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Female Ejaculation

Subject: Jon’s education, part four, for Adult/Youth section If you are enjoying these stories, and hpefully you must be to be on this site! Please support Nifty with their continued production of these wonderful tales. Jon’s education part four. I returned home tired but happy and for obvious reasons did not think of going swimming although Johan had insisted that the stripes from my whipping would be gone by tomorrow! I spent a quiet evening at home with Mum and went to bed early, still wearing my cotton boxers in case of meeting Mum in the night with my shiny steel cock ring visible, and maybe even a slightly red chest and back! I lay in bed for a while still thinking of the video that Johan had shown me. The boy in the video was older than me, I thought maybe about sixteen, but seeing him struggling when the men had made him carry his large wooden cross on his shoulders, while wearing only a strip of cloth around his waist, and being spurred on by a boy with a whip who was following him down a grassy track into a wooded area, had excited me beyond anything I could have imagined! From either end of the cross bar short chains hung as the boy walked on, the end of the upright dragging on the track behind him! He was adorned with leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a leather studded dog collar, and a cock ring just like the one Johan had put on me! I watched in fascination as the boy was put on the cross. Two men held his arms while the other two layed the cross on the ground. They guided him to stand astride the upright before laying him backwards to lie on it. His arms were pulled out and clipped to the small chains at the crossbar’s ends. Now as the boy with the whip stood watching, the men bodily lifted the cross and dropped it into a slot obviously previously used for such ocassions! The boy now hung from his wrists, but not for long as his legs were lifted up and bent slightly under him to be clipped to waiting rings on the side of the upright. They now stood back and surveyed their efforts as the delightful boy struggled to come to terms with the new sort of pain coursing through his whole body. Now the strip of cloth around the boys waist was pulled off by the young lad with the whip, leaving the victim not only in great pain but showing his excitement by sporting a large erection. His uncut cock standing out from his shiny steel cockring! It was then that Johan reached over to my straining silver pouch and I gave up trying to hold back and enjoyed a wonderful orgasm, it was no longer a dry one either! Later, when it was time for me to get off home, Johan told me that my crucifixion would be in the same place as the boy we had just watched. It was an old country estate with a large secluded house and wooded area totally secure for the purpose. I would be made to carry the cross the same way, and the two boys I would meet would have whips to keep me going. He had originally told me that there would only be maybe three men and three boys to watch but he was now not sure. There would certainly be four men to see to getting me ready and setting me up, and two boys to whip me on my walk, and young Jorge that I was already familiar with! So I lay in bed pondering on all this and the only way to get to sleep was the inevitable masturbation which was good and enjoyable but left me as usual wondering if I was doing the right thing! That feeling did not last for long and a wonderful dream with me being hoisted onto the cross and then writhing in agony for the watching men, was enough to settle the issue for good! Johan had suggested that I came round to see him each evening when he closed the shop and we would start getting to know more about each other before the coming weekend. He also suggested that I could ask my Mum if it was alright for me to go off camping with friends on Sunday, and return on Wednesday, because that would give him time to really tend to my needs at the venue! I knew Mum would agree. She had a long day job and I was a tie for her, and she also trusted me. She would say yes so I told Johan that I could fix that, and I could come round to stay with him next Sunday, for my planned crucifixion on the Monday! Next evening I was quickly round after my tea to see Johan at his shop, which I entered by the back gate method as usual. He welcomed me with a hug and told me he was delighted that I could come round to see him and that it would be a chance to get to know other parts of our make up without it necessarily being sexual. That would be dealt with later at the venue! “I love having you round boy, I have grown into a special bond with you, and would hate that to stop now. In these few short meetings we are going to have this week, it is a chance for me just to enjoy your company, the sight of you as an ordinary boy in everday clothing, your cheeky smile and that boyish energetic charm!” I butted in here as there was another thing I had thought about. “Sir, could you teach me a bit about your photography business, because one day maybe I could make my living doing that!” He readily agreed and we decided that the next five evenings would be devoted to a serious study of photography! “Fabulous boy, and knowing that on Sunday you trust me enough to suffer crucifixion at my hands! You have agreed to give yourself up to this very painful punishment. You have seen a video showing why it will give me and my friends huge pleasure! You will be like that video only better as I see my