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Interviewing… TaylorInterviewing… TaylorAuthor: Bonercreator69My luxurious position as a presenter certainly has its perks, guesting on popular television shows, accepting invitations to top-class awards show but my favourite had to be interviewing smoking hot women from across the globe. The first show of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls was a show I was looking forward to just as I had the previous two interviews I’d filmed on different shows. This one would be different to the others, however, because my guest had lots to talk about, lots of stuff that people wanted to know.My first musical guest was the songstress, Taylor Swift, and as she rocked up to the studio wearing a grey top and denim shorts, I knew that this could be a fantastic interview. However, after I’d done my introductions to the show and announced her arrival, this feeling doubled in size. She had changed out of her casual clothes and was now wearing a skin-tight gold dress that exposed both her tits and ass.“Wow, Taylor, you look amazing. Welcome to the first ever Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls. Now this is the show where we can delve deep into the lives of the world’s favourite female musicians, with no barriers or forbidden topics. That sound okay?”“Yeah, that’s what I signed up for,” she said, winking at me.“OK then, let’s get started. You’ve had several famous relationships with men, such as Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal and Cory Monteith but you’ve been on off with Ed Sheeran as well. Who out of those five would you say you had the biggest connection with?”“I’d say me and Ed probably had the best relationship in terms of caring for each other. Joe was my first real boyfriend so that was different but me and Cory never really had anything more than a fling. As for Jake, that was good for a while and the thing with Harry was so much fun.”“So you had the most connection with Ed, but are you currently dating anyone?”“No, I’m single and free at the moment. I’ve had a few flings over the past few months but nothing that’s been really serious.”“Is it true that you write most of your songs about your exes?”“Some of them, indeed, but not all my songs have hidden meanings behind them. I just make music for the love of it, to make my mark on as many young fans as I can. People can read into it what they want but it’s purely for the enjoyment of writing songs.”“So it’s been a bit quiet on the sexual front recently, maltepe escort who was the best lover?”“Oh bloody hell, this really is a show revealing everything, isn’t it? Erm, the best lover would probably be Ed because he was more intimate then the rest but Harry had more passion so those two were probably the best.”“Going on tour must be very difficult to sustain relationships, have you ever had a relationship break up because of it?”“Not break up as such but it is hard to keep a relationship going. Every guy that I date has to know that I do a lot of touring and so they bear that in mind before a relationship. But it does get very lonely, occasionally, not just for them but for me too.”“So does that mean, there’s an awful lot of masturbation on your tour bus?”“Oh yeah, totally. I pretty much masturbate after every show, because getting off the stage after a great show just turns me on so much. I do miss a real guy though but I can take care of myself.”“So how do you get off on tour?” I asked, trying to stay calm. “I mean; do you just do it from memory or is there like a secret stash of porn on board?”“Yeah, a bit of both, really. You want to know everything don’t you? Erm, it’s mainly from memory, although there’s about six or seven porn movies I take everywhere with me.”“So you watch a lot of porn then? What genre?”“I watch porn whenever I can. I actually sometimes think if I hadn’t been a singer, I would have tried my hand as a porn star. I mean, I love sex so doing it as a job would be like a dream. As for the genre, all sorts but mainly the spontaneous ones where it just happens, and I like seeing it from the point of view of the girl and threesomes. There’s just so many.”Discussing which porn movies Taylor Swift liked had made my cock incredibly hard. I knew that the cameras were only on the top halves of our bodies so the public couldn’t see it, a request I made after Jessica’s interview on Sportswomen Uncovered, but I knew that Taylor must have seen it because she then turned her replies even dirtier.“So, you take porn with you on tour but what are the three things that absolutely have to go on your tour bus, non-sexual or sexual?”“Well, you know, the amount I masturbate on tour, it means I have to take my set of dildos and vibrators. I’d also say that my stash of porn has to come with me, and finally, erm, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.”“Whipped cream escort maltepe and chocolate sauce? Why’s that?”