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Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend Junior 5 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND � JUNIOR 5 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you wanna write me, please do so at: hoo. ***************** I knew waking up Monday that school was beginning on Thursday for all of us. Corey, Kris and Colt would have to adjust to that fact after enjoying the summer here. They probably saw part of the reason Bryson decided not to return but hopefully were keeping their eye looking forward to accomplishing a great goal of graduating college. For Corey, it would be a major accomplishment and proof one could succeed with the right mind set and direction. Entering the living room, Kris was on the couch finishing his bowl of cereal. “What are you doing up so early?” “Oh, one of those mornings when I just woke up,” Kris replied. “I bet Thursday you won’t be up so early.” “You’re right there, bro. I’m honestly ready for school to start back so we can get this shit over with. Two more years and my ass is working full time.” “Just think what you just said… two more years and there will be no breaks, no goofing around, no socializing with everyone and their brother,” I stated before heading to the kitchen. “Thanks for putting things in a real prospective there, Matty,” Kris laughed. “I better enjoy this while I can is what you were trying to say?” “Exactly,” I said, pouring some cereal. “I don’t even wanna think about not seeing you, Colt, Shawn, Scott and the rest just about every day.” “Fuck no. Me either.” I finished pouring the milk over my cereal and pouring a glass of juice. While walking towards Kris I felt his eyes staring a hole right through me. “What?” I asked. “Bro, I was admiring my best friend and how fucking hot he is now. I still see you as this skinny guy, but hell you’re built perfectly now. Did you ever think you’d look so fucking good?” I almost blushed. Sure Corey complimented me, but hearing Kris say it was special. “Thanks. Coming from a stud like you it means the world to me.” “Bro, don’t Corey ever tell ya how hot you are now, or does he take it for granted?” “He does, but coming from you makes it that much better,” I said and sat next to him. I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Kris, we’re half way home now.” “Yes we are, bro. Yes, we are. Just think we were in Tabor and Chase’s shoes two years ago. Maybe I was wrong saying I wish this shit was over. Hell, I wish I could do it all over again.” I chuckled after swallowing the cereal, “Make up your mind, bro. Is it you wish this shit was over or you wish you were just beginning?” Kris laughed and rubbed my messy hair, “Thinking about it, do you think I might could stretch two more years out of this place?” “You could if you stopped trying,” I said. “Then you’d be lonely.” Kris laughed, “Nah, I’d find another Colt and Corey, but I’ll never find another one like you. Damn, we’ve been through a lot together.” “We have, with more still to come. Stop making us sound like we’re old. The best years are straight ahead of us.” Kris stood and went to throw away his paper bowl and cup. Corey emerged from our bedroom looking great as ever despite his hair being a mess like mine. He walked to the kitchen and spoke to Kris before Kris headed to the bathroom. Corey walked over with his breakfast bar and joined me on the couch. He pulled my head around for a sweet kiss. “I love you,” he said. “I love you too,” I said back and kissed him again. “Was I that good last night?” “Babe, you were very fucking good last night…” “Who was fucking good last night?” Colt asked rounding the corner. “Me, motherfucker,” Corey replied with a laugh. “My hot ass boyfriend got his ass royally pounded last night.” “Hell yeah he did. Fucked me so hard last night,” I said. “Probably like I fucked Andrea’s wet pussy Friday and Saturday night. Damn it felt so good to fuck her again,” Colt said. “She loved it so much Friday night I had to fuck her twice.” “You stud,” Corey stated. “Kris and I are keeping Trojan in business,” Colt laughed. “That’s good to hear you’re still using protection…” I said. “I don’t want a kid right now, even though she’s on the pill. We talked about not using condoms but it’s way too risky the way I see it.” “Colt, a kid wouldn’t be the worst thing ever,” Corey said. “For me it would be. I’d be like Bryson’s ass and working,” Colt said. “You could be like Juan and juggle work, school and a family,” I stated. “True, but I admire Juan for that. I don’t think I could handle it,” Colt said. He walked over and grabbed something to eat. Kris returned dressed in a wrinkled tee and shorts for his day before Corey and I headed to dress to start our day. Corey and I headed out the door walking to judge the time needed to get to our first classes, which were pretty close together. We figured it was close to a ten minute walk which was about the same time as