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interracial london]I was in London for a conference related to my job. We had several workshops, and in one of them I met Leroy. He was 6’8″ of big, muscular, bald headed man with smooth, dark, black skin. After the workshop, we all were just hanging out in the hotel. I’d noticed Leroy eyeing my big tits all day, and when he came into the bar of the hotel, he was wearing some loose sweats. I could see his big dick through his pants, just hanging down, and even through his sweatpants I could tell he had, by far, the biggest dick I’d ever seen. I had always heard that black men were hung, but this monster in his pants was making my pussy ooze and twitch. Well, you already know that I got fucked by some pretty big dicks before I met you, and I had been missing that full feeling for so long as I remained faithful to you, but just seeing that monster weakened my resolve and I knew I’d be breaking our marriage vows that night. I wondered what such a huge dick would feel like stretching my tight hole open. I wondered if I would even be able to take it. I knew it was wrong. I knew I’d be cheating on you, but I decided right then I was going to find out.He was flirting with me, just making long eye contact and suggestive comments. I immediately took the hint when he said his back was tense. I suggested he could use a massage, and offered to come to his room and give him one. He grinned… I’m sure he knew right then that I was going to let him fuck me.The pretense of the massage did not last long once we were in his room. He took off his shirt, and I sat on the bed. He leaned his back against my chest and I started rubbing his broad shoulders, running my hands over his smooth black skin, feeling his huge muscles move under my hands. The contrast of seeing my pale white skin against his dark blackness made my pussy tingle and moisten. He turned his head around and just shoved his tongue in my mouth. Then he started squeezing my titties through my top and bra… I took them off in seconds and he began sucking my pink nipples. I was so excited… the thought that I was in a hotel room with a black man about to fuck me made me feel so nasty and hot. He then asked me, “Have you ever had black dick before?” I told him no. He said, “Well, you’re in for a treat. Get on your knees.” I slid off the bed and knelt on the floor before him, wearing only my jeans. He sat on the edge of the bed, and I reached up and pulled those sweats down. There it was, the long, fat, chocolate brown cock that I was about to get fucked by. I couldn’t believe how huge it was. It was as big as my forearm, with a head the size of my fist. Yeah, I was in for a treat, alright!”Suck it,” he commanded. Like a slavegirl, I began worshipping my black master. I sucked first the head of his giant cock, then explored the whole thing with my lips and tongue. I licked his big balls over and over again, all the while getting wetter and wetter between the legs as I submitted bahis siteleri to him. I felt like a dirty little whore.He grabbed my head with both hands, and told me to open wide. I obeyed. He shoved his cock straight down my throat. I could not move my head or resist at all, and his huge organ cut off my air supply. I started to panic and gag, but he knew how long he could keep it in my throat before I would pass out. He withdrew enough for me to take a big gasp of air, then shoved it back in my throat. “Breathe through your nose,” he said, then started fucking my mouth like a cunt. I was in ecstasy, having my mouth used like a pussy. “Look at me!” he said, and ours eyes locked as he shoved it deep down my throat, and with his balls on my chin he busted his nuts straight into my belly. He gripped the back of my head with both hands and, never breaking eye contact with me, forced my face all the way down his dick, and I felt his huge cock pulsing in my throat and heard him moan as he stared into my eyes and filled my belly with his hot semen. He laid back on the bed, and I kept sucking his black dick, never wanting to let go of it. He only partially softened, but I persisted with my oral worship until it was stiff as a board. “Are you ready to fuck?” he asked. “Yes,” I breathed. “Then tell me what you want.” “I want to fuck.” “What?” “I want you to fuck me.” “I don’t understand… tell me exactly what you want!” “I want — no, I NEED — your black dick in my pussy!” “Do you realize that your pussy will never be the same again? My dick will stretch you so far it will never be as tight again as it is now.” “Yes, I understand,” I breathed. “Good… take off your pants, and I’ll give you a new pussy.”I obeyed instantly, and stood naked before him. “Get on the bed and stick your ass up,” he commanded. Again, my obedience was instant. “Put your chest down.” I complied, pushing my big tits against the bed. I felt like a bitch in heat as I stuck my ass in the air to receive his giant organ.I felt him kneeling behind me as I presented my ass to him. “Reach back and spread yourself for me.” With both hands, I pulled my asscheeks apart, stretching my cunt open. Imagining the obscene view I was providing, I unconditionally surrendered my sex to him, biting my lip in anticipation of what I was about to receive. I felt the fat head of his thick black cock just barely touching my outer lips. “Give it to me!” I moaned. “Make me your bitch! Fuck me with that big, black dick!”Then he fucked me. He didn’t work it in. He didn’t tease me with it. He just shoved that long, fat, black cock all the way up my tight hole in one push, forcing all the air out of my body and making me moan very loudly. His cock was so fat, it felt like someone was shoving a baseball bat up my cunt, but I started coming immediately. As he stuffed that huge cock up inside me, I could feel my pussy stretch to its limit, and then pop. I almost passed out güvenilir bahis siteleri from the pain as he tore my cunt open! His cock was literally ripping my flesh