Jessica Bond – 00Heaven

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Jessica Bond – 00HeavenBig thanks to gwensational and panting4urhose, whose kind comments, messages and good stories inspired me to write this story, I’m sure you’re able to see your helpful influences throughout!Also a special thank you goes to gwensational for allowing me to feature your wonderful creation of Agent 78, I’m very much honoured by your permission to use her in this story, I hope I’ve done her a real good justice and are pleased and satisfied with my take on her :)For those of you who haven’t read them, check out gwensational’s excellent Agent 78 stories here:A Sting In The Tail Tight Spot (my most favourite!) Gasses Chubby Chaser more I’m sure are to be written in the future :)As always this is a dark yet entirely fictional story with plenty of dark content (and farting!) so if you’re squeamish about such things, turn away now! If not, enjoy and please leave comments afterwards, letting me know what you think of it and any opinions you have on the matter 🙂 Enjoy!—————————————————————————————————Chapter 1:”Bond!”F yelled as she stood up from her desk and slammed her fist down hard onto the strong oak surface.”You seem stressed, mum, hasn’t Q invented a suitable stress-relief toy for you yet?”Jessica Bond asked in a playful tone of voice.She was a young irresistibly pretty straw-blonde haired woman with striking blue eyes.She was wearing her signature outfit of a women’s white buttoned dress top with a stylishly small slim black tie and a sensible silvery grey skirt which stopped just above her knees.On her feet were lovely yet practical small heeled shoes the same colour as her skirt.”Don’t call me ‘mum’, makes me sound old…”The short stocky silvery haired head of MI6 complained.”Old? Well you may not be a spring chicken anymore but I wouldn’t call you old.”Jessica smirked. F stared at her, unimpressed.”That last mission was a complete cock-up from start to finish.It seems the ability to attract chaos and explosions runs in your f@mily.Your br0ther is known for getting into those same kind of scr@pes.”F bemoaned.”Hey, I got the job done, didn’t I? You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.”Jessica scoffed.”There’s a difference between breaking a few eggs, and blowing up a research facility!”F yelled, her voice began to sound a little hoarse.”They was researching biological warfare agents; call a little explosion here or there a hazard of the occupation…”Jessica quipped. F twisted her mouth into a silent snarl.”At least I dealt with the head of the operation. That’s one less dangerous war-lord in the world.”Jessica pointed out with a certain smugness.”Yes, and how did you kill her?”F asked.”Well I – uh – tied her down, sat on her face and smothered her.”Jessica explained.”Exactly, and did you clean her face up afterwards? No! All it takes is for someone smart enough to trace your DNA off her face from the DNA you spilt in a previous mission, and if they find out you’re linked to British Intelligence, we’ll all be right in the shit!”F lectured.”Her nose certainly was in the shit when it was up inside my arse…!”Jessica jokingly remarked.”Take this seriously, Jessica! I should fire you on the spot if it wasn’t for your remarkable track record.You always do get your target, although I’d prefer if you used different, less-risky methods.”F begrudgingly praised.Bond just smiled, obviously aware of her talents.”Be that as it may, I have a new target for you.”F told her and she threw a brown file onto the desk with the words “CONFIDENTIAL” written front and centre in big bold red letters on it.Jessica opened it.Inside was a slightly grainy black and white picture of a dark-haired beauty wearing ripped black clothing that barely covered much of her impressive curvy physique.”Anali Cintova – a brutal assassin, just recently killed off an informant who sold out her agency for a vast amount of money.”F revealed as Jessica read through the file.”Anali Cintova? I thought she was just a myth – a legend.”Jessica pondered as her eyes scanned the pages.”So did we, until she finally slipped up on that last kill.She didn’t know there was a secret camera hidden in the bedroom of her victim,of course we was lucky to get the tape after one of our other agents slipped in toinvestigate the strange death.”F explained.”So she’s real? How many deaths do you reckon she’s responsible for?”Bond asked, her playful tone turning into a serious one, realising the serious nature of the case.”Too many to say. Our best estimates are at least in the 600 mark.”F told her.Jessica let out a small impressed whistle through her glossy pink pursed lips.”Make no mistake about it, Bond, she’s extremely dangerous. Tread with caution.”F warned.”Something tells me, Ms Cintova’s days of killing are soon to be over.”Jessica smirked in supreme confidence.”We have it on good intelligence that she’s headed for a plush casino in Croatia,where it is said she goes to celebrate every kill.”F informed the impressed secret agent.”You can count on me, F!”Jessica beamed with a flashy grin.Chapter 2:Later in the evening, Jessica Bond drove up to the entrance of a really fancy looking hotel/casino in the beautifully picturesque Dubrovnik in Croatia. She stepped out of her fancy Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition that had been upgraded to contain all sorts of wonderful toys and gadgets by Q.”If you so much as scratch my back, I’ll claw yours.”Bond quipped as she handed the keys of the car to a young valet as well as a few euros.”I’ll take the upmost