Jessie and Emily, The Hunter’s Second and Third

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I was driving to my favorite grocery store to stock up on essentials. I saw a blur appear in my peripheral vision and woke up two days later in the hospital. I had a broken leg, a broken wrist and a concussion. A delivery truck had run a red light and broadsided my car. Luckily for me, a policeman was witness to the accident and had quickly gotten an ambulance on the scene. Even better for me was the four moving violations issued to the driver of the truck. The company had sent a representative to the hospital, trying to settle before I sued them. My daughter had rejected all offers and told them I would contact them. My daughter was a great help to me while I was in the hospital, but she had a job and a home of her own to take care of. The pastor from church was checking on me when we brought up just how I was going to manage keeping up with my home with a broken leg, a bad wrist, and a previous injury that limited my other arm. I told him I had no idea. I asked if anyone from the church was available to hire for five or six weeks. He said he had an idea but had to check on a few things first. The preacher called me and told me he had two people who would rotate days and early evenings for as long as I needed. I thanked him profusely because my other option was a rehab center. My daughter helped me get discharged from the hospital, get home, and finally contact the delivery company explaining just what we had in mind. They agreed to pay for my helpers, my medical bills, my car, and a decent settlement for my injuries. Father Frank arrived at my house with Jessie and Emily in tow. These young ladies have had a bad year. They lost their father to cancer, their grandfather to a heart attack, and were both looking for employment to help their mother with the huge debt their dad’s disease piled up. This would pay them a very good income for a while anyway. My daughter showed them where everything was and explained what they would have to do for me. We all asked if they were okay with basically being live in maids and nurses. I needed help with everything. They said they could handle it, especially after we discussed the pay I would be able to offer them. Jessie is the older sister and she took charge. Jessie is twenty one, 5’5” tall with long curly brown hair. She has brown eyes and is gorgeous. Jessie is a full bodied young woman with great curves and a killer smile. Neither girl is overly buxom. Jessie is probably a 36C cup. Emily is nineteen, 5’2” tall and she is built like a brick shit house. She has mersin escort perfect curves. Emily has just enough hips to draw attention without trying. She has a small waist and just enough breasts to make a man drool. Emily has perfect tear shaped 34B cup breasts. They look amazing on her small frame. I have stolen several looks down her blouse in choir. Our first few days were uneventful. They met my every need. One of the sisters was always available, even if the other was running errands. Jessie was stronger and could help me up and get to the bathroom better, and man that girl can cook. Emily was very shy at first, but as time went by she loosened up a lot. I told the girls they should act like my home was their home. Eat what they want, drink what they want, and hit the pool anytime they want. They liked that idea a lot. It gets very hot here in North Texas. “Hey Jessie, do you think you can get me out by the pool this afternoon?” I asked. “I think we can manage that. I think some fresh air would do you some good,” Jessie added. “Can we go swimming?” Emily asked excitedly. “We didn’t bring any suits, sis,” Jessie replied. “Kohl’s is a half a mile away. Take my credit card and both of you sneak over there and buy suits, I’ll be fine for an hour alone,” I promised. The girls took off in a hurry. They were back in a little over an hour laughing and teasing each other. They went into the guest room and changed. Jessie came out first in a one piece suit that was flattering but practical. Emily came out a bit later and she was stunning. She wore a tiny bikini that accentuated all of her positives. The girls helped me outside, then they both dived in to my pool. I forgot to mention to the girls how cool the pool temp was. They both surfaced sputtering and screaming about how cold they were. Both girls’ nipples were hard enough to cut glass. Their bodies adjusted quickly and they were soon having a blast. Emily was swimming laps underwater and Jessie frolicking and twirling every which way. It was great watching these lovely creatures having fun. They played in the pool for a long time. I dozed off for a while and when I woke they were both quite sunburned. I told them as much and they both said there was no way they were burned already. I told them they were going to suffer later. They laughed it off. We went inside and they both showered and came out walking quite tenderly. They were both bright red. I laughed then apologized for being insensitive. I told them I had some sun burn cream but mersin escort bayan it was green and sticky. I helped slather the girls with the cream