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Gregory Patrick




Jaiden � Chapters 139


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Greg Patrick


The day was abnormal for the early winter season; the temp was a beautiful 75, there had been no rain and no threat of snow. So, the guys took the children outside and turned them loose in the yard. Naturally, the boys ran wild, and Alaina Noelle had no problems keeping up with them.


Suddenly, Dale turned to Peyton and asked, “Peyton, have you been teaching Alaina Noelle karate?” “No, why?” “Watch Alaina Noelle; she”s apparently watched you closely when you are practicing your craft.”


As they watched the little girl, her brothers kept messing with her. She gave them a look that usually backs them off, but they didn”t relent in harassing her. Finally, Peyton lost it when he saw his niece take one hand, put it on Charles Logan”s chest, and send him flying a foot backward.


“Dang, Dale, I guess I need to be more careful about what the children see.” “In this case, Peyton, don”t; the more prepared those children are to defend themselves as they grow up, the better. Besides, did you see the look on Charles Logan”s face when Alaina Noelle sent him sailing away?” “Dale, I think your son”s question would have been, “what the hell?” “No doubt, Peyton. The look he had was priceless.”


Charley walked onto the deck with a cup of coffee for Peyton and Dale, handed it to them, and then sat down to watch the children. “Charley, watch our daughter.” “Why? What”s up?” “Just watch; you”ll see.”


No sooner had Dale said that when Charley spit coffee halfway across the backyard. “What the crap? Did you guys see that; Alaina Noelle just put David Alexander on his butt!” “You should have seen her a few minutes ago when she did the same thing to Charles Logan. They have been picking on her, and she”s gotten tired of it.”


“Peyton, I knew she was tough, but dang, I”m starting to think she may be getting a little bit mean.” “I don”t think it is meanness, Charley. I think she is a little girl who knows what she wants, and she isn”t going to settle for anything less.” “Maybe you”re right, Peyton; I sure hope so.”


“Dale spoke up and said, “I just had a frightening thought: what if Alaina Noelle falls in love with Nathan Robert? Can you imagine what those two would be like as a couple, especially if they wind up getting married and having four or five children that are a cross of each of them?”


Charley said, “Dale, don”t you even think that. Can you imagine those children visiting our home for a weekend, much less a week?” “Peyton said, “even worse, can you imagine them staying with Jaiden and me? We”d pull our hair out. We would have to buy a safe just to protect our keys.”


“Jaiden stepped onto the deck, looked at the guys, and asked, “Why the glum looks?” Peyton replied, “Dale just mused what it would be like if Alaina Noelle and Nathan Robert fell in love, married, and had four or five children who were clones of each of them built into one child.” Jaiden got a panicked look on his face and said, “OH, HELL NO! That isn”t going to happen! Charley started laughing as he told Jaiden to never say never, that they eloped, so to speak.


“Charley, you have just made me resolve that neither of those two children will ever be outside the sight or supervision of an extremely responsible adult!” “Jaiden, would you call your mom a responsible adult?” “Not hardly, Charley. Knowing Mom, she would encourage them just to needle us.”


“If they did get together, you have to admit that life would never be boring. Alaina Noelle would give the children ideas of things to get into, and Nathan Robert would be on the sidelines egging them on. No. Nope. Nada. Ain”t gonna happen.”


Benjamin Dale and Abraham Dovid walked to the deck and told their dads they needed to pee-pee. Dale said, “OK, boys, you can go to the bathroom to use the potty. They didn”t think anything about the boys going to the bathroom by themselves because they had never gotten into mischief as Nathan Robert always does.


The boys returned to the yard about ten minutes later and resumed playing with their siblings. When the time for dinner started rolling around, Charley went inside to get his keys to drive the children to Tony”s to get some skety. Unable to find his keys, Charley went back to the deck and asked, “Dale, have you seen my keys? I thought I left them in my pants pocket.”


“Charley, I saw you put them in your pocket; they should be in the right front pant pocket.” “Well, they aren”t, and I looked everywhere and didn”t see them. They aren”t on the dresser or on the bathroom sink.”