care. Please enjoy your stay, madam.”The young Croat gentleman replied in perfect English.Bond walked inside, she was wearing a beautifully stylish black jacket over her white satin dress top, with the buttons undone to reveal her impeccably generous cleavage.She had a lovely black formal knee-length skirt on, and dark tan coloured tights covering her model-like legs.To complete the look, she had fancy black high-heels on her feet and her blonde hair was perfectly made up to suit the posh venue.She collected her cardkey to her room from front desk, which MI6 had already arranged all of her booking,and she then headed to the casino.It was a beautifully grand looking large room decked from wall to wall in the most extravagant marble, with all kinds of betting games set up at expensive looking green velvet tables, with smartly-dressed croupiers running the various games.Bond sidled up to the bar, and sat on the soft leather seat of the bar stool.”What would signora like?”A beautiful bartender walked up to Bond from behind the bar and asked.She was a stunningly gorgeous, slim, olive-skinned beauty with short black hair apart from a long fringe that swept over one of her dark brown eyes. The small black stud piercings in her ears, eyebrow, nostril, and lip belied the formal white work outfit with a small black apron that she was wearing.”I have a specific request for an acquired taste of mine, and I doubt that you would serve such a drink that I am after here…”Bond answered.”Try me, bella donna.”The young beauty of about 20 years of age challenged with a seductive wink.Her warm accent indicated that she wasn’t of Croatian descent,but more likely around the Mediterranean peninsular of Europe, such as Italy.Bond held her hand out, and beckoned with her perfectly manicured finger for the young woman to come closer.She leaned over the bar, allowing Bond to put her lips close to the girl’s pierced ear.”I’ll have a Fartini.”Bond whispered and then pulled her lips away.”Brewed, darling, not f0rced.”She added with a playful wink and then let out a soft coy chuckle.”Mmmm I know what you have in mind. La mia specialità.”The bartender replied, with another seductive wink.She turned around and as she reached for the gin and vermouth bottles,Bond lowered her eyes down to the shapely form of the gorgeous woman’s buttocks.So lovely and pert and round through her uniform.Bond sighed contently at such a pretty sight.As the woman turned around and mixed the cocktail together,she stared into Bond’s eyes.”I’m Barbarossa, and lucky for you, I’ve been holding onto a good one for a short while now.”The bartender coyly revealed.”Good to know, Barbarossa, that’s just how I like it.”Bond smirked.”What is your name?”Barbarossa asked.”The names Bond. Jessica Bond.”Bond answered her.”Please to meet you.”Barbarossa replied.”The pleasure’s mine, I assure you.”Bond seductively smiled at her.With the drink complete, Barbarossa quickly checked to make sure no one else was looking, before she then picked up a small transparent plastic cup-shaped object and then pulled down her dark grey slacks, revealing her gorgeously round and tanned derriere.She then held the martini to her buttocks, making sure it was placed directly over her bumhole as it pressed up against her dark crack. She looked at Bond, and winked with a sly grin.*PFFTLTLTLTLTFF*She let out a lovely rippling fart right over the drink.She then quickly covered the glass with that clear plastic, trapping her gas in the drink.It must have been a fairly hot fart, as the plastic quickly fogged up.She then shook the drink, mixing her gas into the clear alcoholic liquid.”Enjoy.”She smiled as she handed Bond the special cocktail.”I will, thank you.”Bond grinned as she took the drink.She bought it up to her nose, and slowly lifted the plastic so there was just a little peeking gap between the martini glass and the plastic.She sniffed in the lovely smell of the sweet alcohol and the musky fart.She closed her eyes as she enjoyed a nice long sniff of the incredible smell.”Mmmmm now that is a really good Fartini…”Bond groaned in pleasure.She then opened her eyes and looked at Barbarossa, who was staring back at her with a warm smile.”How much?”Bond asked about to reach into her small black designer handbag to pay for the drink.”My treat, on the house.”Barbarossa answered.”Well, I can’t allow you to go unrewarded for such a special drink, so here, you take this and I’ll see you at 11.”Bond responded and reached into her handbag. She pulled out a small piece of clean paper and wrote a little note onto it, which she then handed to Barbarossa.Barbarossa looked and saw she had written the number of her room that she was staying in.She then looked at the clock and realised 11 was only an hour away.”I’ll see you at 11 then.”Barbarossa looked up and told Bond, before she walked away to serve some other customers.Jessica turned around, sipping at her lovely fart-enriched cocktail.She scanned the room, and quickly saw her target playing poker at a table.She was watching the gorgeous assassin as she fiercely battled the other players at the game.She was too busy hawking at Anali Cintova to take notice of the large framed woman who walked over and sat on the stool beside her. The expensive and well-built stool creaked under the heavy weight of the woman’s large posterior. The stool was under real strain.”I see you got your eyes on her, too, Bond.”The woman güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri stated to Jessica in an American accent.Bond turned her attention onto the gorgeous looking yet big rotund lady.”Scorpio, or