Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 03

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Jane again went out of station on work assignment for a few days. Stacey and Ted were now alone in the big villa. One day, as Stacey came out of the toilet, she was wearing another sexy sleeveless blouse, showing lots of her shoulders and armpit flesh. They immediately were locked in a tight embrace. Ted raised Stacey’s one arm and put his face in her armpit. She clasped Ted’s head inside her armpit.

Ted sniffed the fleshy smelly armpit for a long time, then tongued both her armpits in turn, kissed and sucked both her armpits. She cried out in passion-” Oh! Oh! For a long time I wanted armpit-kiss from you” and pressed her armpits repeatedly on Ted’s face.

Stacey’s pits are concave, filled with jet black hair. Rarely does she clean her armpits. By now she knows that Ted loves the pungent sexy aroma of both her sweaty bushy armpits, sometimes she herself smells her own armpits, and gets turned on, and craves for Ted’s hungry lips on her armpits’ flesh. She loves his thick sensuous lips kissing and sucking her armpits. Ted is now sucking on her wide, sexy armpits, like breast sucking – a lot of her armpit flesh is in his mouth. He is biting the armpit flesh, and Stacey now enjoying it. She tears open Ted’s shirt and puts her face in Ted’s armpits, taking in the male odor, kissing and sucking it.

Now they are lustily kissing, biting and sucking each other’s armpits, while locked in a tight embrace. Ted now asked Stacey to sit on a stool, went behind her and she raised her left hand, he put his **** in her sexy armpit, she clamped her hand tightly to her side, and Ted started pumping violently in her sexy armpit. When the tip of his **** came out of the armpit at front, she lowered her head and kissed it quickly. Ted was mad. He then put it in her right armpit and pumped.

Then Ted hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits and got hold of her huge boobs, then started kissing her sexy back, kissing & licking her broad, smelly shoulders and armpits from behind. Ted and Stacey went wild with lust. Again they started lustily eating each other’s armpits.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……. kiss and lick my armpits…….” – said Stacey. “Yesssss…. aaaargghhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm…… I will bite away your armpit hair, your armpit smell is so hot…I want to snifff and lickkkk and bite……” – said Ted.

It seemed the armpits kissing, sucking would never end. There was now more sweat in Stacey’s armpits and the smell was irresistible. Suddenly Ted gave long sensuous kisses on Stacey’s soft waist flesh.

He kissed and munched her waist curves and slight folds, and rubbed his nose on her waist folds taking in the sexy body odor and waist odor from Stacey’s fleshy waists. Stacey cried out in passion and lust. Stacey then rubbed some perfumed oil on his ****, while showing and letting him inhale her armpits. Ted was bursting with lust and passion.

Today the aroma of Stacey’s large armpits drove him mad. Stacey now took his **** in her both armpits in turn and Ted lustily pumped. Stacey caught hold of Ted’s shoulders, kissed and licked his shoulders and put her long and sexy nose in his armpits, and sniffed and sucked hard. Ted got very hot and took Stacey’s long nose in his mouth and kissed and bit her nose, so sexy. He lapped her nose with his tongue. Stacey also took Ted’s nose in her mouth and sucked hard. They played with their noses for a long time.

Ted then took each of her ears in his mouth and sucked. Ear kissing and nose kissing is very arousing. Sometimes Ted was licking and kissing Stacey’s bare upper arms. Stacey’s bare upper arms, armpits, nose, ears and waists were all wet with Ted’s saliva. Then Ted raised his arms a little and took her huge breasts in his armpits and pressed those boobs in his armpits. Stacey raised one of her hands and pressed and rubbed her armpit on Ted’s face. They could hardly hold their lust now……….A quickie was inevitable.

They clasped each other in a lusty tight embrace and hungrily kissed. They were snugly tight, and moved in unison. They put each other’s mouth in their underarms, and the heavy sniffing that followed carried them towards extreme lust. Hungrily licking and sucking each other’s armpits, they bodies suddenly grew tight, bite on the armpits became hard, and they were past the peak together. But the kissing and embracing continued…….

