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Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series.

Janise Carlson sat at the kitchen table in her house, her eyes clear but her heart filled with emotion. In three days, her only child, her daughter, Robbin, would be leaving her home, this home and going to college. She knew that this day was coming but she still hadn’t been able to prepare for it. With Tony dead six years now, she would be completely and utterly alone. What do I do now?

She knew what Robbin would say. Get a life, Mom! Go on a date! She had heard those words before from her daughter but she had always laughed and shrugged them off. Date? As far as she was concerned, a date was something you put in fruitcake. She had been married for fourteen years when her husband had succumbed to a massive heart attack in his mistress’ bed. And it had been eighteen years since she’d had sex. After Robbin’s birth, Tony had never touched her again and a fiercely Catholic Janise had refused to masturbate.

Until today.

The box had arrived with the rest of the mail. It was brown, plain and had no information other than her name and the postal markings and stamps. She thought about asking Bill, the postman, what it was but thought that would be silly. After all, it was addressed to her. She poured a cup of coffee and leafed through the other bits of mail, trying to ignore it but her eyes kept sliding over to it. It was only a matter of time before curiosity got the best of her.

She used a knife to slice through the packing tape, being as gentle as she could for fear that she would injure whatever was inside. The knife clacked on the table and she pulled the top open, encountering light green foam peanuts. She paused for a moment, almost laughing at her fear. What am I so afraid of? With a trembling hand, Janise plunged her hand into the packing material.

It was something in a plastic blister pack, something large enough to displace some of the peanuts and send them floating to the floor. The breath caught in her throat when it came into view. It was an eight-inch pink vibrator.

“Oh, my God!”

Her hissed whisper seemed to echo in the room and she dropped it bursa escort back into the box, foam pieces flying into the air and whiffling down to the floor like autumn leaves. Janise was absolutely petrified. What the hell do I do with this now?

Robbin. She would give it to Robbin. After all, she would be lonely at college and it would keep her out of trouble. But what about me?

That was how she got to thinking about Robbin while staring at her newly-arrived toy. What do I do now?

Again, curiosity got the best of her. The knife cleanly sliced the plastic open and Janise picked the object out of its container. It smelled fresh and clean and glitter sparkled in the depths of the molded material. The head was slender and the shaft ribbed, ending just above the battery chamber. It almost looks like … my Tony! She had always loved the size of his penis because he was long and thin, fitting perfectly with her tight vagina. Just his entrance into her would be enough to make her climax.

Wow, climax. I haven’t thought of that word in a long time. But she remembered what they felt like. How her jaw would clench and her toes would curl. How her heart would thump and her breath would freeze. And how the most wonderful feeling in the world would flow through her body like a river of molten lava, setting every part of her aflame and conquering all in its path. Suddenly, she wanted that feeling, she missed that feeling.

She lifted the box, surprised when it shifted in her hand. Reaching in, she found a package of AA batteries and an unopened tube of Astroglide. Yes! She laughed aloud at that. Now there was no reason that she couldn’t try her new toy out.

Janise felt like a naughty child as she jumped up and locked the doors. She thought about the couch but changed her mind when she saw the stairs. A full-size soft bed awaited, sheets pristine and crisp, comforter fluffy and pillows fat. For her first time, she wanted to be absolutely comfortable. She let her robe slide to the floor, turned the comforter back and lay down in the middle of the bed.

For a moment, she didn’t know what she should do. What did Tony do to bursa escort bayan get me in the mood? She knew the answer to that. Nothing. She’d squirt a little baby oil into her pussy just before he slid in. She could use the lube but somehow, it just didn’t seem right. She closed her eyes and thought about movies she had seen. She rested one hand on her left breast, gently circling the fat, puffy nipple while the other snaked its way down her body, over her abdomen and stroked the flesh between her legs. A deep sigh of satisfaction escaped her lips, her nipple hardening while fingers parted her pussy lips, gently rubbing her inner lips.

Oh, yes. A welcome tingle buzzed over her skin and she gave a small moan. Wetness met her fingertips as she pushed into the inner lips, spreading her legs and laying the canal open. She had never felt her own lubricant and raised her fingers to her mouth for a taste. Not bad. Slightly tangy and mild. She laid her fingers back into her slit and jerked as her index finger pressed against the top, an electrical charge coursing down her spine. What the hell is that?

It must be the clit. Janise had read about it in Robbin’s health book a few years ago. She pulled the fat pud back and rubbed again, gasping at the same feeling. It was so good! She pressed on it again and again, savoring the sensations until a strange, wicked heat started to build deep in the unexplored core of her pussy. It felt familiar and welcome and she pressed once more, rubbing in a circle this time.

Without warning, the heat exploded inside her and she cried out, the breath caught in her throat. It was an orgasm. She remembered this feeling. But it was so strong without a penis inside her! She bit her lip and held on for dear life, the aftershocks strumming her body like an accomplished guitarist.

Whew! Janise lay back, her skin sheened with sweat, her mind jumbled. She was learning so much. She now knew that her clit was very sensitive and that she should have done this a long time ago. She turned her head, spying a pink object on her white sheets. Time to try the toy.

She grabbed the vibrator and examined it for escort bursa a long minute. It was so smooth and slick. She felt so dirty holding it and so excited. She touched the head to her top lip, running the glossy head along its contour, then sliding to her bottom lip. Her tongue slipped out, tasting and tracing the vibrator’s perfectly formed crown and veined shaft. Yes. Janise pushed the head past her lips, memories of Tony springing into her mind. Always him, never me. The wet plastic gleamed in the light. Not this time!

The head of the vibrator fit perfectly into her wet hole and Janise groaned, pressing it in slowly and stretching herself open. At once, her pussy muscles clenched and she gasped, fighting to hold it in as she came. So good! A little more pressure and it was all the way inside her. Oh, God! Oh, shit! Her body began to tremble again and another orgasm ripped through her. She panted through it, drooling on her pillow. She laughed for a moment, wiping her face and quickly forgot her wet chin.

Closing her eyes, she twisted the bottom nob.

“Oh!” Janise couldn’t help the exclamation. She had never felt anything like this before. The vibrator buzzed deep inside her snatch, seeming to touch a bundle of nerves. Her skin felt like an army of ants was crawling over it and her nipples were so hard that they hurt. She was scared but she reached down and slowly pulled the vibrator up. She climaxed from that act alone and plunged it back in. Holy shit!

She grasped the nob, eagerly fucking her clasping twat and shouting every nasty, filthy curse word that she could think of, her body floating on a cloud of exquisite pleasure that had never existed before. Just when she thought she could stand no more, the vibrator slipped through her fingers, ratcheting the speed to high. The most powerful climax she’d ever had slammed her into the pillows, drawing a lustful, satiated cry from her throat. Her body collapsed in relief as she turned the vibrator off and sighed sleepily.

Always me … she smiled dreamily. Always me.

* * * * *

Janise awoke to the sudden removal of the vibrator from her still-clutching pussy and the warmth of the comforter covering her shoulders. It was dark outside and the moon was shining through the window, illuminating her daughter’s face.

“Hi, Mom.” Robbin smiled a knowing smile. “Guess you got my present, eh?”

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