should I say Agent 78. Interesting choice of hairstyle.”Bond greeted her, and referred to her buzz cut.”Oh charmed, I’m sure(!)”The beautiful woman responded in a mocking posh British accent.Bond raised her eyebrow in a quizzical fashion.”You should just go fly yourself back home to jolly old England, toots; Anali’s mine.”Agent 78 told her as she gazed over to the dark-haired deadly assassin at the poker table.”I’m afraid you’re quite mistaken, 78, she’s my kill.”Bond replied.”How do you plan on doing it? You going to sit your little ass on her face like you did to those others?Ha! Such a small cushion is nothing compared to my big rump, only I have the power to see to her end.”Agent 78 taunted.”My arse is ample enough in size to put a full stop to Anali’s ways.Yours is just the physical embodiment of a typical American attitude; overblown overkill.Besides, Cintova is an entirely different kettle of fish to deal with compared to the easy old farts you been dispatching.”Jessica taunted back.”I’ll have you know, my big ass is no stranger to ending the life of a young fit strong woman.”Agent 78 proudly admitted.”Hm, I presume you’re talking about Iveta Rihanov? I know all about that.”Bond replied.”You do? Well good for you, it seems there is some intelligence in that silly little MI6 organisation of yours.”Agent 78 chuckled.Her seat creaked once more as she shuffled her large 78-inch butt on it.”At least I’m loyal to my country. You blew off your own CIA like you blow off farts.”Bond quaffed.”I have no time for those fools. I’ve no ties to them or any country or crown.Patriotism is for sentimental saps…”Scorpio declared casually.”They really ought to get larger stools in here, it feels like I’m straddling a large dildo!”Agent 78 suddenly stated and giggled. Bond briefly glanced down to the stool and saw that it was almost being swallowed up whole by her huge ass.”Charming. Well, I must make haste, I got some preparation to do.”Bond responded and put her empty martini glass onto the bar before she stood up off her stool.”Enjoy your visit. Although I’m afraid to say it’s going to be a wasted journey for you.”Bond told her before she headed off back to the front room. She got into an elevator and travelled up to her splendid hotel room.Chapter 3:A short time passed by, when Bond heard a tapping at her door.She peeked through the little peep-hole, and saw the gorgeous face of Barbarossa on the other side.”There’s a sight for sore eyes.”Bond greeted the gorgeous beauty as she opened the door.”Hello, sexy lady.”Barbarossa returned.She smiled and sniggered coyly.She was holding a bulky handbag.As soon as she stepped into the room, Bond wrapped her arms around her,and the 2 hugged in a passionate embrace, and then snogged each other.Bond kicked the door shut with her bare foot, and moved Barbarossa over to her bed.She dropped her bag as the steamy lovers fell onto the bed.They snogged, kissed, and tore each others clothes off.They ended up naked, with Barbarossa laying on top of Jessica.Bond’s hands couldn’t be drawn away from the gorgeous bubble of her ass,as she grabbed and rubbed it endlessly while they snogged.”I have thought of the perfect way for you to repay me for that drink.”Barbarossa suddenly interrupted their kissing.”Oh? Pray tell.”Bond replied.”You have a sexy kink for farts, yes? Well I have a sexy kink for servitù. Uh – how you say, bondage.”She revealed to her.”Well now, bondage is in my name…!”Jessica quipped, much to Barbarossa’s delight.”I bought my favourite handcuffs with me. May I?”She asked as she sat up on Bond, now straddling her stomach.”Be my guest.”Bond grinned.She watched as Barbarossa leaned down to the side to pick up her bag.She then pulled out several handcuffs, some had leather straps on them, the others were red and fluffy.Jessica held her arms up, with her hands already against the head frame of the bed.As Barbarossa leaned forward to cuff her wrists to the bed, she had pressed her soft supple beautifully pert tits into Bond’s face. Her erect nipples poked gently against her cheeks.With a short clicking clink, Bond was tied to the bed.”I like my lovers to be completely helpless when I tie them up. May I also tie your feet?”Barbarossa asked as she held onto 2 spare handcuffs.”Please do.”Bond replied, she was visibly getting so horny from their bondage play.Barbarossa turned around on Bond, so all Bond could see was the back of her beautiful body,the curve of her spine and gorgeous hips, but of course, her eyes were drawn to the magnificent shape of her ample buttocks which rested gently against her stomach.She swiftly cuffed Bond’s ankles to the bottom frame of the bed.She then turned back round, so was now facing Jessica as she sat on her.”You’re a natural at being tied up.”She playfully giggled to her.”It’s not my first time.”Bond chuckled.”Nor is it mine.”Barbarossa winked, and slid her hand down to stroke her hot and ready, waxed pussy.She leaned back down and began to snog Bond once more.As they snogged, Barbarossa began grinding her slippery pussy around on Bond’s belly,with her hard erect nipples pressing and rubbing on Bond’s also sexually charged tits.”Mmmmm I would love to fart in your face…”Barbarossa moaned with pleasure as she kissed Bond.”Mmmmm yeah I’d enjoy that…”Bond moaned sexually in reply.Barbarossa pulled her gorgeous exotic lips away from Jessica’s,and crawled up her body. She hovered over Bond’s chest, and turned her body around,so she was in a 69 position. She then lowered her naked shapely bubble butt down onto her face.Bond closed her eyes as the darkly sweet exotic smell of Barbarossa’s ass got stronger and stronger, until her nose was neatly tucked between the soft warm mounds of her wonderful ass.”You ready?”Barbarossa sighed.”Hm-mmm.”Bond softly groaned and nodded her head ever so slightly.