Joey Finds a New App Ch. 37

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Joey woke up early due to being lodged inside his sister’s pussy. He grew hard while sleeping and found himself slowly sliding his cock in and out of Jane’s pussy. Waking a bit more he became fully aware of where he was and that his cock was still inside of his sister. He moved his free hand to her hip and worked his other hand up her back and held her shoulder as he started rocking his hip to work his dick in and out of her. Immediately, Jane began moaning as Joey stroked her pussy. She reached back and held his hips, then rolled onto her stomach with Joey now on her back. She spread her legs allowing Joey to fall into position with his knees now up against hers and he started fucking her. Slowly at first to get the full range, then he picked up his pace. It felt good to have his sister’s ass pushed up against him as his started plowing into her. He lifted himself up high with his arms and increased his rhythm, aggressively driving his dick into his sister’s pussy. She laid flat with her ass pushed up somewhat to allow Joey a good angle for penetration.

“Mm. Sister you are sure something to wake up to,” Joey said while drilling his hard dick into her.

“Yes, Joey! Fuck me!” she said in a raspy voice.

Joey fucked his sister harder, and he felt like he would cum quickly if he wanted to. Jane was moaning loudly as he pummeled her into the bed. She pushed her ass up into her brother as he drove into her and was clearly close to orgasm as she started shaking uncontrollably.

“Joey fuck me…. fuck me!” she begged.

Joey continued driving into her; allowing her fat ass to ripple with each thrust.

“Sister. Take it. Take my cock and my seed. I’m going to fill you up,” Joey said to his sister.

A few strokes later, both Joey and Jane were orgasming together. They both pressed into each other and held together while they came. Joey pumped his sister full of cum as he pushed himself into her pussy. When they finished, Joey rolled off of his sister and pulled her close for a kiss.

“Sister. You are so hot,” Joey said softly to his sister.

“Dork. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. I’m not just saying that because your cock is like a python, I’m saying that because I love you,” she said affectionally.

“I love you too, Sister,” Joey said. They kissed and caressed each other a few minutes longer, then broke away and both went to the shower.

Joey went to his bedroom and got himself ready for a shower. As he headed into the bathroom, he met his brother on the way in. Adam was wearing tight, pink panties and walked to Joey before dropping to his knees and taking his brother’s cock into his mouth. Joey looked down at Adam as he cleaned and sucked his cock.

Joey lifted his brother to bring him face to face and then kissed him softly taking notice of his growing ass and hips. He led him into the shower and started washing his own hair while watching Adam. He then rinsed and applied conditioner before turning and allowing Adam to get under the water. He intervened and took the shampoo and applied it to Adam’s head. He rubbed his hair with his fingers, massaging it into his scalp and then took Adam back for a rinse. He then applied conditioner with the same method before retrieving the body soap. He rubbed the soap into his brother’s slim feminine body. He knelt and lathered up his thick legs and fat ass with soap. He paid particular attention to Adam’s ass, pressing his finger into Adam’s asshole a couple knuckles deep. Joey soaped up Adam’s little dick and balls which seemed nearly miniscule at this point. While knelt in front of his brother he continued to soap him up, running his hands up his slim abdomen and soft breasts. Joey turned him into the water to rinse and then leaned down taking Adam’s completely hard dick into his mouth. His dick being less than an inch long now, easily fit inside of Joey’s lips as he sucked his brother’s dick. Joey pressed his mouth up against his brother’s pelvic bone, completely swallowing his tiny dick. He used his tongue and lips to suck his little dick and within short order Adam was filling Joey’s mouth with cum. Joey allowed his mouth to fill with his brother’s cum and then stood. He bent his head down and kissed his brother releasing the load of cum into Adam’s mouth. They kissed for a few minutes, sharing Adam’s cum before breaking away and continuing with the shower. Joey watched as Adam lathered up his body, taking his time to rub over Joey’s hard muscles. He ran his hands down Joey’s back and legs, then went ahead to soap up Joey’s third leg. They rinsed each other off before exiting the shower and drying off.

Joey went to his room and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt before going downstairs. He found his dad sitting at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper.

“Hey, Dad,” Joey said as he entered the kitchen. “You’re up early.”

“Yeah. Your mom and I were restless this morning. She’s in the bath now,” his dad answered.

Joey walked tuzla escort over and noticed his dad’s fat ass on the stool and noticed that his undershirt was bulging out where his new B-cup breasts formed.

