Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 12

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Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 12Jack’s Terri Hobbs segwayAs Tina made a quick detour to the ladies room, Jack tore his shirt off. He pulled back the silky sheets and laid down. He laid there with his eyes closed, fantasizing about what was to come. He opened his eyes to see the beautiful Terri walking in, ready to produce another award-winner. She moved toward the bed, smiling. Jack pulled long and slow on his super stiff cock, oggeling her equally massive-breasted body. He teased, “I’m so Goddamn horny, Terri! I’d like to bury this tool in your deep, wet pussy!” She smiled, and said “I’ll take you up on that, dear. First things first – I wanna watch you annhilate that sexy fuckin’ girl! Fuck the shit outta that girl, Jack! Make my pussy drip, you fuckin’ mule-dicked stud!” Jack was unwittingly just sawing up and down his length, staring at Terri’s massive tits and listening to her filthy mouth!Terri Hobbs was a professional photographer, who moonlighted as an H10 “videographer”. She took her work seriously and was stern about her professionalism – she wasn’t there for sex. She was a little shy. She always felt as if H10 gave her the opportunity to be around other big breasted girls – and fit in – so to speak. The petite 4’10” blonde was a tiny thing, except for her upper torso. The girl’s tits were huge! You just don’t see 4’10” girls with 44HH-cup melons! The things just lurched outwardly, no matter what she was wearing! The woman weighed a whole 112 lbs. and openly admitted that her breasts weighed 12 lbs. apiece. If the late Beth Chapman ever had a doppelganger … with tits even larger … it was Terri. The irony was, other than her saying her breast “measurement” was 50″s – no one knew her real cup size. It had become a mystery. The actual size of Terri’s monsters continued to be a subject of great curiosity at the Club. Being an H10 intern, she was not allowed to fraternize with clients and she understood that. After meeting Jack, the two had sex countless times, but always away from H10 HQ. They were always careful to not let on about the raunchy things that were happening in her apartment! As he laid there, Jack thought back to a hot night he’d spent with Terri. Jack had always bragged, that HE would be the one to get the cup-size. During this specific session, he even began fumbling through their clothes, searching for her bra, as she took a restroom break. Once he actually found it – it was another dead-end. No size tag! Jack found this incredibly maddening. In the end, it didn’t really matter. In a few minutes, Jack would be far too busy … slamming his prick between her titanic torpedoes again. The bra was huge … at any rate. It took quite a devise and there was great integrity required, to support those gigantic breasts. As he sat the bra back down, Jack thought to himself “Maybe that’s why Terri was so alluring – why she was such a legend at the Club. The “not” knowing. In any event, when she returned … she got between his legs and laid those massive tits in his lap. Having noticed his peculiar interest in her bra … she encouraged Jack to go to town on her bazookas … and he need not worry about her cup size. He didn’t…Regardless the size of the torpedoes wrapped around his pecker … Jack pumped that long log between Terri’s gigantic melons … enjoying that deep, deep tit-canyon!! As he nonstop rammed his prick upward, Terri’s specially placed side-angle camera captured the epic sex act. It was just tits and cock! The guy was just ramming his massive erection between those giant smashed together tits, while Terri pressed them super tight! For 5 minutes, he hammered and hammered upward, just fucking the shit outta those bahis şirketleri 44 inch whoppers! He began to groan, assuring her that his extra-long dong was about to explode! With his cock head exposed at the top of the valley between those titanic melons … unending ropes of cum catiplulted upward, while she smashed her giant tits super tight around the shaft! For the umpteenth time, Terri had pumped his prick to climax, with her gigantic, oversized breasts! Jack was in sexual agony, as his grand prick spit a shocking amount of dick sauce from between the massive tits in rapid-fire style!Vaginal sex with Terri, however, proved to be a significant challenge. She was very small “south of the equator”. Jack was hung like a brahma bull and he was generally careless about violently plowing into the pussy of a woman! Ever the trooper, Terri would let Jack pile drive her dripping cunt with his inhumane pecker and ride that long dong, for all she was worth. It normally took Jack about 15 minutes to get his rocks off, so the gigantic-busted beauty was forced to withstand having her cunt relentlessly pulverized … with Jack’s mindless, ram-the-fucker-home, cock. She just couldn’t help herself – she couldn’t get enough of Jack’s fence-post-of-a-pecker! Jack