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Subject: Learning the Law – Chapter 2 If you’d like to share your thoughts on this story, please email me at broskimcnally@ota. I would love to hear from you! Warning: This story contains incest and underage sex. If such elements offend you, please kindly hit the “back” button on your browser. I highly recommend donating to Nifty! — LEARNING THE LAW � Chapter 2 by Mike McNAlly / BroskiMcNally “Alright, Lexi,” my teacher said, still sounding like he was a little out of breath. My daddy calls that kind of voice a “horse” voice! “You can take off the blindfold.” I pulled the blindfold off of my head and rubbed my eyes, since they were a little blurry. I looked down and saw all sorts of wet drops on me, some of them really big. They felt hot earlier but they were starting to get a little cold, I think from the air conditioning. They definitely looked like my daddy’s cum but I wasn’t too sure. Mr. Miller took a seat on the recliner across from me, not saying anything. I was really nervous that my daddy and I would be in trouble, even though he said we wouldn’t be. He kept looking at his phone, then looking at me. After a while, he got up and went to the kitchen and then came back with some lemonade for both of us. I was SO happy to have it because I love lemonade, and I was really thirsty from being outside. “Thanks Mr. Miller!” I said after taking a sip. “It tastes really good!” “You’re welcome, buddy,” my teacher said, sitting down again. After a while, there was a knock on the door. I had already drank all my lemonade by then. “Come in,” Mr. Miller yelled, standing up. The front door opened and in walked a man in police uniform. He was a pretty big guy with muscles, very tan, and had a scruffy beard. I started to feel tears welling up in my eyes. Now I knew I had really messed up bad. My daddy was going to go to jail, all because of me! Maybe I’d go to jail too! “Lexi, this is Officer Ray. Say hello,” Mr. Miller. “Hello,” I squeaked out. “Now, now, stop crying, you need to be tough right now,” Mr. Miller said. I rubbed the tears from my eyes. “I keep telling you that you won’t be in trouble if you cooperate. So you need to stop that nonsense and do as we say. Got it, Lexi?” I nodded. I tried my best to stop crying. I felt like a little baby. I always felt like that. “Hi Lexi,” Officer Ray said, sitting down next to me. His badge looked really shiny and I even saw a walkie talkie on his belt. “Mr. Miller here told me about what your father has been doing to you. Obviously this is very serious, so I need you to pay close attention istanbul travesti and do everything we ask of you. Are you listening to me, young man?” I nodded. My eyes went from the walkie to his face. I knew I had to look cops in the eyes. My daddy always told me to look at people with authority when they are speaking. “Yes, sir,” I said. He taught me to say things like that too. “Good. I can see you are a polite boy,” Officer Ray said. “Now, Mr. Miller sent me some video evidence earlier. I heard everything you said, so I need to let you know that this is now officially an investigation. Because this is such a serious situation, I need you to promise me that you will not speak of this to anybody unless me or your teacher are present. Do you understand, Lexi? Your father WILL get into trouble if you bring this up to anybody else.” “I…I understand,” I said, feeling the tears again. “I didn’t mean to say anything! Honest!” “Lexi, telling me was a GOOD thing,” Mr. Miller said, sitting on the chair again. “But you are very lucky it was me and not somebody else. We are going to investigate this matter as fairly as we can.” “Right. Very fairly,” Officer Ray said. “And thoroughly. Now, when Mr. Miller was talking to you earlier, you got something on you. Something wet and sticky. Can you tell me what that might have been? Think hard, Lexi.” I thought for a moment. I was sure it was cum, it felt just like my daddy’s, but should I really say that? Well, they did tell me to be honest… “Um…c-cum,” I said in a scared voice. Officer Ray smiled really wide. “Good, good,” he said. He then pulled out something from his pocket, a notepad and a pen, and began to take notes. After writing some stuff down, he turned back to me. “This little experiment Mr. Miller did proves that you knew the sensation of a grown man unloading onto your little body, something a young boy should not know. You’re what? 12? You’re young, and act even younger. You have provided us with some great early evidence, Lexi.” “I did?” I asked, bewildered. So it was cum! Did my teacher really do that, all for the investigation? “Yes, son, but we have a lot more work to do,” Officer Ray said. “Mr. Miller, please turn on the recording device of your phone. Mine is low on battery life so we’ll use yours for now.” “Got it,” my teacher said. He messed with his phone for a moment then set it into the coffee table between his lemonade glass and mine. “Alright Lexi,” the officer said, turning his attention back to me. “Now, you’ve told us what your dad did this morning. But kadıköy travesti there is still plenty more evidence that we need to collect. This is going to be a very thorough