*BDFF-PFFFBLTFTFTFT*A nice soft gush of hot musky air stuttered out of her taut little dark brown hole.Bond sighed happily as she breathed in the lovely strong yet refreshing breeze of hot gas.”Mmmmmm yours smells so good…”Bond moaned contently.her pussy pulsated as she sniffed in her wonderfully thrilling fart.”Più dove che è venuto da…”Barbarossa smiled as she softly spoke, and rubbed Bond’s very moist pussy with her fingertips.There was a sudden click from the door, and Barbarossa squealed in fright as Agent 78 barged elegantly into the room.She was surprisingly light on her feet despite her large bulky curvy frame.Barbarossa fell off of Bond, landing awkwardly onto the floor by the side of the bed.Bond looked up and stared at the grinning Agent 78.”Beat it, toots, your scrawny ass isn’t enough for her!”78 bleated.Barbarossa quickly grabbed her clothes and rushed out of the room,nearly tripping over herself as she put on her underwear and covered her breasts with her arm.”No! Wait – wait! Aghh…!”Bond called out to her before groaning in disappointment.”Well, well, well, having fun was we?”Agent 78 chuckled as she glided over to the bed.”‘Was’, yes.”Bond sighed.She then tried to pull her arms out of the restraints, but her wrists were stuck tight.”Make yourself useful love, and get the keys for these from that bag.”Bond instructed Agent 78.”Why would I do that? You look much too pretty all tied up and helpless!”Agent 78 warmly giggled as she began taking her black dress off.Bond stared at her, suddenly feeling very uneasy.78 then kicked her shoes off before she knelt onto the bed.The bed springs creaked loudly and the mattress bent under the heavy weight of her.”W-w-what are you doing?”Bond asked nervously.”Just getting comfortable.”The large assassin grinned, as she knelt beside Bond.”I wouldn’t do what you’re thinking of doing, if I was you…”Bond warned trying to keep her cool.”I don’t think you’re in any position to disagree now, are you?”78 chirped as she ran a large thick finger around the contours of Bond’s hips.Bond nervously swallowed.”I wonder how much I could get for killing off the legendary Jessica Bond…?”78 pondered to herself.”Not nearly enough as you would get for Cintova.”Bond remarked.”Oh I’m still going to get her, no worries there! I’m just thinking of you as an added bonus.”78 grinned playfully.”I know it’s very tempting, but you must think clearly here. We’d stand better chance if we worked together against Cintova.”Bond stated, trying desperately not to resort to begging.”What do you take me for? Some kind of amateur? I eat up gals like Cintova for breakfast,and I do love a good hearty breakfast!”78 chuckled.She then threw a large tree-trunk like leg over Bond’s thighs, and shifted her whole bodyweight over onto Bond, so she was now straddling her with her back to her.Bond couldn’t help but let out a groan of pain as she felt the whole 345lbs bearing down on her.If it wasn’t for the large thick mattress offering just enough of a cushiony support,Bond’s legs would have surely been crushed like stepped on spaghetti.”Please – think about what you’re doing…!”Bond groaned.”I am. I’m thinking how fun it’s going to be to crush you with my big fat ass!”78 squealed in delight.Her big ass was sitting right over Bond’s naked lap.Bond’s whole crotch area was completely engulfed under 78’s large rippling butt.The 2 large buttocks swallowed up Bond’s crotch, with plenty of room to spare for her soft large mounds of cellulite pocked bumcheeks to hang over Bond’s whole lap area.She could feel the incredible heat radiating off of her butthole over her naked flesh.She also felt a misty dew forming around 78’s large fat pussy lips.She was clearly turned on sitting on Bond.”I saw you ordered a Fartini from that pretty young thing earlier,lets see how you handle a more fulfilling gassy meal!”Agent 78 declared.*PFFTTBLBLBLBLBLBLBFTLTLTLTPFFFF!*She let loose a large slightly muffled fart that ripped its way right over and into Bond’s naked vagina. Bond shuddered as she felt the hot air f0rce its way into her fanny.It felt like a solid thing, before the hot breeze of wind slowly seeped back out,making a small muffled raspberry sound as it did.”Listen ok, if you let me go, I’ll give you Cintova on a plate, still alive, for you to play with and dispatch however you wish.”Bond’s voice was slightly strained under the crushing weight.”Oh I’m going to have fun playing with her, but not until I’m done playing with you!”78 enthused. Killing excited her immensely.To Bond’s horror, she then began to back that gorgeous yet deadly huge ass up.She moved backwards on Bond, bringing her big powerful ass closer and closer to Bond’s face.Bond could only watch in terror as the big ass dawned on her like a full moon rising.”No – no! No!”Bond cried, realising her impending doom.Closer and closer, 78’s ass came, until…”Ahh there we go, that’ll shut you up!”78 warmly chuckled in an evil way, with her ass having sm0thered Bond’s face whole.So large was her ass, and so deep was her huge crack, that it felt to Bond like as if her ass had actually sucked in her face. She was wedged in tight. youwin güvenilir mi Unable to escape or pull herself away.She was trapped with her face lodged right up into her hot sweaty smelly asscrack.Her nose was pressing so hard against 78’s butthole that it was in danger of being pushedright up inside of it.She could hardly breathe at all, and any attempts to scream or beg for mercy was a futile effort as the only sounds she could make were muffled too much for Agent 78 to hear.The sounds of her restraints clinked fast against the frame of the bed, as she desperately kicked and wiggled her arms and legs,much to the amusement of 78.”Oh I’m sorry, please allow me to let you have a proper smell of my ass!”78 cheered as she moved her butt just ever so slightly forward.She allowed just enough of a space between Bond’s nose and her sweaty asshole.Bond breathed in through her nose.Oh the smell. That powerfully dark erotic yet sickly sweet smell.Like dark chocolate covered musk.