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Katie’s Casting Call – Free PreviewThought I’d share the first chapter of my new book, “Katie’s Casting Call” for free on here. If you like it, please pop along to Amazon, download the Kindle app on your phone, and read it!Katie’s Casting CallBy Paul GarlandA No Angels NovelAll rights reserved by the Author.Contents copyright 2020 © Paul Garland and Cerulean PublishingThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Part 1: Katie and PaulChapter 1“Hey Paul,” said Katie when I walked into the bar where we’d agreed to meet up.“Hi,” I replied. “Sorry, I’m a bit late but…”“Ah, don’t worry about it,” she said, throwing her arms around me and pulling me into a hug. “I’ve missed you. I haven’t seen you all week. Where’ve you been?”“I’ve just been manic with work,” I said truthfully. “Want a drink?”Katie already had a beer in hand but I bought her another one anyway and we walked over to join our friends at a table near the window. It was a warm summer’s evening and the sun shining through the window caught Katie’s wavy blonde hair, making it look like spun gold. She was a gorgeous girl, but we were only friends and that’s all we’d ever been and all we ever would be.We’d been each other’s best friend for the past eight years since I was eleven years old and she was ten, growing up as next-door neighbours. Initially, I was her brother’s friend but he was two years older than me and once he started hanging around with boys nearer his age, I ended up being best friends with his little sister instead.We were fifteen and f******n when people started to think that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and Katie had always been the first to deny it – often vehemently. We were best friends, nothing more than that, even though she thought the world of me.Two years later, with me at college and Katie just finishing school, we went out one night to celebrate her completing her exams and managed to talk our way into a nightclub. Those early experiences of drinking and partying led to us both getting drunk and we had our one and only kiss.It didn’t go any further than that. It was purely a drunken mistake, Katie explained the next day. She told me that she couldn’t ever go there with me. We had a fantastic friendship and she didn’t want anything to ever overcomplicate it or spoil it. To be honest, I agreed with that. We both relied on each other pendik escort as friends. We told each other everything. She said she didn’t know what she’d do if she ever lost me as a friend and I had to admit I felt the same.I suppose we were too much like brother and sister for any sort of attraction or sexual chemistry to ever develop between us. Even when we both lost our virginity (first me, when I was sixteen with a girl from my after-school maths class and then Katie, spontaneously with a young guy that her mother had hired to decorate the house), there still wasn’t any sort of spark. Not even as we told each other everything and how exciting/awful it had been. Neither of us got turned on like some would have by the other describing the antics in detail (and there was a lot of detail.) We were both just curious about what had happened and full of excitement/sympathy for our best friend.I passed my way through college and started my first step towards my dream job by landing an assistant journalist position. Katie was thrilled for me, but everything didn’t run quite as smoothly for her.She didn’t get the grades she needed to go on to university and study to become a veterinarian, so she spent the summer enjoying the last of her student grant and trying out various part-time jobs in order to keep herself in the black until she figured out what to do with her life.Which brought us to now, sitting in a bar with our friends on a warm August evening, drinking beer and talking the usual bullshit that people in their late teens talk about. Sex (or the lack thereof); music; gossip; what crazy antics we had got up to on our recent holidays and how totally hideous our parents were.As the sun began to set on what had been a good night and a great catch up, a slightly-worse-for-wear Katie told me in a slurred voice that she needed to ask me a big question before we went home, but it needed to be in private. Because of financial pressures, she’d moved in with two of her friends including her ex-boyfriend, which was a bit awkward, so she asked if she could come back to my flat.I said yes, of course. My flat was hers whenever she needed time or space away from things, and we spent a lot of time in each other’s company anyway, so having her around was nothing unusual. We were incredibly comfortable around each other. We always had been.So, her obvious awkwardness when she sat on the sofa next to me at home was something strange. I first thought she was going to tell me something about Steve, her ex-boyfriend çekmeköy escort but when I brought his name up, guessing they’d had a fight or something, she shook her head.“It’s going to sound a bit weird,” she started, chewing her lip nervously, “I want to ask you a favour, but I totally understand and won’t be upset if you say no.”