lovely brave, willing, thirteen year old escort boy, displayed helpless on the cross, until he takes his final whipping!” Johan gave me a final hug and hair ruffle saying, “Right boy,, come and sit over here and we will start your new studies! The five evenings passed quickly and enjoyably as I learned his photography business. During the days I would be with my friends down at the old quay, swimming and fooling around, but always with my mind on the coming weekend. But now, increasingly, I found that I was starting to eye up some of the younger boys, ones just approaching puberty, casual, carefree and not caring if their skimpy speedos had slipped down a bit on their young nubile tanned bodies. But finally Sunday came around. Mum had put spare clothes in my backpack and some goodies to eat while camping! She was pleased for me to be going off as I was so obviously excited to join my supposed friends. “See you next Wednesday morning Jon, be back for lunch and I will be here.” My usual old white shorts and t-shirt, sandals, and my backpack and off I trotted round to Tomas’s back gate to find him waiting for me. “Just one thing to please me before we set off Jon. He handed me the little silver g-string and asked me to put it on under my shorts because I love seeing you in that, and so will my friends!” I obediently dropped my shorts, put my pants to one side, then enjoyed the familiar sexy feel of the little cord with the central ring and gathered sllver pouch, but especially the crotch string pulled tight up into my butt crack! Shorts on back over the top and we were ready to go! “Good boy, come then, we are fetching my car for the drive over to the venue,” and he set off at a good pace for the short walk to his garage with me trotting along behind! He had a smart blue saloon car and bundled me into the passenger seat before backing out and driving out of the town where he drew up at the side of the road, and turned to talk to me. “A few things Jon, before we get too involved in the weekend.” He grinned again, ruffled my hair and gave my nose a playful pinch! “I am going to put a pair of dark glasses over your eyes so you will not know where where this venue is. It will only take half an hour to get there and it is better that you do not know for the time being where it is just in case you let it slip to anyone by mistake. None of the other boys know either. Only the two men who are members of our set, and Juan of course will know where we are, even Jorge will not be sure, and he has been a couple of times before!” “Sir I will never tell anyone anyway, but it all sounds rather exciting like this!” Tomas produced a pair of what looked like dark glasses but when I put them on I could see nothing. They were blacked out! On the drive Tomas explained a few things that he had changed from the video scene. “There will be four men, Juan and Me, and the two you will meet shortly, Ben and Sam. Both of them have had sessions at the venue before and are looking forward to seeing my new young boy offering himself to suffer for us! Two of my past boys who would never agree to a crucifixion scene will be clad in g-strings and encourage you on your way with a few whip lashes, they are Pepe and Tom. Another small change, but one I think we will all enjoy, is that instead of strip of cloth around your waist at the start of your crucifixion I have made a special new g-string, similar to your silver one we both like. This one is shiny golden material rather than silver, it has a thin gold string waist cord that ties with a bow on both of your hips so that it can be easily removed while you are on the cross, then very sexily, instead of a crotch string it has a fine gold chain to pull up into your bum to give you maximum awareness when wearing it!” He paused and chuckled. “Wow Sir, what can I say? I am so excited, but Sir, I am also nervous of how the pain will feel, suppose it is too much for me?” I could not see his face, so could only listen as he answered. “You boy, will be in my sole charge. You will suffer on the cross for me until I decide you have had enough. I make a solemn promise not to push you too far Jon. Oh yes, you will be hurt alright, but then I think you really like some of that. The final whipping will be hard to take but you have lots of courage and you obviously want to please us men. I say again, you will have to have trust in me. But if you make too much fuss I do have a ball gag to use on you, but that spoils it for us by making it less consensual, and anyway we like to hear you crying out a bit! Eventually I felt the car pull up and the noise of gates sliding open. Another short drive, and then silence. “Okay boy, you can take those black glasses off now, we have arrived!” I looked around from my seat and we were in front of a huge old house, covered in evergreen creeper, while behind me was a high wall and a huge sliding gate through which we had come. “Out you get boy, all the others are already here and I want to introduce you to them so they know what to expect tomorrow! But before we go in it is “shirt off” time, and I need to tie your hands behind you as this will heighten the excitement for them!” He came round holding a length of cord and when I peeled off my shirt he quickly tied my hands behind me! Then with his usual hand behind my head thing, plus a bit of hair ruffling, he guided me over to the large green front door which opened as we approached, and Juan stepped out to welcome us. He was dressed in izmit escort bayan loose white swim shorts and a sleeveless vest and