Dale called out to his son, “Benjamin Dale, would you like to go to Tony”s and get some skety? Benjamin Dale got excited until Dale added, “Daddy can”t find his keys, so I don”t think we can go to Tony”s. We can”t go in the van if we can”t find Daddy”s keys.”


Nobody said a word as Dale talked to his son. However, they kept an eye on the child as he disappeared into the house and up the stairs. He walked out of the French doors a minute later with Charley”s keys in his hand.


Dale looked at Peyton, Jaiden, and Charley as he said, “And now we know how to quickly find our keys when they disappear.” Jaiden quipped, “yep, teach the children a little classical conditioning; let”s hope it works.”


The crowd got to Tony”s, and the children got their beloved skety, and the dads ordered a large all meat pizza to share. After the meal, the waitress brought the children their favorite ice cream for dessert � vanilla for the boys, strawberry for Alaina Noelle. The dads were scared out of their minds when they saw Nathan Robert give a spoon of his ice cream to Alaina Noelle, and she reciprocated with her strawberry. Jaiden looked at Dale and quipped, “dude, you better not be right about a budding love affair!” Everybody laughed at the comment.


The children played in the backyard until potty and bedtime after the gang returned home. Then, they mezitli escort took care of business, had their baths, and quickly went to sleep when they laid down. Jaiden shot Peyton a glance that was well received.


The dads turned the children”s nightlights on, went to their bedroom, closed and locked the door, undressed, and got ready for an evening of unbridled passion.


After a warm shower and a soak and massage in the jacuzzi, Jaiden picked up Peyton, took him to their bed, and laid him on the right side of the bed. Then Jaiden crawled over Peyton and spooned him as closely as he could. Next, he started nibbling on Peyton”s ears, moved to his neck, and then to his nipples which had become extraordinarily sensitive. Jaiden spent quite a bit of time on those two spots and made Peyton squirm, unlike he had done since their honeymoon in Hawaii.


As he moved down the trunk of Peyton”s body, kissing every square inch as he descended downward on his lover. When Jaiden reached the desired destination and engulfed every inch of his husband, Peyton took a deep breath and arched backward. Jaiden was making sure that everything he did to Peyton was intense. Jaiden knew he had succeeded by the moans he elicited from his lover. The oral session was long and pleasurable, lasting at least 20 minutes before he let Peyton have his release. He took and swallowed every drop of spunk Peyton gave to him. Then he scooted up and gently kissed Peyton before laying his head on his husband”s chest.


“Jaiden.” “Yes, sweetheart, your hair is going to really shine tomorrow.” “How so, babe?” “I read in a journal that swallowing spunk is good for the hair and makes it supple and shiny.” “In that case, it should really shine because you gave me a motherload of goodness.”


Peyton looked at Jaiden and said, “roll onto your back.” When Jaiden did that, Peyton began returning the pleasure he had just received back to his lover. The exception is that Peyton wouldn”t let Jaiden have a release. Instead, Peyton reached into the nightstand drawer and got the lube. He lubed himself and then applied an ample amount of lube to Jaiden. Then Peyton rolled over and pulled Jaiden on top of him.


Jaiden took the cue, slowly slid into Peyton, and began making slow, passionate love to his babe. How Jaiden made himself last almost an hour is a mystery, but he did. When the time of ecstasy arrived, Peyton wrapped his legs around Jaiden”s butt and pulled him in as tightly as he could. Then, when he had spent every drop of energy he could, Jaiden leaned down, kissed Peyton ever so gently, and said, “Peyton, I loved you the first time I saw you; I knew I loved you and wanted to spend my life with you. Every day that passes, I am more in love with you than I was the day before, and my love for you intensifies by the minute.”


Jaiden was looking at Peyton and saw tears escape from his eyes. “Jaiden, it”s the same with me. I couldn”t be happy with anyone the way I am with you.” That said, Peyton and Jaiden held each other in the most loving embrace ever as they fell asleep.


After waking the following morning, Peyton and Jaiden showered together, dressed, and headed toward the kitchen to prepare breakfast. As Jaiden opened the bedroom door, a table was sitting in front of the door with two cups of steaming coffee and two hot peach knishes. A note propped on the table said, “Guys, we know the two of you had a romantic evening last night, so spend a few more romantic minutes with breakfast in bed. We have gotten the children up, taken care of business, and we are in the dining room having breakfast. We”ll see you when you come downstairs.”


