Kat Finds Beauty

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Most of the time beauty comes from beauty. Occasionally beauty comes from ugliness. Kat and Eric had a very ugly beginning, but it has developed into something quite beautiful. They had their first, and fatal, encounter when she was a 23 year-old college sophomore and he was a 19 year-old sophomore. It was an encounter that was never intended to go anywhere.

Relationships always work out best when love and lust occur at roughly the same time. Sometimes, though, lust opens the door for love. Sometimes, it works the other way. A relationship ought to be doomed from the start, though, when it is devoid of both.

Kat was a lonely, depressed young woman. She had a hopeful spirit and tried to put on an optimistic face, but there was no keeping her sadness at bay. She’d been a cute kid and a pretty teen. In high school, she had a boyfriend with whom she was very close. Then, when she was eighteen, Kat went through a health crisis and suffered from nerve damage that left her with one lazy eye, a partially paralyzed mouth, and a severe, slurring lisp, along with reading and memory problems. It was too much for her boyfriend, and he hit the road.

Losing something that had been so close to her heart, something about which she had felt such certainty and trust, had been a major blow to Kat. She worked hard to get herself as attractive as she could to compensate for the shortcomings. She styled herself with bangy, bleached-blonde hair that hung straight to her shoulders, and a lot of eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. She got her body in great shape. She had always been trim, but she took inches off her waist while building muscle that maintained a cute backside and shapely legs. Her chest had never been large, and it became even smaller with the exercise, but overall, she thought she had hit the mark of hotness.

But then guys got bothered by her lazy eye, or by the way her smile and her kiss were marred by her partially paralyzed mouth. Or they got frustrated by her confusion over forgotten things and struggles with deep reading comprehension. If she’d always been single, she might have more easily maintained the romantic hope that came naturally to her. As it was, having loved so deeply, she felt its absence strongly and it became almost impossible for her to see a way out.

It reached a point where she would have done just about anything for even a moment of closeness with someone. Even a short break from her loneliness would have been worth almost any price. Her high school boyfriend was the only guy she’d ever had sex with, but she would have put out on the spot if given the opportunity, just to feel something other than sad. She was not proud of that, but she accepted it.

That’s where Eric came in. Eric was the kind of guy that people ran hot and cold on. At first he seemed pretty average. His height, his build, his short brown hair and unremarkable blue eyes. His quiet but not timid personality. His Joe-on-the-street vocabulary, and Joe-at-the-discount store wardrobe. But when he wanted to, Eric could flip a switch, and suddenly he had a disarming smile with one dimple, an easy wit, and a sneaky intelligence. Some people were captivated by that side of him. Others couldn’t stand the fact they never knew what Eric they were going to get.

When it came to women, though — women that he wanted — Eric never turned off the switch, and he almost never got turned down. AS you might expect, he liked it that way. It was a matter of pride for him, and he counted on it.

When he got turned down by two separate women in the same day, and turned down in a big way, he was frustrated with the universe, and desperate to vent both his anger and his pent-up sex drive on someone.

The collision took place in the school library. Kat was dressed in grey tights and a fuzzy white sweater. Eric was in khakis and a polo. They had seen each other around; it was a small school. But they didn’t know each other’s names, let alone anything else about each other. Eric just saw her as a girl who would take pity sex. Kat saw him as a guy who was paying attention to her.

Eric made the approach. “Hey, can I ask you a question?”


“What’s your name?”

“Kat.” She paused. “Was that the question?”

“It was.” Eric winked. “Now that I know that I can go to bed a happy man.”

Kat laughed.

Eric ran with it. “Because now I’ll know what to call you in my dreams.”

“That’s a terrible line,” Kat laughed.

“It made you laugh,” Eric argued with a warm smile, “and that makes it a successful line in my book.”

Kat looked at the floor with her good eye. “Okay, that one was a good line.”

“What can I get for that line?”

“What do you want?”

There were a thousand positive and beautiful things Eric could have said at that point, even if they might have been corny. Kat’s heart raced as she hoped for one of those things. She hadn’t been flirted with like this for over five years, and taboo heat porno it felt so good that she knew she would do anything just to keep it going. She hoped, though, that it would be beautiful.