“So, what’s happening, Dad?” Joey asked nonchalantly.

“Nothing. Just crazy politics and world domination,” he said sarcastically as he put the paper down. “Can I make you some breakfast, Son?”

“Thanks, Dad. That would be nice. I woke up so hungry,” Joey said as he sat on the stool next to his dad.

His dad stood and walked to the oven and began assembling items for breakfast. “Want bacon and eggs?” he asked turning to Joey.

“That would be great, Dad,” he answered before getting up again to get a cup of coffee.

After fixing his coffee he turned and leaned against the sink to check out his dad’s new figure. His shorts were tight, and his bulging thighs were pressing against the fabric. There was no hair on his body except for the growing hair on his head. His waist showed a couple times as he bent to get pans and stuff from the frig. All of this with his slightly smaller frame paled in comparison to his hot B-cups now clearly visible despite him wearing a bra. Joey walked up behind his dad as he prepared breakfast and started rubbing his shoulders as he had done with his mom before. His dad relaxed as Joey rubbed his now feminine shoulders with a strong grip.

“Dad. You do so much for us. Jane and I were just talking last night about it. Thanks for taking care of the family like you do,” Joey said.

“Thanks, Son,” he said smiling over his shoulder.

Joey looked down at his dad’s round fat ass and felt himself getting excited. He was thinking about how Jane fucked him the other night and he wanted some for his own soon. He stepped closer to his dad and wrapped his arms around the front, slipping his hands under his dad’s shirt. He felt the small smooth stomach as he slid his hands up to cup his bulging breasts. The bra was silk and soft and completely full of his dad’s new tits. They were bulging out the top as the bra was clearly too small. Joey pushed the bra up over his dad’s tits and gripped them firmly, rubbing his finger and thumb around the fat, puffy nipples.

“You sure have one sexy body, Dad. I think you need some new clothes too, though. Feels like these need some room,” he said while massaging his dad’s tits. His dad was breathing harder and started moaning as Joey caressed and squeezed his breasts. Joey slipped his hands out and squeezed his dad’s ass before going back to the counter. “Definitely need to get some sexier clothes, Dad,” Joey said.

As he finished up his coffee and went to refill it his mom came out dressed for work. She put her purse down on the counter and came over to Joey and embraced him fully before starting a very passionate kiss. They kissed for over a minute exploring each other’s body and moaning.

“Get a room!” Joey heard Jane say as she entered the kitchen. “Or at least let me join.”

Jane came over to them and leaned in for a kiss from her mother, which she returned as passionately as she did with Joey. Then Jane kissed Joey the same before the three of them broke away. Joey returned to his seat and continued to drink his coffee. His mom went over and squeezed her husband’s fat ass and said, “Looks like someone is putting a few pounds on back h…. Oh my, Harry! I knew you had some man-boobs, but those are something else altogether,” she commented.

“Wow, Dad. You’re gonna need a bra for those things,” Jane offered.

Joey’s dad was clearly blushing and almost flustered as his wife helped him with his bra, showing him how to push his breasts down inside. “It’s OK, Honey. I’ll help you tonight. We can go shopping together and buy some new clothes. I like the way they look on you. Are you taking hormones or something?”

“No. It’s just been a crazy week. My body is doing all kinds of things it’s never done before. I mean look at our last ‘family night’! What’s going on with us?” he asked clearly exasperated.

“Hey, Baby. Calm down. It’s going to be OK. Do you need me to stay home and take care of you?” Sandra said.

“No, I’m sorry. I just, I don’t know what’s causing all this stuff all of sudden,” he said calmly. “I just never would have imagined me looking like this or, doing the things I’ve done this week. It’s just a lot to take in all at once,” Harry said. “I’ll take a bath after everyone leaves and relax. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Sweetheart, I love you and I also love the new you. The things we’ve been doing this week are very exciting and fun, but if you need to talk about it, I’m here, OK?” Sandra said as she kissed her husband softly. “OK, now leave your dad alone. He’s tired after a long night, I think. I’m heading to work, and I’ll see you guys tonight,” she said as she grabbed a power bar and some coffee on her way out the door.

“Sorry about that, guys. I’m just tired, I guess. Would you like some bacon and eggs, Sweetie?” pendik escort Harry asked Jane.

