Krissy’s Bad Day

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Krissy’s Bad Day“Fucking asshole!”, said Krissy as she slammed her car door shut. A blast of hot air poured out of the vent on the dashboard as Krissy turned on her car desperate to get away from her office and her creepy coworker with his unwanted sexual advances. The louse had forced her to work late by waiting until closing time to bring her paperwork that had to be processed and sent to corporate headquarters by the end of the day. Her skin crawled remembering the way he stared as she walked to the copy machine and made comments about her ass.Sweat ran between her voluptuous breasts in the hot Arkansas summer, making the minimizer bra she was wearing even more uncomfortable. Frumpy conservative clothes were a necessary evil in the day-to-day rat race and she was ready to get out of them. She only had a five-minute drive to get home, but she didn’t care. She wanted relief and took her bra off and threw it in the backseat.An hour later after a comfortable bath and three glasses of wine, Krissy was standing in her bedroom trying to decide if she should wear her comfortable cotton pajamas for the evening or the sexy satin ones. Normally she saved the sexy pajamas for her boyfriend, but he was out for the night at a trivia tournament with his friends. She was preparing to put on her old comfortable cotton pajama top, but on a whim decided she deserved to feel extra special and put on her favorite satin pajama top and her silky pink panties.Not wanting to mess up her immaculate kitchen, Krissy had ordered delivery from her favorite gourmet restaurant. Working on her fourth glass of wine Krissy got up to answer the door for what she assumed was the delivery driver. As she pulled the door open the man on the other side rushed the door knocking Krissy to the ground slamming the door shut behind him. Dazed Krissy felt a heavy hand across her mouth and a heavy body pin her to the floor.“Do not fight me. Do not try to hurt me. Do not even try to make a sound. If you do you will regret it, deeply,” said the man calmly and quietly. “You are going to do as I say”, the man continued. “If you do not there will be consequences and you will not like any of them. Am I clear?” The man waited for Krissy‘s response as she finally relented and made a motion of acquiescence with her hand and eyes.The man removed his hand from her mouth and got up off of her, but before he could reach down to pick her up off the floor she exclaimed “you don’t have to do this. My husband is a cop and will be off duty any minute. You don’t want to get shot…” Krissy’s words trailed off as the man started laughing. “What is so funny?” Krissy asked. Only to be shocked by the man’s response. “Bitch I’ve been scoping you out for over a month now. You are not married and the only gun that hunk of a boyfriend has in his video games. Plus, he won’t be over tonight. I know he’s out with his friends,” said the man, destroying Krissy’s bravado and causing her breath to come rapidly. With his left hand, he yanked Krissy to her feet and with his right hand he tore open her pajama top causing all the buttons to fly across the room. Krissy tried to cover up her breasts, but stopped as the man raised his hand to strike her. “I like you topless” the man said calmly and then waited. Krissy just stood there her head hanging looking at her nakedness. “That means take off your fucking shirt!” He said this with so much venom in his voice she flinched and shrugged off the useless shirt onto the floor. The man walked slowly around Krissy taking in her nearly naked form. She quivered as his hands cupped her breasts. “I have hit the boob lottery with you,” the man said. He continued circling her like a hungry shark running his hands through her hair, down her back, and into her panties to grab her ass. Krissy felt the Man press against her from behind, place his hands first on her hips, and then slowly sliding them up her torso savoring every part of her body. She began shaking in fear as the man reached her breasts, exploring them recklessly kneading and pinching them as Krissy just stood there at attention. Her inner monologue just told her to let him have his way and hopefully he would leave soon. As the man began to pay special attention to her nipples, Krissy’s body began to betray her; she kind of enjoyed the attention. Suddenly the man grabbed her nipples firmly and begin twisting them. “Fuck”, Krissy’s inner monologue screamed at her. “A little pain is a turn on,” she thought. As Krissy began experiencing a little wetness between her legs, the man spoke softly emphasizing his words for clarity. “These tits are for my enjoyment! Your body is my playground for enjoyment. Do you understand?” Krissy just stood there in shock as the words echoed inside her head. Krissy’s silence spoke volumes to the man. Krissy was jolted back to reality as two hands clamped down hard pinching her nipples. “Do you understand?” The man repeated. Krissy in too much pain to speak nodded her head furiously hoping the man would release his crab like pincers clamped on her