Eric was not concerned with being beautiful. He was concerned with getting off and getting his rejections off his mind. He wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. He was looking for a piece of tail. “I want to take you into one of the private study rooms and screw your brains out, pretty kitty.”

It was not what she’d hoped for, but it was a break from loneliness. Kat was not smiling, but she said, “Okay.”

“Wow,” Eric said, chuckling as he put his arms around her and squeezed her butt with both hands. “You really are easy, aren’t you?”

“I guess,” she said distantly, just thrilled at the feel of human contact.

“Don’t worry, pretty kitty, that’s a good thing. A hot little bod like yours should definitely belong to a slut.” He slid one hand around to her front, tucked it between her thighs and groped her through her grey tights. They were out in the open, and anybody could have seen, but he didn’t care, and she was just too lost in the pleasure of being desired, no matter how crudely, to notice. “A good girl would waste that body.”

Eric led Kat to a private study room, shut the door, and immediately began stripping. Kat followed suit, shy about exposing her body to a guy for first time in so long, but driven to not lose the opportunity. She stood there, arms at her side, allowing Eric to look her over — but he didn’t bother. He told her to lie on the table on her back, and then stroked his cock to erection while looking at cell phone pics of the women who had rejected him. Kat lay there still, the air conditioning making her shiver, as she watched Eric beat off.

As soon as he was hard, though, he joined her on the table. He hooked two fingers over her lower teeth and pulled her mouth open. He then straddled her chest on his knees and began hammering his hardon into her mouth. It was crude and violent. Kat closed her lips as best she could and tried to use her tongue to add some excitement, but her mouth control was neurologically hampered and could never be perfect. Mostly she let him pound the back of her throat until it was sore from gagging and coughing up saliva back onto her own face.

“You’ve got a good mouth on you,” Eric panted. “I wasn’t sure, but you’re damn good at this.”

Despite everything, Kat managed a smile at that. Her mouth hadn’t been complimented in any way since the health problems. He was treating her like shit, but he was complimenting her, and that took the edge off — and being treated any way, she was sure, was better than not being treated at all.

“Now let me at that slutty pussy of yours,” he growled. He pulled out of her mouth and rolled her over. He lifted her back end so that she was on her knees but her face was still pressed into the table, and then he entered her from behind. He didn’t bother to warm her up at all, and the penetration hurt badly. She bit her arm to avoid screaming in the library.

“Damn you’re so tight!” Eric praised her. “I love your pussy, pretty kitty. Love it!”

As he got close to his climax though, he made one more adjustment. “But I’m not leaving this room without tapping that amazingly hot ass of yours.” And just like that, he stopped pounding her vulva. In the matter of one stroke back and one stroke in, he switched from her sex to her tight hole. She hadn’t ever given that up to anyone, and his precum was slick but not a sufficient lube, so he had to press hard to enter her.

The pain was intense and her arm was bleeding from how hard she had to bite it, but the anal stimulation was also intense, and when he came a short while later, pressing himself deeply within her, Kat experience her first anal orgasm, a high so violent that it felt as if her brain shut down for a moment. She had not thought she could climax without being in a sexier mood, but apparently through anal she could.

As soon as he was through, Eric pulled out and wiped his cock clean on her backside. “Thanks, pretty kitty,” he said. “I needed that.”

As she lay there, face down on the table, her body marked and ruined, Kat was aware of the ugliness of the situation. There had been an erotic charge, and she had climaxed, but she knew full well that she had just let a young man brutally use her body for nothing more than sexual release. But she still retained her essentially hopeful nature, and she chose to look at the positive.

And that’s when the magic began to happen.

Kat rolled over and sat up. She smiled her distorted smile. “I needed that, too.”

“Huh?” Eric was a little taken aback. “That?”

Kat nodded, still smiling. She felt foolish, but for the moment she wanted to embrace her foolishness. “When you’re as lonely as I am, any contact is good.” She was talking more than she liked to, because teach that bitch porno it called attention to her lisp, but she kept on. “I know you never want to see me again, but you said some nice things about my body, and you made me feel really good, even if it hurt.”

Eric had no idea how to respond. “You’re welcome,” he said dubiously.

