Lea’s New Best Friend Ch. 02

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Writer’s note: Lea and Leah are from my original work, and there may be some unfamiliar terms; “Andynes” are people with bird wings, and “Amphibious” people are blue-skinned, fish-like humanoids. Thanks for reading! 🙂


Lea knocked back his fifth glass of water. It didn’t help his headache; he’d need to drink a lot more for that. Lea’s chair was next to the backroom sink so that he could pour himself as much as he needed. Some of his jaw-length white hair had come out of his ponytail and stuck straight out from his head, and his white-feathered wings were stretched out against the floor behind him, resting directly in front of the backroom refrigerator.

Lea had wet himself out in the main room of the infirmary about half an hour before, and had changed into a dry pair of blue plaid drawstring pants that came up well past his ankles on his tall frame. On top he wore a knitted cardigan, modified for andynes’ wings with an open back and a strap across the top that buttoned at the shoulder to form a sort of over-wing collar. It was roughly the same color as vomit, but it was cozy and kept out the slight late-night chill.

Lea’s new friend entered the back room from the main room of the infirmary, carrying a mop and a bucket. She was a small, lean amphibious woman who appeared to be in her mid to late twenties with teal blue skin, and her dark green waist-length hair was tied up into a messy twist at the top of her head. Her strange inverted pink eyes settled on Lea as she approached the sink. All Lea knew about her was that she was the doctor in charge of the infirmary he was currently in, and that she knew his name somehow.

“How’s your head feeling, Lea?” asked the amphibious woman. She dumped the mop water down the other side of the sink, and the drain on Lea’s side gurgled. Lea decided to wait a bit to refill his glass.

“A little better,” said Lea, shading his eyes. He was still sensitive to the lights in the back room, but the water had noticeably cleared his head. “I’m really sorry about this.”

The amphibious woman rinsed out the mop bucket and put it away underneath the sink. “Don’t be sorry. I’m glad you had the presence of mind to realize you’d had too much and came here for help.”

“It’s not that,” said Lea. The woman walked toward the fridge in the corner of the back room, and Lea pulled up his wings so she could open it.

“Can you scoot forward a bit, actually?” asked the woman. “It’s the cupboard I’m after.”

Lea scooted his chair up and pulled his wings further forward, and the woman reached up into the cupboard. Lea couldn’t help noticing that her nipples were still standing out underneath her long nightshirt, which she wore over a baggy pair of gray sweatpants.

“Thanks,” said the amphibious woman. “Now, what were you saying?”

“I was looking for a pen and paper I think,” Lea replied. He craned over his shoulder to watch the woman rummaging through the cupboard. She pulled out a small beaker and a packet of multicolored testing sticks. She also grabbed a small metallic ballpoint pen, which she handed to Lea. He set it on the counter next to his empty water glass.

“I think I have sticky notes here somewhere.” The woman stepped back from the cupboard. “You can relax your wings now. Thanks. Now how badly do you need to pee?”

“What?” Lea looked up.

“I need you to pee in this thing next time you need to go,” said the woman, handing him the beaker. “I need to measure how much of that drink is still in your system.”

Lea didn’t answer right away. His bladder was just over half full, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long with all the water he was consuming. He turned the small beaker over in his hand.

“Where’s your bathroom?”

“The closest one is outside the infirmary in the hallway. Just take a right and it’ll be the fifth door on your right,” said the woman, gesturing toward the doorway. “But if it’s an emergency you can use the left side of the sink. There’s a step stool next to the bookshelf if you want to use it for that, but you’re so tall I’m not sure you’ll need it.” She indicated a small bookshelf in the corner. A metal fold-out stepping stool was kept against the wall next to it, with the words “RETURN TO L. MOSS” scrawled across the top bar in permanent ink.

Lea poured himself another glass of water on the right side of the sink. “You’re L. Moss?” He asked the amphibious woman while she sat down at the backroom table, rummaging through the packet of sticks.

“Oh,” said the woman, looking up from what she was doing. “I haven’t introduced myself! I’m Leah Moss. I already told you that your sister’s my tekirdağ escort patient, but I also function as the head nurse of this infirmary. I’m not surprised that she hasn’t told you about me; andynes are weird about family connections.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Lea yawned.

