Learning to Love the Outdoors

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Lying beneath the stars seemed like a nice way to celebrate Earth Day. Sex beneath the stars seemed even better. Until you figured in below freezing temperatures. I lay in the sleeping bag, snuggling up to my sleeping girlfriend, trying to sleep myself, thinking of how I had ended up here.

“Just think of it as a reason to share body heat,” my girlfriend, Nell had teased. I was not the outdoors type, but Nell was and she had insisted that outdoor fucking definitely had to be on my ‘must do list’.

April 21 moved matters forward. Nell had said, “Tomorrow, there is a big Earth Day rally up at Hunter’s Gorge, to protest plans to dam the river for power. I know a secluded spot where tonight we can camp out above the gorge, so we can hike over to the protest site early and get a good spot.”

Luckily, as she said this, Nell’s face was buried between my thighs, licking my cock, so she could not see me rolling my eyes. However, it also meant I was not in any position to refuse her.

So we packed up and headed out to the cliff overlooking the gorge. Neither of us believed the weather warning of frost, so we packed light. Which led to us huddled for warmth in a single sleeping bag. Despite the cold, Nell had spent the afternoon nude sunbathing. I was doubly glad, since I had been afraid she might have insisted on trail climbing instead, and for the effect that watching her jiggle still had on my cock.

“Is that for me?” She asked as we got settled for the night, as if she was just noticing my hardness for the first time.

“I’ve been waiting all day for you to notice,” I replied, a bit testily.

A frown flickered across Nell’s face. “That’s what you get for keeping your clothes on until now.”

She wasted no time grabbing my rigid shaft and gradually warming it with her mouth. “It looked a little cold,” she said, returning to good humour as she paused with her lips grazing the very tip of my cockhead, “I wouldn’t want it getting all wrinkly.”

Nell bobbed her head up and down, taking in more of my hard shaft with each swallow, stopping every two or three times to lick the pulsing flesh. “Mmmm, I love the taste of your cock. I just can’t get enough of it.”

She even ducked further down and licked my balls, drawing first one and then the other into the warmth of her mouth. I reached down and stroked her nipple. “I love it as much as you do,” I said.

“I thought so,” Nell chuckled.

Rather than talking, I responded by caressing Nell’s body as she continued worshipping my cock, because that is the way it felt. Soon, I was flicking a thumb across her slit, toying with her clit as she thrust her mouth up and down the length of my prick. She was so sexy and slutty, and looked the picture of outdoorsy health all at the same time. As I pumped my cock into her mouth I started to piston my fingers in and out of her pussy. I could feel my orgasm building in my balls even as I knew she was ready to explode around my fist. As her climax overtook her, she stopped sucking and screamed, “That’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

I paused and looked around the clearing, but no one but a single chipmunk was listening. Nell seemed to concentrate again on eating me, so I worked to grow the intensity of her feelings, ignoring the unusual situation. Her climax continued, growing stronger as I ground my fist inside her deeper and harder. With my other hand, I twisted her nipples more savagely than ever before. Nell rolled her hips inside the confines of the sleeping bag and as she rolled back, my baby finger slid effortlessly up into her anus. She bounced up and down, obviously enjoying the double penetration. I lowered my lips to her breast. As soon as my teeth grazed her nipple, she exploded. Nell’s body began to quiver and her tongue twisted rapidly around my cock. As another orgasm rippled through her, I exploded at the same time, sending huge loads of cum into her throat. Nell gulped, taken by surprise, but quickly recovered, swallowing the first mouthful, and then continuing to suck on me as my balls pulsed until they were empty, filling her mouth again and again. Nell drank greedily making sure that she took every drop.

A few moments later, we both collapsed.

“Gawd that felt great.” said Nell. “I haven’t swallowed that much come at one time in years.”

“It must be the fresh air,” I said, feeling lousy about the insincerity of my comment, but suddenly realizing that I might actually have meant it. “Maybe you would like some more?”

I waggled my pinkie in Nell’s asshole to hint what I had in mind, but the gentle purring of sleep had been her only reply.

Unaccustomed as I was to the night sounds of the woods, I awoke every time an owl hooted, or a tree branch brushed its neighbour. Nell slept soundly, not disturbed by my tossing and turning, or my startled exclamations.

