had to put my arms around Loraine to push back the climax. I grabbed Loraine’s perky college tits and enjoyed them as long as I could before she started pumping herself up and down, I came instantly. She didn’t stop, she kept fucking me. Ann and Andrea watched Loraine fuck me, probably thinking they just made a young boy’s wet dream come true. I came twice more before Loraine finally came and stopped.I was exhausted and fell asleep. The next thing I knew I was at the girl’s bathroom where they cleaned me up. They locked the door so they could clean their pussies. Thank God for the 90’s, CCTV cameras weren’t as common as today.“Did you have fun?” Ann was the first to ask.I nodded. “Yes.” They laughed.“Well, it will be our little secret. If you keep being a good boy, maybe we can do it again sometime, maybe on a one on one session or a threesome.” I didn’t know what threesome was but Ann kept talking.“Promise us you won’t tell anyone about this D?” Eliza spoke up.“I promise.” I said.Andrea and I never got to do it again, her boyfriend got her pregnant before she could finish college. Eliza asked me to let her have her way with me once during another beach party while the others were busy, that was the first and last time she did it. Ann asked me to join her and her girlfriend to her house one time, I had to wear a condom of course and after that Ann would often give me head behind the house or in my room instead of our usual games. It went on for a year then she had to move to another city, when she came back she was married and carrying a baby in her arms. Loraine sometimes did it with me in the bathroom so she taught me how to have sex while standing up. She’d sometimes just blow me while she fingers herself when the others are cooking or watching MTV. She got married right after college to one of the VJ’s in her station. She moved to Canada with her man and once a year she’d come home to visit. She has a k** now but on the month of my eighteenth birthday she came over and asked me to meet her at the mall, we watched a movie and she gave me a blow job. I returned the favor by fingering her. We got a room at a nearby lodge and had sex; four times on the bed, twice in the shower, and once in her car. She was on the pill so she let me shoot my load in her pussy. I guess that was and would be the last time I’ll get to enjoy her body.I wouldn’t say they corrupted me, I already had a dirty mind to begin with.

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