investigation. For now, I want you to do a little play acting. You like to play pretend, right?” “Yes, sir,” I said. “I love pretending to be superheroes especially!” I said excitedly. “Great, well this is going to be just like that. We’re going to play pretend. You’re going to be yourself, but I am going to play your father. So let’s pretend that it’s a regular night in your home, your daddy has just got home from work, and he is sitting on the couch. Now what is something you two might do next?” I thought for a moment. There’s lots of things we could do. My daddy might want to make dinner, or he might want to take a shower. But…I know what Officer Ray wants to hear about the most. “My daddy might tell me…to come and sit on his lap,” I said. “Okay. Good. How does he say it?” Officer Ray said. He threw his pen and paper onto the table, sat back into the couch and spread his big thick legs. “He says it like, `come here baby boy, it’s been a long day at work, come sit on daddy’s lap.’ And then I do!” “Great job, Lexi. Now get on up here, sit on daddy’s lap and show him you’re glad to see him,” Officer Ray said. I giggled. He did sorta sound like my daddy. It made me feel funny, down in my shorts… I did as he said and climbed up onto him. He had thicker legs than my daddy. I sat with my butt on his lap, my back to his belly. His uniform smelled kinda sweaty. “Now what, Lexi?” Officer Ray whispered. “Ummm, my daddy would put his arms around me, and hug me,” I said. Officer Ray did exactly what my daddy would do, wrapping his big arms around my front and hugging me tight. I giggled again. It was sorta weird to do this with someone who wasn’t my daddy but it felt kinda nice. Mr. Miller was staring at us the whole time. “Keep telling me what to do, Lexi,” Officer Ray said, pulling me into him. His breath was hot against my neck. I could feel his beard against my skin. “Tell me how to be your daddy.” Suddenly, I felt a little nervous, something funny in my tummy. I hesitated. “Go on,” Mr. Miller said. “Uhh, he’d kiss my neck. And push me down onto his..thingy.” I didn’t know how to say it. I felt so embarrassed! Wordlessly, Officer Ray started kissing on my neck, gentle at first. I could feel his beard even more and it tickled! He started to move his hips under me, holding me down onto his lap like my daddy would, and that’s when I noticed it � his bakırköy travesti thingy felt huge! Just as big as daddy’s if not bigger! I never felt another guy’s thingy before. “Mmm,” Officer Ray moaned. He started to get really into the pretending, sucking deep on my neck to where I had to tilt my head, his hands were on my waist and he was moving my butt around on his lap. His thing felt so big, it even felt hot beneath my shorts. He hoisted me up so my legs were more upright with my feet on his legs, and he started to bump me up and down a bit as we sank back into the couch even more. “Oh fuck yeah Lexi. Baby boy,” Officer Ray said in daddy’s voice. He was moaning really good like my daddy. He licked his tongue up and down my neck, then bit down a little on my shoulder, his hands went to my legs and I felt them go up and down too. “You make Daddy feel so fucking good. Your daddy is so lucky, little boy,” he said. “Nnngh,” was about the only sound I could make! So much pressure on my body, from the policeman’s hands, and his mouth, it was kinda like being with daddy but different. Suddenly I felt Officer Ray’s hand go to my own thingy, and he gripped it hard through my shorts. “Miller, get over here,” the cop said. My teacher already saw it, I think, since his eyes got really big. He got up and came over to get a closer look. “Let the record show that Lexi’s penis appears to be completely erect,” Mr. Miller said toward the phone on the table. The officer started to rub my dicky through my shorts! It felt really good, but I felt kinda embarrassed! “Officer Ray is rubbing the young man now, working his little cock up and down and…oh my god,” Mr. Miller said. I think he about choked, I guess he really liked seeing this for some reason… “Fuck,” Officer Ray whispered into my ear. “Now what would your daddy do, boy? Would he do this?” I then felt one of his hands go up underneath my shirt, rubbing my belly and then going all the way up to my boy nipples. He started touching them with his fingers, rubbing and pinching. “Yesss,” I breathed. I almost forgot how much my daddy loved my nipple. I did remember one other thing… “What happens next, Lexi?” Mr. Miller asked. I looked at him for a moment, then turned my head so I could look Officer Ray in the face. He had a really serious look on his face, like my daddy would. He looked at me questioningly, but I think he knew what I was doing. He moved closer so his lips could touch mine, and suddenly I could feel his hot tongue entering my mouth. – Going to end this one here, as I don’t have too much time, but I hope you like it! Chapter 3: The Doctor, coming soon! Hope this one is okay. Let me know what you think. Broskimcnally @ ota BROTHER BUDS https://www.//gay/incest/brother-buds/ DERICK AND HIS fty//gay/incest/derick-and-his-bro/

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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