Is Vid Really Will? Ch. 2

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“Open your eyes.” Sheri cooed in a seductive tone.

Tracy stayed motionless, even though she knew that Sheri knew she was awake. Tracy couldn’t move. She couldn’t even open her eyes. The situation was too foreign, too inconceivable. She wasn’t the kind of person who could give herself over to impulsive, casual sex. But then, she couldn’t deny how aroused she was either.

“She has a nice rear end.” Vid said, admiring Tracy’s exposed ass. He leaned against the dresser and lit a cigarette.

“You should see her tits.” Sheri said, while gently resting her palm on Tracy’s ass. “You’re my little play thing tonight. My little doll.” She began to stroke the flesh of Tracy’s ass.

Tracy was finding it more and more difficult to remain still amidst so much movement. There was the movement of her flowing pussy, the vibrations emanating from her clit and the movement of her thoughts. Too many thoughts, all moving too quickly.

“Show us you’re tits…please.” Sheri whispered in Tracy’s ear.

Before she could think, Tracy felt the presence of a finger on her pussy lips. She could take no more. Her rational mind shut off, her body took over, and Tracy turned onto her back. With her eyes still closed, Tracy held her breasts in her hands, and before she knew it there was a small mouth on her right nipple, sucking and licking. Followed by a feminine hand tracing her pussy lips, and then a masculine mouth on her left breast. Tracy still couldn’t open her eyes, but she finally let out a quiet little sound.

“Yes.” Was what came out of Tracy’s mouth in a whisper.

“She can speak.” Vid remarked after releasing her breast from his mouth. “What do you suppose she wants us to do?”

“Look at that shaved pussy. I bet she wants it licked.” Sheri chimed in.

“Then she’d better ask, hadn’t she.” Vid said while watching Sheri finger the girl. His dick was at full attention. “Maybe she’d rather suck a big cock.”

“Maybe she wants both. Bring that big fucking prick over here. I’ll suck it, and maybe she’ll want to see it so bad that she’ll open her eye’s.” Sheri spoke slyly.

Vid walked to Sheri with his cock in hand. Sheri was on it in a flash, grabbing it by the base and popping the head into her mouth. Through out the entire night’s experience, Sheri was rapidly gaining sexual skill, by simply giving over to intuition.
“Damn, you’re good.” Vid remarked.

Tracy could hear the recognizable sound of a blow job. She slowly let her eyes open to slits, and could see the form of her roommate Sheri working the guys dick with great enthusiasm.

Sheri popped the cock from her lips. “You like that?”

“You know it.” Vid gave his dick a few quick pulls. “I’m gonna need to fuck soon.”

“Me too.” Sheri added, also giving Vids dick a few tugs.

“Me three.” Tracy spoke with a tinge of self-consciousness.

Vid and Sheri both looked simultaneously to find Tracy starring up with wide eyes, while fingering her clit.

“Well well.” Vid remarked.

“How Antalya Escort lovely. What shall we do first.” Sheri added.

“I’ll suck him, while you…” Tracy began, but stopped.

“What do you want me to do Tracy?”

Tracy’s face became flushed by embarrassment.

“I’ll say it for you. You want me to eat your pussy.” Sheri said, and without a moment to lose she was between Tracy’s legs.

“Oh. Oh God!” Tracy stammered. “I’ve never…never with a girl.”

Sheri’s tongue darted around Tracy’s little clity with just the right sensitivity. Vid watched without moving while slowly working his cock. He was incredibly aroused, by the sight of the two girls, and especially turned on by the knowledge of their inexperience. He was looking forward to fucking them both six ways from Sunday…and then Will chimed in.

“I’m amazed that you’re not tired of this.” Wills voice arrived in the form of a passing thought. “Well be amazed, ‘cause I’m not tired of it.” Vid responded in the shape of another thought.

“Tell me exactly how you like it.” Sheri asked Tracy, while coming up for air. “You want it slow? Fast?” Sheri gave her a sample of both dynamics.

“Use your judgment.” Tracy responded between heavy breaths.
“Well, I won’t do a lick more until you say the words.”

“Say what?”

“Say ‘eat my pussy’.” Sheri growled.

Tracy was stuck. She needed Sheri to continue, but her thoughts were still chiming in and making her afraid.

With the tips of her index and middle fingers, Sheri patted Tracy’s clit. “No words, no tongue.”

Tracy’s found her way past the fear.

“Eat it. Eat my fucking pussy.”

“Good girl.” Sheri spoke with satisfaction, and went back to it.

Vid was caught in his own conversation of thought. “Do you consider yourself to be superior to a monkey?” Will was trying to start a debate.

“Shut the fuck up already.” Vid knew that he’d lose his hard on if he didn’t distract himself, so he quickly joined the girls on the bed. He kneeled up near Tracy’s head, looking down at her while stroking his cock. Tracy could smell that prick hovering just above her. She honestly couldn’t remember how long it has been since she’d given head. It was never her favorite thing to do sexually, but for some reason now, she felt ravenous for his cock. Tracy propped herself up on her elbows, and began flicking the head of Vids dick with her tongue.

Sheri was now watching the blow job while eating Tracy’s cunt. She wanted to join in and share the cock with her roommate. With two fingers in Tracy, Sheri made adjustments to put her mouth in reach of Vids cock. Tracy instinctively adapted herself to the shift and they all ended up in a new position, with Vid on his back and the two girls trading licks on his dick.

“I want to ride this.” Sheri said, between a lick and a kiss with Tracy

“I’ll watch.” Tracy smiled, while feeling Vids hands guide her hips towards his face. Before she knew it, his fingers had spread her ass cheeks and Antalya Escort Bayan he was licking her cunt.