“I’m just sorry I’ll never get to kiss you,” Kat said, wistful not sad.

“Oh, uh, I guess I can kiss you,” Eric mumbled, finding himself dragged along by her kind spirit. She scooted to the edge of the table and let her legs dangle over. He pressed his lips to hers. He was only intended a quick kiss, but she slipped her tongue into it and the kiss became warmer and wetter. Kat could only really use the left side of her lips, and her tongue had no feeling on the right ride, but Eric quickly learned that this made her more focused and intense, not clumsy. It was an excellent kiss. When they finally broke it, Eric finally said, “I was right about that mouth of yours.”

“Thank you,” Kat said, still smiling. She looked down at his lap with her one good eye, letting the lazy right eye trail behind. “Too bad I’ll never get that amazing thing in me again.”

Eric actually fidgeted with embarrassment and went to dress. His erection was below average in both length and girth and while he never really had complaints about his love-making, he was never complimented on his anatomy. “It’s not all that, but thanks.”

“It felt good to me,” Kat assured him.

Eric, the confident playboy with the magic switch, was close to blushing. “Look, nothing says we can’t hook up again, if you want to.”

Kat hopped off the table and grabbed some lip-gloss from her handbag and scrawled her dorm room extension across his chest with it. She laughed at the silly display. “Isn’t that what sluts do?”

Now it was Eric’s turn to laugh. “Probably so,” he guessed, “but you’re not really a slut are you?”

Kat shrugged. “I’m me.”

Despite all that, Kat wasn’t sure she’d ever hear from Eric again. She felt she had done her best, both to put the most positive light on the encounter and to give them both a chance to redeem themselves. To her surprise, she dreamt of Eric most of that night. She tried to put him out of her mind, but over the next couple of days, she struggled not to hope every time the phone rang that it might be him.

Eric decided not to do it over the phone, though.

She was wearing a black mini skirt and a purple blouse when he ran into her in the library again. He was in jeans and a t-shirt.

“You look gorgeous, pretty kitty,” he told her.

Kat just smiled, but said nothing.

Eric pursed his lips and then said, “I can’t stop thinking that . . .” But then he stopped. He thought for a moment. And then he continued, “I can’t stop thinking that I could have done better.”

Kat raised her eyebrows. “What?”

“I mean, I could have treated you better.”

“You could have,” she agreed. “You treated me badly. But I didn’t stop you, so I’m not mad, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“No, it’s not.” Eric sighed. “It’s just . . . Afterward, I was done. I’d gotten what I came for and I was done. I banged a chick I never had to see again.”

“You did that,” she confirmed.

“Sorry, the point is . .. You were so nice. So sweet. Why? I was crappy to you.”

“No reason. It’s just not who I am to treat people bad.”

“It is who I am,” Eric said sourly.

“No it’s not.”

“How can you say that, after what I did?”

“Eric, I liked it. It wasn’t romantic, and it wasn’t smart, but it felt really good, and I liked it. And, here I am in a miniskirt and a tight blouse, and you’re looking at my face and not grabbing for me. You’re not treating me like crap now.”

“Yeah, I am.”

“How so?”

“I can stop staring at your eyes.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“They’re beautiful,” he said, clearing his throat self-consciously. “And if I keep doing it, I’m going to ask you out, and you deserve better than that.”

“That was a really good line,” Kat told him, poking his shoulder playfully.

“That’s all I’ve got really,” Eric admitted with a shrug. “Lines.”

“If that were the case, once you’d delivered the line, you wouldn’t still be staring into my eyes, but you are.”

“They’re just so beautiful.”

Kat suddenly became very self-conscious about her lazy eye and turned her face so that he couldn’t look at it. “You’re sweet,” she said, but she really meant, Stop lying to me.

Eric reached out and gently cradled her chin. He lifted it slowly, and turned her face back toward his. He dipped his head toward her and kissed her eyelid on the troublesome right side. “Don’t hide from me.”

“What are you doing?” Kat asked, her lispy voice trembling. Her stomach was suddenly knotted up. Her breath was catching in her throat. She was sure she team skeet porno could hear her heartbeat. She could not remember ever having been touched in such a way. It was gentle and, even though it was her chin, it was very intimate. The feeling as he looked at her was something completely foreign to her. She could not read him at all.