looked fit and tanned. “They are all waiting to meet Jon in the main room.” Juan said, smiling at me and glancing down at my bound hands as he adjusted his crotch, before he turned to lead us inside. I was pushed gently forward to stand in front of two fit looking men, wearing similar clothing to Juan, but with bare feet and torsos. They were introduced as Ben and Sam. Beside them was Jorge, wearing his red silk g-string, and finally two young boys, probably a year older than me I thought, wearing matching g-strings to Jorge. They looked fit, slim and tanned and were obviously sexually aroused! I stopped before them and awaited instructions, which were not long coming. Johan gave an order and Jorge, nodding to me, came over, undid my shorts to drop them revealing me, now naked but for the tiny silver g-string. There was a small collective gasp of appreciation from the waiting men before one of them, Ben I came to find out later, said, “My God Tomas, what a find, what a simply gorgeous boy. Are we really going to witness his crucifixion tomorrow?!” Now both men came over, running their hands gently down my body, starting with my head, face, and neck, then to shoulders, down to my nipples to smooth my tanned flat tummy, round to squeaze my buttocks and tweak the tiny string coming out from my butt crack. One of them ran his hands down my legs, checking the newly forming muscles. All this had of course given me a wonderful twitching erection which was obvious in the little silver pouch. “Don’t touch the boy’s cock either of you.” ordered Tomas, “I advised him to lay off masturbation all last week so that he will be strong enough to go through with tomorrows plans, so please respect that!” Johan then told them that now they had met me I was going to be in bondage all night under his care, to prevent me touching myself. He would get me ready to meet them all on the front terrace at 9am to pick up my cross and start the short walk down to the woodland site. With that, Johan guided me back to another door, up a long flight of stairs to a small room with one double and one single bed, both of which had upright end posts and both with lengths of rope tied to them! I wondered which was to be mine. Johan released my hands and had got me some supper. This was to build me up he said, and I enjoyed simple beans on toast, and ice cream before he took me to the shower, stripped me, gave me a quick soaping and rinsing without any sexy touching, and then over to the double bed where he lay me down on my back, still naked, and put me into a loose spreadeagle with ropes from each limb to the corner posts. I slept fitfully with dreams of tomorrow recurring, my cock straining for attention. Johan slept naked on the single bed beside mine. At 7am light started creeping through our window and looking over I could see Johan lying on his side and gazing over at me as I lay spreadeagled, naked and aroused! When Johan saw I was awake he rose quickly and came over to sit on the side of my bed, letting his hand wander to start tracing lines over my chest, pinching my nipples and then running down the v-lines that led to my groin. “Look my beautiful boy, today is going to be tough for you, very very tough. I have promised you that I will make sure they don’t go too far, but they want to enjoy watching you suffering on the cross, and I must tell you, so will I. It amazes me and delights me that you seem to be able to enjoy the pain in some way, maybe not actually at the time, but on reflexion afterwards perhaps?” he paused. “Sir,” I responded. “I want to please you and I have always had dreams of being captured, tied up, whipped and yes, even crucified! Now it is happening I am going to try and enjoy the pain because it pleases you and your friends. I am doing this for you Sir!” Johan leant over and kissed me again, lingeringly on my lips before starting to untie me. “Time to get you showered after a long hot night, and to be ready for your ordeal. Johan took me back into the bedroom where he had laid out several things on the bed. The first of which was the little gold g-string and when I tried to put it on I immediately found a snag! With both sides of the waist string needing tying at the same time, I could not hold it in place, and Johan chuckling, explained that first you loosely tied each side in a bow before pulling it on, and then, tighten up either side as required! This I did, and was soon displaying myself in this incredibly sexy little shiny gold pouch. The tight chain pulled up into my bum crack felt fantastic, and I went to Johan to give him a kiss of thanks for finding it! “Right boy, now the cuffs on your wrists, and he strapped on neat soft black leather cuffs with rings attached. I stood legs slightly apart and enjoying the attention from my master! “Sir, what about the ankle cuffs?” He smiled at me then. “Well boy I decided to change how your legs will be fastened. We have made a special cross lighter for you because of your age. The upright is now round smooth wood. When your wrists have been secured to the cross beam they will hoist you upright. As you hang there your ankles will be pulled behind the upright, secured together with a loop of rope, before being pulled up behind to fasten to a hook we have placed on the upright. “But why like that Sir, why is it better?” another smile izmit sınırsız escort from him, “Because it will make your body fall forward from the cross, you will be perfectly displayed for us as you writhe around trying to ease your pain. Not only that boy, when it comes to the