“Ri-i-i-i-ight,” I said slowly, wondering what the hell she was about to ask.Katie seemed to take forever to pluck up some courage, nervously fiddling with her blonde curls in her fingers. Just because we had never gone any further than that one drunken kiss, didn’t mean I didn’t find her attractive. Any man would have. She was short, blonde and incredibly cute with her big green eyes and a pretty smile but wasn’t a skinny girl. For an eighteen-year-old she had great curves; impressive cleavage and a round, pert bottom. She’d enjoyed her fair share of male attention but had only ever slept with three men, only one of which was a real relationship – an asshole called Steve, who was her most recent boyfriend.“I really need to earn some money,” she said slowly. “And a friend of mine has told me about this- sort of- job opportunity.”I frowned. Where was this going? “What kind of job?”“Modelling. I wondered if you’d come with me to the,” Katie paused, “…to the interview?”“Why do you need me to come to an interview?” I asked. “Of course I will, but you’re right, it does seem a bit odd. You’re being a bit weird.”Katie sat up straighter. “Oh, fuck it. You’re my Paul. I can tell you anything, right?”I shrugged. “You always have?”“It’s a company that does adult stuff. You know, nude pictures. Porn stuff…” She sat back, waiting for my reaction.“Porn stuff? What, like dirty videos?” Katie just nodded, her eyes never leaving mine. “How dirty? What kind of porn?”“Oh, nothing kinky. Not like gangbangs or any weird stuff. Just- well, you know, a guy and a girl and…” she trailed off as I stood up.“This is crazy,” I said in disbelief. “I know you’re stuck for money and everything, but there are loads of other options before stooping to this kind of level. I mean, seriously?”“My friend Sarah has done it, and she’s made over two grand in just two shoots. And she loved every second of it,” Katie replied defensively.“But this isn’t you, Katie.”“How do you know it’s not me?” she asked.“Because you’re my best friend,” I said simply. “I know you better than anyone. You’re the gorgeous, funny, sweet Katie, not some sex-mad porn star.”“Well that shows how much you know about me,” Katie maltepe escort stood up, raising her voice. “Sweet? You think I’m sweet? Well, for a start- I am sex-mad. In fact, that’s why Steve and I argue so much…”I waited for her to carry on, but she suddenly sat down, as though she’d said too much.“Well, go on then.” I prompted her, ignoring her ranting tone. “Carry on.”She glared at me, getting some of her resolve back. “I want to do certain things in bed that Steve doesn’t. I want sex more than he does. He can’t keep up with me.”This was something she’d never told me before. I’d always told Katie everything, so this sudden revelation stung a bit. Obviously, the earlier beers had loosened her tongue. They’d loosened my curiosity too. “Yeah right. What sort of certain things? What kind of guy can’t keep up with a girl?”“I can’t get enough sex,” Katie said and I noticed for the first time that her face was bright red with embarrassment, even as drunk as she was. “I masturbate every day, sometimes twice. I always have, even if me and Steve had sex that day. I want to do things, experimental things. I’ve always had certain fantasies and I want to try them while I’m young.”That honest confession shut me up. I didn’t quite know what to say. I suddenly saw Katie in a slightly different light, then immediately realised she was still the same girl. She was still my best friend. I sat down next to her.“I don’t want to know what these ‘things’ are, but if you want to talk about them, you can.” I sighed loudly. “Wow. I thought I knew everything about you. When did we start keeping secrets from each other?”“You have secrets?” Katie asked in a very quiet voice.I laughed. “I wish I did, but honestly, my life is nowhere near as exciting as yours. I have my job and outside of that, you’re pretty much all I have. You and my other friends and family.”“I want to do this,” she said, quieter again, almost a whisper. “Ever since Sarah told me about it, I’ve thought about it and want to try it. I need the money, but also, I just like the idea.”“And you want me to come with you?” I raised an eyebrow.“You’re the one person I trust to look after me,” Katie shrugged. “There’s no one else, and I can’t go on my own. I’d be too scared.”“What about Sarah?” I had to ask. “She’s been there and done it. And she’s a girl. Surely…”“I don’t trust her,” Katie interrupted. “She’s not a great friend if I’m honest. She’s selfish and a bit of a snob sometimes. She only hangs around with me when she’s got no one else. Please, Paul. Obviously, I can’t tell Steve. I wouldn’t ask if I had anyone else.”We ended up having a hug and I agreed to at least go to the interview with her. What I didn’t realise is that it was scheduled for tomorrow. I made Katie the spare bed up in the small bedroom and then went to bed myself but found it hard to sleep, wondering what the next day was going to bring.

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