Which left me lots of time to consider how a city boy like me had ended up wide awake in a sleeping bag.

Even almanbahis before we had hooked up sexually I had joked to Nell about whether her love of fresh air included loving in the fresh air. She had flirted back, suggesting that I would have to find out for myself. The banter had gotten hot from that point on and the same night, we had ended up at her apartment. Since she had no balcony, we had settled for sex with the windows open.

The next morning, we had explored our willingness to try sex in non missionary positions, starting in the shower.

I recall being disoriented from awakening in the strange bed, the sunlight pouring in through her window. The water was running in the bathroom. I quickly recalled the pleasant evening at the campus pub, followed by the rollicking bouncing on her surprisingly girlishly appointed bedding. The first time had been on top of the frilly pink comforter. Hands rushing to rip clothing free without breaking our lip lock. My eyes straining to look down as her perfect young breasts burst out of her flannel shirt.

More evidence of her complex mix of femininity and ruggedness had been apparent in the lacy yellow bra which restrained her bountiful bosom. She had released me, but kept up the kiss, reaching behind herself as she arched her back, releasing the clasp. This drove her pelvis against my surging cock, and our hands met on my zipper. Finally, we had broken the kiss, laughing at our impatience. Nell had grabbed hold of my prick and dragged me up onto the bed. My pants fell loosely around my ankles. Hers were still on. That didn’t matter though, since she hauled me up her body and raised her head up off the mattress to taste just the tip of my cockhead.

“Have you ever had a girl with tits like mine?” she had asked. I admitted that she was not just the prettiest, but the most endowed girl I had fucked. I also noticed an absence of tan lines. She chuckled and then had told me that most guys wanted to titfuck her, so she had learned to enjoy the experience. Nell pressed her tits around my cock. Being young and in lust, I had not lasted long. Barely a dozen thrusts up through that tunnel of flesh and I had spurted long gooey strings of sperm up, coating her chest and flying up towards her mouth. She had playfully flicked her tongue out, catching a few drops.

“Lick me clean, and I’ll clean you,” Nell had said, as if daring me to taste my own cum. I had accepted the challenge, getting the opportunity to examine her large puffy pink areolae up close, tickling the eraser like nipples with my tongue. This had elicited an appreciative moan from Nell, making her hips wiggle beneath me. This had reminded me that she was still half dressed, so I had paused long enough to help her out of her jeans, exposing the panties which matched the bra. Then Nell had grabbed my hair and redirected my efforts to her tits.

I opened my jaw as wide as I could and closed my lips around a mouthful of tanned breast flesh, toying with the nipple, flipping it with my tongue up and down against the roof of my mouth. Nell was writhing, grinding her pussy against my leg. I began sucking on the nipple, drawing it deep towards my throat, maintaining suction.

Nell had groaned and said, “I’m sorry, I know I promised to clean your cock, but I need it inside me first.”

My cock always has a mind of its own, and quickly it had rolled my body towards the wet target between Nell’s legs. I had to roll her panties down, once again aware of the lack of tan lines. I kissed her pussy lips, noticing that the sparse blonde hair was nicely trimmed. Assuming that Nell, like most women, loved a guy willing to go down, I had started munching lightly, just teasing with my lips, but Nell had bucked her hips against my face only once before demanding cock immediately. I rose up, kissing up her body and then slowly eased my shaft into her depths.

After that Nell had locked her legs around my back and had taken charge of the sex, bucking up against me like a rodeo. Since I had just ejaculated, my erection was firm and throbbing, but I did not come again for a long while. Nell was no novice. Her abdominal muscles were in tremendous shape, but the manner in which they had gripped my cock displayed expertise derived from lots of practice. It had been all I could do to hold on for the ride. Once I caught my breath, I did better, driving my length in and out of Nell in response to her thrusts. I had managed to slide a hand under her bum as it rose off of the bedding, and gently eased her anus open.

As my fingertip pierced her anal ring, she had screamed “I feel so full; I’ve never felt this well fucked.”

I moved my cock and my fingers in rhythm, working both openings. As my cock eased back until it was almost out of her nether lips, my fingers were filling her rectum. Then when I stuffed her full of my cock, I withdrew the fingers, only to reinsert them, maximizing her fullness for a heartbeat, and then pulling almanbahis yeni giriş my hips back. As Nell moaned and tossed her entire body from side to side, I lowered my head back to her heaving chest. I lost any sense of time. Nell finally came when I managed to capture her nipple between my teeth and tug the bud away from the flesh.