“Not much, but she made it very clear that I should only contact her family if she’s dying,” said Leah. She picked a red stick out of the packet and stood up. “And she isn’t my first andyne patient to do that.”

Lea gulped down his sixth glass of water to give himself time to think before he said anything. “Does she tell you about Tawny?”

“Who’s Tawny?”

Lea’s stomach dropped. “You mean she doesn’t talk to you about her…umm…her love life?”

“I wasn’t aware that she was sexually active,” said Leah. Lea’s stomach dropped a second time, and it put an unpleasant amount of pressure on his bladder.

“Well, I don’t know if she is,” Lea blurted out. “They just peed out in the hall and they left, but Arin was dressed up and the human lady had a-…” Lea stopped, his entire face turning bright red.

“…Are you alright?” asked Leah after a short pause. She leaned over and touched the side of his face with a curious expression.

“I’m fine,” gasped Lea, taken aback by Leah’s strange gesture. “I’m just talking to a stranger about my sister’s sex life like a nosy pervert.”

Leah sighed. “I won’t tell, don’t worry.” She watched Lea pour himself another glass of water and chug it. “How much have you had to drink, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Not a lot,” said Lea. “I’m on my first bottle of Kannar.”

Leah gave Lea a skeptical glare and placed her hand on Lea’s face again.

“What are you doing that for?” asked Lea.

“I’m a physical empath,” Leah explained. “It’s one of the reasons your sister and her late husband hired me.”

Lea turned even redder. His entire face felt hot. “So…you can read my mind?”

Leah snorted, “No, no. I can only feel echoes of what you’re feeling physically. It’s a very useful skill if you have uncommunicative patients – all I can really tell right now is that you’re tired and horny, and you’ll need to pee soon.”

Lea reflexively adjusted the gross-colored cardigan around his middle while Leah placed the packet of testing sticks back in the cupboard.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” yawned Leah. “I’m not going to fault you for sitting there with a boner, Kannar is an aphrodisiac.”

Lea’s stomach couldn’t drop any further at that point, and did an uncomfortable somersault in his abdomen. It made his headache worse and magnified his growing need to pee. His dick was rock hard under his clothes, and it didn’t help that Leah was still watching him closely.

“N-no it isn’t,” Lea half-mumbled. “Infusion of-“

“Not anything else dagger root, just Kannar,” clarified Leah. “That’s why it’s so much more expensive and concentrated than normal infusion; they brew it with fermented sap from cherry heart trees.”

Lea didn’t know what to say to that, and covered his crotch self-consciously with his hands.

“Do you need to masturbate?” Leah asked casually. “I can step out for a few minutes if that makes you more comfortable.”

Though Lea had sobered up considerably since he’d wet himself, he still took a few extra seconds for his fuzzy brain to process his response.

“Oh. No. Uh…It’s okay.”

“I think I’ll read, then, if that’s okay with you,” said Leah. She placed the red testing stick on the counter next to the sink, and snatched up a book from the bookshelf before resuming her seat at the table.

Lea hesitated. He needed to pee again, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to until he did something about the erection currently poking into his lower belly.

“So it’s alright if I-…if I um…”

“Masturbate? Yes. Would you be more comfortable if I stepped out?” Leah repeated, looking up from the first pages of her book.

“Well…not necessarily…” Lea gulped. He slid his right hand – the one between him and the backroom counter – under the hem of his cardigan and freed his hot, throbbing member from the drawstring waistband of his pants. He was glad that the cardigan was long and baggy, because it made his small, jumpy hand movements easy to hide.

“If you have to pee after, keep it in the le-“

“Use the left side, I know,” breathed Lea, standing up. He was pitching an obvious tent and hastily turned toward the sink to hide it.

“And fill the beaker at least to that little black line in the middle. Set it in the back corner of the tokat escort sink when you’re done.”

“Will do.”

“And leave the water running when you’re done.”

Lea felt an unexpected attack of snark coming on, and was powerless to stop it. He heard the words leave his mouth: “You wanna help?”

