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There was an instant attraction between us. I could feel it the moment I stepped into your flat, despite my cold fingers and the nervous tingling in my stomach. That subtle tension. We both know why I am here today and exchange a knowing smile as I come in and give you a hug.

I leave my shoes and jacket in the hall and follow you through into the living room. You are wearing comfortable pants and a hoodie that is a bit too big for you. It looks kind of cute. I notice the arms are too long when you reach up to tuck a strand of your dark hair behind your ear. The zip is not fully drawn up and offers me an exciting glance at your skin. Aren’t you wearing anything beneath?

We talk for a while and I get the feeling that you’re teasing me. Little touches, not so subtle glances and when the zip opens yet a bit further while you play around with it, purely by accident of course, the conversation comes to a halt.

We are both silent for a few breaths but just when I decide to tilt my head a little and lean towards you, my stare fixed on your full lips, you suddenly stand with a cheeky grin and say you have to go somewhere.

My eyes are glued to your behind as you waltz out of the room and disappear down the hallway. If it was your goal to make my pants quite a bit more uncomfortable you definitely succeeded. You are gone for quite some time and I am beginning to wonder if I should just follow when I hear you calling for me.

In the hall I can hear soft music coming from the bedroom and the moment I stand in the doorframe you tell me to stay there and strip. I don’t know what my face does in that moment but you laugh and I quickly get back on track and rip my clothes off.

You are lying in bed and as far as I can tell you are naked. At least your pants and the hoodie are on the floor next to the bed and on top lies something else that looks suspiciously like a pair of panties. You notice me looking at your clothes and when our eyes meet again you wink sexily.

My eyes wander over your outstretched arms, the soft skin of your neck and down to where the blanket covers the swell of your breasts and the rest of your body.

“Sit there.” You point at the foot of the bed. I can see that your legs are tightly closed and sit cross-legged and naked by your feet. I am just starting to reach out to put my hand onto your leg, but you stop me and whisper seductively for me to pull the blanket very escort istanbul slowly off you. “No touching. You may only look!”

With a smile I grab the edge and pull barely noticeably but steadily. “What does that feel like? The cool, thin sheets gliding softly over your skin? If I am not allowed to touch you directly, I’ll caress you like this.” I think I can see you tremble and imagine goosebumps appearing all over your tender skin.

I slowly reveal more of your wonderful breasts and my eyes feast on your sensual curves. The slow and careful sliding of the fabric has let your nipples stiffen and I can already make them out although they are still covered.

When your breasts are completely exposed I forget to pull on the blanket for a moment because your arms are no longer outstretched away from your body but your hands glide over your neck and you collarbone onto your perfect mounds. I wish they were my own hands, caressing your soft flesh, stroking and holding it, and then squeezing your nipples gently between their fingers. Your eyes are closed and you breathe through your slightly parted lips and your expression makes me so horny.

Your foot moves involuntarily and that reminds me of my task. While you play with your breasts your breath gets steadily louder and I go on exposing more and more of your belly. What I would give for the chance to kiss every millimeter of your naked skin!

When your bellybutton comes into view and the swell of your hips becomes noticeable my blood begins to run seriously hot. I have already left a wet spot on the bed and I haven’t even touched myself once.

Then I can see that you did not shave off all your pubic hair and I am this close to pressing my nose into it and breathe deeply but your hand is faster once more. It glides down over your flat belly and your slender fingers start to play with your pubes. Your pussy is still mostly hidden from me because of your tightly closed legs but your fingers dip between your thighs from time to time to caress it.

I simply cannot pull on that blanket this slowly anymore and speed things up a little. I admire your beautiful legs all the way down to your toes and put my hands onto your feet as soon as the whole sheet lies bunched up across my thighs.

My touch makes you open your eyes and you scold me playfully because I put my hands on you. Then you sit up and scoot back escort bayan istanbul to the headboard, all while keeping your legs close together, where you lean against a stack of pillows and pull your legs towards your chest to make space for me. Wordlessly you point at the mattress in front of you and I lay down on my front with my face very close to your feet.

I quickly press a kiss onto your toes before you can stop me and then you spread your legs, put your feet wide apart and let your thighs fall to the sides.

Spellbound I stare between your legs and at the glistening wetness that cannot be missed. I move even closer to you and can easily smell how aroused you are. Looking straight into your eyes I breathe deeply to let you know how much I love this moment.

Your hands squeeze your nipples one last time and then come down to your pussy. You spread your slippery lips apart and show me your pink wetness inside. I so want to eat you out right now! But I manage to hold back and stay patient for my chance to taste you. Your fingers caress and stroke all around your pussy and along the outer lips and I have the feeling you are doing this as much for my viewing pleasure as for your own enjoyment.

One hand pulls back the skin at the top of your paradise and exposes your glistening pearl, while another finger slides into you with a wet squelch. It reappears coated all over with your juice and you immediately start to circle your clit with it. You moan sexily and give in to your pleasure with me lying between your legs and closely watching your every move.

Then my patience is rewarded as you once more dip your finger into your dripping hole and pull it out glistening seductively. I expect it to return to your now visibly swollen clit and am taken by surprise when you hold it directly under my nose. The magnificent scent of your arousal drives me crazy and when you tell me to open my mouth I can barely believe how lucky I am. I gently suck on your finger until there is no more of your juices left and then continue to watch you play with yourself.

Your movements get steadily faster just like your breathing. I can see your lustful jerks and twitches, smell the tantalizing scent of your arousal, hear you moan from pleasure and I can still taste your delicious sweetness on my tongue. I am incredibly turned on right now and cannot wait for your orgasm which is obviously bayan escort istanbul not much longer. You climax explosively and your screams and shudders are the most beautiful thing in the world.

Slowly you come back down and lie exhausted in front of me. I could stay like this with you for hours.

But you have different plans. After a little while, that is far too short for my liking, you pull out your two fingers that were still buried deep inside your pussy and I am already looking forward to a repetition form earlier but then you put them into your own mouth and grin cheekily at me while you suck them clean.

I pout, but not for long, because you already turned me onto my back and now stand over my head with your feet next to my ears and your face towards mine. The view is already breathtaking but improves even more when you slowly squat down. I put my hands onto your asscheeks to steady you but cannot enjoy your butt under my fingers for very long because you eventually kneel and pin my arms under your shins. You kneel over me like that with your pussy directly in my face but I cannot lift my head enough to reach you with my tongue. I try nonetheless, but you put a finger to my forehead and push me back down onto the mattress. Slowly you lower yourself until our bodies almost touch. You are so unbelievably close but every time I stick out my tongue you pull back just enough so that I cannot reach you.

I give up and surrender myself completely to you. My reward is your smell, stronger than ever, when you come back down again. You very slightly rub your clit against the tip of my nose and I can feel your wetness when you let my nose slip between your lips.

You raise your hips once more to be able to look into my eyes. “Stick out your tongue.”

I do and you lower yourself until my tongue parts your slippery folds and sinks into your wet warmth. Both of us moan at the sensation and while you begin to rock gently back and forth on my face, I try to slurp up as much of your juices as I possibly can.

Your moans get louder again when I close my lips around your pearl and gently suck it into my mouth and your hips start to jerk involuntarily. Somehow I manage to free my right arm and my fingers quickly find their way to your ass and between your legs. I wriggle two of them past my chin and they easily slip into the hot grip of your pussy. Your rocking is getting harder and your fingers grab at my hair. I can feel you squeezing my fingers again and again and then you come loudly and wetly on my face.

I let you regain your breath and then roll you onto your side where you stay drained an unmoving. I have a big grin on my face.

“That was hot! What do we do now?”

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