As I lay in Nell’s bed, my cock swelling at the remembrance of the great sex, I realized that Nell never had cleaned my cock, so I decided to join her in the shower. The bathroom was full of steam. Nell’s back was to me as I silently approached through the mist. She seemed unaware of my presence. It might be my turn to be the aggressor at last. I paused, just admiring how the water danced across her body, clinging to her curves like lover’s kisses reluctant to depart.

Then I stubbed my toe. “Damn,” I muttered as Nell turned to me. So much for the surprise.

“I bet you’ve never been in a bathroom with a bidet before,” she said, “I might enjoy roughing it in the bush, but in town I like my comforts.”

Nell held out her arms to welcome me into the shower. The warmth of the water enveloped our two bodies as we hugged together under the spray. Her fingertips traced my jaw line. “I want you to eat my pussy later,” she had said, “but first I owe you this.”

Slowly she bent at the knees, sliding her soapy body along my cock. Nell descended the length of my body, gently exploring my skin with her lips and tongue. She began by softly kissing my neck, and then my collarbone, tracing out first to the top of one shoulder and then the other. Next, she licked down my chest to my nipples, pausing to take each nipple into her mouth, sucking gently and then licking, her hands drifting down my back, pushing me back against the shower wall. She bit sharply and unexpectedly on the second nipple, chuckling at my yelp of pain. She murmured about liking how hairy my belly was as she ran her tongue to my navel, where she paused to toy with it with her tongue, stabbing into the depression, teasing playfully. She pulled her head back, looking up with wide eyes and slightly opened mouth.

The water was still pulsing around us like a cloud, as she used the soap from her tits to cleanse my cock, ” I don’t want you coming on my tits this time,” she said, settling lower until my package rested in her hand, her face level with my groin.

She pumped my shaft lightly, gasping and cooing as she examined the wrinkles and folds of skin around my balls. I could feel Nell’s breath sweet and warm against my thigh. Her lips were near the tip of my cock but she took it slow, just brushing her tongue along the slit, and then darting it back into her mouth. The sensation sent a shiver through my body, despite the warm water still cascading over us. One of her hands reached up through my legs to my buttock, holding me in place. Nell continued, giving broader licks around the head of my cock, and pausing less between strokes. Soon, she was taking my entire helmet into her mouth, alternating suckling me with lapping at the underside of the mushroom. I wanted to stay like that forever. It was an experience more erotic than I had ever had before.

Nell paused, my cock in her fist, peering up at me, and said. “I love seeing how your body glows in the steam, the look in your eyes, not wanting me to stop.”

She returned to loving my cock, taking the tip and rolling it over her tongue, circling, suckling it as it swelled, bathing at it with her lips, making my balls quiver, bringing me closer, her hand pulling me inside her throat, her hunger for me growing as my shaft throbbed thicker. Nell’s other hand tightened its grip on my ass, curling around and separating the cheeks. I was glad she had an apartment with a seemingly endless supply of warm water, because the last thing I needed at that moment was a sudden stream of cold entering that crevice.

My hips began to pick up the rhythm of Nell’s bobbing mouth, pushing back towards her as she alternated slow sinking motions down my shaft, trying to deep throat my entire cock with short darting flicks of her tongue around the head, fluttering teasingly across the pee hole, sending electric currents through my shaft to my balls. My knees shook as she swallowed more and more of my cock. Her mouth would cover the whole of my shaft, then pull back, her tongue playing along the skin, her teeth teasing the sensitive spots, My hips started rocking from side to side, gyrating against her mouth action, shaking my balls against her chin. I felt her hand slip deep towards my anus as I gripped her long blonde hair tightly, slowly urging her with my hands to continue. Finally, I savoured the sensations as sensually she took my entire length into her mouth, her head bobbing, drinking me in. I moaned, “I want you but want to please you even more.”

She stopped sucking to respond. “This time it pleases me just to please you.”

My knees quivered faster as Nell, while almanbahis giriş resuming sucking my cock, teased my anal sphincter open, slowly and gradually easing her finger into this formerly forbidden passage, aided by the heat and the water. Her mouth moved furiously, picking up the pace as if matching my increasingly frantic groaning. “I’m close,” I warned, not knowing if she intended to swallow my load.