Leah didn’t answer right away. Lea braced himself for the seemingly inevitable rejection, but didn’t stop tugging at himself underneath the cardigan.

“You know what? Sure, why not?” said Leah. Lea heard her set down her book just before approaching the counter next to him. She looked him up and down appraisingly. Lea could only watch, slightly lightheaded, as Leah rolled up her sleeves and unbuttoned his cardigan.

“Is it alright if I pull this back? It’s your sister’s, we probably shouldn’t get cum all over it.”

Lea swallowed a lump in his throat, but complied and opened the front of the cardigan, uncovering his swollen, fully-erect penis. Leah reached over and grasped it.

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it,” Lea gasped.

“You know, neither did I. I’m feeling impulsive today,” said Leah. She ran her free right hand up Lea’s back under the cardigan. “Wow, you really need to pee.”

“Thanks, I had no idea,” muttered Lea. Leah laughed and bopped him on the butt, making him jump.

“Arin told me you were a smartass,” snorted Leah. Her small, deft hand felt great on his dick, but she kept her strokes excruciatingly slow. Lea couldn’t help moaning, and Leah looked up at him with a sly little smile, running her fingers up through the feathers at the base of his wings. Lea shivered.

“Would you like me to go faster?”

Lea moaned again. “I’m so close.”

“Is that a yes?”

“I don’t…know,” grunted Lea. He came without any warning, spattering the bottom of the sink with thick white fluid. Leah aimed his cock downward a bit and kept stroking until it stopped coming out. Lea bucked his hips a couple of times, but Leah easily held him in place against the counter with the hand on his back.

After he finished, Lea leaned forward against the counter, panting and shaking. He looked over next to him and noticed that Leah was panting too; a pronounced violet flush spread across Leah’s slightly flat, heart-shaped face. Lea wanted to tell her how flattering it was on her, but it came out as:

“That’s knbcbfdlluuuugh.” Lea paused to try to collect himself.

“That was intense,” said Leah, playing with Lea’s foreskin. He pulled away, squirming.

“You felt it too,” puffed Lea. “Or…did you?”

“I did. Mind if I leave the room for a bit?” asked Leah, blushing a little more. “I need to masturbate now.”

Lea snorted. “‘I need to masturbate now,'” he echoed. “You say that so casually, like you’re going off to brush your teeth or something.”

“You only think that because your culture’s so prudish,” scoffed Leah.

“Oh, you want prudish?” said Lea. “Try dating a haman woman. Handjobs over clothes only, and she wouldn’t even let me try eating her out on my birthday.” Lea’s dick was rapidly softening, and he began to pee into the sink, starting with a reluctant trickle. Lea quickly filled the small beaker, though, and placed the beaker next to the sink.

Leah watched Lea pissing with naked fascination. He took a long time to finish, and by the time he was done he was already half hard again. Leah picked the test stick up off the counter and dropped it into the beaker, setting it next to the sink. After that she flitted over to the small stove to her left and set a timer.

“There. Five minutes,” Leah sighed. “I’m going to go mastur-“

“I know, I know. Masturbate. Because I’m a prude,” snorted Lea. “And you don’t want to offend my virginal Andyne sensibilities. Gee, thanks.”

“What are you gonna do, eat me out?” Leah shot back, and blushed.

Lea grinned. “Was that a snark attack or did you mean it?”

Leah hesitated, turning a deeper violet. Lea felt a small rush of pleasure watching her squirm, and his cock twitched, still hanging over the sink. “Both I think?” she said, sheepishly.

“Then come over here.”

Leah approached Lea slowly. When she was close enough he turned, grasped her hips and lifted her onto the counter. She reached back to move the faucet before scooting herself back over the left side of the sink. Leah lifted her buttocks to let Lea pull off her sweatpants, kicking them onto the kitchen table.

Leah’s baggy nightshirt hung down between her thighs, and she revealed her pussy as she pulled it up: it looked a lot like a human vulva, with engorged trabzon escort violet lips and a long, thin clitoris that curved upward like the stamen of a flower. Leah’s blue thighs and mons were hairless, and Lea was surprised at how wet she was. He went in softly with his tongue at first, while flicking Leah’s clitoris lightly with his nose. He varied between quick, flicking licks and longer strokes that glided over the length of Leah’s pussy.