“Well sometimes, I get kinky and just need to have a bit of fun so I rub the sauce all over my body and then just go in the shower and try and take it all off. As for the whipped cream, I love the taste, that’s just my pleasure food.”“Ok, we’re running out of time so one final question,” I said, trying to stop my cock from exploding inside my trousers. “You mentioned you get kinky, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”“Oh that’s easy. I play games with my lovers where they have to pick a scenario and I have to masturbate there. I’ve done a cinema, a bus stop, on stage at a concert (not one of mine) and also, my personal favourite, at the Brit Awards table, when the cameras were on me.”“Wow, you really have a great life, many thanks, Taylor, it’s been a pleasure. Join us next time on Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls, where we’ll be joined by none other than Rihanna herself. See you next time.”The cameras hadn’t been out for five seconds when Taylor looked at the bulge and grinned.“I guess I did my target then.” she said. “I was trying to make you get a boner throughout that interview, and it worked.”“Yeah, cheers for that.” I replied. “I was trying to not draw attention to it, but it’s difficult to present when you feel like it’s going to explode any moment.”And with that she stood up and walked over to me, and got down to her knees, taking off my suit as she did so. Her hands seemed to magically find their way to my cock and as she began to rub it back and forth, it was only then I realised how quickly I was now naked. Regaining my senses, I began to let my own hands wander, removing her bra and cupping her breasts as she brought her mouth down to work on my cock. The feeling of Taylor Swift’s lips working on my dick seemed to bring out the extra senses and as she sucked back and forth, I felt shivers down my back, Taylor Swift was giving me a blowjob. Her mouth moved faster and faster and I felt my cock grow rock hard as the juices built, my hands still playing with her nipples. Without a second wasted, my cock squirted into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat as she swallowed every single drop.“Taylor… that was unbelievable, the best blowjob I’ve ever had,” I exclaimed, trying to catch my breath.“I hoped you’d say that,” she replied, licking her lips. “Now stick maltepe escort bayan that cock in my pussy and give me the fucking we both know I deserve.”Not needing to be told twice, I removed her panties and rubbed my cock gently on her pussy lips, waiting for the signal to penetrate. With a nod of the head from Taylor, my cock pushed into her pussy and I began to thrust in and out, watching as the blonde goddess took the full 9 inches in her tight pussy. Locked in the heat of the moment, we barely noticed as the speed quickened and the singer began to moan as I penetrated deep into her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet as my cock continued to slide in and out of Taylor’s pussy, biting her lips as she tried to hold back the orgasm she knew was coming.“Oh God, don’t stop, keep going,” she yelled as I penetrated faster and faster, my big cock filling her dripping wet pussy. Her hips convulsed as she screamed my name and the orgasm came, the most beautiful orgasm I’ve ever given a girl, her mouth wide, her pussy contracting, her juices dripping. I pulled out, my cock still wet from pussy juice, and watched her lying there, recovering from the pounding I had just given her.“Shit, that was good,” she smiled at me. “If that’s what you can do with your cock, your tongue must be made by God himself.”I needed no second invite as I got down on my knees and began to lick around the edge of Taylor’s shaven pussy. Her moans of pleasure confirmed I was doing a good job, and as I began to insert my tongue inside Taylor, the moans grew louder and louder. Tongue-fucking her as hard as I could, I felt her apply equal pressure as she grinded onto my face, our combined efforts making her moan even louder.Her second orgasm of the night was just as wild as her first, if anything, her juices were messier than before and as she relaxed once more, I knew the job was done. Taking my chances, I brought my pussy-starved, hard cock back up to her face and inserted it into her mouth.Taylor’s skills with a cock were equal to her singing voice as she sucked and licked the tip of my cock until I was begging her to put it in her mouth. She duly obliged and once more, Taylor began to deep throat my cock, the noise of her slurping mouth only adding to the spectacle. However, as I felt my cum build again I withdrew, and grabbed my cock, jerking those final few seconds needed to ejaculate. Her mouth wide open, I exploded on her face, covering the beautiful woman with sticky, messy cum, and she licked the rest of it off the tip as I felt truly satisfied.But as Taylor guided my cock down to her ass, I was certainly glad that the cameras were still rolling.

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