Sheri spit into her hand and began working it over Vids cock before mounting him. She got on her knees, rested her palms on his abdomen, and felt the tip of his prick just touch her opening. Her thigh muscles held her pussy just above his shaft, barely touching it but in the perfect position for penetration. Sheri savored the moment, preparing to relax her thighs and engulf that prick. She looked at Tracy, who was lost in her own ecstasy. With a little breath Sheri lowered herself, feeling the indescribable sensation that is only truly know while it’s happening, and never completely remembered. She slid down that cock to the hilt, feeling full and happy. She held onto the warmth and satisfaction for a long moment, knowing she could easily come if she wanted, but feeling greedy for more. With equal care and pleasure, Sheri worked her thigh muscles and rose off the cock. Not completely. Just to the ring of the head. And then, as with any good ride, she did it again. But this time with a little more urgency, gasping with each push.

“Oh. I can’t feel you fuck him through his mouth.” Tracy chimed in, mashing her breast together. “Yes, fuck him hard Sheri.” Tracy continued, unconsciously leaning towards Sheri’s tits. She began sucking them in a fury.

Sheri was feeling more and more rapturous, and the release of Tracy’s sex was almost overwhelming. Still, Sheri restrained herself from coming, waiting for the perfect moment.

“God. His finger is in my ass!” Tracy exclaimed with half a boob in her mouth. That was it for Sheri. Whether it was perfect or not, she let go and allowed her orgasm full release. Her hips began bucking reflexively while she dug her nails into Vids belly.

“I’m coming!!” Sheri stated the obvious.

“Yes! Come!” Tracy encouraged, squeezing Sheri’s breasts. Sheri continued to come forcefully, bucking hard. After a full thirty seconds, she felt her body drift into the post orgasm relaxation. She eased herself off of Vid and curled up on the side.

Vid decided to take command of Tracy at this point. He moved her from off his face and sat up quickly. “Get on you hands and knees.” He spoke with authority. While gasping for air, Tracy got on all fours. Vid rested one hand on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. He stroked his cock while starring at her beautiful shaved pussy, wet and inviting. He pressed the tip of his prick against her lips. The warmth and moisture was intoxicating, and without pause he pushed his cock in to the hilt.

“Yes.” Tracy chimed without thought.

Vid pulled out, and then pushed in again to the hilt. But before he could pull out again, Tracy pulled her hips forward, leaving just the tip of his prick in her. There was a brief moment of uncertainty, and then she powerfully thrust her hips back on Vids cock.

“God.” Vid gasped, his first reflexive words. Vid grabbed Tracy’s hips and began thrusting. Together they made Escort Antalya a rhythm.

“Fuck you hard.” Vid spoke from the bowels of his caveman mind.

“Yes, pound me!” Tracy hitched into the vibe.

Sheri couldn’t believe it, but she was getting aroused again. She watched the fucking while carefully stroking her delicate pussy.

Vid held open Tracy’s cheeks, while resting his thumb on her asshole. The fluid from her pussy was flowing everywhere, and Vid was using it to loosen up her butt. He was patient, and with each thrust he pushed his thumb a little deeper. With each advance, he worked his thumb in a little circle. Tracy was releasing grunts and gasps, and Vid was deciding whether or not he would fuck her ass. Without warning Tracy lurched her hips forward, and Vids prick popped out of her cunt. He removed his thumb from her ass.

“Back in!” Tracy gasped and thrust her hips back, and quite by accident Vids cock head impaled Tracy’s ass. “Ahhh.” Tracy chortled, quite surprised. For a brief moment, everything became still. Vid made his decision quickly, and pushed forward carefully. He lost himself in the sensation of Tracy’s tight sphincter squeezing his cock.

“Oh. I …didn’t… know.” Tracy stammered, amazing by the feeling of a cock in her cherry ass. “It’s so good!” Vid was in to the hilt, his balls resting against Tracy’s pussy. He had to be still for a moment, for fear of coming too soon.

Sheri was feverishly masturbating, unbelievably aroused by the turn of events. She wet her index finger, and began to carefully press it against her tight asshole.

Vid regained control and carefully pulled his cock out, feeling Tracy’s ass cling to it.

“Spread your ass for me.” Vid commanded. Tracy lowered her chest to the bed, and reaching around with both hands pulled her cheeks apart. Vid pressed the head of his prick against her little hole, and slowly pushed forward until he ‘d filled her again. After a few slow strokes they developed a rhythm, and the sound of slapping flesh became percussive. Tracy needed to work her clit, but also wanted to hold herself open.

“Sheri! Please! My clit!” Tracy pleaded. Without a second thought Sheri quickly positioned herself under Tracy’s pussy, and began to tongue her clitoris. “That’s it Sheri. Oh yeah. Yeah. I’m close.” Tracy gasped as her orgasm closed in. Vid could also feel the approach.

“That’s it! That’s it I’m coming!” Tracy cried. Her pussy radiated, and Vid felt the unbelievable constriction of her asshole around his dick.

“I’m gonna come.” Vid spoke through gritted teeth.

“Not yet!” Sheri called to him from under Tracy. Vid pulled his cock out from Tracy’s ass, while Sheri moved in front of him. “I want you to come in my mouth.” With those words Vid ejaculated hard, shooting his load into Sheri’s open mouth over the course of several jerks and bucks. Gradually, his body settled and Vid lowered himself onto the mattress with the two girls. He sat cross-legged; silently watching the girls lay in an embrace. It looked like they had fallen asleep. Vid embraced his little quiet moment of peace, because soon Will would arrive. And Will would ask the same old questions. “Don’t you think it’s a bit misogynistic to come in a girls mouth?”

Vid lit a smoke.

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