In the morning, Stacey’s sexy friend Annette came. She always wears sexy blouses and dresses, and is a connoisseur of armpits – male or female. She loves armpit kisses. Annette’s armpits are a treat to watch. Her armpits are truly **** raising armpits. She is wearing Escort Bayan an open back dress, with much of her fleshy waist exposed. First Annette tightly embraced Stacey and kissed each other’s armpits.

Stacey kissed Annette’s waist and licked it for fun. Annette was very excited. Stacey told something to Annette while kissing her ears. Annette called Ted to her, raised her one arm and asked him to sniff. Then she brought her other armpit to his nose. Ted sniffed to his heart’s content. The smell was very arousing. After long time of sniffing, Ted stopped, to get some breath. Annette then asked Ted to lick each of her armpits. She laid some perfumed oil on her palm.

As Ted started lustily licking her armpits, she held his **** in her palm and started squeezing and sliding. While licking Annette’s armpits Ted tightly held her and was feeling the flesh of her waist. They were almost wrestling. Annette raised one arm of Ted and was licking his armpits. Stacey got very turned on by this. She hugged Annette from behind and was kissing and licking her upper arms, back and neck.

As Annette turned her face, Stacey caught hold of her sharp nose by her lips and was sucking her nose. Annette also gave Stacey a prolonged nose kiss. Then Annette and Stacey began mutual armpit kissing and eating. Ted hugged them from behind alternately, and kissed and licked their upper arms, armpits, back, waist. Then it was free for all. Each was sucking, kissing, licking the others’ upper arms, armpits. Their upper arms, armpits, noses, ears became wet with saliva. Ted inserted his oiled **** in Annette and Stacey’s oiled armpits and rubbed and pumped away.


In the afternoon, another of Stacey’s friend from the locality – Suzie came. She was wearing a very short sleeveless blouse, with lot of her shoulder and waist flesh visible. After lots of sweet talks, Ted and Suzie became very friendly and close. Then he lightly kissed her shoulder. She surprised him by telling ‘Not there, but I like it here’ and raising her left hand, pointed at her exposed underarm. It was with very short bristles.

He brought his nose near it and took in the smell for sometime. Oh, what a sexy armpit smell!!! Smell of a mixture of sweat and perfume is intoxicating. Then he buried his face in her armpit, was lustily rubbing his nose on her armpit flesh, kissed and nibbled it. She got wild with joy, and whispered ‘hug me tight’. They hugged each other wildly, enjoying tight wet kisses, he licked and sniffed her smooth shoulders, bit her delicious perfumed shoulder flesh.

She told – “please don’t bite hard on the shoulders, as it may leave a mark. I always wear shoulderless dresses’. So he rubbed his nose there. Then he kissed the tip of her nose, ran his tongue along her sexy nose, and then ran the tip of his tongue into her nostrils. Her breath smelled very sweet. Ted then took her nose in his mouth and licked and sucked away. She hissed – “Come –kiss and lick my armpits, smell and eat my armpits, and give me your armpits, I love to suck male armpits”.

She raised her right hand a little and he thrust his nose in her right armpit and gave it a prolonged hard sniff followed by prolonged kissing and tickling, biting the armpit flesh, eating out her fleshy armpits. She too raised his arm a little and started kissing, licking, sniffing, biting his armpits. Mutual armpit caressing and foreplay went on & on. Both tongued each other’s armpits to their heart’s content.

They were oscillating in the tightest hug, eating away each other’s armpits. She clasped his **** and squeezed, this made them more wildly sucking and biting their armpits. She pulled his **** in her sexy armpit from front, put her hand tightly to her side, and he rubbed and rubbed. Then he put his **** in her armpit from behind and oscillated. Ted tightly hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits, clutched at her boobs, kissing her smooth shoulders, and when she turned her head, started kissing her nose.

Again they engaged in mutual armpit licking. Both of them lustily bit into each other’s armpits, licking and eating the flesh, munching the hair. Suzie put her sharp nose in his left armpit and was licking and kissing it. Ted hugged her from behind, started kissing her sexy back, kissing & licking her broad, smelly shoulders and armpits from behind. He wetted her armpits with saliva. She also did the same to his armpits. Smell of their armpits with perfume, sweat and saliva was a fantastic turn-on. They took in the smell as much as possible. Armpit kissing, sucking, licking went on Bayan Escort and on.