“I don’t know,” he said.

Eric slid his hand up to her cheek and then ran his thumb across her lips. Kat shivered. Such a simple thing, but it was as if he was touching her naked soul. “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know,” he said again. Then, after a moment, “Kat, make me better.”

“What do you mean?” she asked in whisper as he caressed her other cheek.

“I don’t want to be a bastard anymore.”

“Then stop being one,” she giggled, now actively rubbing her cheek against his palm.

“Will you go out with me?”

Kat laughed again. “I think this is the first time I’ve been asked out by a guy several days after we had sex.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever asked a girl out like this. I mean, I want to be good. Nice. Whatever. I don’t want to treat you . . . Well, like I did before. I mean, I’m sorry. I don’t have a line for this situation.”

“Yes, I’ll go out with you,” Kat finally agreed, turning to gently kiss his palm. “I’ve never felt adored before.”

“Is that what you feel?”

“I think so.”

“That sounds like a good thing.”

“It is.”

Eric paused. “I promise I’ll be good,” he said. “I won’t push you for sex. I won’t swear at you, or treat you like you’re not a person. I don’t have a clue why, but there’s something about you. You’re not like anyone else.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Kat told him. “Except for the part about not pushing me for sex.”


Kat took his hand and slid it up under her halter top, placing it over her breast. Her bra was very thin, and her nipples responded to his touch. “Now,” she begged.

“But I don’t want to treat you bad again.”

Kat lifted her miniskirt, there in the middle of the aisle in the library. She was wearing a black thong with a lace front. She could almost hear Eric’s manhood springing to attention. “This isn’t you treating me bad; this is me throwing myself at you.”

Eric embraced the girl and pulled her into a kiss, his left hand caressing her exposed hip and backside. As the kiss continued, his other hand dropped between her legs to rub at the thong. Kat returned the favor by groping at the tent forming in his zipper.

At least one person had already seen them and scurried off in embarrassment by the time Eric dropped into a low crouch and began nuzzling around and tasting her. Kat clutched at his head for balance and threw her left over his shoulder. Her boyfriend, like most teenagers, had not been very good with his mouth down there. Eric was significantly better, even through the lace of her thong, at finding and teasing responses out of sensitive bits.

When he started to pull down the thong, though, Kat stopped him, and suggested they go to the stairwell for at least a little more privacy. As soon as they were in the stairway, they resumed kissing and groping, and began removing their clothes, as if they were in a hotel room.

Naked at last, Kat told him to sit on the edge of the top stop. He did, his erection sticking out in front of him like a flagpole. Kat climbed onto him, and turned into a sitting 69. He wrapped his arms tightly around her to keep her from falling as she wolfed down his hardon and pressed herself against his eager mouth. They bodies sweated and writhed in unison as they devoured each other and worshipped with their mouths.

Kat reached a point where she needed more, though, she needed to feel him inside her, and she contorted herself again and twisted around so that she could straddle him in the same sitting position, legs spread around his waist, sticking straight out. He lifted her by the hips and guided her down onto his erection.

It was not the most elegant way of having sex, but soon she was bouncing up and down on him, her arms wrapped around his neck, and he was jerking his hips up at her petite body. Elegant or not, Kat could not help smiling. Eric was staring into her eyes again. She felt very beautiful when he did that. It was embarrassing, but she liked it anyway.

The blonde eventually began grunting with the effort. She was so wet that she was practically splashing fluids all over both their bodies on every thrust. When she felt little twinge that sometimes told her she was getting close, she panted, “The other hole.”

Eric lifted her up off him and slammed her down again, so that he was spearing her ass. Kat cried out an obscenity and leaned back. Eric wrapped his arms loosely around her to stop her from falling, and took advantage of the position by bending in to lick and suck on her small breasts.

They were in the homestretch at that point, and there was no turning back. Bouncing and pounding, they grinded their way to a simultaneous orgasm.

A few moments later, they cuddled naked in the stairwell. Eric stared into her misaligned eyes, kissed her disfigured lips, and asked, “What does it feel like when you start to fall in love with someone?”

“This,” Kat whispered into his mouth.

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