“I’d love some, Dad. Thanks!” Jane said pouring herself a tall glass of milk and sitting down next to Joey. “Good morning, Dork,” she said while leaning over for a long kiss. “Last night was amazing, Brother. I think you might have gotten your wish. There was so much cum pouring out of me this morning, I don’t know how it wouldn’t.”

Joey reached over and rubbed her belly softly, “Maybe if I rub you belly and make a wish, that will help,” he said jokingly.

“Goofball!” she said back to him. “Keep rubbing it though, my tummy is hungry.”

Joey’s dad came over with plates and forks, then went ahead to serve them bacon and eggs. “The toast will be up soon,” he said returning the pan to the oven.

“Hey, Dad. Can I have more bacon? Maybe some grits too?” she asked “I’m starving this morning!”

“Sure, Sweetie. Give me a few minutes and I’ll have that ready for you,” he replied.

Jane got up and refilled her milk glass and went over to her father as he started some water to boil. She turned him towards her and kissed him deeply while groping his thick ass. Then moved her hands up the front and squeezed his prominent breasts. “I like them too, Dad. I can’t wait to play with you later. I had a lot of fun the other night,” she said quietly to him.

He smiled appreciatively and returned to cooking her breakfast as she sat back down. They both ate their breakfast and Joey finished while his dad served Jane a huge bowl of grits with a lot of butter melting on it. “Is this enough, Sweetie? I can make you something else if you like,” he asked her.

“This is great, Dad. Thank you for taking care of me,” she said smiling at her dad. “I’ll take a couple powerbars with me in case I get hungry before lunch,” she continued winking at Joey.

Joey finished his coffee and went to leave, softly squeezing his dad’s butt while leaving the kitchen.

“You guys can’t seem to get enough of groping this morning,” he said jokingly.

“I don’t know about anyone else, Dad but that’s one fine ass you got there. I can’t help but touch it,” he replied. “I’m heading out guys, see you later.”

“Where you going, Joey,” Adam asked coming down the stairs.

“I’m heading to school to help Miss Roxanne again. How about you?” Joey asked taking in Adam’s new shapely ass and legs. His hair was also pulled up into a small ponytail.

“Kelly and I are going shopping. Need a lift? We can give you a ride if you like,” Adam said suggestively to Joey now coming over to stand next to him. “Thanks for this morning, Brother. It felt really good,” Adam said smiling at his brother.

“You’re welcome, Hottie. It felt right after all the times you did that for me,” Joey said.

“Well, I do those things for me too. Maybe more so than for you. I’ve never cum so much in my life the way I do when you fuck me,” he said.

“Good to know. I’m going to drive Dad’s truck. I think we’ll need the extra room tonight if we go bowling,” Joey said. “I’ll be home after school I think, but I’ll text you guys to let you know what’s up.”

“K. See you later, Joey,” he said leaning up to kiss him softly on the lips.

“Besides, I think you and Kelly would make me late!” Joey said as he walked out.

Joey got in his dad’s truck and got several pings on his phone as he plugged it in. The smart screen came up on the car with his auto apps loaded and he hit messages to see who texted him.

Miss Roxanne to Joey — ‘Joey, I hope you’re coming in today. I need to see you if not. I had a crazy night and I’m not sure what to do about it. I think I may be messed up or something’

Kevin to Joey – ‘Mornin’ Dude. LMK what UR up 2 today. I’m just gaming right now. We still hittin’ the bowling alley later?’

Miss Roxanne to Joey – ‘I had this picture among others on my phone when I woke up this morning’ The attached pic was apparently taken by someone else but showed Miss Roxanne completely naked being held up by two tall black men; one in front and one in the back apparently fucking her in her ass and pussy at the same time. There were several other men standing around watching and stroking their dicks. Just then another pic came through showing her getting spit-roasted on the locker-room bench by two different men. Joey zoomed in on the pic and could see cum dripping from her pussy and all over her face and tits. Another pic popped in showing her on her knees surrounded by black men getting stroked or sucked and/or waiting to get sucked. With it zoomed in, he couldn’t tell how many, but it was clearly ten or more. Another pic came in showing her on a massage table on her back with her knees pulled up and pussy on full display dripping large amounts of cum. Her face and tits were covered in cum as well and there were several men standing close to her stroking their dicks.