and they turned in early. I jacked off twice thinking about those two lovely ladies. They cheerily woke me bright and early the next morning. I needed a shower in the worst way. “Excuse me girls but I need a shower. I don’t know if you want to flip a coin and the loser has to help me, but one of you is going to have to help me inside the shower. I waited as long as I could. I am sorry girls,” I apologized. “I will help you this time,” Emily said. She went and donned her bikini and got the water nice and hot. She helped me strip and covered my casts with plastic bags. I hobbled into the shower. The hot water felt amazing. I was able to wash half of me but one handed I was screwed. Emily grabbed the soap and washed everything I couldn’t reach. I started getting hard. “I’m sorry kiddo. It has been a long time since anyone as pretty as you has been this close to me while I was naked,” I said sadly. “It is only natural,” Emily said as she soaped my fully hard cock. She slid her soft hand up and down my erection for a few minutes. She reached up and peeled off her top. She soaped up her tits and knelt down before me. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them together and slid them up and down my raging hard dick. I came so hard I almost fell over her. I sprayed cum all over her soft tits. “Wow kiddo thanks,” I said breathlessly. “Well that one was for you, the next one is for me,” Emily said sexily. “Any time you want kiddo,” I said quickly. “We will have to send Jessie away on errands if we want any privacy,” Emily said quietly. We finished our bath and she helped me get dressed before she went and got dressed herself. Jessie had made our breakfast and was sitting down to eat. She was wearing a frumpy house coat. It made her look years older than her actual twenty one. “Jessie, can I ask you a personal question kiddo?” I asked. “Sure, ask away,” Jessie smiled. “Why do you dress like an old lady kiddo?” I asked tentatively. “You are such a beautiful woman. Quit hiding your beauty under all of these frumpy clothes,” I begged. “I am not a beautiful woman,” Jessie said sadly. “You are full of crap! You and your sister are beautiful enough to be models,” I said emphatically. “Emily sure is, she is the sexy one, the one all the guys want to have sex with, the one you flirt with first,” Jessie said looking at her feet. “Jessie honey, you two escort mersin girls are like night and day. I could never choose one as my favorite. I flirt with you both because … because I want you both,” I said honestly. “I have only had sex once and it was awful,” Jessie said sadly. “You didn’t do it right sis,” Emily said entering the room. “Let’s eat then maybe we can finish this conversation somewhere more comfortable. My leg is killing me in this hard chair,” I said. We ate and Jessie helped me get to the sofa as Emily cleared the dishes. When Jessie leaned over to help me up, her robe opened revealing her beautiful, perfectly shaped breasts. Jessie caught me staring and I swear she smiled. It was just a hint of a smile, but it was there. When I was settled Jessie leaned down and picked up my broken leg to sit it on the ottoman. Her robe opened even more and she stared into my eyes as I slowly looked down at her marvelous breasts. Jessie stayed there letting me feast on her breasts. I licked my lips and stared. She never moved just letting me enjoy the view. I reached inside her robe and fondled her soft warm tit. It was heavy and firm as I squeezed softly. Jessie moaned and closed her eyes. I heard Emily turn the water in the sink off so I yanked my hand away from Jessie’s breast. “Jessie, you are a very sexy girl who just happens to dress like an old lady. I want you to take my credit card and go buy yourself three or four modern, hip and sexy outfits. If you come back with frumpy, old lady clothes, I will spank you. Do you understand?” I asked Jessie. “Yes sir, I understand,” Jessie answered. “Good girl, now go get showered and changed then come back here and we can discuss where you should go shopping,” I said as Jessie left to get changed. “That was brilliant!” Emily exclaimed. “Why is that kiddo?” I asked. “We will have a few hours all alone when Jessie leaves,” Emily said gleefully. Jessie finished her shower and got dressed before returning. I told her where the closest stores were located and instructed her to skip Wal-Mart if she knew what was good for her. She took my credit card and rental car keys and off she went. Jessie was barely out the door when Emily stripped naked and jumped into my lap. She started kissing me all over my face and neck. “Wow Emily, you are so different from what I have seen at church. What has gotten into you?” I asked. “I usually have sex three or four times a week and the other days I use my toys on myself at least twice a day. I have been hooked on sex ever since I was sixteen and my boyfriend slid his finger inside my tight pussy. Jessie, god love her, has cramped my sex life ever since we got here. I am about to explode if I don’t cum soon and often, Emily said unbuttoning my shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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