our previous trek last year. There was little doubt school was starting soon with people milling around at every turn. We did our duty and directed a few lost freshmen in the right direction before heading to the financial office. We breathed a sigh of relief after a long wait that we were set for the year. Sometimes things don’t work as planned with them but it was smooth sailing for us. We grabbed some lunch and paid for it out of our pocket. It was a sea of humanity in there while we got in some great people watching. I just knew someone with a face I’d remember would walk up but we finished and didn’t see one person we knew. Leaving the large eatery we heard a female voice. I looked around and saw Toni coming in our direction. “I guess you heard huh?” I asked after greeting her. “Heard what?” she replied. “Bryson isn’t coming back,” Corey replied. Toni shook her head, “I hate that, but he didn’t care too much for the effort required to make it here. He’s probably throwing away his money gambling.” It never occurred to me that his gambling problem could gaziantep travesti be a reason. “I hope not.” “Trust me. He’s addicted like no one I’ve ever seen before. Bryson would bet you on anything if he thought he could win a buck or two. Enough about that loser, how have y’all been? You’re looking great and all tanned.” “Great. We had a nice summer,” I said. “How was your summer?” “Oh, I just worked for some spending money here. You know how that is,” she said. “Do we ever,” Corey said. “Other than a trip to Amsterdam…” “Wait. Who went there?” she asked. “I won it by sheer luck,” I replied. “Speaking of, are those tickets still in your car I bought?” Corey asked me. “I guess they are,” I replied. “Toni, stop by sometime. I took lots of pictures. You can catch up on all the gossip. We’re on the first floor second building on your right and the end apartment on your left.” “I’ll try and remember that,” she said. “It was good running into y’all and good to see you’re still going strong.” “Strong as ever,” Corey said. We waved goodbye and began heading back to our apartment. We did see Terry and Dalton while we were walking back and then saw Jordy walking alone. Before going inside Corey grabbed his tickets out of my car. “I need to hurry now or I’ll be late for work.” “Okay, I’ll help ya scratch em off,” I said and entered our vacant apartment. We stood at the bar after I found two coins. We began scratching off the five tickets. “Loser… Loser,” Corey said and tossed them away. “Same here,” I said. “It was fun trying,” Corey said and left to get ready. I picked up the tickets and was about to toss them in trash. I saw one that didn’t look to be a loser since the dealer card was lower in this game where your card had to beat the dealers. I examined the ticket and sure enough one was a winner. “Corey, one of them won something. You want me to see what you won?” I hollered at him while he was dressing. “Yeah, get that dollar back for me,” he yelled back. I took the coin. “Wow,” I said seeing one hundred dollars. He came out, “I won a big whooping dollar, huh?” “It did have a big fat one… but also two zeroes behind it.” “Yes! Yes, I won! In your face, Matt!” Corey yelled with great excitement. “I’m fucking rich now.” “One hundred isn’t bad,” I conceded. “Maybe we can go out and have a great meal.” “Or maybe I can buy books,” Corey said. “I gotta run. Go cash this for me but don’t spend it.” “Like you did with my left over money at the gas station?” I joked. “I’m glad I did. See ya. Love ya.” I headed back and retrieved his money. While there the temptation was too much for me, so I bought four two dollar tickets to save so we could have another thrill. As I was leaving the convenience store my phone rang with Mr Jackson asking me when I was stopping by. I said I would right there after I got home. I arrived at his office on the second floor of the business building. Mr Jackson was sitting at his desk going over some papers. He pointed, “That’s your desk right there. I’ll leave stuff on it for you to do.” “Okay that’s fine by me. What hours do you see me having?” “Oh just come whenever you can, but try not to make it too late,” he replied with his face dark to go along with his receding salt and pepper hair. “I was thinking maybe three times a week if you have that much for me to do.” “At first I won’t, but I will once the semester gets going,” he stated looking over his reading glasses at me. “I see you are very dark. I take it you and Corey spent a lot of time at that beach?” “Just one trip, sir, but our apartment has a pool…” “Well used I see. Did you have a nice summer?” “Yes sir, a very nice one. I hit the jackpot you might say and won a trip to Amsterdam for four…” “Oh how lucky can you be? I’ve wanted to go there for some time. I hear it is heaven for us gay men.” I smiled, “Yes sir, it is. They are very accepting.” “Something Americans need to take notice of. We’re making progress, but it’s not fast