*PPFFFFFOOOOMMPPPTTTFTFFTT!!*Agent 78 blasted a huge fart right into Bond’s face.”Ahhh that’s better! Hmm, you smell that? Smell good?”78 chuckled heartily as she teased her.The strong smell of her ass was now stinking even more from her fart.It was such a huge blast of hot wind that it knocked the air out of Bond’s lungs.She choked as the suffocating hot smell felt like it sm0thered her entire being.”That airline food gives me such bad gas!”78 revealed in a playful manner.”Pleeeeeeeeaseeee…”Bond sighed breathlessly.”Oh don’t beg, cupcake, it embarrasses the both of us.”Agent 78 told her, as she then let her big ass fully cover Bond’s face once more.”You should count yourself lucky. You get the honour of having my big smelly fart be the last thing you ever smell!”Agent 78 proudly boasted.In the pitch black, smelly darkness, Bond desperately tried to cling to life.She felt her eyes beginning to glaze over like frosted windows.”mhoo hmm haphh mhh mhmmee phmrr heemm Hmemphophrr…”Bond struggled out a desperate yet heavily muffled plea.Her muffled voice almost getting completely lost in deep smelly darkness of 78’s butt.*PFFFAAARRPPHHHH!*”Sorry what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my fart!”Agent 78 laughed.”mhoo hmm haphh mhh mhoney phmrr heemm Cimemphophrr…!”Bond repeated through 78’s hot heavy musky wind.Mustering the last of her strength to scream it out.The word ‘money’ caught the interest of 78.She lifted her butt up ever so slightly, allowing Bond to speak a little bit more clearly.”What was that I heard about money?”78 asked.Bond was panting hard,”I – I said – I said – you can have my money for killing Cintova -“Bond breathlessly panted, desperately filling her lungs with fresh yet heavily ass-scented air.”Hmm, interesting proposal… How much are you being paid?”78 questioned her.”5 – £500,000… Plus travel expenses -“Bond panted.”Wow, MI6 really want her gone, don’t they?”78 giggled.”If you let me – let me weaken her for you – you can finish her off – and get the reward money from both MI6 and your agency…”Bond proposed.If there’s one thing Agent 78 loves as much as crushing a person to death with her ass,it’s money, and lots of it.”Hmm… Ok Ms Bond, you have yourself a deal. let’s shake on it!”Agent 78 cheered as she then pressed her big huge hot butt into Bond’s face andjiggled her ass all over Bond’ face, laughing as she does.Bond groaned.She then let up, and with surprising grace, she got off the bed andproceeded to grab the cuff keys and released Bond.She then held her hand out for Bond’s hand, grabbed it tight, then pulled Bond up off the bed with such ease, like as if she was picking up a kitten.Before she released Bond’s hand, however, she pulled her in real close, clutching her tight with her big heavy tits almost suffocating Bond’s face.”Now listen to me carefully, Bond. If you so much as think of double-crossing me,I’ll make you suffer with my ass like you can’t even imagine. Do I make myself clear?”78 threatened her as she towered over Bond.Bond nervously gulped.”Crystal clear, ma’am.”Bond replied.Agent 78 released her from her clutch, and slipped on her dress, and walked out of the room.Bond sighed in huge relief.Despite 78 having left the room, every breath she took regardless of if it was through her nose or mouth, the smell of 78’s ass and fart still clung tightly onto her.It was like as if the room itself was bathed in 78’s scent, but really,it was the skin on Bond’s face to which the scent was stuck on.Chapter 4:An hour later, Bond had managed to obtain the number to Cintova’s room through some sneaky detective work.She made her way to her room, and using a smart piece of tech on her watch that Q had made,she was able to gain access into the room.It was pretty dark in there, as the curtains were drawn shut and no lights were on.Cintova was still out, but Bond knew it wouldn’t be long until she returns,so she hid away in the shadows, and waited…Finally, the door clicked open as Cintova used her keycard.She walked in, closing the door behind her, and sighed. She was a little wobbly, a little drunk.She had been wearing an elegant ball gown, which she easily slipped off along with her shoes. She was now naked.She walked over to the curtains, and opened the door leading to the small balcony outside.Bond crept out from the shadows, waiting behind Cintova for the perfect moment to strike.As Cintova stepped back inside, Bond pounced!She lunged and grabbed Anali’s neck with her arm in a chokehold.Anali struck Bond’s stomach with an elbow strike, and kicked her feet hard against the balcony’s door frame, pushing her and Bond over onto the floor.Bond held tight, squeezing her.Anali was much stronger than Bond realised, and she dug her black nails between Bond’s arm and her neck, allowing a bit of breathing space.”Fucking die!”Bond hissed.Anali used her other arm to keep punching and elbowing Bond’s