Into the Woods with My Mother

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My eyes shoot open to the sound of hard rock blaring from the radio alarm clock sitting on my bedside table. 4:30 am, time to take a quick shower and load me and mom’s gear in the truck. I walk down the hallway carrying two large back packs full of camping equipment when I am slapped with smells of coffee, bacon, eggs and pancakes. I stand by the front door now looking into the kitchen. I observe my mother, Elaine, who is already showered and dressed, and is in a calmed frenzy preparing a big plate of all the delicious fixings. She sees me, smiles and brings the plate into the dining room where she sets it down at my usual place at the table. “You taking those to the truck?” she asks as she comes up to me and kisses me on the forehead. “Yes.” I reply. I hungrily glance at the food on the table and my stomach makes an audible growl. My mom giggles and gives me another peck on the cheek. “Go load the stuff, then we’ll eat.” She says with a smile. I grin and make my way out to our old truck. As I secure the equipment I look up at the sky and take in a deep breath. It is going to be a good weekend, I think to myself. My name is Mark by the way, and today my mother Elaine and I go on our annual camping trip. These trips have always been the highlight of my year since we first started them when I was about seven years old. I am almost 17 now and I just love the outdoors. There’s something about being with nature that calls to that primal seed that we all have within us. I’m sorry I don’t want to sound like some nature freak. I just really love camping I guess. Anyway. I head back in and notice my mom is sitting at the table with a plate of food in front of her, waiting for me. She watches me as I sit down and enjoy the feast that she has şişli eskort prepared. She starts eating as well and we enjoy each other’s presence. “I heard it’s supposed to rain this weekend.” said my mother in between bites. “It won’t be the first time we get rained on” I said with a mouth full of bacon.”Remember 2006?” “Yes” she said with a laugh. “It was either take our wet clothes off, or die of hypothermia.” “That wasn’t awkward.” I say sarcastically. “C’mon it was practical.” she said, sounding a little more serious. “Besides I’m your mother, you should never feel weird around me. I gave birth to you and that bonds us for life.” “You’re right mom,” I say with a slight feeling of guilt. “Hopefully this time I put the tent up fast enough.” She looks into my eyes and smiles at me. I smile back. I feel a strange flutter in my stomach. We finish our breakfast and lock up the house. It feels good to finally leave the suburbs and head to the mountains. The old truck started up and we pulled out of the drive way. We got on the interstate and headed east to our favorite campsite, Mountain Jewel Trails. My mom turned on the radio to her favorite station that played 80’s music all day, and I let my mind wander. I began to think about my father. My parents divorced when I was six. They were both 20 when they married and I was born shortly after. They met in college. I don’t really know to much about my dad. I only hear from him on my birthday and Christmas. I know he comes from a wealthy family and that he left my mom for some model and moved to Los Angeles where he works as a movie producer. At least he still supports us. He gives us enough money for my mom not to work and for me to go to a private school. He would always fill şişli escort my head with ideas of working with him after college and being famous, but I stopped buying his garbage a while ago. I have begun to see how my mom has dedicated her life to me. She has always been there for me. She has always taught me how to be a strong man. Not just physically, but how to act towards other people, and especially how to treat myself. How to feed my mind, body, and soul. I know I still have a lot to learn, and I know that my mother knows what is best. I try to shake thoughts of my father out of my mind. It has been about a week since I have last masturbated, so my mind starts to flash images of sex and naked women. I have never had sex before. I feel myself get erect in my pants. I start to think of girls at my school naked but something about them seems unsatisfying and boring. Then suddenly my mind shifts to the camping trip of 2006. And how we were rained on. I remember watching my mother take off her wet clothes in the tent in front of me. Her size 36DD breasts hanging there in plain sight.  Her pants being pulled down to reveal her bare behind and thick hips and thighs, ripe for bearing a child. And finally her black bushy patch in between her thighs, glistening from arousal. In that moment I didn’t appreciate what I was seeing. But now that imagery sparked something deep within me. Something animalistic yet familiar and inviting. My mind came back to reality. I had a full erection going on and it was pressing rather painfully against my pants. I could feel drops of pre-cum oozing out and it felt like I had reached the point right before ejaculation! Had the images of my naked mother caused this? I noticed my mother glance mecidiyeköy escort at the bulge in my pants. I quickly crossed my legs and acted normal. My mother cleared her throat. After about 3 hours of driving my mom announced that we had arrived. “Alright!” I exclaimed excitedly. We parked and I got out of the truck and stretched my legs. My mom did the same. We got all our gear on and excitedly started on the trail. It was a gorgeous morning! The mountain was alive! The birds were chirping and the trees were swaying in the wind. It was quite poetic really. “Its a beautiful day and I’m with a beautiful women!” I say smiling at mom. “I’m glad to be here with you mom.” “Aw me to” she said blushing. She came up to me and planted a good kiss right on my lips and another on my cheek. I blushed a little and gave her a tight hug and unintentionally pressed my groin to her pubic area. I knew she felt my bulge but she didn’t say anything. We stopped a few hours later to stretch again and have some trail mix. We talked about the mountains and the birds and the trees. As we spoke I looked her up and down. My eyes stopping at her beautiful thighs and gorgeous thighs. I couldn’t help getting a hard on. It felt weird but somewhat pleasant to be turned on by my own mother. It felt right. Mom noticed I was checking her out. Again she seemed not to notice my odd behavior. We started hiking again and in a matter of a couple of hours we made it to our lake. This was our favorite spot to set up camp. It was perfect timing to because shortly after we arrived it started drizzling. I quickly dropped my pack to the ground and started to set up the tent. “Oh no” said mom. “2006 all over again?” It started coming down pretty heavily now and I was half way done setting up the tent. It was a pretty large tent that had plenty of room for two. In a matter of minutes we were soaked. I looked at my mom as she was across from me helping with the tent and putting the sleeping bags under the half that was up.

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