“You’ve done this before,” yelped Leah while Lea paused to suck on her clitoris.

“I read about it in a book once.” purred Lea, smirking up at her from between her legs. He continued to lap and suck, and stimulated Leah for the next few minutes until her legs began twitching. At that point Lea slid one of his long fingers inside her, and she gave a soft moan that made his nether regions tingle.

“Lea,” squeaked Leah. She raised her thighs around his head. Her body was almost unnervingly cool to the touch, but it was quickly warming up. Leah gasped suddenly, and Lea heard a soft hissing noise a split second before she squirted, right in his face.

“Oh no…I didn’t…nngh-” Leah gasped, and squirted again. Lea was ready this time, and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Lea didn’t respond, and moved on to sucking Leah’s clit while slipping another finger inside her. After a few seconds of that she gave a yelp of pleasure, followed by another, growing louder as her body twisted at Lea’s touch. She had her nightshirt bunched up across her clavicles, and Lea could see her thoracic gills – normally thin red lines on her sides – flexing while her small breasts jingled and heaved with each little twitch and gasp.

Leah bit down on her nightshirt when she came, gave a muffled cry, and released two massive squirts in Lea’s face. Lea pulled his face back, but kept playing with her pussy. She spasmed and squirted a fourth time, but this time the squirt didn’t stop. She angled her hips over the sink, peeing downward in a loud, whizzing high-pressure stream.

The timer went off before Leah was finished.

“Could you…turn that off please?” Leah asked breathlessly while Lea rinsed off his face in the other side of the sink.

“Sure thing,” said Lea.

Leah picked up the beaker and examined it. The urine inside was clear, but the stick had turned bright blue. Lea stopped the timer and stepped back over to the sink.

“Well? Am I going to live?” he yawned, leaning on the counter between Leah’s legs.

“I have good news and bad news,” said Leah. “The good news is that you’re drunk as a skunk, but as long as you keep up the fluid intake until early tomorrow afternoon, you’ll be back to normal.”

“And the bad news?”

“You’ll have to stay awake until early tomorrow afternoon,” said Leah. “And since you’re my patient I have to stay up with you.”

“That’s what I was planning on…but how is it bad news if you’re staying up with me? Does this mean I can’t watch any more of ‘Bays of our Lives?'” asked Lea.

“Bays of our what?” asked Leah, sitting up.

“It’s about animated manatees with warring fashion empires,” Lea explained. “And there’s a manatee named Ridge who these two lady manatees named Brooke and Barbara fight over, or at least they did until Brooke went off to become a nun-“

Leah gave Lea a concerned look and touched his face. Now that he knew what she was doing, Lea noticed a subtle tingling sensation in his face around where her fingers touched him. “Have you had anything else tonight besides Kannar?” she asked slowly.

“Oh, believe me, I wish,” Lea sighed, noticing that his throat was dry. “It’s a real show though.”

Leah patted Lea’s shoulder. “If you say so. Now sit down and drink some water.”

Lea sat down in his former spot at the right side if the sink and watched Leah dump the beaker and rinse down the sink while he nursed another semi underneath his cardigan. He downed two glasses of water almost immediately and was pouring himself a third when Leah pulled another chair over to the sink and sat down across from him.

“So,” said Leah. “Mister Lea Ardalae.”

“It sounds so official when you say it that way,” said Lea over his water glass before taking a gulp.

“Who’s Tawny?”

The question caught Lea off-guard, but he didn’t react quite as strongly as he had the last time. “Why do you want to know?”

“Because your sister mentioned a ‘Tawny’ in our last appointment. She wouldn’t tell me anything either.”

“It’s…kind of a long story,” Lea tried to sidestep the subject, but Leah wasn’t having it.

“Well I like long stories, and this one could be very relevant to the health of my patient. Besides, we have plenty of time.”

“But what if I need to…” Lea leaned in and lowered his voice to a whisper, holding up one hand to make air quotes: “-‘polish my spear’ again?”

“Like I said,” Leah leaned in, bringing her face within inches of Lea’s. “Plenty of time.”

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