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Subject: Jaiden – Chapter 37 Gregory Patrick ail Jaiden � Chapter 37 06-14-20 Disclaimer: This story and any previous or subsequent additions are the intellectual property of the writer/owner and are protected by the U.S. and international copyright laws. No portion of this story or any subsequent editions may be copied, disseminated, or used publicly in any manner without the express written permission of the author/owner. This story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. Additionally, this story may contain male to male sexual inferences, or direct mention of, male-to-male contact. If you are under the age of 18, or access to this story is a violation of community laws of the city, state, or nation in which you live, or if this type or style of writing offends you, please leave this site immediately. The writer, nor Nifty, assumes no liability whatsoever concerning an individual’s access to or an individual’s reading of stories contained herein. If you wish to comment on this story or any additional episodes which may or may not be added, please address your comments to ail. Keep your comments clean and respectful, otherwise, your comments will be deleted and you will be fty runs off financial donations made to their site. Please remember to donate accordingly. G. A. Patrick Saturday afternoon rolled around and at 4:30, there was a knock on Pete and Allison Gray’s front door. Pete answered the door and said, “Good afternoon, Mr. Sims, it’s good to see you. Welcome to our home, please come inside.” Mr. Sims saw Allison and introduced himself, “Mrs. Gray, I presume, I am Don Sims, Principal of Jason’s school. I am so sorry about the incident which has brought me here but I am looking forward to meeting Peyton and Jaiden as well as Charley and Dale and seeing Peyton help break Jason’s mental block on math.” Allison replied, “the same here, Mr. Sims. Peyton is awesome at working with Jason. I think you will be very proud of what you see. At that point, Jason walked into the living room of the Grays home and ran over to hug Mr. Sims. As he let go, he again said, “I love you!” Mr. Sims’ eyes swelled and turned red like the first time Jason said that. Pete saw what Jason did and said. Mr. Sims, you asked me the other day how I got such a respectful and loving son; she is standing to your right! I work long hours to make a good living for us and Allison is the one who should get all the credit for raising our children; she has done an amazing job, a truly amazing job! Allison walked over, hugged Pete, and said, “I love you.” Mr. Sims, with a tear rolling from his right eye, said, “Now I understand. Every home should be this loving. If it was, I would have no problems with any of my students. Jason has been taught by the most powerful tool in the world: example. How blessed I am for coming to your home and learning this, thank you so very much!” Allison said, “Mr. Sims, thank you for your kind words. I work very hard to have loving and respectful children.” “Mrs. Gray, it shows and you are to be commended.” The Grays and Mr. Sims piled into the Grays van and drove toward Peyton’s and Jaiden’s home. It was a short drive since they live around the corner from each other. They arrived at Peyton’s, exited the van, and walked to the front door. Jason knocked on the door which was opened by Jaiden. “Hey, buddy, how are you today? “I am good, Mr. Jaiden, how are you?” I am doing well, Jason, y’all come on in. “Pete, Allison, how are you?” “Doing well, Jaiden, thank you for asking” “I will dangerously assume you are Dr. Sims, Principle of Jason’s school. Welcome to our home, I am Jaiden, Peyton will be here shortly. He also tutors Rabbi’s son, David, in math. Please, everybody, let’s go into the den. Dale has graciously prepared fresh figs stuffed with goat cheese and a honey-date sauce. We have fresh Maui coffee. Cream, Stevia, and sugar are on the serving tray for your convenience. Pete and Allison recognized the significance of the horderves and explained that significance in Jewish history to Dr. Sims. He tasted several and commented on how good they are. Dale had just finished cleaning the kitchen and walked into the den. Jaiden politely introduced Dale to Dr. Sims. “Dr. Sims, it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for what you did to help Jason.” Dale turned and looked at Jason and said, “Hi, Jason, how are you today?” “I am doing well, Mr. Dale, how are you. “I am doing well, Jason. Mr. Charley has been at the library and he’ll be home in about 30 minutes. While we are waiting on him, why don’t you and I go out in the backyard for a little while? Maybe your parents and Dr. Sims would like to sit on the deck while you and I have a bit of fun.” Dale took several juggling items and 3 oranges outside. The first thing he did was juggling some small balls. He showed Jason how he was able to juggle them and then had Jason try. Jason was a bit apprehensive, but he tried. He kept missing a ball or two, so Dale stepped in and took his hands to show him how to time his