Jaiden said, “damn, just when I don”t think Charley and Dale can top their loving ways, they find another way to surprise me. You can”t help but love those two. Peyton walked up to Jaiden, put his arms around him, kissed him behind his right ear, and said, “You spoke the truth, sweetheart.”


When the guys went downstairs and joined the family in the dining room, Jaiden and Peyton each pulled Charley”s and Dale”s heads back, kissed them on the forehead, and said, “We love you too!” Then they kissed each of the children and told them good morning.


It was Saturday morning, so after breakfast, the dads got their children dressed, loaded into the van, and headed to the temple for services. When they arrived at the temple, the children tried to race to the nursery to play with their friends.


After services, the family went to B. B. King”s, where Jaiden had his beloved chicken livers. Peyton, Dale, and Charley got the country-fried steak with brown gravy, steamed broccoli, and skillet squash, the same vegetables Jaiden ordered. The children shared a large plate of chicken livers, and when they tasted the broccoli and the skillet squash, the dads had to order a large plate of each for the children to share.


When the broccoli arrived for the children, Jaiden reached into his pocket and produced a bottle of Beano. Then, he said, “Put a drop of this on the first spoon of broccoli for each of the children, or I”m walking home. That drew hearty laughter from the other three adults.


After lunch, they took the children to the park to play. When they arrived, they saw Leon and Peter walking the track at the park. “Jaiden, we saw y”all at the temple, but you got away before we could speak to you. It was an excellent service; we enjoyed it immensely. We checked on the children in the nursery when the President was on the Bema, and they were having a ball, so we slipped back into the service.”


“You should have yelled and stopped us, Leon. Then, you and Peter could have had lunch with us at B. B. King”s.” “We thought about it, but we could tell you were in bliss, so we thought it best to let you four have your time together. Peter and I went to Tony”s and got the veal parmesan, and it was delicious.”


We got a salad with the homemade ranch dressing, and talk about good! I don”t know what they changed in the dressing recipe, but it was way better than usual. Next, we got the Cavatape Amatriciano for a side dish, and it was unbelievably good. We”d never tried that before, but we”ll definitely get it again.” Dale said, “I love that stuff; it must be new on the menu today because it wasn”t on the menu yesterday.”


“Dale made fresh peach knishes this morning. Why don”t the two of you meet us at the house shortly and have some with Dale”s coffee?” “We”d love to, Peyton, but we made some plans for this afternoon.” When Leon said that, he winked at Peyton, and the message was loud and clear. If Leon returned to the house for the night, he would be in an excellent mood! Based on Leon”s wink at Peyton, the guys were sure he would be spending the night with Peter at his apartment.


When the family got home, the children pottied and asked to take a nap, so the dads put the children in their beds. Then, the dads went to the deck to talk and drink a cup of coffee together. Jaiden looked at Dale and Charley and said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, you both have a reservation tonight at the Hilton on the River. So you need to check in by six this evening.


And don”t worry about dinner, it will be served to you on the balcony of your room. I took the liberty of ordering grilled Porterhouse steaks for you, cooked medium pozcu escort rare the way you like your steaks. You”ll have a loaded rosin baked potato and grilled asparagus as your sides.” “Jaiden!” “Dale, I don”t want to hear it. You two have worked your butts off, taken great care of your children, and sometimes Peyton”s and mine, and you deserve the night out. There will be a wrapped gift box on the bed when you arrive; enjoy!”


“Oh yes, after dinner, the concierge will collect all of your clothes and return them to you at ten Sunday morning. Suppose I find out you didn”t take advantage of the night alone. In that case, I will strip you both naked in your bedroom, lay one on top of the other, face-to-face, and handcuff your feet and hands together and make you have a romantic evening; understand!” “Yes, sir.”


Peyton and I will take care of the children tonight and in the morning, so don”t worry about that. We”re going to spoil your children rotten.” “Jaiden, that”s what we”re afraid of.” “Good, because we intend to make sure they have a ball tonight.”