always found the no fraternizing rule a tough one. He would’ve enjoyed watching a DVD featuring Terri working his prick over … with her pussy and tits. Especially the first time!Jack was at H10, about to fuck the giant tits of a redhead, when her cell phone rang. Suddenly, she jumped out of bed – headed for the restroom – and left, with this half hearted, “Sorry, sweetie – I gotta go!” Jack was laying there – buck naked – cock sticking up in the air – and his so-called date was running for the exit! That was NOT the way to treat a well-paying member! What a royal bitch! How the fuck could someone do something like that? Jack never really knew who the videographers were and was quite stunned, when Terri walked out from behind the camera. He immediately took in the figure. A tiny, black sleeveless dress, and it’s plunging neckline, which was revealing her very deep, pronounced cleavage! Jack didn’t know what to do with himself. Quickly, he forgot about what’s-her-name, and began to concentrate on Terri – and what was beginning to look like a disturbingly, almost obscene pair of massive bazookas, just exploding outward like a man made shelf, on her upper torso! The woman was a tiny thing, but for fuck’s sake, she had some absolutely GIANT tits! Half-joking and not sure what else to say, Jack said, “Was it something I said?” They both shared a giggle as Terri walked closer to her sex idol!She smiled, and said “I’m so sorry, sweetie – I’ve never seen such a lack of professionalism – if this was MY Club – I’d pull her membership!” Jack said “Tell me about it – I’m all turned on, and I’ve got no one to share THIS with!”, teasingly wagging his half-hard pecker! Terri had been watching Jack, for a long time – and now, she had the chance to speak directly to him. She smiled again, and said “I’ve really wanted to meet you for a long time, Jack. You’re quite famous among the girls in the Club, you know. After seeing you in action – it’s easy to see why. You’re really something, Jack! You’re such a turn-on, baby!” The stud found her honesty flattering – and her giant tits arousing! His prick began to surge again! “That’s very nice,….” “Terri, sweetie”, she said “it’s Terri Hobbs – it’s my fifth time shooting one of you’re sessions.” As she sat on the bed, she added “I can’t believe I’m sitting here, right now, all alone with you.” She leaned over and gave Jack a soft kiss on the cheek, intentionally bahis firmaları rubbing her massive, pendulous breasts against Jack’s shoulder, in the process. Jack was no idiot – he knew what was happening!He said, “I guess I’ll save all the cum in my balls – for next time!” Terri reached down again and began to tug on his bloated hose, with her right hand, seductively yanking the rod! Jack began to groan with lust, as Terri practically laid her gigantic torpedoes on top of his face! With his cock sticking straight upward, she sawed up and down the aggrivated love-muscle and whispered in his ear, “I can shut the cameras off – hit the delete button – and drain those big fucking balls!” She concluded the proposal by giving Jack’s ear several long, lazy licks. “What do you say, handsome? Ready for some huge titty fun, hmmm?” Jack gave Terri a warm, sexy smile and said “I do believe I am!” She smiled and said “I’m so hot for you’re huge cock, Jack! I admire the way you wear girls out with this big log!” She rubbed her fantastically gigantic tits all over the stud’s chest, as he caressed the titanic bazookas in his large hands! Invitation accepted!Jack began the festivities, by saying “Why don’t you take that dress off – I wanna see those ridiculous tits!” Terri seductively licked her lips and said “Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? You’re gonna be one happy man, in a couple of minutes!” She pulled the top down, and because she wasn’t wearing a bra, her gigantic torpedoes spilled outward, like twin watermelons! Jack’s jaw dropped, when he witnessed the impossibly-huge lungs on this hot little blonde! He said “Holy Fuck – what a pair! Terri stood up, let her dress fall to the floor … and returned to her stud! They began frantically kissing, in a jaw-breaking French kiss. Jack’s hands were mauling Terri’s enormous tits! Without allowing Jack to impale her tiny gash, Terri mounted herself on his lap, letting Jack slide his 12” pecker across her cunt lips … as he tugged and pulled on her preposterous knockers, while they sucked each other’s tongues! Jack rocked up and down, sliding his prick across Terri’s inviting pussy lips, while the two overheated lovers mauled each other’s bodies!It was driving Jack out of his mind! After a couple of minutes, she whispered “I want that goddamn cock – and I want it all up inside me, baby – but I wanna wrap my monstrous titties around it first – are you ready for mama to titty fuck you with her gigantic tits?” As she rolled off the bed, Jack stood up and carried his pecker over to the couch, as he said “Yes, Terri – wrap those things around my