nipples. The pain eased as she bahis siteleri nodded. “You will speak only when questioned or as directed.” The man spoke flatly as if teaching a mathematics class. “You will address me as Sir, and questions will be answered as yes Sir or no Sir. I promise you do not want to say I don’t know Sir.” The lesson continued. “You will follow instructions to the letter and there are consequences for not doing so.” “What sort of consequences?” Krissy asked, noticing the change in demeanor on Sir’s face as the first word left her lips. Sir collected his thoughts for a second, and leapt into action. He was firm without being overly aggressive. Sir then grabbed Krissy by the hair and more guided then dragged her to the couch. “You spoke without being spoken to,” Sir said calmly, “suffer the consequences, and play with MY pussy.” Krissy tried to rise off the couch more as a reflex than anything. She did not want to be on her back on the couch, in such a vulnerable position, but he pushed her onto her back and waited. Krissy just lay there until Sir finally spoke. “MY pussy is not going to play with itself” Sir said. Krissy tried to rise to remove her panties and was pushed back down. “With your panties on for now”, sir said as he watched Krissy begin to rub the pink satin covering her clit. “Make my pussy wet. Make those panties wet.” said Sir as he glared down at her. Krissy rubbed her clit and even started to finger her pussy through the panties to make them as wet as demanded. Krissy closed her eyes and pretended she was alone. Krissy rubbed her clit and it actually started to feel good so she decided to be bold slid a finger under the edge of the panties and began fingering her tight wet pussy. It felt amazing and with her eyes closed she forgot about her current situation. This tactic worked and as she approached an orgasm she suddenly began moaning as she climaxed. As the orgasm subsided Krissy relaxed, but it was short-lived as she felt Sir grab her hair and jerk her face towards his nasty grimace. “Did I tell you to cum?” he asked. “No,” he responded without giving her a chance to respond, “yet you decide to go off on a wild tangent and cum. Well you like to cum so let’s go!”. Sir dragged Krissy to the bedroom where he produced some rope from one of her drawers and began tying her up.“How did you even know that was there?”, Krissy asked but immediately shut her mouth as Sir glowered down at her. He looked terrifying as he began to tie her, spread eagle to the bed. Sir left the room for a moment and she could hear him rattling around in her immaculate kitchen. While he was gone she examined the knots holding her. She quickly discovered that Sir was extremely knowledgeable in what he was doing. She knew it was pointless to struggle. She did not know the name of the knot he had used to tie her to the bed, only that it would tighten if she pulled against it.Sir came back into the room and reached in a drawer and pulled out a Hitachi wand. He untied one of her hands, gave her the wand and said, “Cum. Don’t stop until I say so.” Krissy went to pull off her panties once again and Sir just shook his head. Krissy began rubbing her clit with the wand making her panties wetter. “One more rule, tell me when you are cumming.” Krissy began to hope he was some weirdo that would be satisfied once she came a couple of times and would leave. “Maybe I can fake a few orgasms and he will leave me alone,” she thought. “Oh,” he said, “don’t even think about faking an orgasm or there will be consequences.” “What the fuck?” Krissy thought in an internal monologue, “is a mind reader also?” Krissy didn’t have to fake an orgasm as the Hitachi wand knew her better than any man ever could. “I’m cumming!” Krissy exclaimed as the orgasm flooded over her after only a few moments of rubbing the wand over her clit. Her panties were thoroughly soaked now. Krissy began to slow her movements with the wand until a couple of coughs from Sir jarred her into action. He didn’t know her, with two orgasms she was good: three she was finished. Krissy reached into the recesses of her memory and couldn’t remember ever having more than three orgasms. Would he make her have four orgasms and send her into a c***? She started crying as she just wanted this over. Sir calmly reached down and untied her legs. Krissy felt instant relief as maybe he was done and her tears had just gotten her released. Sir tenderly reached down and moved the wand away from her. Krissy relaxed until he began pulling her soaked panties off. “NO! NO! NO!” Krissy said to no avail as Sir removed her panties from her.Sir got a little smirk on his face and spoke soft but powerful words “You belong to me, you are here for my enjoyment, and you do not tell me what to do. You may beg me for things and hope that the things you beg for are what I already want, for that is what you will get. See if you can tell me no now.” Sir then took the soaked panties and shoved them into Krissy’s mouth. He gently guided the Hitachi wand back to Krissy’s wet pussy. “One more,” he said as canlı bahis siteleri he turned the wand on. Krissy was spent, but she knew there would