“Now, leave here at five this evening, and have a great time.” “At seven-thirty that evening, Jaiden”s phone rang. “Jaiden, this is Dale; thank you, bye!”


The following morning, at eight, the phone in the hotel room rang. “Gentlemen, the room attendant is leaving fresh clothes at your door as we speak. Breakfast will be served on the veranda on the river at 9 am.” “Thank you, we”ll be downstairs at nine sharp.”


“Charley, the front desk said the room attendant was leaving fresh clothes at the door as she called. Breakfast is at nine on the veranda by the river.” “Dale, it should be interesting; there is no telling what Jaiden ordered.”


When Dale and Charley arrived at the veranda, the table was set with fresh, hot coffee and a large platter of fruits and cheeses. Shortly after arriving, the waiter brought out grilled breakfast steaks, fresh creamy, soft-scrambled eggs, and cheese grits. After breakfast, the guys were stuffed. They didn”t have any luggage to put in their car, so they strolled hand-in-hand down the riverwalk until they reached the alcove where they could sit and watch the geese and ducks. They didn”t say much; they just sat there holding hands and looking out over the river at the ships sailing by.


“Charley, I wonder when Jaiden brought the clean clothes and picked up our dirty stuff.” “I can just about guarantee you he was at the hotel when they took the clothes from us.” “Probably so. Either way, it was sweet of him and Peyton to arrange last night and this morning.” “That it was, sweetheart; that it was.”


Let”s stop by the donut shop on the way home and get a dozen mixed donuts and a dozen chocolate and strawberry donuts. Alaina can have her strawberry favorite, and the boys can have the chocolate or strawberry. The rest we can sit on the deck with Jaiden and Peyton and enjoy our donuts with a cup of coffee.” “Good idea, sweetheart.”


When Dale and Charley walked into the house, the children spied the donuts and yelled, “DONUTS!” as they ran to Charley and Dale. Jaiden and Peyton walked into the kitchen and asked if the guys had a good evening. “Jaiden, Peyton, it couldn”t have been better; thank you so much!” “You”re welcome; you deserved last night. We love you two dearly, and we wanted you to have that alone time together. I don”t think either of you realizes just how much you do to make life memorable for Peyton and me.” “I don”t think Charley and I do much of that, Jaiden.” “Dale, you do a lot more than you realize. You make life extra special for Peyton and me.” “If you say so, Jaiden.” “I do, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”


Dale asked who put the roast in the oven. Peyton said it was he and that they would be having his mother”s creamed potatoes, baby lima beans cooked with Goya seasoning, and peas with snaps for lunch.”


“Peyton, you and Jaiden have done enough this weekend.” “Not hardly, Dale. You are always cooking for all fourteen of us, and I thought it was time I did some of the cooking.” “But I like to cook, and you don”t.” “That”s beside the point. So I”m going to learn to enjoy preparing meals for us, and Jaiden is going to help me.” “I am, Peyton?” “Yes, dear, you are, or I am going to get your mother to move in with us.” “In that case, I am going to learn to cook better than Julia Childs.” “I thought so, lover.” Charley and Dale were laughing at what Peyton had just said to Jaiden. Besides, they knew Peyton would carry through with what he told Jaiden he would do if Jaiden didn”t learn to cook.


The children woke up from their nap and wanted to go outside and play, so the dads took them out.


They got a laugh at Nathan Robert getting protective of Alaina Noelle, because she decided he wasn”t going to do that, and sent him sailing backward, landing on his butt. The look on Nathan Robert”s face was priceless.


“Leon, are we still on for this weekend?” “Saturday at 1:00 at the temple, Peyton. I called Mom and Dad and let them know; they said they would arrive Friday evening around six.” “Jaiden has made arrangements for someone to keep the children in the nursery so he, I, Dale, and Charley can attend.”


“Peyton, it is going to be pretty informal, so if you want to bring the children into the temple, Pete and I don”t have any objections to that.” “I appreciate that, Leon, but it”s your special day, and we want it to be as perfect as it can be, and if any of the children get restless, they may act up and make unwanted noise.”


