Is Being Used Always a Bad Thing? Part I

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My daughter’s friend, Mandy, spent lots of time in our house, but my daughter wasn’t home yet.I was on the couch reading. Mandy walked right over to me without a word and mounted, literally mounted, my thigh and started rubbing herself on me.I was shocked, to say the least! In a few minutes, she came and left a large wet streak soaking into my leggings. Then she did the incredible, she got up, straightened her dress, and as she walked out said, “Thanks, I needed that!”I sat there trying to figure out what the fuck just happened!I heard my daughter’s car pull up and I certainly didn’t want her to see me like this. I mean sitting on my couch, my newspaper pages askew, and a warm, spreading wet area on my thigh might be a little hard to explain.So, I scooped up the newspaper and took it with me to my bedroom. I went into the bath and sat on the edge of the tub while I found my composure. I have no idea where it is, I usually have no trouble with maintaining, but after what just happened, I can’t seem to get a grasp on what to do or even what to think.I peeled out of my leggings and went to put them in the hamper when the scent hit me. güvenilir bahis Without even realizing it, I brought them to my face and inhaled the sharp aroma.”What the fuck am I doing?”I threw them in with the other dirty clothes and went into the bedroom to put on another pair. That’s when I realized something else was wet. I changed my underwear as well, putting on an old cotton pair, instead of the boy shorts I usually preferred. I sat at my small table next to my bed and tried to think.. . .Heather went into her room and found Mandy there waiting for her. It was no big deal, the two of them practically lived at each other’s houses for years. Heather’s face brightened when she saw her friend, “Hey Mand, what’s going on?” It had been a long day at school and … “Mandy?” Her friend looked more than a little distracted.”Heather, don’t be mad.””Oh hell, what did you do?”Heather felt more than a little trepidation. Mandy was, without a doubt, the more reckless of the two, but it usually worked out in the end. Okay, maybe not that time at the ol’ Mill Stream, but that was a one-off. And maybe that time at Petersen’s as well. And instead güvenilir bahis siteleri of listing all the other times’ Mandy went a little off the deep end, she stood there waiting for her best friend to ‘fess up.”Well, I was feeling really horny today.””You didn’t get busted by a teacher again? You are so lucky Professor Weaver was a forgiving sort. If she reported you, you might have gotten kicked out.””Heather, maybe she was forgiving, but she sure had a kinky side we never would have guessed.”Heather smiled at the memory, they sure were glad the Professor made it a one-time-thing because stuff like that always seems to become public knowledge if you kept it up.As it was, it was a learning experience for both of the girls and one they thoroughly enjoyed. Luckily, they didn’t have the Prof. in any classes this year. She blushed anytime either of them passed her in the quad.”Mandy, so, what did you do and who busted you this time?””No one busted me, I can’t believe you would even think that?””Experience, girl, experience! Remember the class trip when we were in Senior High? You are just lucky the girl you were rooming with iddaa siteleri was more curious than freaked out!””Estelle, she was a lot of fun, wasn’t she?””Quit changing the subject. What did you do?””You know I really like your Mom?””Oh my god, did Mom catch you humping the end table?””No, I only did that once!””Yea, after watching that one porn star you lust after do it.””Well, you have to admit she looked really good doing it?””Mandy, if that porn star walked up to you, you would fall to your knees and beg to go down on her!  If she decided to take you with her as a sex slave you would be shopping for a collar. If she even looked at you, you would orgasm on the spot …”Mandy interrupted, “Alright, alright, you made your point! But she is so freaking sexy!””And you keep changing the subject. Spill it or do I have to go ask my Mom?””I’m not sure if she would tell you.”Heather was actually starting to lose her patience, which rarely happened with Mandy, who rarely avoided any sexual subject for long. She turned to go find her mother.”Okay, okay. When I walked in, she was sitting on the couch reading the paper. She always looks so damn good. I still refuse to believe she’s forty. Such a great bust, thin waist, and those hips! She was wearing her light gray leggings. She looked so good, I couldn’t resist. I sort of hitched up the hem on my dress and masturbated on her leg.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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