apart and tearing me a new pussy. I had blood running down both legs and I grunted like a pig as he gripped my ass with both hands, pulling me back onto his giant cock as he ripped my pussy apart. It hurt so bad, but I loved it! So this was what getting fucked was really all about! His giant cock was reaching places inside me that no one had ever touched before. I felt that all the other fucking I had done in my life was nothing more than heavy petting compared with this. I was finally, completely, losing my virginity, and the feeling of being just totally, completely, FUCKED was something I never could have imagined before Leroy. I also realized right then that you and I would be having a serious conversation about our relationship when I got home, because nothing less than big black dick would ever be able to satisfy the new pussy he was giving me.I was moaning into the pillow, begging him to never stop fucking me. I felt really, really full and really sexy, kneeling on the bed and letting this huge black man fuck me like a bitch. I could not stop coming. I have no idea how many times I orgasmed while he reamed out my pussy. The pleasure was intensified when I looked in the mirror and saw his black skin against my paleness. He was pounding me, over and over. At one point, I passed out from the orgasms he was giving me. He just kept stretching my cunt with his black pussy wrecker. He fucked the shit out of me for over 45 minutes. Then he started pounding even harder. “Where do you want my cum, bitch?” he asked, already knowing the answer, I’m sure.”Shoot it in me, please, oh God, please, don’t take it out! Cum inside me!” I wasn’t using any birth control, but there was no way I was going to ask him to pull out. I needed to feel that black cock spurt inside me. I reached under myself and started rubbing his big balls, and felt his cock swell even more, twitching and throbbing. I came again as he started shooting his baby batter up my hole. I pushed my ass back at him, working my cunt up and down as he shot his black babymakers into my fertile womb. I wanted to be a good fuck for him. I heard myself sobbing and begging him not to stop, “please, don’t take it out of me, please, oh God, please don’t stop fucking me!” He shot spurt after spurt of his hot semen inside me, and I just kept coming the whole time, my cunt milking his black fuckpole and making obscene squelching noises. I was babbling incoherently, just begging for more dick. I had his cum and my own blood running down my legs. He just kept squirting me full of his black baby juice. I had never had a man shoot so much cum inside me. When he withdrew, I reached down to my pussy. It was stretched so far open, his cum just ran out all over my hand. I started licking my hand clean, and canlı bahis when he laid back on the bed, it just seemed natural for me to suck his cock and balls clean. His big dick was covered with cum and blood, but I sucked and licked him, eating it all. His dick softened a little at first, but I kept sucking his cock until it was rock hard again. I couldn’t help it… all I wanted was to get that big black fucker back in my pussy!Pretty soon, he pushed me over onto my back. “Spread your legs, bitch.” I spread my legs. “Yes, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I moaned. He hooked my knees behind his elbows and shoved his big dick up me again. As soon as his giant black cock was buried in my pussy, the multiple orgasms started again. He fucked me even longer this time. My cunt, already full of his cum and my own blood, was squishing and making loud noises as he fucked me. Then he started talking about how he was going to knock me up. At that point, I wanted nothing more in the entire world than for this big-dicked black man to make me pregnant. I spread my legs wide and moaned, “Yes… do it! Knock me up! Fill me with your seed, make me pregnant with your big black cock!”I felt his cock swell and twitch, then felt the hot gush as he filled me with his baby cream again.This went on pretty much all night. This bull of a man fucked me nine times, and every time, I came over and over again. He would fuck me til he shot his cum in me, then I would suck his dick hard, and he would fuck me again. Sometimes, he would pull out and cum on my tits or face. Every time, I would lick up his spunk and suck his cock clean. We finally went to sleep around 6:00 AM and woke up two hours later. My tight little pussy had been transformed into a giant, swollen, red, gaping fuckhole of a cunt, oozing his precious sperm. My jaw ached from sucking his cock so much. He got my phone number, and left me there, completely fucked out. For the rest of the week, I was a useless wreck at the workshops, because every night he would tap on my door at about 10:00. I’d let him in, and he’d fuck me all night long. During the day, we arranged for lunch in his room, and I’d blow him to relieve his tension. Sucking his dick always got me horny, and after the workday, I’d wait eagerly for his knock. The last two nights, he brought two other white bitches with him, other girls from the same agency I worked for. He fucked all three of us, and I and the other girls all enjoyed sucking his hot cum out of each other’s pussies. I even sucked his cum out of one girl’s asshole after he buttfucked her on my face. After that trip, I was his slave. He would call me up and tell me to meet him somewhere, and I would go. I would suck him off in his car or I would pay for a motel room and he would come over and fuck me. If he called me right now and wanted me, I would leave you here in the bed and go get that black dick again. Of course, bitches being bitches, everyone at the office knew all about my black dick adventure when I got back. Every black guy at the agency pretty much knew he could fuck me (and they all did, as you well know!) Sorry, honey, but the truth is, you’re married to a white slut for black dick.

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