throws and within 5 minutes, Jason was juggling the balls almost as well as Dale. The next thing Dale did was take some small batons out of his bag of equipment and hand them to Jason. It took Jason a few minutes to get over his fear of the batons, but after Dale juggled them, Jason pretty much caught on. Dale again held Jason’s hands to help him get the rhythm of throwing the batons. In 5 minutes, he helped Jason master the batons. That is when he took out 3 golf balls, handed them to Jason, and said, “Now, you get to teach yourself how to juggle these golf balls as you did with the other larger balls and the batons. Jason looked at Dale with a bit of apprehension and started trying to juggle the golf balls. He got it on his first try and excitedly said, “I did it, Mr. Dale, I did it!” Dale looked at Jason and said, “Come to me for just a moment.” Jason walked over to Dale who then gave Jason a hug and the obligatory Riley family kiss on the forehead. “Jason, please sit on the ground in front of me.” When Jason sat down and crossed his legs, Dale put his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands and said, “Jason, math is a lot like juggling, you have to give yourself permission to learn mezitli escort it and then try it and do it. It is all about the confidence you have in yourself no matter how young or old you are. You make up your mind that you are going to do what you have to do and you are going to be the best at whatever you do. Do you understand what I am saying to you? “Yes, Sir, Mr. Dale I do and I am going to work hard at being good at math too.” “Very good Jason.” There is a saying I like to use for myself and it is this: “I am smart enough to learn how to do what I have to do and then do it and be the best at doing it! It works with any problem you have; you just have to make up your mind to do what you have to do. If you need some help to learn something, ask, and keep asking until someone helps you, but don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that you are not smart enough to do something. You are smart enough to do whatever you want or need to do no matter what someone else might tell you.” “Mr. Dale, I am smart enough to learn what I need to learn and I will be the best at it. “That’s my boy, Jason. I am very proud of you!” Dale stood up, and when he did, Jason grabbed him in a “Jason-Hug” and said, “Thank you for helping me to believe in myself! I love you!” Dale looked stunned like a deer in headlights. He could not believe what he had just heard. Like Dr. Sims, his eyes swelled and turned a bright crimson red. He went and sat on the deck with the Grays and Dr. Sims and said, “watch him. Don’t say anything to him, just watch him.” They all watched in amazement as Jason took the three juggling items out of the equipment bag and perfectly juggled each item. Then he discovered three oranges in the bag that he hadn’t tried to juggle. He took them out of the bag, looked at them carefully, and then juggled them like a pro.” Dale looked at the other adults and said, “Now praise him.” They did as Dale said to do and were amazed at Jason’s response. Jason ran to the deck and said, “Momma, Daddy, did you see me? I did it, I did it. Did you see me too Mr. Sims, Mr. Dale taught me to have confidence in myself and I did it.” Jason ran back to the yard and kept juggling until Peyton came home. Nobody knew Peyton had been watching from his bedroom window the whole time Dale was working with Jason. Peyton walked out on the deck and introduced himself to Dr. Sims who looked at him and said, “how do you do it? You guys are amazing!” “Dale and Peyton looked at Dr. Sims and the Grays and said, “honestly, we don’t know, we each have a different gift in working with children and we feel that since Hashem gave us our gifts, we are obligated to put them to good use. Look at Jason out there juggling, he will never again doubt his ability to do anything. Dr. Sims had tears running from his eyes when he looked at Peyton, Dale, and Jaiden, and said, “Young men, I have been in education for 30 plus years and I have never seen a teacher do what I just saw Dale do in less than 30 minutes. “Peyton, do you mind if I sit where I can watch you work with Jason on his math? Dr. Sims, why don’t you sit at the table with us while we work on his math? It won’t matter who is in the room when I work with Jason?” Peyton took Jason into the breakfast nook and asked him, “buddy, are you ready to learn some math?” “Yes, Sir, Mr. Peyton, let’s do it!” Dr. Sims shed another tear when he witnessed Jason’s enthusiasm at learning math his class was working on. “Jason here are some worksheets. I want you to concentrate on what you heard your teacher say in class about working on fractions and I want to see you do it. Take your time and concentrate, OK?” “Yes, Sir, Mr. Peyton.” Peyton had to step in and show Jason one thing he was doing incorrectly and, after that, Jason worked every math problem correctly. Peyton looked at each math equation and announced, “Jason, you overcame every fear you had about your math, all of your answers are