be consequences for disobedience. She put the wand on her already tender clit and let the vibrations take over. Krissy tried to make this session last, maybe she could get Sir frustrated enough to give up on her if she wasn’t as pleasing. She began sliding the tip of the wand down between her legs almost to her tight little asshole, then slowly worked the wand back up to her clit. While this technique did not give the quick orgasm, she was used to giving herself, it was pleasurable and did provide her poor tender clit with some much-needed relief. The other side effect of this was the spreading of her pussy juices all over providing a self-lubricant against the powerful wand. The powerful wand caused vibrations to penetrate all through her body and as much as she tried to delay the pending climax the wand was unable to be vanquished. The powerful device didn’t let her languish nearly long as she felt the waves of the pending orgasm arriving. “umm muummmen!” was all she could mumble through the panties stuffed in her mouth, as she remembered the rule to inform her captor of her orgasm. Sir smiled and said, “You have performed adequately but there is more to be done.”. He continued with an evil smile “You must be drained from all those orgasms. I think we need to replenish your supply of cum.” Sir said as he untied Krissy from the bed and removed the panties from her mouth.Krissy was exhausted and just wanted this ordeal to be over with. “Can’t you just go since you got what you wanted?” she pleaded. This unsolicited question got Krissy’s soaked underwear placed back in her mouth for speaking without permission. “My dear we are just getting started.” Sir responded as he unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down, and removed them. “Fuck.” Krissy mumbled through the panties, but Sir understood her response anyway. Instead of anger, Sir sarcastically responded with, “Not yet, but soon. It is good you are learning your place.” Sir sat down on the bed, removed the panties from her mouth and gently pushed Krissy’s head toward his lap. “I should just bite it off Krissy thought”, and suddenly heard the words, “The consequences for you biting me are more than you are willing to experience. Don’t even think about it.” “Fuck!” Krissy thought Sir was seriously a mind reader. “Don’t even drag a tooth, this better be the best blow job you have ever given.” Krissy turned back and said, “Fine but I don’t like cum in my mouth.”Sir, to Krissy’s shock, replied with “I will remember that when I get ready to cum.” Krissy leaned in and began giving the best blow job of her life remembering what all the boyfriends of the past had said felt good to them. She was licking, sucking, and stroking with her hand trying to get this bastard off quickly, so hopefully he would leave. “You don’t like cum in your mouth, right?” Sir queried. Krissy never missing a stroke just shook her head and mumbled uh-uh. “Ok, got it.” Sir said. This was a huge relief as she was not a fan of swallowing this guy’s load. Krissy would gladly swallow for her current boyfriend, in a committed relationship, but this bastard was not getting that luxury. Krissy continued working her head up and down while her hand worked in concert stoking in time with her movements. Krissy was just finding the sweet spot when she tasted a hint of precum. Sir was about to blow his load, hopefully he would leave then and this ordeal would be finished. Krissy lifted her head prepared to stroke Sir to an orgasm when she felt an intense pressure forcing her down. Krissy fought to get Sir’s cock out of her mouth, but the bastard was forcing it further down her throat. The first of many blasts of cum that went into her mouth and he just held her head down there while spurt after spurt shot down her throat. She wasn’t even able to let it fall out of her mouth. Sir finally relaxed and released her head.Krissy was furious and confused “I thought you were not going to cum in my mouth!” she screamed. Sir calmly replied with “No, you said you don’t like cum in your mouth. I don’t care what you like or don’t like, you need to remember you are here for my enjoyment and pleasure.”.Sir leaned back and pulled Krissy to him. Since he had just cum surely, he would not be ready for round two. What was he doing? Sir pulled Krissy onto his lap making her straddled him. “Did you swallow all of it?” he asked. Krissy, still angry, just nodded slightly. “Good” he replied as he pulled her face toward his. “What the fuck?” Krissy thought as Sir kissed her and shoved his tongue in her mouth, but she relented and went with it. She started to feel something pushing up between her legs. Fuck he was getting an erection again. “I wonder what he will want this time”, Krissy thought in her internal monologue. She did not have to wait long as Sir tried to push his stiffening cock into her dripping pussy.Krissy jumped up “NO! NO! NO!” she exclaimed, “I am ovulating and not on birth canlı bahis control. I do not want to get pregnant.” “It’s not a problem.” Sir responded and he reached into his pants and pulled out a condom. “I am not a monster.” He said. Krissy felt that was up for debate but after placing the condom on Sir’s cock she lowered herself onto it for fear of the consequences. Krissy was riding Sir’s cock while her breast bounced near Sir’s face. Sir would grab a breast ever so often, pull it to his mouth and begin licking and sucking on the nipple. When Sir wasn’t doing this, he was tenderly playing with Krissy’s voluptuous breasts, sometimes even playing with her hair as he “pushed” her face to kiss him. Sir had tender lips Krissy thought as he passionately kissed her occasionally pushing his tongue against hers. Krissy even caught herself slipping and enjoying the kisses sometimes. After a while Sir said, “I need a change of position.”