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I’m a generic, divorced, 64 year old guy who has been divorced for several years. My second marriage only lasted a year after I found she really only wanted my pensions. While I have tried to date, every time I had feelings I ghosted. So, it was with Brenda, a lady I worked with. We met seven years ago at a work related retreat. She was about 5′ 5″ , 100 pounds on a good day, small breasts that usually aren’t my type, and was married. I was smitten with her right away for some reason, but when I found out she was married I dismissed my thoughts.

Our second year working together we became teammates. Through the course of the year I could tell she was having some personal issues. It came out she was getting divorced. I almost clapped my hands in delight at the thought, but she was still a married woman who might reconcile her marriage. By summer the divorce was final and during many happy hours we became better friends. Finally I made the move to ask her out even though she was several years younger than me and not the normal type woman I would date. The date went well and when we got back to her place she invited me in. I declined the invitation.

We went out a couple more times and then I would make an excuse why we couldn’t continue to see each other. This pattern would repeat itself three times in the next four years.

Then out of the blue she sent me a text saying she had been talking to a mutual friend, my name came up, and she wondered how I was. We texted back and forth for about four hours. It was a sleepless night thinking about her. I sent her a text early the next morning asking her to dinner that night. It was a long five hours until I received that yes text.

When I picked her up, she looked better than ever. Her hair was a lot longer, a little blonder, and her shirt had a couple of buttons undone that gave a nice glimpse of her small, beautiful, 59 year old breasts. We exchanged a hug that seemed tighter than it should have been and a little longer that normal. As we started to part I put my hands on her face and bent in for that first kiss that was five years in altyazılı porno the making. It started soft and electric at the same time. In an instant her tongue was searching for mine and I willingly tried to wrestle hers out of her mouth. Feeling her warmth in my arms and the delicious flavor of her mouth gave me feelings I thought I had lost forever. We looked into each others eyes and I said, “Maybe we should go to dinner.”

Brenda replied, “Maybe we should go some place closer than you planned.”

The drive there was filled with idle chatter and both of us caressing the others hand and arm. During the meal Brenda would turn one way, then another, giving me every opportunity to view her probably C cup breasts. At one point she got up to go to the restroom and slowly ran her fingers across my chest as she went by. When she returned, I got up, slipped my hand into her shirt and squeezed her breast as I went to the restroom.

“Take me home,” Brenda said as soon as I got back to the table, “I’m finished.”

So, there it is, I misread the signals and just blew my chance at finishing something that I should have started five years ago. The drive home was silent. I kept trying to look out the corner of my eye to see what she was doing, but she just stared straight ahead. Pulling into the driveway, she just sat there. “Well, aren’t you going to come open my door?” she announced. I walked around the car and opened the door. As she got out she pulled her shirt open and snapped, “Take a good look at what a PDA really is!” Brenda then grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts.

As I squeezed her breasts I was feeling for her nipples and wasn’t disappointed when I found them hard and about the size of my thumb. I leaned in for another kiss and she almost sucked me down her throat. I unhooked the front closure and her perky breasts stood tall in the cool evening air. Brenda put a hand on my head and guided me to her left nipple. That was all the motivation I needed and I began to suck and nibble on the delicious hard nub. When I pulled off to get to the right side she pushed be back and türkçe altyazılı porno said, “Should I be afraid to ask you in tonight?”

I picked her up and started through the garage. Once inside Brenda told me to take the dog out and she would meet me in the bedroom in ten minutes. That damn dog wasn’t in any hurry to do his business. Finally I was headed to the bedroom and the only light was from the bathroom. Brenda was laying in the center of the bed with a light green teddy on. Her nipples were standing out and she was fingering herself. As I knelt on the bed and replaced her finger with mine I saw her well trimmed bush. Pushing my finger all the way in caused Brenda to gasp. I slowly withdrew it and added a second for the return. She spread her legs wider and softly said,”Yes.”

Her fingers quickly untied the top and when she pulled it away I lowered myself to take her nipple in my mouth. I grabbed it with my teeth and pulled out as my tongue bathed it softly, all the while I was probing her pussy with two fingers. Kissing, licking, nibbling, biting on her breasts while fingering that juicy pussy had the desired results and she clamped her legs on my hand as she had a trembling orgasm.

When she relaxed her legs I slid between them and we started kissing. I wanted to explore all of her face, but she started pushing me lower. I willingly explored her breasts, kissing and licking down her skinny stomach being sure to spend some time in her belly button. I turned her a little and got in a perfect position to have access to all of her lower treasures. I started kissing down her thigh, across to the other side, and back up. Repeating the process getting closer to he sweet, wet slit with every pass. Finally I took one of her lips into my mouth and gave it a tender suck. She moaned and said, “That feels very nice.”

I licked between her lips, slowly, and stopped just before her little button that looked a lot like her nipples. On the way back down I stuck my tongue inside of her and she pressed up into my face forcing it deeper. The lick, probe, lick, probe game continued for hd altyazılı porno a while. When I finally licked the clit and sucked it into my mouth she clamped onto my head with her thighs and bucked like a wild woman. I was rewarded with a tremendous amount of juices and despite my best efforts I couldn’t catch them all. She finally relaxed, but was still breathing heavily. “Are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m better than OK,” she replied, “you seem to know exactly what I need.”

“Well, we are just getting started and tonight is all about you,” I answered as I pulled her legs up toward her chest. Back to teasing her clit with my tongue she made whimpering noises and held my head where she wanted to be licked.Then it was back to having my tongue probing into her hole. She again began to buck and softly say, “Yes, yes,yes.” Again I was rewarded with her juices that were more than I could catch.

The missed juices running down her butt were just going to waste, so I started licking them up. As I neared her anus she tensed up and asked,”What are you doing?”

“You taste so good I’m trying to catch all of you.” I replied and continued to lick. Then the thought came to me and I started to lick around her tight little hole. She jerked a time or two as if to pull away, but then I heard “Mmmmm, do you like that?” she said.

“Yes,” I replied, “Do you?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ve never had anyone lick me there. But it does feel good.”

“If it feels good and you are comfortable I won’t stop. If you get uncomfortable, just say the word and I will stop.”

Licking from her anus to her clit for a quick suck and back down brought contented sighs and soon she was directing my head more toward her anus. This emboldened me and I made an effort to penetrate her tight hole with my tongue. On the first attempt she pulled away, but slowly eased back and directed my head there again. We did this until I had about an inch of my tongue in her anus. She finally pulled my face to her clit saying,”That feels very nice, but I need to stop that right now. We can try again later. Will you make me cum again now?

“After waiting five years of course I will make you cum again.”

“Good and it is almost your turn!

“Remember Brenda, tonight is all about you!”

To which she giggled, “It certainly has been. Thank you!”.

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