ribs.With each strike, Bond would grunt in pain.Bond tried to roll her over onto her front.Anali got onto her knees, with Bond on her back, still trying to get proper purchase of her neck.Anali managed to stand up, carrying Bond on her back.She then ran to the wall and turned around, smashing Bond against the wall.She then ran into the bedside table, and smashed Bond into it, knocking and smashing the lamp.Bond kicked the back of Anali’s knee, f0rcing her to kneel onto the floor.Anali grabbed the arm around her neck and flipped Bond over her head.Before Bond could react, Anali quickly dug her knees hard into Bond’s upper arms.She then moved forward, and sat her naked butt down onto Bond’s face.”Hurrph!”Bond’s grunt in pain was muffled by Cintova’s fleshy yet strong buttocks.”Big mistake! You die here bitch!”Cintova declared in a eastern European accent.Bond bent her back up and lifted her legs up, and kept trying to wrap them around Anali’s neck, but to no avail.”You are pathetic, English dog!”Cintova taunted.She kept trying, and managed to hook a foot under one of Cintova’s arms.She pulled her foot forward, knocking Anali off balance and made her lean forward.Bond quickly lifted her head up and forward, as there was now a big gap between her face and Anali’s ass, but in one swift movement, Cintova had quickly outstretched her legs with her thighs against both sides of Bond’s neck, and she then crossed her legs, trapping Bond’s neck in her thighs’ vice-like grip.”Oh no…”Bond thought, immediately realising the dangerous position she’s in.Anali squeezed her thick powerful tree-trunk thighs together, squeezing the air out of Bond’s throat.Bond wrapped her arms around the big strong yet smooth as silk thighs, and desperately tried to pull them apart,but it was useless. Even Hercules wouldn’t be strong enough to pry them apart.”Ha ha ha! Stupid bitch, look at you. Just submit to superior woman, and die.”Cintova mocked triumphantly as she stretched her arms down strait, holding her upper body half up off the ground,arching her back for supreme leverage on her thighs.Bond could only stare at her opponent’s naked body, specifically the glow of the moonlight peeking through the curtains, shining over the smooth soft skin of her back, and the 2 soft perfect mounds of Cintova’s powerfully gorgeous bumcheeks.”Pleeeeeaseee…”Bond gasped through strained breath as she felt the life being sapped out of her.”Ha ha ha! What is this? The great Bond begging for life? Ha!”Cintova cruelly laughed and mocked.”Pleeeeaseee…”Bond gasped with the last of her breath. The strength had all but depleted from her body.She then felt the darkness fill her vision.She was a moment from unc0nsciousness.”Going so soon? Ha! I don’t think so, silly English dog.”Cintova then eased the pressure around her thighs, allowing Bond just the most faintest of air to breathe.Bond felt weaker than she ever felt before.Her limbs were shaking and was entirely unable to so much as move them an inch.Her arms fell from Anali’s warm soft strong thighs, and rested on the hard cold floor beside them.”I haven’t built up proper fart for you yet. We must wait for me to do so, yes?”Cintova smirked as she made sure to keep Bond’s head locked between her thighs.”In mean time, you just sniff my smell.”Cintova told her as she then reached her arm back and grabbed a good chunk of Bond’s hair.She then quickly allowed a gap between her thighs and Bond’s neck, and yanked Bond’s face forward right up against her magnificent naked ass.She then clamped her thighs shut again around Bond’s neck, with Bond’s mouth firmly wedged right up against the smooth waxed soft perfect slits of her wonderfully shaped misty pussy.With Jessica now unable to breathe at all through her mouth, it meant the only air she was getting into her weakened body was through her nose, and that was stuck right up close against Cintova’s deep dark ass crack,and every breath in was laced with her strong sweetly dark bum scent.”You smell that, bitch? That is smell of your doom!”Cintova grinned wildly.Cintova would continue to squeeze Bond’s neck until she almost passed out, only to then ease her grip, allowing her to breathe the scent of her ass in some more,before squeezing the breath away. She would repeat this over and over again,just to toy and play with Bond’s life, which Anali enjoyed immensely.”Will you just kill her already?”A voice from the shadows suddenly beamed out.Cintova glanced sharply in shock over to the balcony door.Through the curtains, in walked the majestically powerful Agent 78.She was wearing a small black vest top and nothing else.She had a hand held against her fat pussy, she was softly playing with herself.”What are you doing here, fat bitch? I’m busy.”Cintova asked, still head scissoring Bond on the floor.”I’m enjoying the show!”Scorpio grinned.”Pleeease heeelp…”Bond breathlessly pleaded, weakly reaching a hand to Agent 78.”You want watch? Pay admission ticket!”Cintova snapped.”I must admit, I’m a fan of your work, but your attitude is rather appalling, hon.”78 bemoaned as she walked over to the lower half of Cintova, right where Bond’s head is.”Touch me and I snap her neck, then I crush yours!”Cintova threatened.She was like a snake constricting it’s prey, in that she wouldn’t let the menacing presence perabet of Agent 78 interrupt her kill.”My, we are highly strung this evening, aren’t we?”78 cooed playfully.”Pleeeasee… We had… A deeaal…”Bond desperately gasped.She was so close to unc0nsciousness again.Agent 78 just looked down at her, a grin on her face.She was clearly getting off on Bond’s