Next day was made all the more pleasurable by the presence of country ladies – Linda, Hanna and Rozie. Ted held Linda by her upper arms, drew her closer and kissed her and then raised her arm a little, inserted his nose and started inhaling her natural armpit smell. Linda pushed her armpit on his face, and said – “how did you know that I love armpit kiss?” Ted rubbed his nose in her plump armpit and licked it for a long time. She put her face in his armpit and started licking, sniffing his armpits. They were so much engaged in their armpit kissing that they almost forgot about others.

Then Hanna almost pulled them apart. While Hanna engaged in a tight embrace with Linda, Ted was drawn into a fierce hug by Rozie. Her perfume made him hard. Ted started kissing and licking her bare shoulders and waist. Kissing women’s fleshy waist with little folds is very arousing. Rozie raised her hands and invitingly put forward her armpits to his face. Ted buried his face there, and put his armpit on her face. He tightly kissed her both armpits in turn, without stopping. She was also kissing and sucking his armpits.

He wetted her armpits with saliva. Her armpit smell is a fantastic turn on. Ted saw Hanna and Linda frantically giving each other tight embraces and kisses. They were fondling each other’s body and every curve and nook & corner of it, smelling, sucking, licking, tasting each other’s armpits. Then Hanna came to them and he engaged in a tight embrace with her, and licked her sharp nose and perfumed silky smooth shoulders, and gradually penetrated his nose in her left armpit. She said – “sniff the smell of my sweaty armpits”.

As he was thoroughly enjoying her both armpits, shoulders and waist folds, Rozie and Linda took each other in a lusty tight embrace and big open mouthed slippery kisses. After sometime they buried their faces in each other’s armpits. This went on and on. Then Rozie and Linda came and embraced Ted and Hanna from behind, and they started mutual armpit smelling, kissing, licking and armpit eating sessions amongst all four of us at random. At one time Ted caught hold of Rozie from behind, and put his **** in her right armpit.

She pressed her hand on her side and he started moving in and out. Rozie cried out in passion. Then he did the same to Linda and Hanna. This continued in turns till late hours. Ted never knew armpit love was so much fun. Next morning he and Rozie remained, other two ladies went to town for a long time.

He wanted to have more armpit fun with Rozie. She was ready, wearing a halter top, did not wash her armpits. The aroma of her armpits was inviting. Ted clasped her plump body, she opened her right armpit a little, and he pushed his nose inside, the smell drove him mad. Ted inhaled and inhaled, kissed and licked those armpits. She also put her sharp nose in his right armpit and was licking and kissing it.

They spent the whole day like this. In the night Linda and Hanna returned, and had similar fun with him. With Hanna he had lots and lots of armpit kissing and eating, waist kissing, nose kissing. During armpit kissing, she encircled his * with her figures. With Linda, he kissed her plump wide back first, then wetted her long sharp nose with his saliva, then took her wide armpits in his mouth, bit it a little, while kissing it. She loved it, pushed her armpits more on his face, kissing and biting his armpits. They were tightly embracing. Ted went wild with joy.


Towards the end of his stay, Jane arranged a private party with her friends – Priscila and Norma.

As Jane embraced Priscila, Ted pulled Jane from Priscila’s embrace, and hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits, clutched at her boobs, kissing her smooth shoulders, and when she turned her head to him, started kissing her nose.

He was sucking her sharp and sexy nose, when Priscila embraced Jane from front. What a hot situation! Jane getting a tight hug from front, by Priscila, and from rear, by him. Being very hot, Priscila began to kiss Jane and him alternately. She raised Jane’s right hand and was sucking her armpit. Ted also pushed his face in Jane’s right armpit from behind, kissed and sucked the same, and also was kissing Priscila. Then Priscila raised her both hands and locked them behind her head, and brought her sweaty and smelly armpits on Ted’s face. Ted sniffed and licked….kissed and sucked Priscila’s armpits.

Just then entered Norma. Her plump body and sexy tank top made him Escort instantly hard. They stopped their hugging and kissing to welcome her. She then engaged in tight hugging and kissing with both of them. Seeing the ladies’ kissing and hugging Ted was very excited.