“It”s up to you and Jaiden; just understand Pete and I aren”t concerned with that.” “I”ll talk to Jaiden and see what he thinks and wants to do. I know he is really excited about this weekend.” “Is he that excited, Peyton? “You just don”t know, Leon. He has something special for you and Pete, and he can hardly wait to see your faces when he gives the gift to you.”


“What is it, Peyton?” “Leon, you know I”m not about to tell you that. It is a gift from all of us to you and Pete.” “You have me anxious to know what it is.” “You”ll know Saturday, and it is probably going to blow your mind.”


“Jaiden, Mom, and Dad will be here with Seth around six Friday evening.” “Good. Richard and Sally will also stay with us Friday night so we can all go to the temple together Saturday.”


“Did you tell Leon that Rob, Jenny, and the boys are coming in as well?” “No, because I didn”t want to give that away since Ron is planning on surprising Leon and Pete by performing the ceremony.” “That is going to be a fantastic surprise for Leon.” “You”re not kidding, Jaiden. Jenny said they were going to hide in the temple, and she was going to walk up and grab Leon on the butt; if that doesn”t make him jump, nothing will.”


“Well, one thing is for sure, Peyton, Jenny will make sure it is a memorable day, not just because of the wedding.” “I know, and I can”t wait to see what she pulls on Leon.”


“Speaking of the wedding, Jaiden, did you get the reservations made for the honeymoon?” “I did, and your parents and my mom are chipping in on the costs. We”ll each pay one-third of the honeymoon, and they will stay at the Kaanapali Resort, where we stayed for our honeymoon. We have a Lincoln Navigator waiting for them when they arrive escort bayan in Maui.”


“Jaiden, they are going to flip out when they see where they are going.” “I sure hope so, Peyton. I have a Canon Sureshot camera to put under the car”s seat since it does the same quality pictures as a large camera system. It has 20 megapixels, zoom, and wide-angle capabilities, and it can fit in a pant or shirt pocket. I will put the GPS we used in the car since all the sites are already programmed into it. I also wrote them a note to give them after the ceremony; the same note our parents gave to us.”


“What about meals on Maui?” “Daily breakfast at the resort, Lunch at Mama”s Seafood near Paia, and dinner there once a week. Now Mama”s is one expensive restaurant; $65.00 per plate and up.”


“Dang, is it that good to charge those kinds of prices?” Research says it is, Peyton, and It”s near Baldwin Beach, where the big wave surfing tournaments will be held while they are there. Leon loves the green Hawaiian sea turtles, and Baldwin Beach is full of them. There may also be some rare endangered seals there.”


I also added a Korean Restaurant on Keohu Street at its intersect with Highway 30 that goes to the Kehei beaches and Lahina to the resort.” “Added the restaurant to what, Jaiden?” “The GPS. Greg told me about the restaurant. He ate there and said the food was cheap and delicious. He also mentioned a local restaurant in an old storefront on Mill Street. He said the name was Tasty Crust Pizza and that they had a Black Bean Fish dinner that was over the top � and it wasn”t as expensive as restaurants here in Memphis.”


“The best thing they could probably do is research restaurants that serve foods they like, Jaiden, and give them a try. If all else fails, there is a good IHOP near the Kahului Airport, and it is only a dollar or so more than the one here in town.”


`Jaiden, I just thought about Little Beach near McKenna Beach. If they stop just before the entrance to McKenna Beach, they can take a pathway to Little Beach and not have to climb over the cliff as we did.” “I forgot about that path, Peyton; I”ll add the idea to the letter we will leave in their car after the ceremony.” “Good, just don”t tell them it”s a nude beach; let them find that out for themselves. I”m sure they will make the most of their visit there.” Jaiden didn”t comment on what Peyton said; he just looked at his husband and smiled.”


“I know I am going to have a hard time after the wedding.” Why, Jaiden?” “Weddings make me horny � very horny; just thinking about what is going to happen that night…” “Jaiden, you have to be kidding!” “Nope, that”s the gospel truth, sweetheart.”