Joey to Miss Roxanne – ‘I’m on my way now. Should be there in 15 minutes or so. Those aydınlı escort pics were hot by the way’

Miss Roxanne to Joey – ‘I’m scared, Joey. I think I lost control of myself. Hurry to me’

Joey to Miss Roxanne – ‘OMW’

Joey made his way to school quickly and was anxious to see Miss Roxanne as she appeared to be upset about her previous night’s adventure. Joey parked and made his way into school and to her classroom finding her sitting at her desk looking at her phone. Joey walked over quietly and leaned down to kiss her softly on the cheek to get her attention.

“Hey, Lover. You doing okay?” Joey asked quietly.

She stood and hugged Joey hard, tucking her head into his chest and crying. He held her for a few minutes caressing her back and soothing her.

“Joey. Did you see those pictures I sent?” Miss Roxanne asked as she calmed a bit.

“Yes, I did. It looked like you had a good time to me,” Joey said softly.

“That’s just it, Joey. I DID have a good time. I feel like I lost control of myself,” she said as she held onto him. “I’m scared, Joey. What’s happening to me?”

“Would you like to take a walk and we can talk about it some more?” Joey asked gently.

“I have to be here for a meeting in a couple hours, but a walk sounds nice,” she said. “Let’s go where we can have some privacy though.”

She reached for her purse and led Joey out the side door to her car. She started driving and reached for Joey’s hand.

“So, Miss Roxanne. Do you want to say more? I mean I think you’re right that it has been a crazy week. What makes you scared or out of control?” Joey asked gently.

“First off as soon as I get picked up by Dan, I can’t keep my hands, or mouth off him if you know what I mean,” she began. “I literally sucked him off in the car on the way to the basketball practice. I’ve never done stuff like this before,” she explained.

“Well, Miss Roxanne. A lot of people do the things we did this week. Maybe not so quickly, but you admitted that you were a virgin until me. Maybe you’re just making up for lost time or something,” Joey replied. “I’ve done more this week than in my whole life too, but it was all consensual and sensitive to each other.”

“It makes sense, what you’re saying, but I guess I’m just scared. I mean the things you and I have done seem wild. Having sex with the entire basketball team and coaches is stuff that porn stars do!” she exclaimed.

“Well, I admit pulling a train or a gang bang is not something everyone gets to do, but some girls have done it,” Joey said. “Did you want to do it or were you coerced?”

“Again, Joey. I wanted to do it AND I liked it. I masturbated over five times in my bed last night. I went to bed with no shower and must have leaked out of every hole in my body,” she said. “Every time I woke up a little and felt fluids dripping all around me, I’d remember it and start to look at the pictures and watch the video and masturbate all over again. The other day I was watching Marcus and imagining him taking me back to the locker room like Dan did. You, Kelly and Kevin, siblings for goodness’ sake, had wild sex with me too,” she said exasperated.

“Miss Roxanne, it’s going to be OK. Let’s start with any possible emergencies. Did anyone else record you last night?” Joey asked.

“No. Dan talked to the coach and insisted that only my phone could record and that the coach would be sure not to get faces, aside from mine that is,” she answered.

“OK, so why don’t we just spend the weekend together and I can focus on helping you with your new cravings and desires without losing control of yourself,” Joey said. “Does that sound OK?”

“Joey, that would be really sweet. I texted Dan this morning and said no dates this weekend. I told him I was a bit overwhelmed by everything,” she explained.

“I have a couple things to do this weekend and I work on Saturday, but how about I just spend the night at your place this weekend unless there’s other stuff happening,” Joey offered.

“No, I’m not doing anything except preparing schoolwork for the week. I actually have some catching up to do, so I can do that while you’re doing your stuff,” she replied.

“How about we stop for coffee here before heading back?” Joey suggested.

“Perfect!” she replied while pulling into the lot at the donut shop.

They both went in and ordered a coffee and sat down at a table off in the corner where they could continue to talk.

“So, is it insensitive for me to say I was really turned on by those pictures you sent? Or that I’m dying to see the rest of them and particularly the video?” Joey asked hesitantly.

She smiled and blushed saying, “How about we watch it together later at my place? I can cast it to the TV, and you can see me in all my glory. “She leaned over and kissed him softly before saying, “Joey. Thank you for treating me so nice and taking care of me. I was embarrassed about my behavior last night and was afraid you’d be put off or any man would be put off seeing such a slut like I was night.”

“How about just ‘really naughty’, instead of slut?” Joey asked.

“Well, last night was pretty naughty, that’s for sure,” she said while sipping her coffee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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