demise.”Let me finish English bitch, then I deal with you.”Cintova told 78.”You, deal with me? Ha, I don’t think so.”78 smirked confidently as she stepped one leg over Cintova’s thighs.Bond was now staring up at the incredibly impressive yet frighteningly beautiful sight of Agent 78’s huge 78-inch wide fat blubbery ass.”Oh no…”Bond thought as the colour completely drained from her face.She knew exactly what was about to happen, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.Suddenly, that big wide massive ass came rushing down towards her face.”NOOOOOOO-oommpphhhh!!!”Bond’s stricken scream against Anali’s pussy became engulfed and muffled under 78’s flesh.Her whole face disappeared into the huge hot lardy musky sweaty enclave of 78’s canyon.Agent 78 bared all of her weight down onto Bond’s face and Cintova’s thighs.”ARRRRGGGHHH!!”Cintova yelled out in pain.With her thighs pressing so hard against her neck and the sides of her face,Bond could heard the bones in Anali’s thighs cracking and popping like popcorn.”GET OFF!!! FUCKING BITCH!!! -CRUSHING MEEE!!!”Cintova continued crying out in pain.”That’s good to hear, sweety.”Agent 78 calmly smiled.”I’ll fucking kill you! Fat whore! How dare you damage my prized legs!”Cintova cried.It was obvious to Bond that Anali was trying to release the grip around her neck,trying to wiggle and move them free from under 78’s crushing ass, but she was stuck solid.She couldn’t move, and in turn that meant Bond couldn’t move either.Both women were being crushed by Agent 78.”Let go – let go – let go – let go – you can have her – let go -“Cintova burst her words out in a pained panic. She just wanted so badly to get away from the pain of 78’s 345lbs weight on her thighs.Bond’s nose was still trapped between both Anali’s ass crack, and the more bigger, more smellier, more powerful butthole of 78. With every strained breath in through her nose, all she could smell was the scent of Anali’s ass being overlapped by the dark sweetly sickening smell of Agent 78’s powerfully musky asshole. She was desperately running out of air.*PPFFFHHTTTFFFFTTTT…*A sudden gush of hot muffled wind came out of Anali’s asshole into Bond’s nostrils and also over the bridge of her nose.”Fucking fat bitch! You’re crushing wind out of me!”Anali cried in pain.Bond helplessly breathed in the hot gaseous air of Cintova’s fart.”Oh you cheeky bitch, how dare you fart before I do!”Agent 78 chuckled, and then to Bond’s horror, began to push and bear down her asshole.*BWWWOOOORRRRPPPPPFFFTTTT!*A loud thunderous fart blasted right over Bond’s face.Oh god it smelt so strong. Far too strong for Bond to take,but she had no choice but to take it.She was trapped in the suffocating eggy stench.She tried to kick her legs about, but she was much too weak.There certainly was no moving her head away from the smell as it was trapped by Anali’s thighs.She just had to stare right up into the dark claustrophobic space of 78’s massive smelly ass.”Ahhhh… Much better out then in, don’t you agree, Anali?”78 sighed contently and chuckled.”Dirty fat whore! You fucking fart on me?! Dirty fat bitch!”Cintova groaned in disgusted pain.She was clawing at the laminated wooden flooring, trying desperately to crawl out under from Agent 78 but she was going nowhere.Bond could no longer hold onto her consciousness.She was passing out, and she knew it.She closed her eyes, embracing the quiet scary peace that was washing over her senses.Not that this mattered at all to Agent 78, her pussy was now seeping out loads of horny juices.She was so turned on as she felt the life drain away from Bond.*GRRRRRRRGGGGGLLL…*The final breath escaped from Bond’s lungs.”Noooo! She was my kill!”Anali cried, realising that was Jessica’s death rattle.”Oops, did my lovely big fat ass just off the great and powerful Bond? Whoopsie!”Agent 78 playfully giggled, holding a finger to her lip, feigning concern in a playful manner.”Let’s see if my ass can breathe fresh life back into her, shall we?”Agent 78 stated.”No! Dooooon’t!!”Anali screamed as Agent 78 pushed and -*FFFAAARRRRRRPPPPMMMPPFFFTTT!*-unleashed another powerful hot blast of hot rancid gas over Bond’s face and Anali’s broken thighs.”Dirty whore! Dirty fucking fat whore!”Anali yelled in anger and disgust.Agent 78 ignored her comments, and grabbed Bond’s wrist, lifting her lifeless arm up before letting go, watching it drop and smack against the hard floor.”Hmm, nope, didn’t work. Oh well, you live and learn!”Agent 78 casually stated and then chuckled gleefully.She then finally stood up, allowing some kind of relief to Anali’s crushed thighs.She stared down at her triumphant work, looking at the lifeless face of Bond.She noticed a small peaceful smile on her face.”Well, she seems to have died in a happy place!”Agent 78 remarked cheerily.Anali finally managed, with great painful effort, to unwrap her aching thighs from Bond’s neck,and crawled forward, getting away from Agent 78 who just stood there, watching her crawl.”You got somewhere to go?”Agent 78 asked her.”Fuck off, fat yankee bitch!”Anali growled as she crawled over to the balcony door.Well, Agent 78 was blocking the path to the door out of the room.78 calmly walked over to her as she crawled past the curtains.She was attempting to escape somehow from the balcony.”Good luck climbing down with your broken legs.”Agent 78 smirked.”Fuck off! Fat yankee whore…”Anali snarled as she crawled out onto the small balcony. She grabbed the cold iron railings and attempted to lift herself up with them.Agent 78 followed behind her.”Here, let me help you.”Agent 78 declared as she grabbed