final whipping, and that I must tell you is to be with the bullwhip, one you so far have not felt, your body wiil be fully accessable for that long cruel whip to wrap around your body!” “I am your boy Sir, and must do whatever you ask of me!” Finally, Johan picked up the last item, a black leather collar with studs. and several steel rings set around it. This he placed around my neck and tightened it in place. “That my boy, is a slave collar and marks you as my property for the coming session! It will be useful later as you will find out!” When all was ready he led me down to the terrace where Ben and Sam, the boys Pepe and Tom with young Jorge, were all waiting dressed the same as they had been the evening before in miniscule red silk g-strings! There was an audible sigh of surprise when they saw me decked out for the cross with my new tiny gold g-string well tented out. “Yes, this boy is beautiful as you can see,” said Johan, “He is willingly giving himself up to be crucified for our pleasure, and I have huge respect for that. In no way can he stop the punishment. Only I can do that. Jon has trusted me to look after him, and not to damage him in any lasting way. He is my boy, and I care deeply for him. This will be heightened even more when seeing him suffer on the cross for us. Juan took my arm and guided me over to stand beside my cross which lay on the ground waiting. It was made of light coloured wood and Johan had already told me that it was especially llght for me to carry because of my age! Now Sam and Ben lifted the cross and placed the upright over my right shoulder, leaving it’s length trailing behind me, the cross bar standing virtical above my head, and down in front of my chest. Grip it tight boy, you have to carry this to the place we have chosen for your crucifixion! Try to keep moving in your bare feet and near naked state but be warned, if you pause or try to stop, then young Pepe and Tom will be only too pleased to spur you on with their whips!” “Yes Sir. I understand!” I turned, now carrying the cross, looked down towards the wooded area that was my goal, and started to follow the grassy track towards the trees. I was on my way to my accepted punishment! The walk was about fifty metres so not too bad, but the boys, looking cute in their shiny red g-strings took great delight in landing stinging blows with their whips accross my legs and back, so I was pleased when I emerged from the track into the clearing chosen for the ceremony. Johan and Juan, now joined by Ben and Sam were waiting with Jorge off to one side. Pepe and Tom went accross to join them as I staggered into the clearing with my cross over my now rather tender shoulder! Now Ben and Sam came over, took the cross from me to lay it down in the centre of the clearing, it’s head resting on a wooden box placed ready, so it lay at an angle of some twenty degrees. Having done that they took me by the arms, dragged me over to the cross and lay me back on it. Juan came forward to supervise as my arms were stretched out and clipped to the small waiting chains, then they picked the cross up bodily with me on it, once it was upright, they set it into the waiting socket made for the purpose in the mossy grassy clearing. I hung now, fastened to the cross just by my wrists, which made it very painful, as I waited for my full crucifixion to take place. I was nervous in the extreme but also wildly excited and even now my ever ready cock was pushing out a tent in the front of the little gold pouch! I felt a rope noose being placed around my ankles, then pulled tight so that suddenly my legs were pulled back and up behind the upright and hitched up to the waiting hook that Johan had told me about. I fell forward, held by my arms until my whole body was arched outwards towards the watching men and boys. The pain swept over me and I started intense writhing and squirming, trying frantically to find an easier way to ease my pain, but it became more agonising very quickly! I saw Johan coming over to me and he spoke quietly to me as I hung helpless before him. “Jon my boy, I know this is hard, but you chose to undergo it, and I have promised that I will not let them hurt you in any lasting way! Now it is time for me to strip you naked. The men are waiting for that moment!” I felt his hands undo the ties on my hips and as the little gold costume fell away he gathered it up in his hands. “Remember Jon, I am watching you, do me proud, take the pain to please us and we will all enjoy your suffering!” Then, in a last act to show his love for me, he leant over to kiss me, and ! returned it with passion as the pain washed over me! Already the sweat was beginning to bead over my forehead, and I could feel it starting to trickle down my chest and fetch up at the top of my straining cock which remained fully erect. With my body hanging forward it was now virtually touching my tummy! The men came over for a closer look, along with the boys, but I was lost in a miasma of pain as I writhed, occassionally crying out from the pain as I tried to get some relief. My crucifixion was starting and I could only trust my master that he would not push my young body too far! The continuing description of Jon’s willingly accepted crucifixion and final whipping will be in part five so any ideas as to how he should be dealt with would be welcome. I have truly enjoyed all your feedbacks. With a willing sexy boy like Jon, there can be a lot more to ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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