. He stood up and bent Krissy over as he began to fuck her doggy style. This is my favorite position Krissy thought. Sir reached up the base of her back, easing his hand up her spine. His hand reached her neck and grabbed a fistful of Krissy’s hair. Krissy’s pussy got immediately wetter, as Sir continued bottoming out every stroke while fucking her. Krissy’s juices were now slowly sliding down her inner thighs as she was continuously pounded. He grabbed her hair and pulled it as he slammed his cock into her. Krissy was trying not to enjoy it, but her body began to betray her. Remembering the rule Krissy began pushing back against Sir as she screamed “I am cumming!” again. Sir never slowed his pace although he did move both of his hands to Krissy’s hips and really began pulling her into him. Krissy felt him tense up and then pull her towards him one more time as she felt a warmth inside her vagina. “What the fuck?” she thought the condom must have broken. Just my fucking luck. Maybe since he had just cum there won’t be that much inside me. Sir pulled his cock out of Krissy’s pussy and a flood of cum fell out with it. Forget that idea it felt like a gallon came out. She was surely pregnant now. “Did I give you permission to cum on my cock?” Sir asked.Krissy, still utterly confused by the recent events and compounded with the thought of possibly being pregnant by this asshole, could only respond with “What?”. “Did I give you permission to cum on my cock?” Sir asked again. “No.” Krissy finally responded. Only to receive a simple “Clean it off!” directed from Sir as he pushed Krissy to her knees. Krissy knew better than to argue and got to sucking Sir’s cock clean. When all of the girl cum, and to Krissy’s dismay the boy cum had been cleaned, Sir stepped back looking at Krissy, who still had cum oozing from her wet pussy.“What was that?” Krissy asked of Sir “I told you I was ovulating and you came in my pussy. You didn’t even have the condom on, what happened to it?”Sir gently responded “You are confused Baby Girl. You belong to me for my enjoyment. That pussy belongs to me and is mine not yours. I took the condom off when I changed positions because it is my prerogative to do so. Finally, if I want to cum inside of MY pussy I will. I know you are still learning and I will forgive this one outburst of speaking without permission” Krissy didn’t know how, but during his speech the asshole got hard again. Sir suddenly stood up and opened another drawer producing a bottle of Anal-eeze. How long had he been scoping her out Krissy began to wonder? Although Krissy was not interested in letting him fuck her in the ass, she knew better than to tell him no. He bent her over and began applying the lube to her tight little butthole. Sir was almost tender and loving as he did this. He gently fingered her ass as he prepared her for the anal fucking he was about to give her. Krissy actually started enjoying the feeling of his finger sliding in and out of her tight little ass. She found herself starting to push back against his hand in an effort to get more of his finger in her. “Easy there, Baby Girl. Save some of that tight ass for my cock.” He slowly stood up while keeping a finger in her butt. He gently pulled the finger out and slid his cock in bit by bit. With a pop, the head eased in. Then with short, gentle strokes, so as to not cause extra pain, Sir eased his cock into her a little more bit by bit. Krissy actually began to enjoy the sensation more as once again her body betrayed her. Sir quickened his pace and Krissy began to match his strokes by pushing back on him as he thrust forward to enter her. The feeling was amazing for both parties as Krissy remembering the rule screamed “Fuck! I am cumming again!” immediately after she had spoken she felt a warmth flood into her ass. Sir pulled her toward him one last time and held her there for what seemed like an eternity before finally releasing her and both of them collapsing on the bed.They lay there catching their breath for a minute, before Sir said. “Baby that was amazing.” He stood up and took Krissy by the hand and led her to the kitchen. The table was set perfectly. Krissy sat down as Sir removed the dinner from the warm over and set it before her.Krissy smiled up at her boyfriend and said, “Robert, you will take me shopping tomorrow. You must replace the pajamas you ruined.”

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