cock – fuck yeah, baby!” As Jack sat on the couch, Terri knelt between his legs and wrapped her truly massive funbags around his angry prick! Slowly and seductively, she used her wide-opened hands, to press her fantastically oversized melons together, and tit-screw Jack with wicked expertise! Again and again, Jack’s cock head shot up through her humongous tits, as the little lady relentlessly primed his pump! As bad as the stud wanted to award Terri’s efforts with endless ropes of man-seed, the mega-breasted blonde wanted his prick in her moist gash and told him “Fuck me, Jack – fuck me deep with this donkey dick! Fuck me with this long, one-eyed motherfucker!”She unwrapped her titanic tits from around Jack’s pecker and mounted him as he sat on the couch! She held the 12 shaft in place, as she began sliding her cunt lips over the head! She began to groan, quite loudly, as her pussy went further downward, and Jack filled her dripping box with his cunt-wrecker! Jack’s body-building was put to good use! He practically held the woman in place, almost in mid-air, as he slid kaçak bahis siteleri his 12″ granite-stiff prick upward, ever so slowly …inch by inch! As Terri began to uncontrollably swivel her hips, Jack slowly and deliberately, stuffed her cunt with lead-pipe! He used a series of up-and-down movements, to slide that pecker almost balls deep, then he was ready to drill that prick home! Finally, he was buried deeper than he could even conceive and began jamming upward, faster and faster, pounding his prick into Terri’s womanhood, causing her huge tits to bounce around! Each plunge into the dripping recesses of Terri’s convulsing cunt, was almost unbearably thrilling!Terri was going crazy. Within 5 minutes, she had already cum 3 times! She felt like a block of firewood, being split in half, as Jack just piledrove his pecker into her convulsing snatch! Terri was almost u*********s with lust, groaning “Oh God, Jack – ram it home, baby – fuck yesssss – Ohhhh God, it’s so fuckin’ biiiiiig!”, almost whimpering with overwhelming sexual bliss! It only gave Jack the impetus to ram it deeper and harder! The lovers’ pelvises rhythmically and loudly slapped together in wild, uncontrollable lust at the apex of each long fuck stroke! Jack’s cock was just roaring in and out of Terri’s deep almost liquefied pussy! He caressed her tiny ass cheeks, and just jammed his prick home, as Terri experienced one ear-spliting orgasm after another. She was on the verge of a mental breakdown, it was so good!Unimaginably strong thrills and chills were now coursing through Jack’s body! His balls were boiling over, sending monumental amounts of cum up through his overworked pecker! He began shouting single words, incapable of even finishing a sentence, “Ohhhhhhh God – Ugh! Shit! Christ! Jesus! Fuck!” He put a killer grip on Terri’s ass cheeks and erupted into her deep recesses, with endless strands of cum, blasting forth like a semi-automatic gun, flooding her gash, to the point that it was spewing from her cunt lips, smearing all over his cock and balls, as he pounded her beaver, with the force of a heavy-duty concrete drill! Terri’s staggered pussy gripped the ramrod like a vice and milked every ounce from Jack’s blasting ballsac! The poor girl collapsed on top of Jack, the both of them a sweaty, wrecked mess!That impromptu meeting was the beginning of the special relationship between Terri and Jack! Terri was hooked on that cock! She HAD to have the monster! So what, if the slab of man meat made her cunt ache for 3 days afterward – she nonstop fucked that big, long pecker every chance she got! She found herself begging at times, for the stud to relentlessly hammer her slot! Jack was full of lust for her huge-beyond-belief tits – and her amazing, cock-yanking pussy! She was so in love with that prick, that she specifically asked Miss Simpson if she could be the sole videographer assigned to Jack’s sessions! There were times, that she would take Jack home or rent a hotel room, within a mere few minutes of his H10 session ending!She began using her “videography” position, to make herself terminally horny, to where her cunt juice was running down her legs, as Jack had his pecker titty fucked and ridden to miraculous explosions – then did the exact same things to the lucky stud, about an hour later! It was a 2-for-1 for Jack. He would show up at H10 and mercilessly fuck his “tits-out-to-here” date – leave the Club – and mercilessly fuck his “tits-out-to-here” videographer! It was completely normal, for the stud to empty his prick 2 or 3 times on H10 nights – between the 2 women! For about a 4 month stretch, Jack was spread pretty thin! He was still fucking Charlie’s ridiculously gigantic tits about every other Wednesday – spending every 2nd or 3rd Saturday at H10, which meant he was also fucking Terri, later that night – no to mention the trips to London, where Jenny tit and pussy-screwed him all weekend!

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