“Hmm, I guess I am going to have to monitor that situation and help you out of it if it happens.” “Oh, it”ll happen, I guarantee it.” “Then you better be ready for a trip around the world Saturday night, Jaiden, because I am not going to let an opportunity like that pass us by.” “Promise, Peyton?” “Promise, Jaiden.”


With the promise given, Jaiden pulled Peyton”s face to his and began a long, incredibly sensual kiss. That kiss made Peyton rise to the occasion.


The following day at the hospital, Jaiden, Peyton, Richard, and Pete had lunch together in the hospital”s cafeteria. “Pete, we need to let you know that after the ceremony Saturday afternoon, there will be an envelope in the glove compartment of your car. You are not to open the envelope or read the note inside until everyone has left the dinner and dance. Don”t even crank or move the vehicle before you read the letter. Everything will be fully explained for you and Leon.”


“What does the letter say, Jaiden?” “That we won”t tell you, Pete. All we”ll say is that we hope it amazes you to no end and tells you how much we love you and Leon.” “Jaiden, Peyton, Richard, I hope you guys didn”t go overboard with whatever you have done.” Peyton spoke up and said, “Pete, I promise, we haven”t gone overboard. A lot of our families chipped in to give you and Leon the surprise that awaits you.”


“Well, in case I forget in the excitement of the day, thank you so much. Y”all introduced me to Leon, and I fell in love with him thanks to you guys. You gave him a home and helped him through the worst times of his life. You helped him realize what a good person he is no matter what anyone says to or about him, and I will always be grateful for that gift you gave to him.” “We appreciate you saying that Pete, but the credit for the changes Leon has made in his life sit squarely with him; we just helped guide him to the path he needed to walk � and he walked straight, tall, and proud down that path.” “That he did, Peyton, and I am so proud of him.” “We are proud of Leon as well, and I couldn”t be prouder that he is now my brother.”


“He feels that same way, Peyton. He talks a lot about how you guys helped him and how much he loves you and his new family, especially Jenny. He says she is an exceptional person.” “She is, Pete, and you will see that sooner than later.”


“Well, talk about a handsome man; here is my heart come to visit with us.” “Hello, my brother. To what or whom do we owe this honor?”


“You can thank Dr. Till, she released me from counseling today and made me an appointment with the Wellstone counseling center in the middle of September.” “Congratulations, bro.” “Thanks, Jaiden; I have to call the judge and let him know.” I don”t think you will have to do that, Leon.” “Why not?” “The Judge is standing right behind you, grinning from ear to ear.”


“Judge Anderson, what are you doing here?” “I got a phone call that said you were no longer going to attend counseling here in Memphis, and I wanted to ask you why; you know the agreement we made a while back.” Leon turned around and began staring at the table with a horrified look on his face. The Judge winked at the other guys sitting with Leon.”


Judge Anderson sat next to Leon, put his arm around his shoulders, and said, Leon, I know you finished counseling here. I know you have a counseling appointment in the middle of January at the Wellstone Counseling Center. So I just came by to tell you how proud I am of you. I have never worked with someone who has worked as hard as you have and has proven himself so well.”


“Judge, you scared the crap out of me! But thank you for coming and telling me what you said; it means the world to me.” “Leon, there is something I want to ask you to do.” “And that is…Judge?” “Look at everybody sitting at this table with you and tell me what you see.”


“Judge, I see members of my new family and my fianc�.” “Look again, Leon. What you really see here at the table is five people who love you beyond measure and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.” “I realize my family loves me incredibly, but you, Judge, I don”t understand.” “Leon, I love you the same way I love my own son, and as proud of him as I am, I am more proud of you. That is hard for me to say, but it is the truth.”


“Leon put his face in his hands and began to weep. The Judge put his head against Leon”s and said, “Son, I hope those are happy tears. You have worked so hard and made so many people incredibly proud of you. I have never seen someone work so hard to succeed. Saying I am proud of you doesn”t seem like a strong enough statement to me, but it”s the truth. I would be proud to have called you my son.”


“Judge, has anyone told you about Saturday afternoon after services at the temple?” “They have, Leon, and I plan to be there with bells on.” “Thank you, Judge, that means so much to me.”

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