enough. I’ll be dead and gone before this crazy ass state ever allows us to marry. Matt, if you get the chance, leave here and go somewhere you and Corey can get married and have a wonderful life together. Maybe one day Kevin and I will run off and get married.” “I hope you do,” I said. “Well, I guess I’ll run and see you say Friday afternoon.” “Sounds good to me, but I warn you that on Fridays I like to slip away early,” he said. I went back to the apartment and laid around by the pool with Scott and Shawn for most of the afternoon. Shawn spoke up just before we were leaving, “Hey, I think I got a job.” “About damn time,” Scott said. “Looks who’s talking. I think I may work at that sporting goods store where Colt worked some this summer. It’ll be just a few nights and will give me some beer money,” Shawn said. “Scott, you’re next…” I said. “I know. Dad’s been on my ass about it. I need to get one too for some extra spending money. If you two can, then I know I can,” Scott stated. That night, instead of eating alone, Scott invited me to eat at his with Brennan cooking lasagna for them. I had no idea Brennan could cook and do it so well. He said since it was mostly just him and his dad he learned by trial and error. I headed back to my apartment and was so stuffed. I wasn’t alone very long before Colt came in the door. He was carrying something in his hand. He handed me a postcard. It was Ted’s picture with something about some award. “What do ya think?” he asked. “Makes him look mean,” I replied. “That’s the whole objective. They mail these out to voters all during the year so Ted will get votes for top linebacker of the year. Speaking of, tomorrow, sometime after practice, our PR is coming here and wants a bunch of us for a picture with Ted and Luke for some shit they’re doing for the program and more publicity for Ted.” “Sounds good to me. You’re a pro at posing now,” I joked. “Yeah, but we’ll be in the background. I was talking with our PR guy and bragging about how great Ted and Luke got along with all of us. He came up with the idea of showing Ted as a regular student.” “He is. Knowing Ted he’s not crazy about all this publicity,” I said with Corey and Kris coming in the door. Colt showed them the postcards and gaziantep masaj salonları told them about tomorrow. They liked the idea and would be happy to do it. From then on, it was just the four of us kicking it at the apartment. I finally got in on the gaming action and insisted on using our team as mine. I wasn’t very good but enjoyed playing against Corey. About ten, I remembered I had Corey’s money along with 4 tickets stored away in the room. I handed Corey his money in front of Colt and Kris. “Seriously?” Colt asked. “He won that much cash.” “I did,” Corey replied. “Fuck,” Kris said. “You two have to be the luckiest dogs alive.” “I suppose we are,” I said and handed out the tickets. It was a game with three chances to win. “Let’s make this interesting,” Kris stated. “If anyone wins, they’re the loser and have to clean the apartment for the rest of the week. If there’s more than one winner then the next one cleans the following week.” “I hope I don’t win then,” I said but didn’t mind if I did since I was becoming or already was clean freak. We started scratching the tickets. I was a loser and wasn’t too disappointed. “Fuck me,” Colt said. “Matt, you won ten bucks.” “Loser here,” Kris said with a big smile. “Me too,” Corey said. “Man, I’d rather suck all y’all’s fucking dicks instead of cleaning all week,” Colt said. Kris turned to Corey and me. “I think we have an offer I can’t resist. How about y’all?” Corey looked at me and I looked at him. “We do have an offer.” “Shit,” Colt said. “Bro, you offered,” Kris said sliding down his shorts. “Okay, it’ll be worth it,” Colt said and lost his shorts. Corey and I stood and undressed each other. Kris came and stood next to us while Colt got on his knees. “How far should he go?” Kris asked. “I’d say until we’re close, unless he wants a stomach full of cum,” Corey replied. “You can cum on me but not cum in my mouth,” Colt stated and grabbed Kris’s cock. “That’s fair enough,” I said and watched Colt take Kris’s cock into his mouth. Corey leaned over and gave me lots of tongue while I grabbed his cock. “OOO suck that fucking dick,” Kris moaned while Corey and I were kissing. We broke the kiss. I looked over and saw Kris thrusting his cock into Colt’s mouth. Kris leaned over and kissed me on the lips while grabbing my ass. Corey’s hand grabbed the other cheek. Then I felt Colt’s mouth slide down my hard 8 inches. Corey grabbed me for another kiss. “I forgot how fucking big this motherfucker was,” Colt said, holding my cock. “Yeah, it’s big, but so great,” Corey said. I stood between Kris and Corey with their hands on my ass while Colt was sucking and licking my cock. He stopped, took a deep breath and moved to Corey’s cock. It was hot seeing Corey’s thick cock stretch Colt’s mouth wide. Kris gave me another