correct! I am so proud of you. Keep doing what you did here today and you will get an `A’ in math…and $10 from me, Mr. Jaiden, Mr. Dale, and Mr. Charley. Not only that, but we’ll also give you $10 for every `A’ you make on your report card. Deal?” “Deal. Mr. Peyton.” David came over from his home and he and Jason worked on juggling and Jason taught David how to juggle like a pro. They both made huge progress today, huge progress! The four Amigos were sitting on the deck talking to the Grays and Dr. Sims. Dr. Sims told Dale and Peyton that he had never seen someone so skillfully teach children. He told each of the guys that they were simply amazing. Dr. Sims had his notepad out and asked Dale, “What is your Dad’s name?” “Dale replied his Dad’s name was the same as his, that he was a junior.” The other Amigos said, “It’s the same for all of us, we are all juniors.” Dr. Sims smiled and just shook his head. “Peyton, what do your parents do?” Well, Dad is a very good and very expensive vet in Orange Beach, Alabama. Mom, she bosses Dad around at home and the office. She works at the clinic when he needs her or when she wants to. Other than that she tends to a menagerie of animals on the farm, especially Peyton the Jackass. Dr. Sims said, “Peyton the what?” “Peyton the Jackass. Dad said I could be a jackass at times, and I can be especially when children are involved. So he wouldn’t have to have talks with me, he bought a jackass and named him Peyton. He thrives on telling people about “Peyton the Jackass.” Dr. Sims said that was a funny story that he could fully understand. When I fainted on stage at graduation, Dad and Dr. Mom came over to check on me and Dad looked up at Dr. Mom and told her she was a physician and he was a veterinarian and that I could be a jackass at times, so he and she should be able to take good care of me. Everybody laughed. “Jaiden, how about your parents?” “Mr. Sims, my Dad was an orthopedic surgeon at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. He had a master’s degree as well in orthotic engineering and he made orthotic replacements for bones he had to remove from children because of cancer so they could walk. He was doing a sabbatical in Africa helping children with cancer all over South Africa. He had patients from all over the continent. Unfortunately, he was killed in a plane crash in Africa when I was pozcu escort 3. Mom owns and runs an emergency medical clinic in Abingdon, Virginia. She is a Doctor of Osteopathy who specializes in Emergency Medicine. She, like Dad, has a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. For relaxation, she does work in that field and writes advanced Environmental Engineering textbooks. I only recently learned about their works in engineering since Mom never talked about it. “When I asked Mom about her work in environmental engineering, she looked at me, smiled, took a sip of coffee, and then walked into her home office and shut the door. Nothing else was said regarding that line of work. Mom will not brag or appear to brag on anything. She never has and she never will. She is a very loving, caring, strict Mom who also happens to be a medical professional and an environmental engineer.” All the guys said amen to that! Dale said, “that new Subaru in the driveway, she bought it for me and Charley and it was sitting in her driveway when we got home from our honeymoon. When she gave us the keys to the car, she informed us that the car was ours and that we would need an all-wheel-drive vehicle when the snow starts. I was blown away and sobbed when she did that. She looked at me and said that she considered Charley and me her sons and she would make sure we have everything we need as we traverse our educational journey and while we were getting settled in our employment. She also said that if we needed something and didn’t tell her and she found out, she would be very angry.” Jaiden said believe me when I tell you that if she finds out we needed something and didn’t tell her; her words can cut you like a sharp knife. She told Peyton, Dale, and Charley to call her Mom, and they do! “Dale, what do your parents do? Dad is an accountant for a large accounting firm and Mom is his secretary. We didn’t have much of a relationship because they hated me for being gay. Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad had some strong conversations with Dad and Dr. Mom won the salvo. They surprised me by being at Jaiden’s and Peyton’s graduation when Charley and I were awarded the engineering scholarships. Dad and Mom were called to the president’s lectern. When Dad stepped onto the stage, I lost it and went to hug him. I had no idea they were there. Dad hugged me and apologized for, as he put it, being an ass about me being gay. That was the first time I ever remember Dad saying he was sorry about anything concerning me and it was the first time I ever remember him saying he loved me.” Dale looked at Charley, who was about to lose it, so he told Dr. Sims what Charley’s Dad did for a living, and that, like his Dad, Charley’s dad also apologized for being an ass and told