Lait Maternal Pt. 01

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Penny sighed; she is spending yet another night looking through the Help Wanted section of her local paper. Down on her luck, her ‘everything happens for a reason’ outlook on life is becoming increasingly difficult to live by.

A few months ago, Penny was gracing the covers of magazines and walking the catwalks to the envy of other models. She had it all. Fame, notoriety, and the fact that her bank account wasn’t in the negative wasn’t a bad thing either. Penny had risen to the top of the plus size lingerie modeling world, showing off the latest innovative and eye-catching designs of the Bedroom Eyes Company. For those women looking for something sexy to wear in the bedroom, everyone saw Penny modeling their own hopes, dreams, and sexual desires. But, it all came crashing down when the Bedroom Eyes CEO was exposed as a registered sex offender, living off of a stolen identity, and possessing a rap sheet as far as the eye could see. Even though Penny had nothing to do with the CEO personally; hell, she’d never even met him, as the face of the company when the stocks plunged, so did her value as boutiques and department stores across the world ceased carrying any products bearing the Bedroom Eyes name.

Then, just as she was about to throw the paper down in a fit of anger, a plain-looking advertisement caught her eye:


Start-up company seeks open-minded models for print advertisements and product evaluations. Free skin care products for life if hired. Plus-size and models with larger busts preferred.

It is both intriguing and vague. The only contact is via email address, but the thought of getting back into print media is a big draw. And, the fact they want plus-sized models is an almost-perfect combination. Firing up her laptop, she sends an email expressing interest. She also includes her measurements, making sure to highlight her 42-G cup size and other vital measurements to illustrate her plus-size credentials. It had been a long day, so as soon as her email went happily to the Sent folder, she powers down, and starts to get ready for bed.

Drawing the curtains, she quickly removes her top and shimmies out of her pants before looking at herself in her full-length mirror. She has always loved the way she looked; standing in front of it she instinctively poses as if a high-profile fashion photographer were recording her curvaceous figure for the world to see. Her curly brunette hair falls effortlessly down her shoulders to the top of her breasts. There is a sheen and volume to it that only comes from multiple, professional treatments. Her radiant sage green eyes are a piercing contrast to her tanned, olive skin, and accentuate the daring cheek bones of her full-figured face. She has the perfect hour-glass figure, except in a plus-size world the curves are rounder and more defined. For a plus-size model, her tummy is surprisingly toned; credit to the crunches she does each morning. As her hands caress her wide hips, she turns to the camera and bends one knee Bostancı escort as her bubble butt peeks out from behind her.

Twirling, she gives her butt a wiggle and with a loud spank, chuckles as she removes her bra, letting her heavy, milky breasts hang down the way nature intended. She cups them, feeling their fullness, massages them feeling the 100% natural globes move and form with her hand movements. She loves the fact that there are very subtle veins if you looked closely, and admires her over-sized areolas; their gorgeous chocolate-brown color was a perfect contrast to her olive skin. Feeling a little frisky, she opens the drawer to her vanity and picks out a pair of nipple clamps and proceeds to put them on, making sure the bite of the clamp is exclusive to her erect, sensitive nipples. She doesn’t know why she likes this type of pain. But she has accepted every other aspect of her body, so why stop and question why a bit of pain gets her aroused? As she pulls on the chain connecting the two clamps, she snakes a finger down her panties, and teases her clit out of hiding. Her breathing gets heavier as she watches herself in the mirror… playing with her pussy while her big breasts are clamped and aching. It had been about a week since her last orgasm and decides that now is the time to reward herself.

Time for her favorite dildo… a long, thick, vein-covered 9 inch monster with a powerful suction cup. She kneels in front of her mirror and attaches the dildo to it. She is going to watch herself. If you had not already guessed, Penny is a bit of an exhibitionist; the thought of being watched had sent her over the edge many times, though she had yet to experience that feeling outside of her depraved mind. Putting a cushion under her knees, she lowers herself on to her hands and knees, and focuses intently as she makes love to that cock. Kissing the head, before swirling her tongue slowly about it. Whispering to her imaginary lover… “You like that? You want this in my mouth, don’t you? *gasp* What? All of it? I don’t think I can… yes… I’m sorry… I will try…” Watching it disappearing into her open mouth, and getting wetter as each inch disappears. She can’t completely deepthroat that monster quite yet, but a good 7 inches of it could easily pass her lips as the head slipped down her throat. She practices holding the 7 inches in place… trying to train her gag-reflex as a mascara-stained tear rolls down her cheek. When she can’t hold it any longer, she pulls back, counts to ten and then repeats the training.

Panting as she relents for the tenth time, she spits on the already glistening shaft before turning and backing herself onto it. Pulling her lace panties to the side, she moans loudly as it enters her wet pussy. Pressing herself firmly back onto it until her ass touches the cold glass of the mirror. She submissively places her head on the floor, one cheek flush on the hardwood, and fucks herself with it, imagining her alpha lover taking her because Anadolu Yakası Escort they want to. Being treated like a piece of meat for their own pleasure. The nipple clamps grind into her breasts, twisting and contorting them as they are held firm against the floor under the massive weight of her globes. Her fingers find her clit and she brings herself to a quick, but long-overdue orgasm… spasming and moaning as it hit and panting hard.