kiss while sliding his hand down to my hard cock, jerking it slowly. I reached down and ran my hand up and down his while Corey looked to be in heaven with his head thrown back as Colt bobbed up and down on his thick cock. Colt stood and stretched his legs. “You’re doing great,” Kris said and pointed at his hard cock. Colt moved back over to go back down on Kris. Kris grabbed Colt’s hair and started fucking his face. Colt jerked back and stopped, “Do that fucking shit again and I’m biting your dick.” “Sorry, but it was feeling so good, bro,” Kris said. Colt went back down and was really in to sucking Kris’s cock like it was his favourite treat. Kris was moaning and groaning while Corey was jacking me. Kris pushed Colt away and tensed up. “OOO fuck, I’m cumming,” Kris moaned and looked so hot, with a light coat of sweat covering his body and his incredible abs tightening until they looked about ready to pop out of his skin. Cum flew out of his hard cock and covered Colt’s pecs. With Kris’s cum still on him, Colt moved to me. His great mouth slid over my cock and was feeling better than ever. I stood with my eyes closed, taking this experience in as Colt used his lips and tongue to slide up and down my shaft, using his hands to jerk the part of my cock that wasn’t in his mouth and to pull on my balls. Finally feeling the urge I pulled back and grunted. I grabbed my cock and added to Kris’s cum on Colt’s hot body. Colt move on to tend to Corey’s cock and was eager to get him off. It didn’t take long as Colt really went to work, almost fucking his face on Corey’s cock, before Corey unloaded his juice onto Colt. “Fucking hot as hell if you ask me. How was it sucking our dicks?” Kris asked. Colt wiped his mouth, “Not too bad. Now someone needs to get my ass off.” “Bro, I’ll jack you off until you bust,” Kris said. Colt moved to the couch and spread his legs that were sprouting hair as was the area between his pecs. Kris moved over and grabbed Colt’s hard dick. Corey and I sat together and shared a kiss before Corey stood and moved over to help Kris out on Colt’s cock. Before too long I looked over to see Corey bobbing his head up and down on Colt’s cock, making the most of the opportunity. I watched and loved seeing this incredibly hot sight of three muscle college boys enjoying each other. I walked over and pushed Corey aside. Colt’s cock went straight in my mouth. I glanced up to see Kris nibbling at Colt’s neck while Corey was sucking Colt’s nipple. Colt had his head thrown back and was moaning uncontrollably as we all worked on his body. My instincts then took over and I took all 7 inches of Colt’s hot dick in my mouth. “OOOO fuck, Matt,” Colt moaned. “Best fucking cocksucker around,” Corey stated. I began moving up and down on his cock like crazy. It took a lot to get him off but I was determined to make him cum. “OOO goddamn,” Colt said and pulled his wet cock from my mouth. He grabbed his dick and after one quick tug he shot his load onto his abs. Corey kissed me again while Colt grabbed Kris for a passionate kiss. When Corey and I moved apart I felt a pull on my arm and was treated to the hottest kiss from Colt. “Epic as fuck,” Kris stated. “Man, just when you think it’s gonna be normal for us, then wham, we do this shit,” Corey said. Colt laughed, “Good thing we’re so close. I doubt too many others roomies go down on each other.” “Don’t count out Scott, Garrett and Brennan,” gaziantep escort bayan I stated. “We don’t have to take a back seat to anyone. It was so wicked that it happened on at the spur of the moment,” Kris said. “That’s what made it so hot,” Corey said. Since it was fairly early we spent the rest of the night naked, enjoying each other’s company. I did enjoy just the four of us being together without their girls or any of our other friends. We chilled, shared a few laughs and watched TV between Kris’s irritating channel flipping. With all things settled at college and prepared, Tuesday started out kind of boring. I tried to reach Gloria for what I determined would be my last time. It was now evident something had happened, but it was quite puzzling why she would vanish. Corey, Kris and I made a trip to the Rec Center along with Shawn, Scott, Ethan and Cody to work out. No doubt Corey and Kris were quite well known. We did work hard, with Kris acting as our drill sergeant, though not to Corey. Shower time was fun as always now that Ethan and Cody were comfortable around us naked. There were a few young guys around who probably thought we were nuts while we messed with each other in and out of the shower. The freshman were easy to spot, almost shaking to show their goods, except for one guy who was hung and proud like he should be. As we were about to leave we ran into Tabor and Chase. They had been playing basketball with the sweat to show for it. We talked to them for a minute before leaving. Now we knew of the photo shoot for Ted but no one really was aware of the time. We tried to