Charley, for the first time Charley could remember, that he loved him. In the back of our minds we knew our Dads loved us, we just never saw or felt it. Now our parents call us weekly and they never fail to say they love us before they hang up” Dr. Sims listened intently to what we told him about our parents and then said, “My word, how in the world did you become the young men you are?” Charley answered that “we became who we are because of Peyton jumping our case after a very heated argument, and Jaiden enforcing the conditions Peyton laid out for us if we wanted to stay in college and if we wanted to continue living with them. Our grades went from barely passing to straight `As’ because of the strict, tough love Peyton and Jaiden had for us. The rest is history. We didn’t have a choice about changing from who we were to who we now are, Peyton’s uncle is Dean of Men at Wellstone. Peyton and Jaiden kept us in counseling for a year.” Dr. Sims said, “amazing, simply amazing to me.” Dr. Sims and the Grays left about an hour after Jason finished his math tutoring. On their way out the door, Dale yelled, “hold on, Jason, you forgot your juggling bag.” Jason told Dale those items were his and Dale said, “no, son, those items are now yours, you earned them.” Dale got another thanks and a `Jason-hug’. On their way home, Dr. Sims said that based on what he saw Dale and Peyton accomplish with Jason, he was going to change Jason’s low `C’ grade to low `A’. He said there was no doubt in his mind that Jason would have much higher grades if he’d had a more understanding teacher. Besides, he deserves the $10. Everybody laughed at the comment. Meanwhile, after everyone had left, Jaiden and Peyton laid down for a nap while Dale and Charley decided to occupy the sofa in the den. As Jaiden and Peyton laid in bed with their shirts off clad only in a pair of gym shorts, Jaiden began to rub Peyton’s chest and stomach. He did that for quite a long time before he slid his hand inside Jaiden’s shorts and began rubbing between his legs. Peyton closed his eyes and moved his legs slightly apart to give Jaiden easier access to his crown jewels. Everything Peyton had between his legs, Jaiden took pleasure in lightly handling and rubbing. Peyton let out little moans of enjoyment until his Body stiffened and he shot everything he had in his shorts and all over Jaiden’s hand. Jaiden pulled Peyton’s shorts down to his knees and rubbed the spent semen over and into Peyton’s stomach and chest. Then he softly kissed Peyton. Normally he would snuggle up to Peyton afterward, but this time, Peyton took his hand and rolled Jaiden onto his back and began rubbing Jaiden’s chest and pelvic region until Jaiden’s body stiffened and his semen shot out all over him and Peyton. As Jaiden had done, Peyton rubbed the fluid all over Jaiden’s stomach and chest. When Peyton had done that, he pulled Jaiden onto his left side, put his right arm under Jaiden’s neck, and pulled Jaiden into him. Peyton gave Jaiden loving pecks on his lips and ran his fingers through Jaiden’s hair until they both fell fast asleep. They had been asleep for about an hour when their phone rang. It was Mom and Dad Riley. Peyton very sleepily answered the phone saying, “Hello.” Peyton this is your Mom and Dad. I hope I didn’t wake you; you sound sleepy.” It’s ok, Mom we were about to get up anyway. It has been a long day so we took a power nap. What’s up?” “Peyton, your Dad and I got an interesting telephone call from a Dr. Don Sims. He had a lot of good things to say about you and escort bayan how you helped a little boy named Jason overcome a mental block over math.” “Yes, mam, that did happen. Jason had a real witch for a teacher. She deserves to be called a two-legged version of a four-legged female dog. She was calling him dumb, stupid, incapable of learning except she used more disparaging words.” “Well, jackass, we are very proud of you.” “JIM!!!” “Yes, dear.” “Dad, I love too. By the way, classes are going great and Jaiden and I are having a lot of fun. On the second day of classes, we worked with cadavers and when we got home, Jaiden, as Charley said, started `puking’ and vomited for most of the early evening. I called his Mom and she told me the coke trick and it worked.” “Peyton, your Dad, and I just wanted to say thank you for making us so proud. Take care and work hard, we’ll call you next week.” “Thanks, Mom, you and Dad helped finish off a great day. Talk to y’all next week.” A few minutes later, Dale’s phone rang and it was his parents. “Dale, what are you getting yourself into?” “What do you mean, Mom?” Your Dad and I got a telephone call from Dr. Don Sims. He told us how you amazed him with your work with a little boy named Jason.” Yes, mam, we had a good time working on his confidence this afternoon. I taught Jason how to juggle to boost his belief in his ability to accomplish whatever he needed to with the confidence he needed to do it. That boy is amazing and extremely smart.” “Jason had a teacher who was calling him dumb, stupid, and incapable of learning anything. The only class he had less