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LastLastBy zeb1094Note: This story was predicated by a thread on a forum I haunt. The thread was titled “The Last One to Post is the Winner”. Of course there has really never been a winner. LOL. ZebI was standing in a bedroom watching as I stood in a line of horney men. A line that stretched out into the hallway down past the bathroom door and moved very slowly. I couldn’t really tell what was going on but I was getting closer to finding out. The line lurched forward again. I could see a woman’s legs, encased in nylon with heels on, sticking straight into the air. I could hear the muffled sounds of passion coming from the woman. She was pulling a train. Every male at the party was in line. It also looked as if some were in line for a second run at her.God, I had to go pee but that meant getting out of line. I could always get at the end when I finished. Stepping out of line, I headed for the bathroom. Luckily, it was empty. When I returned the line was still past the bathroom and was now meandering down the hall. I headed for the end of the line and took my place. I would have a long wait, hope the young lady didn’t tire, damn should have never left my place.“Hey,” the guy in front of me turned around to speak with me, “Have you had a turn yet?”“No, not yet. You?”“Yeah, this bitch is hot. She won’t let you cum in her pussy, she wants it in her mouth or all over her face. You get to fuck her then when your ready to cum you pull out and stick it in her mouth or pump it all over her face.” He sounded excited by the prospect of doing it again.The asyabahis yeni giriş line lurched again, then again. No one else got in line behind me as the line continued to move slowly forward. The procession of men coming out of the bedroom continued. Each one looked as if the woman had drained them completely. I wondered who she was?“Hey buddy, do you know who she is?” I asked.“No, never saw her before. Of course, the same goes for you. I really don’t know any of these people, was invited by a friend, Jeff Parker.” He turned and stepped ahead as the line moved once more.Jeff Parker, I know him, not well but I knew who he was, a real sleazoid in the sales department at work. The guy had more conquests under his belt than anyone I had ever heard about. I had also heard that his wife helped him get women into their bed. So it wasn’t her in there, I’m pretty sure this guy would know who Jeff’s wife was. The line moved again. I was getting closer. Every once in a while I could hear a scream of pleasure echoing out of the bedroom, it was quickly muffled. The line moved forward one more time. As I stood there waiting my turn, I realized that I had too much to drink, as my bladder was telling me it was time to head to the bathroom again. Off I went only steps away from the bedroom door.When I came out of the bathroom, the end of the line was just disappearing around the corner into the bedroom. I rushed to the end and stood patiently waiting my turn. The woman’s muffled cries were a bit clearer now. She sounded like asyabahis giriş she was having a good time. You could hear the bedsprings squeaking away as she was relentlessly pounded into the bed. The line bumped forward again, I was now the fifth one back, getting closer.I saw the guy who had just cum in her mouth get up and crawl off the bed exhausted. It was Lou Peters from accounting, he smiled weakly at me as he stumbled out of the bedroom without a word. Bump. The line moved again at the cry of pleasure from the woman on the bed and was just as quickly muffled by the cock that was pulled from her pussy and shoved into her mouth. Bump. Now I was forth. Her screams of passion filled the air but gave no clue as to who she might be.Bump. Forward once more to stand just three men away from the treasure lying on the bed. It was amazing that she could still cry out let alone shout her pleasure before another cock filled her mouth. I could feel the bedroom floor give to the movement of the man as he slammed into her body. The squish of juices was now audible as her legs shook with orgasm after orgasm.Bump. Now two away. My head was swirling as I tottered there at the end of the line. I could now see most of her lower body as I squinted to clear my vision. My legs were aching from standing in one position to long. The bed cover was soaking wet with the juices flowing out of the mystery woman as she was brought to another violent orgasm.Bump. I was now next. I could reach out and touch her smooth sexy legs as she wrapped them asyabahis güvenilirmi around the guy now slamming into her. The guy cuming in her mouth shouted out in ecstasy as he emptied himself into her mouth. He stayed in place telling her to keep licking and sucking him. After a minute or two he got up and crawled off the bed. The man pounding this poor woman jumped up shouting he was ready to cum.It was now my turn, I slid my hard hot cock into the well used pussy in front of me. The mystery woman groaned as I slipped in. I slowly moved my cock in and out of her overheated body. She was so hot I could feel the heat rising off her body as I leaned over her to get the leverage I needed.The man in her mouth roared as he shot his sticky seed into her waiting mouth. He remained motionless as he emptied his balls. I was getting close to cuming and he still hadn’t moved, if he didn’t move I was going to cum inside this woman. I could feel the tingle as my orgasm shot through my balls and into my stomach. Closing my eyes in pleasure I felt the guy in front of me get up and leave. The woman I could hear moaning as I squirted my seed deep in her belly.Opening my eyes, I was thrown into shock as I looked down on my wife Samantha. I had just had the best fuck of my life and it was with my wife of fifteen years. My mouth was opening and closing without a sound. I was choking on my saliva as it built up in my mouth.“SAM!” I shouted as I found my voice. My cock was suddenly limp and popped out of my wife. Hearing her name, she opened her eyes looking at me drunkenly.“Oh, hi sweetheart.” She whispered to me her voice sounding hoarse after having all that cum slide down her throat.“What the fuck is going on?” I asked in surprise.“Well,” she said looking over my shoulder at the bedroom door, “it looks like your last.”

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