text Colt but he hadn’t answered. It was odd driving back while we passed our old suites. The place had lots of good memories but it could be different with Rick now graduated. Scott reported Rick had gotten a nice job and moved away. It would be how things would be for us in a few short years. Finally, once back at the apartment, Colt sent a text to Kris saying the PR guy would be at the complex about seven. We spread the word and were unsure if we should wear a college tee or dress normally. After another text to Colt we knew to dress like we normally would. With ten of us crowded in the room, the PR guy, Phil, had us line up so the photographer could take a shot. It was crowded in Ted’s apartment but we did as we were told. We took a few more of us acting crazy with Ted and Luke posing with their arms folded and giving a serious look. “I got an idea,” Kris said. “Why don’t we make a circle around them with the photographer standing above us?” “Better yet, why don’t we got outside and let him take one from a balcony?” Phil asked. “Sounds good to me,” Scott replied. We headed outside and got in a circle. The photographer climbed up a flight of stairs and stood. He moved us closer and began taking a lot of pictures. “Thanks guys,” Phil announced to end the session. “So when is this being published?” Colt asked. “Look for it the second home game,” Phil replied. “The first game programs are just about ready to go.” Phil left us while we headed back in their apartment. “Thanks for doing that,” Ted said. “Yeah, hopefully it will come out and be a nice article,” Luke said. “It’s a shame Myles couldn’t be a part of it,” Corey said. “It’s cool by me. These two are used to the pub now,” Myles said. Ted rolled his eyes. “I’m about sick of it and am ready to play.” “Hey, look at it as upping your draft value,” Alex said. “I could care less about that right now,” Ted said. “We have a season to focus on. Then we’ll see what happens. I can tell you right now I’ll be here,” Luke stated. “Ted?” Kris asked. “Right now, I don’t want to think about it,” Ted said. “Bro, you have to,” Kris said. “You can’t make a decision at the last minute.” “Kris, I won’t, but there’s so much that goes into whether I apply for the NFL draft or not. In a way it’s exciting but it just adds to the pressure already on me. I want to just play and see where the chips fall. If I’m ready and think it’s worth it, then I will. If not, then I won’t,” Ted said. “Guys, we better leave and let them get their rest,” Alex said. We filled our apartment, which wasn’t unexpected. They sat around and talked about Ted and his future in the pros while I listened. I spoke up while they were debated whether Ted should go pro, “Let me preface this by saying I don’t shit about the NFL and how Ted stacks up to the other guys at his position. If I know Ted, the last thing he wants is for us to question him about whether he’s going pro or not. He probably just wants us to act like we always have around him. Yeah, some of us had stars in our eyes when we first met him…” “Colt,” Kris said and pushed on Colt. “I’ll admit I did,” Alex said. “Now he’s just one of us the way I see it. Sure he, Luke and Myles wear a uniform on Saturday, but I’m pretty sure they want us to keep treating them the same way as we always have. It’ll make things so much easier on him if we don’t mention the draft and treat him like we have been,” I finished up. “Damn bro, that was some good shit,” Kris said. “It was for someone who could care less about the game,” Bishop said. “If anything we should try to talk him in to staying. Imagine how weird it will be our senior year watching the game and Ted not being there,” Corey said. “Really weird,” Brennan said. “I agree, if anything we should talk him into staying.” “Better yet, just let Ted decide and keep quiet,” I said. Since we still weren’t in school, Ethan went and brought down the beer pong table. They moved our table so the game could begin. It did entertain us for a while and gave us a nice excuse to drink, but we really didn’t need it now. It was about two before our room cleared out. If anything I was ready for classes to begin but would have to wait one more day. TO BE CONTINUED… I hope you enjoyed `Junior 5′ in my long running series of “Rooming with My Best Friend”. I appreciate those you have stuck with me throughout this long series and continue to email me about it. There is no other way I know if you still enjoy this story. Please sign up for the emails on my website, www.wasputzgaystories, if you don’t want to miss it plus read other hot stories about `Rooming’ and its many characters written by various fans/authors. You are always welcome to write me at: hoo. I sincerely appreciate it each email and will respond to each one. I realize this has been one very long series but your interest has kept it going today and beyond. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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