Nell’s silent answer was to stab my prostate with her fingernail, ensuring that my sperm immediately exploded into her waiting mouth. She vacuumed my cock, keeping it inside her hungry lips until every drop was free. Her next move shocked me. In a graceful motion Nell rose to stand with her body pressed against mine, my semi solid prick grazing between her thighs. She rose onto her tip toes and kissed me, forcing her tongue between my lips, treating me to the taste of my own semen.

The fact that I instinctively swallowed rather than gagging or spitting caused Nell to giggle and grin as she settled back to her feet, allowing the warm water to rinse us clean.

“This would be even better outside, under a waterfall,” she said.

I just silently considered how cold that might be, and was thankful we were inside.

Then she grabbed a fluffy towel and rubbed us both dry, taking special care to caress my relaxed equipment. “Just checking your recovery status,” she joked. “How about some food while we rest up for the next round?”

With that, Nell walked boldly straight to her tiny kitchen, not pausing to get clothes. I followed her lead. This gave me a perfect chance to admire her well tanned ass while she bent to inspect the contents of her fridge. She quickly tossed a quart of milk, a dozen eggs and a basket of strawberries onto the counter next to a squeeze bottle of liquid honey.

I instantly knew what I wanted to taste just then. Grabbing the honey, I squirted a healthy spray onto Nell’s up tilted lower back, allowing it to run down over her ass into the crevice between those cheeks. Before she could react, I bent over and ran my tongue down, licking her clean. Nell wriggled in response as my nose dove into darkness, the warmth of her buttocks against my face. I flicked my tongue out. At first, I tried a single teasing lick across the bottom of Nell’s tailbone. I followed this by dragging my tongue down the right side of her opening and around up to where I had begun.

“Ohhh, that’s depraved,” Nell moaned as, after only a few quick licks around the rim, I stabbed at her anus with my tongue, not pausing to consider the perversity of the situation. Since my mouth was busy, I couldn’t ask her if she meant her comment as a compliment. As I licked, I ran a hand up inside her thigh and brushed gently along her slit, and then started twisting her clit. The two pronged assault made Nell squirm faster, as if she was trying to escape, although her wetness was proof of her pleasure.

I corkscrewed my tongue deeper into her anus as I twirled her love bud between my fingers. Her knees were quivering now like mine had in the shower.

“Don’t fuck my ass,” Nell begged, gasping for air, “at least not yet.”

I replied by folding my fingers together and slowly inserting them into her wet cunt, without stopping my tonguing of her rear. I thrust my fist slowly upwards, pistoning inside her until I could feel myself filling her from both ends.

“Fu…uuuu….ck, I’m cu……cu….cummmmming,” Nell screamed. I wondered if her neighbours could hear through the apartment walls.

Nell rode my tongue and fingers through a wave of orgasms, leaning her palms on the countertop for support. “No more or I think I’ll pass out from the sheer joy,” she gasped.

I stepped away, allowing Nell to recover. What I had failed to realize was that her playfulness was not nearly exhausted. As soon as she stopped panting, Nell grabbed the honey and squirted it onto my cock. She licked me clean, but upped the ante by adding nibbles which became more like bites, nipping hard enough that I winced slightly. Unlike during our shower, she made no effort to deep throat me, instead adding a lot of hand action, kneading my balls and fisting my growing shaft.

Once I was fully rigid, Nell hopped onto the kitchen table and spread her legs wide, never releasing her grip on my joystick.

“I want your cock buried inside me right now,” Nell moaned, dragging me towards her wet opening. The feeling of her naked body rubbing tightly against mine, hard tipped tits rubbing along my hairy chest, was still new to me then, and gave me an unbelievable rush of excitement. The feeling intensified as I entered her with just the head of my cock. Nell reached down between us and pulled me briskly to meet her hips as they thrust up off of the table. The new experience of kitchen sex aroused me further and I pumped frantically, burying my length deep inside her and then pulling almost fully free, and then repeating the motion, pistoning over and over, slamming her butt against the wooden table with each plunge. She reached up and ran a hand across my chest as we fucked. Her slim fingers caressed my sensitive nipple, as if testing it for hardness. I twitched.

“That tickles,” I yelped.

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