Is It Really Me? Ch. 03

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On Thursday I went to work as usual.

This time I was more careful not to mess up with my job. I couldn’t pretend to be sick every 3 days.

I was extra nice to my coworkers and tried to impress my boss – Knowing how dedicated he was to work, I bought a bucket of red roses and gave it to him to bring home for his wife’s birthday.

He was so happy; He almost kissed me… He told me that I saved his marriage, cause he totally forgot about her B’day!

My work day turned out to be easier than usual and I went home an hour early.

Entering my house I saw Ann preparing dinner.

She was facing the sink, cutting vegetables.

She was dressed in a simple cotton blouse, jeans pants and an apron. She looked delicious.

I took advantage of her busy hands. I hugged her from behind and cupped her beautiful breasts.

“I love you,” I said and continued massaging her tits through the soft bra.

“Be a gentleman! Let me finish preparing dinner before I cut one of us with this knife.

If you really want me feeling sexy, it will have to wait until we go to bed.” And she moved away.

I looked at my watch. It was 6 pm.

I made 2 phone calls before Ann announced that dinner was ready.

I was in a good mood: Ann made my favorite pasta with shrimps, Greek salad and a raspberry truffle. Two glasses of red wine complemented the food nicely.

When we finished, I kissed Ann and thanked her the awesome dinner.

She stopped me with a chuckle, “You can go to the gym now, but don’t forget about our fun activity later, so don’t exert your precious body too much…”

It was 7:30. I dressed up and drove to the gym.

My stomach was too full to do my routine exercises, so I just sat in the corner, read the newspaper for 20 minutes and then in a lazy fashion did some weight lifting and bench pressing.

Then I took a quick shower and went to the wet sauna.

Jeff was already there, sitting naked on his towel.

His lean muscular body and downward hanging soft cock were easily visible in the cool room.

Jeff must have just entered and did not start the steam motor yet.

He signaled for me to start the vapor cycle.

Jeff was sitting all the way to the left side. “Come sit here,” he pointed at the center area.

I put my towel istanbul travesti down and sat naked near him.

We both leaned backwards and enjoyed the white fog starting to heat the small room.

When the visibility declined, Jeff asked me, “Did you miss me?”


“Well, if you ask politely, I might let you have your favorite toy.”

I looked at Jeff and blurted, “Please, may I play with your big cock?”


I touched it lightly. It was velvety but unlike last time we met, it felt softer in my hands.

I caressed it with both palms and felt him slowly growing and hardening.

It was an exciting feeling and my dick started throbbing too.

Jeff put his hand on mine and moved our hands faster.

There was no noise, but from the corner of my eye I noticed the door open and another person came in.

I hurriedly retracted my hand.

It was difficult to see through all the vapors. However, when he came closer, I could see that it was Jeff’s friend (Read about him in ‘Is it really me? Ch 2.’).

I offered to move to the right and let him sit in the middle, so that he could talk with Jeff, but he said, “Don’t bother, I’ll sit on your right side.”

He removed the towel from his waist, sat on the towel to my other side and leaned against the wall.

Jeff took my hand and made me play with him again.

I cooperated, while trying hard not to move the rest of my body. I was hoping that Jeff’s friend won’t notice what I was doing.

Every now and then I was glancing in his friend’s direction.

He looked about 6″, 220 lb, pleasant face, slightly more muscular than Jeff and much hairier.

His cock was fatter but slightly shorter than Jeff’s.

The face was turned in my direction, but his eyes were closed.

In the meantime, Jeff began demanding more attention – He was moving my hand at a rapid pace along his shaft. His magnificent organ pointed skyward.

And I was getting aroused too…

I suddenly realized that his friend’s cock was expanding too.

I looked at his face and it was obvious that he was aware of what I was doing with Jeff’s penis!

I whispered to Jeff that his friend was watching us and reacting…

Jeff kept my hand on his genitals and sat up.

He said, “I forgot istanbul travestileri to introduce my friend… This is Sam. He already knows about us.