She stays in that position, post-cum, for almost 5 minutes. Relishing the feeling of her pussy being stuffed with a hard cock and imagining she is still submitting to a dominant lover. In her head, they loved to play mind games with her. Making her wait in a position until they were done with her. After role-playing with herself that her dominant lover had no further use for her, she slowly slides herself off of the cock, and turns to clean it with her mouth, making ‘thank you’ eyes to her imaginary lover. Kneeling and looking up, she removes her clamps and tries to maintain her composure as the searing pain swells and quickly relents. Standing, she removes her panties and hangs the gusset over the bulbous head of the dildo; an offering to it’s awesome power it has over her.

Snaking into bed, she leaves the dildo the way it is. It would be there waiting for her in the morning should she decide to reward herself with another cum.


The next morning, Penny quickly gets back into her routine. Her mirror-strapon cock was ignored and while brewing coffee, powers up her laptop and checks her email. A smile forms her as she notices one unread message; a response to her email! She hesitates, telling herself it was probably some kind of auto-responder. Much to her surprise, however, it seems to be an email genuinely written by another human being.


Thank you for your interest in our print advertising. Based on the information you provided, we would like for you to attend an orientation session this afternoon. Please report at 2:00pm. Bring comfortable clothing & shoes, a photo id, and a portfolio of previous work, if applicable. Clothing items for our tester photos will be provided.

You will be sampling and providing feedback on several tester creams and lotions, so please also advise our technicians of any known allergies and, if requested, a list of any prescription drugs you are currently taking. Some products may require us to collect samples from you so that we can analyze specific genetic patterns to pre-determine the effectiveness of the products. While this is voluntary, it is advisable to provide these non-intrusive samples to help with our testing and FDA approval requirements.

Look forward to meeting you,

Ashlee MacKenzie

Lait Maternel Inc.

While she was hesitant about providing samples, money was money and boy did she need some. It would be a few hours before she had to be at the address, which was about a 30 minute drive. She uses the time to eat breakfast, Kadıköy Escort do her crunches, shower, primp, shave, and prepare for the day ahead. She carefully chooses a cute lavender bra & panty set, and slips on a nice white button-up blouse and some acid-wash jeans that accentuated her wide hips. Almost forgetting, she grabs a CD containing her favorite portfolio pictures and heads to the address given, which is located in an industrial complex just outside the city limits.

Entering the building, it looks much like you would expect your typical office to look. It wasn’t a high-end law office, but it wasn’t people sitting on packing crates either. You could tell they were a start-up, but everything was clean, elegant, and it was temperature controlled.

From behind the reception desk, Penny is asked to complete a medical questionnaire and fill out some particulars about payroll should she be offered a position. She thought this was very forward considering she had yet to speak to anyone about the position, but the fact they were being this proactive wasn’t a bad thing. Scanning through the form, the usual suspects appeared. Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Address, Closest Relative as Emergency Contact, check boxes for various forms of ID she could produce. Then the more personal questions. Height, Weight, Known Allergens, Do you smoke? Do you drink alcohol? Have you ever used prescription drugs? Have you ever abused prescription drugs? Have you ever indulged in recreational drugs? If so, when was the last time? Not so bad… but then… as her eyes widen… Bust Size, Sexual Orientation, Prior Pregnancies, Blood Type, Have you ever lactated? Have you ever given away or sold breast milk? Feeling flushed as if the few other applicants were watching her over her shoulder, Penny fills in her bust size, but the rest she leaves blank, wanting to ask more questions before answering.

When the receptionist reviewed her paperwork, she sighed. “You haven’t completely filled this out.” and proceeded to mark little red X’s next to each item that was blank. “Those are just too personal for me to just answer without even knowing who is going to see it.”, Penny responds. Glancing from side to side and leaning forward, the receptionist lowers her voice “Look, I think you would be perfect. Your figure is amazing. But Ms. MacKenzie does not tolerate people who don’t completely follow instructions. She likes her employees to be obedient and compliant. Don’t let not answering a few questions be the difference between a new career here or going back to looking for jobs every day.”

Obedient? Compliant? What, was she back in high school? But the receptionist did make sense; her words resonated. She felt a calm, and a genuineness from her and nodded as she accepted the clipboard back. She quickly fills in the blanks, again getting a little flushed. As she hands the papers back a second time, she is relieved to see a welcoming smile from the receptionist. “Have a seat. Ms. MacKenzie will call for you soon.”, placing the completed paperwork in a wire tray marked ‘Applicants’. Sitting back down, a stack of magazines comes into view. Penny chooses a fashion magazine that has an expose about some runway scandal, and begins flicking through the pages waiting for her name to be called.

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