Lauren’s Sleepover With Her Lesbian Friend Kayla

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It was a cold and rainy morning, Kayla was walking to school with her head down as she walked past a group of other pupils. She was a young girl who just turned sixteen, she was like most 16 year old girls really, fun and outgoing. But she was quite shy when she was alone with other crowds. Kayla had long blonde hair and nice blue eyes and a slim figure. She had no problem with getting a boyfriend, however was she didn’t want one. Kayla never found boys attractive at all, she was more drawn towards girls. Mainly, her best friend.. Lauren. Lauren was all Kayla ever thought about and all she ever fantasized about, of course Lauren never knew that. Kayla wanted to tell her, but Lauren was one of the most homophobic people Kayla had met. Kayla often wondered and hoped, if it was because Lauren was abit lesbian herself and rather insecure about her sexuality. The rain began to come down harder so Kayla ran across the road and hurried up the school entrance. She could hear a group of boys behind her whistle and one shouted ‘Show us your ass babe!’ Kayla tutted in utter disgust and walked on into school. She put on a happy face, and pulled her skirt up before turning to walk into the main hall. The main hall was where all the students came in the morning before class. Lauren lived just around the corner so was always the first one there, Kayla however lived 12 miles from the school. Her family moved away from that area back in Summer 2008 but Kayla wanted to carry on going to this school, purely to see Lauren. She would get up early and get an early bus over to have more time to chat to her best friend. ‘Kayla! Come Here!’ Shouted Lauren. Lauren was slightly older than Kayla by about 5 months, she had long brown hair and wore a tad of make up and she had quite a large size in breasts and she was tanned. Kayla sat down beside Lauren, ‘I can’t wait until tomorrow’ said Kayla. Lauren was going to Kayla’s house for the first time this Saturday, they were planning it for quite some time and although there was always one thing stopping them until finally Lauren’s father finally said yes, he was very much against gays and didn’t want his daughter spending too much time with another girl. ‘I know right? We’re going to have a blast on that trampoline you said you had to!’ Lauren said. ‘Oh Shit, about that.. The trampoline got blown away bahis siteleri and wrecked, what with the wind and rain this month and stuff…’ Said Kayla as she looked to the ground awkwardly. There was no trampoline and there never was, Kayla used it as an excuse to get Lauren to come to her house. The school bell went and the day went on, that Friday seemed like forever for Kayla. She had a plan for tomorrow, she was going to tell Lauren how she felt about her and prayed Lauren would feel the same. It was Saturday morning, Kayla woke up wearing a pair of white pyjamas with red and pink designs on them. She checked the time on her mobile, ‘Oh Fuck No!’ She said, and jumped out of bed. It was almost 1’O Clock, Lauren would be here any minute. Kayla was just about to get changed when suddenly she could hear her door open downstairs and her mother talking to Lauren’s mother. ‘Kayla! You’re friend’s here!’ Yelled Kayla’s mum. ‘Send her up mum!’ Shouted Kayla. Kayla could hear Lauren say goodbye to her mum, followed by foot steps coming up the stairs. She realised she had no time to get changed so quickly turned on her computer and sat at the desk to make it look like she wasn’t that bothered about Lauren arriving. ‘Hey Kayla!’ said Lauren as she walked into Kayla’s room. ‘Oh Hi Lauren’ Kayla said as she spun around in her computer chair. Lauren looked around awkwardly and then sat on Kayla’s bed. ‘What’s wrong?’ asked Kayla. ‘Well, Your room.. it’s not how I imagined it to be honest..’ said Lauren. Kayla looked around and realised her posters were of Megan Fox and some Playboy Girls. ‘Oh, I just.. look up to them girls’ said Kayla, trying to make an excuse. About an hour later, Lauren walked over to Kayla and motioned for her to move. Kayla went to lie on her bed, giving Lauren a chance to go on Facebook, they continued to talk about what they were talking about for the past hour, school gossip. ‘I just don’t get why Mrs Robinson is dating the Science teacher.. He’s a mess, right?’ Said Kayla looking at the ceiling. There was an awkward pause, and Kayla turned around. ‘Hey! What the fuck are you doing?’ Yelled Kayla. Lauren was on Lesbian porn. ‘What? I just looked in your Favourites to see if there was anything cool, saw a list of Porn videos and this came up! Why the fuck do you have such sick shit on your computer?’ Said canlı bahis siteleri Lauren, trying to keep her voice low so Kayla’s mum wouldn’t hear. ‘I- I- I don’t know..’ said Kayla, lost for words as she went to sit on her bed again. ‘I mean, if you’re going to go on porn.. at least get some normal porn like this!’ Said Lauren. Kayla looked up to see Lauren on a porn site, watching a man fuck another woman. Lauren turned to Kayla, ‘May I?’ She said. Kayla wasn’t sure what she meant, but just nodded. Although it soon became clear what ‘May I?’ meant, as Lauren pulled down her skirt and knickers and began fingering herself. Kayla’s jaw dropped, she couldn’t believe what was happening. Unfortunately for her though, She couldn’t see much.. just Lauren’s ass. After about 10 minutes of fingering herself, Lauren laughed ‘Kayla, can you move the mouse to click on another video? I don’t want to get it all wet.’ Kayla realised this was a good excuse to see Lauren’s pussy she’d always been dreaming about, Although as soon as she got up… ‘Girls! Pizza’s here!’ Kayla’s mother shouted up to them, and Lauren bounced up and pulled her skirt up and ran out of the room and down the stairs. Kayla axed the video out and sighed and followed behind her. It was coming up to Half 6, Lauren and Kayla were eating at the table with Kayla’s brother Ryan who was a year older than both of them. He was talking to Lauren, Kayla felt abit jealous and also very upset that she didn’t see Lauren’s pussy and also that Lauren would probably be going home soon and she hadn’t even told her her secret. ‘Oh No! Oh that’s terrible, yeah I can see it outside too Mrs Anderson’ Said Kayla’s mother on the phone. ‘Sssh for a sec!’ Kayla said to Ryan and Lauren. They all listened to Kayla’s mum’s phone, they could hear a woman talking on the other end mixed with the sound of Lauren’s father ranting and shouting in the background. Kayla’s mother came off the phone,  ‘Girls that was Lauren’s mum.. Lauren you’re going to have to stay here tonight Honey, The roads are so bad with that weather, it’s just not safe for your mother to be driving at this time of night.’ Lauren looked kind of upset,  Kayla’s face was delighted she couldn’t believe her luck and the second chance she’d been given. ‘Okay well where can I sleep?’ Asked Lauren ‘You can sleep in Kayla or canlı bahis Ryan’s room silly!’ Said Kayla’s mum. ‘No sorry, I don’t want to sleep with you until after the first date’ Said Ryan as he grabbed abit of Pizza and walked out. Lauren laughed, ‘Kayla’s room it is then..’ she said as she rolled her eyes. It was coming up to 1AM and the rain was banging against the window. Ryan and Kayla’s mother were fast asleep, in Kayla’s room though Lauren and Kayla were wide awake watching Youtube Music Videos. ‘Can we go to bed now Lauren?’ Asked Kayla. ‘Kayla, Dude, That’s like the 7th time you’ve asked that, go to bed if you want, I’m not tired yet.’ Said Lauren. Kayla sighed and crawled into bed, wrapped herself up in covers and pretended to be asleep whilst waiting for Lauren to join her. A full hour past, And then Kayla finally felt Lauren’s cold feet rub up against her legs as she climbed into the bottom end of Kayla’s bed. ‘You awake Kay?’ asked Lauren. ‘Yeah’ replied Kayla in a happy voice. Kayla laughed, ‘Your feet are freezing Lauren.’  Lauren giggled and rubbed them up closer to Kayla’s chin playfully. Kayla rubbed Lauren’s feet to make them warmer for her, and eventually fell asleep holding Lauren’s feet and Lauren did the same. Kayla woke up a few minutes later, still holding Lauren’s feet. She figured Lauren would still be asleep and realised this was her only chance. Kayla looked at Lauren’s feet and began to lick Lauren’s toes, swirling her tongue inbetween Lauren’s toes and then licking her feet. Kayla went under the quilt and began to kiss Lauren’s leg trying to work her way up to Lauren’s pussy. Suddenly, Lauren jumped and knocked Kayla back abit. ‘What the fuck are you doing? Said Lauren ‘Sssh, Keep your voice down.’ Whispered Kayla Kayla picked up her pillow that Lauren just knocked on the ground, and sat on the bed again with her legs crossed. ‘Don’t come near me again, alright?’ said Lauren ‘Oh for fuck sake Lauren, just chill out a second please?’ said Kayla ‘Chill out? You think I couldn’t feel you licking my feet? What sort of a sicko does that? All these years and I never realised I had a fucking lesbian as a best friend! I feel sick!’ Said Lauren. ‘Oh really? So you could feel me licking your feet? Why didn’t you stop me then Lauren! Tell me that?’ Said Kayla. Lauren fixed stared at her, she was lost for words and didn’t have an answer. Both of the girls sat on the opposite sides of the bed. ‘I Love You Lauren…’ said Kayla Lauren looked at her, ‘You know, I mean you’re all I ever think about when I wake up, when I go to sleep, I..

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