In fact, last time we met, I won a bet with him. He didn’t believe me when I told him that 5 minutes after he left the sauna, you’d be blowing my balls.

As you recall, he saw you sucking me before leaving!”

My embarrassment was clear as I was blushing profusely.

I didn’t know what to do next – There was no place to hide…

Jeff forced my hand to keep moving on his erect dick.

Sam looked at my barely average size willie, then gazed at my face, “It’s nice to meet Jeff’s boy.”

Jeff stared in Sam’s direction and noted his friend’s growing erection.

He said to me, ” You got my friend very excited. How about you’ll be nice to him too?”

I was dumbfounded, ” Are you suggesting that I play with both of you…? Are you serious…?”

“Of course I am! He is a very good friend. He hasn’t had sex for at least a week, because his wife is in Alabama visiting her college bound daughter.

You are responsible for his arousal, so I’d appreciate it if you help relieve his ‘problem’!”

I was speechless and couldn’t move even if I wanted…

Sam glanced at me, then he put his hand on my arm and gently massaged it.

So now I was masturbating Jeff with my left hand, while Sam was playing with my right. I didn’t react.

Sam moved closer to me, gently grabbed my hand, put it on his enlarging cock and let me feel it.

His organ was smoother than Jeff’s and in no time it became very heavy.

I could hardly circle it. It was thick and about 7″ long monster.

I saw precum appearing on his cock’s head. I smeared it with my fingers all over his beautiful dick.

Sam tensed his torso, groaned and seconds later exploded in my hand.

I tried to squeeze his cock and let him spew his come all over my palm and fingers…

As his orgasm subsided, Sam took my cum filled hand and put it in my mouth. I did not resist.

I looked at him, licked the whitish goo from my fingers and then swallowed it all. I smiled at him…

It tasted differently than Jeff’s. It was more oily and somewhat salty, but overall not bad at all…

Sam stared at me while I was sucking his sperm.

After travesti istanbul I finished he said, “Thank you. We’ll meet again.”

He then looked at Jeff and smiled devilishly, ” Jeff buddy, I owe you one. Your apprentice is very good indeed. I would love to spend more time with you two in the near future.” And he left.

Jeff whispered appreciatively, ” You were nice to my friend. And he was right – You are a keeper!

Seeing you and Sam playing together made me very horny, so be a good boy and make me happy with your hungry mouth.”

I knelled in front of Jeff and started sucking him in earnest.

At this moment, just like Jeff, I was very aroused too…

Blowing Jeff gave me a feeling of empowerment and I craved doing it.

After my previous experiences I wasn’t afraid of gagging anymore.

In less than 10 seconds I engulfed his long dick, letting him deep-throat me – Just the way he liked…

He was not lying when he said that he was very aroused. He was definitely ready to shoot in less than a minute. I felt his climax building up and then a jolt after jolt of fiery cum sped into my throat.

I was almost choking from the massive amount of sperm, but I was able to resist and with some difficulty I managed to swallow it all, which made Jeff extremely happy.

I stayed on my knees and licked his softening dick clean.

Jeff stood up, put his hand on my head, ” You really are a good boy! I like you. We are going to continue meeting here, but I’d also like to invite you to my house. Do you play tennis?”

“I used to play with friends until 2 years ago, but when my work became more hectic, I stopped playing.”

“Good. So you’ll have a chance to practice again! Be at my house next Saturday at 10 am. Don’t forget to bring suitable clothes for our game!” He gave me his home address and left the room.

I stayed in the sauna for another 10 minutes.

I was revisiting my highly unusual and unexpected evening – I played with a stranger’s cock, blew Jeff and about to go home with a mixture of cum from two different men in my mouth…

I suddenly noticed that my hand was rubbing my dick the whole time!

Then, I remembered that my wife was waiting for me at home…

Knowing her, she was probably already in her sheer transparent light blue negligee, waiting for me with a glass of white wine.

She’d like me to be gentle with her at first, kiss her neck and lightly touch her sensitive nipples, but later on fuck her hard, doggy-style, to multiple mind blowing orgasms…

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