than an A in was her class. Peyton said it best when he said she was a horrible two-legged version of a four-legged female dog. Mom, she was horrible and she got fired within 20 minutes of Pete, Jason’s Dad, and Dr. Sims listening in, via the intercom, on her teaching methods and her denigrating Jason. I repaired his self-doubt about his abilities in less than 30 minutes. Pete had the honor of standing in Dr. Sims’ office and seeing her loading her stuff in her car and leaving the campus. She was suspended without pay pending a full board vote to fire her. I’m not supposed to know that so please, don’t mention it to anybody. “Dale, `Hi, Dad,’ hi, son, we wanted to tell you how proud we are of you. You made a huge impression on Dr. Sims and made your Mom and me extremely proud of you.” “Thanks, Dad, I love you and Mom too.” “Dale, you continue to amaze your Mom and me, Keep up the good work!” I’ll try Dad, I truly enjoy what I did. Jason is an amazingly loving and smart little boy. Study hard son, we’ll call you at the end of next week.” “Sure thing, Dad. Your call will be a nice break from a busy week. Talk to you and Mom when you call.” “Get some rest, Dale.” Yes, mam. Have a great weekend.” It is early Saturday evening and Dale was going to bed, but rest is not what was on his mind. Jaiden and Peyton were outside on the deck in the early hours of the evening as it was beginning to get dark, so Dale took Charley by the hand and led him to their bedroom. He grabbed Charley from behind and began kissing his neck in his most sensitive erogenous zones. The more Dale focused on those spots the more reaction he got out of Charley. As Charley began to squirm uncontrollably, Dale started unbuttoning his shirt. When Charley’s shirt came off, Dale turned him around and sat him on the bed as he began pushing Charley onto his back. When Charley was on his back, Dale pulled the tie on his shorts and pulled them off leaving Charley lying there without a stitch of clothing on. Dale looked at his mate as if to say “don’t say anything, just lie there quietly. As Charley watched Dale very closely, Dale began a sensual striptease that sent Charley into the top tier of the erection section of the huge Coliseum Complex. Dale leaned over and began to softly kiss Charley on his lips before working his way to Charley’s nipples where he tweaked each nipple making Charley buck wildly. When he thought Charley was more than turned on, he began to kiss his way down Charley’s chest and stomach. When he reached Charley’s penis, he took Charley in with a slow, rhythmic bob of his head. He slowly edged Charley over and over until tears formed in Charley’s eyes because of a dire need for release; however, Dale had no intention of letting that happen just yet. He went further downward and took in Charley’s crown jewels sucking and pulling on each one over and over. Charley was all but begging for a release. Dale said no as he worked his way back up Charley’s body. Charley was breathing very heavily by now and Dale was enjoying seeing him squiring and begging for relief. The answer was no as Dale reached down, got a condom, and rolled it on to himself. He took some lube and put ample amounts on his penis after which he gently pulled Charley’s legs apart. Charley was starting to pant he was so turned on. Dale pushed his knees up and apart and began a slow descent into the hollow walls of Charley’s body. Once he was as far into Charley’s garage as he could go, Dale began to very slowly pull the `car’ in and out of the `garage’. Charley’s reaction was to pant deeper and harder. Dale kept up his slow rhythmic pace until Charley exploded with the most intense orgasm he ever had. Dale joined him at that point and went over the edge as well. Dale pushed Charley further toward the head of the bed. When Charley was in the spot where Dale wanted him, Dale removed the condom and poured its contents on Charley’s stomach. As he did that, Dale began to slide his body up Charley’s. With the `lube’ they each had provided, Dale again kissed Charley very intensely. After a few moments of their bodies sliding against the others, Dale kissed Charley on the tip of his nose and whispered in his ear, “sweetheart, did you enjoy that?” Charley put his arms around Dale and pulled him tightly to his body replying, “Babe, that was so awesome, thank you for loving me and for making sweet love to me. That was the best.” Dale kissed Charley once more and then laid his head on Charley’s shoulder and went to sleep with Charley sweetly palming his body. Both woke up after a few hours, got up, and took a warm shower together. When they had showered, dried off, and put their shorts back on, they went into the den and cuddled on the couch while reading their texts for Monday’s classes. What was so nice is that both couples were cuddling in ecstasy as they studied together. It would be a very restful night as they went to bed with an expectation of a visit to the beaches of Lake Erie Sunday morning

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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