Norma came to him, showed him her slightly hairy armpits, and said – “do you like them?”

He said – “they are fantastic.”

“Come – kiss and lick ‘em” – she replied. She brought her armpits near his nose, for him to sniff. But it was hard to resist kissing those large, plump, smelly armpits. But she moved away, again to bring them back for his sniffing.

After several such enticements, Norma pressed her armpits on his face & nose, asking him to sniff, lick and suck. “Smell and eat my armpits” – she said. “Eat them out. I very much like mutual armpit-kissing and armpits sucking. Give me your armpits” – and she took his armpit flesh in her mouth. Ted lustily licked Norma’s ripe shoulders, upper arms and armpits. There were thin strands of hair in her armpits. The strands of hair were sticking to her armpit flesh due to profuse armpit sweat. Ted licked and munched those hairs.

After enjoying Norma’s armpits for quite sometime, Ted caught hold of Priscila and inserted his **** in her armpit. Norma started kissing Jane from behind. Again he started kissing Priscila’s armpits. Eating female armpits is so sexy. Norma then came to him with her arms raised and took his **** in her left armpit and pressed her arm with her body. Moved the armpit back and forth giving him immense pleasure.

Then he tightly embraced Norma and engaged in mutual armpit eating with her. Both of them bit into the other’s armpits, licking and eating the flesh. Jane and Priscila also joined in with their inviting smelly armpits.


Next day Stacey wanted to shave her armpits, and get it done by Ted. First Ted vehemently opposed. But Stacey wanted it as her underarm hair grew too long. They went to the toilet with all the instruments. But before everything, Stacey and Ted embraced each other tightly, and they remained in that position, with their heads on each other’s shoulder. The heat was building up. Stacey groped for his **** and put her fingers firmly around. Ted squeezed her breasts. Held them like big mangoes, and pressed hard.

Their lips were drawn into a mouth watering kiss, and they joined together. With bodies oscillating the enjoyed the rub, but stopped after sometime. Their mouths found each other’ armpits, and vigorous underarm kissing, licking and sucking sounds were the only sounds in the toilet.

They were tugging with their teeth at each other’s armpit hair, licking, kissing, nibbling and biting the armpit flesh……….

Then Stacey raised both her hands and locked them behind her head. She asked Ted to soap her armpits. Ted worked up a big lather in her armpits. Then he gradually shaved her right armpit and then her left armpit, and washed the armpits. But he did not repeat the shave, so that the armpit surface was a bit rough. He looked for a while at her shaved armpits, and embracing her, lustily kissed and licked both the shaved armpits.

Stacey then asked Ted to raise both his hands, and she shaved his armpits as well. They took two perfume bottles and sprayed into each other’s armpits and shoulders. Ted sprayed the perfume below Stacey’s boobs. Again they embraced, and Stacey kissed and licked Ted’s shaved underarms. As they were sniffing, kissing, licking, sucking and tasting each other’s shaved armpits, their lusty embrace grew more and more tight. The perfume was very much arousing.

They alternated between fierce mouth sucking kisses with saliva exchange, and armpit kissing and sucking……. Ted put his **** into the smooth shaved and perfumed left armpit of Stacey and lustily pumped. It was very slippery because of the shave, and accumulated sweat. Ted took it out from the left armpit and inserted it into Stacey’s right armpit. Stacey clamped tight her arm, and Ted enjoyed rubbing into her tight slippery armpit. Then she guided Ted into her. They were snug tight, and enjoyed the lusty tight slippery rubbing, their entwined bodies swaying from side to side. After sometime their kisses became more and more urgent and violent, cheeks hollowed in, their tight embrace was crushing their bodies…..the quickie was developing in a fast pace.

– “Aaarrrgggghhhhh…. .yyyyaaaasssss… .mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“Urrrsssssssttttt….. mmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. .kisssssssss…. mmmmmmmmmmm”

They stood still, nails clawed into their shoulder flesh. Biting, sniffing and sucking each other’s armpits with extreme lust, they peaked together….. and stayed at the peak for quite sometime. But the lusty tight embrace and armpit licking, tasting, kissing, sniffing and sucking continued……..

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