Anali’s ankles and easily lifted her up by them.”Arrgghh!! Let go off me!”Anali cried in pain as Agent 78 then lifted her up and dangled her over the balcony railings.Anali began to scream in such pain, as she felt the broken shattered bones in her thighs come under great strain from her bodyweight being dangled like that.Not to mention the fact that she was really high up, and looking down at an extremely scary height.”You want to reconsider your words? I’m sure the last thing you want is for me to let go.”Agent 78 toyed with her.”Arrrrgggghhh!! Noooooo!!! Pull me back in!! Pleeeeaasse!!”Anali screamed and begged in terror and pain.”Aww, you sure? It’s no trouble at all for me to do that, if you want me to let you go?”Agent 78 continued to tease and toy with her.”No! Noooo!!! Don’t let me go! Don’t let me goooo!!”Anali cried, tears of fear were now streaming down her cheeks.”Hmm, ok, suit yourself.”Agent 78 sighed and pulled her back in over the railings.She then dragged her back into the room, and popped her down onto the floor, on her back.”You want money? I’ll give money, just let me go, please!”Anali begged realising there’s no getting away from 78.”Bond offered to give me money, and look where she is right now.”Agent 78 pointed to the lifeless corpse.”Please, please. I have better money. More money. I’ll do anything you want just please don’t kill me with your fat ass!”Anali continued to beg and plead.”It’s not me to should beg to, you should beg to my ass and see what it says.”78 chuckled as she turned around and stood over Anali’s head.She bent forward, revealing every inch of her massive round butt.Anali placed her hands onto the thick soft fleshy calves of 78’s legs.”P-p-please don’t sit on me! D-d-don’t kill me like this. Not this way, please!S-s-shoot me, ok? Y-you can shoot me, just please don’t kill me with your ass, please not like this!”Anali tearfully begged.She knew the game was up for her, that she was dead anyway, she just wanted it over and done with.”Hmm, what do you think, ass? Should we let her off and not kill her?”Agent 78 playfully asked her massive behind as she places both hands onto both big cheeks and pulled them apart, spreading open the deep dark crack of her big butthole.*BBLLAARRPPFFTT!*She ripped a short yet good strong fart over Anali’s face.”Sorry, my butt says ‘no’!”Agent 78 laughed and then dropped her massive ass right down onto her face.”NOOOOO-pphhhhh!!”Anali screamed as her face become swallowed up into the huge hot fleshy smelly butt.She shook and kicked her infamous yet achingly sore thick legs.She pressed and pushed 78’s large rippling cheeks but there was no budging her,not even by an inch.She continued to scream, but it was muffled heavily by the bulking flesh.”That’s it, you just go ahead and scream. Let all the air out of your lungs, you’ll die quicker.”Agent 78 calmly spoke with sadistic glee.God her pussy was getting so wet, she was so turned on by killing.Her juices were seeping out of her large flabby pussy, and mixing up with the sweaty dew around her hot smelly musky asshole.Those bodily juices were converging right around Anali’s mouth and nose,so not only was she being crushed and suffocated to death, she was also drowning!”bl-bl-bl-bl-bleeepphhhssshhh!”Anali’s attempt at begging ‘please’ blubbered and bubbled out of the muffling flesh,much to Agent 78’s amusement at the funny tingling sensation.*FFFFLRLRLRLRFTFTFTFTFFF!*”Quiet, you.”78 ordered along with her rippling stiflingly hot smelly fart.Within a couple long drawn out minutes,as the life seeped out of Anali’s body,she finally let out her final breath.”Ahhh, peace at least.”Agent 78 sighed happily. as she felt her breathe her last breath into her ass.*PLARFFPTT!*She let out another short bursting fart over Anali’s face.She then leaned back, crushing her cheekbones in the process,and began to rub her swollen puffy pussy and her hard erect clitoris.She closed her eyes and enjoyed the immense pleasurable feeling of masturbating right there on top of Anali’s head/face to orgasmic bliss.Having successfully cummed with her pussy juices leaking out all over both her own body and Anali’s lower neck/chest, she sighed in relief, and sat up strait.As always, when she’s most relieved, she lifted a large buttcheek up, and ripped another satisfying post-orgasm fart, which rippled over the nose and cheek of Anali.She then stood up, and took a moment to admire her handiwork at killing off two very powerful assassins.She got dressed, and reached into Bond’s pocket for her secret card.She easily decoded Bond’s assigned codeword on it to text to F’s number on her phone, meant to be texted over when she had killed Anali. Agent 78 then sent the message through, knowing within moments the money for killing Anali would be transferred over into Bond’s account.She smiled at Bond, and thanked her by squatting down over her cold dead face.”Thank you for your money, Ms Jessica Bond, now sl££p tight, and sweet dreams.”She thanked the dead agent.*BLLARRFFTTTT!*She blew her a “kiss” from her deadly ass, before standing up, and walked proudly out of the room.She went back to Bond’s room, rifled through her bag to obtain her credit card,enabling her with the help her handlers back at the agency, to access her funds and steal all her money before MI6 find out about the death of Bond.Just before she left, she stopped at the doorway, and turned back around to look at Bond’s outfit laying on the bed.”Goodnight, Bond.”She smiled, pleased with herself, and flicked off the light.The End

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