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I’ve invited you over. Something I never do with anyone, but it seems like this was never going to happen any other way. We’ve talked extensively by email, and I think that, just maybe, I might have a handle on who you are. But then again, who knows? Just when I think I have you figured out, you can surprise me by being uncharacteristically thoughtful. And speaking of uncharacteristic, it’s still hard for me to believe that the one time we actually met was for me to suck you off. That was ridiculously risky, but also incredibly hot. Sometimes I make myself cum thinking about it.

How did we get here? You answered my ad to relieve me of my virginity, but that boat has long since sailed. I was sure you wouldn’t be interested in me after that, but surprisingly again, we’re still talking after more than half a year. I still maintain it’s mostly my inexperience you’re after. The fact that I haven’t done most of what you want me to do, and even those things I have done, it’s been only a handful of times.

But now here I am, as requested, thigh-high stockings, dress, no panties, no bra. I can’t help but thinking that the no bra thing is a wasted opportunity for you to see my tits all dressed up for you, but I’m not going to argue the point. And if I’m being very honest with myself, I know that you’re interested more in me as a cum receptacle than anything else, so probably the fancy bra would get overlooked anyway. I mentally shrug. This is what you wanted, so this is what you’ll get.

It’s almost time for you to be here, and I’m feeling a little shaky. I don’t really know what to expect. Should I offer you a drink? What is the correct protocol for a guy who is coming over with the intent purpose of using me and leaving? Because you’ve made it very clear that that is what you mean to do. I look back on all the things I wrote in my emails to you, intending to provoke you, irritate you, make you a little angry. At the time, it seemed safe and fun. Maybe a little surreal. Now, with your arrival imminent, I can’t help but think it was a bad idea. Maybe this whole thing was a very, very bad idea. I pick up my phone, meaning to email you and cancel, but then I notice that your truck is parking outside. Shit. I don’t think you would take kindly to being told “no” at this point. I look down and my hands are trembling perceptibly.

You come to my door and I don’t bother to wait for you to knock. I open it and gesture you inside. I literally don’t know what to do at this point. I’m equal parts aroused and terrified, and the lack of panties allows me to feel moisture beading on the inside of my thighs. I open my mouth to say something, I honestly don’t even know what, but you shake your head and say, “I didn’t ask you to talk, did I?” I just look at you, a deer in the üçyol escort headlights, then stare at the floor, allowing my head to turn from side to side in agreement with your statement.

“Are you wearing panties?” Again, my head shakes. You don’t ask about the bra. It’s obvious I’m not wearing one. My tits are too big to defy gravity, and my nipples are pointing straight ahead as if to advertise their presence and my reluctant arousal. You grasp my jaw, raising my face to tell me, “Good slut,” then reach into my dress and roughly tweak one of my nipples. I gasp, caught uncomfortably between pleasure and pain. You increase the pressure just to see the expression on my face, then abruptly let go. This is starting to feel like a worse and worse idea. I don’t want to be treated this way, but I can’t seem to stop it. I should tell you to leave. Tell you never to contact me again, but the reality is that no matter what happens, this has to play out. I’ve wanted you from the first. If this is the only way that you’ll consent to let me have you, so be it.

You push me ahead of you down the hall and into my bedroom. Without any preliminaries, you propel me against the edge of the bed, pushing my shoulders down until I’m bent over it, ass up in the air. You lift my dress over my head. I feel your knee part my legs and suddenly your fingers are in me. You find what you wanted; I’m wet, hot, and still tight…partially due to the fact that I’ve barely been broken in, and also no doubt because of the insane amount of tension I’m feeling. Being bent over a bed with you behind me is an exercise in extreme self control. I’ve never felt so vulnerable. Part of me desperately wants to bolt, but the other part of me is moaning as you lube your fingers up and move them to my tight asshole.

I feel myself spread and penetrated by enough fingers to make it uncomfortable, and I squirm, trying to find a more comfortable position and to relax my tense muscles a little. There’s a sharp noise as your hand connects with my right ass cheek, hard. “Stop!” you command. “Don’t move unless I tell you to, slut.” I lie still, trying to compose myself, trying to force myself to be quiet and still. Your fingers are relentless; it hurts. But that’s going to be nothing compared to what your cock will feel like if I can’t make my body behave. I start to feel a little panicky, causing me to clench down even more. Crack! Crack! Your palm whips into me two more times and I lie still, breathing hard. You grab the back of my hair, lifting my head from the bed, hissing into my ear, “What did I tell you? Lay there quietly, or this will just go harder for you. Second warning.” You hold my hair for a moment longer, as if to emphasize your point, then let my head drop.

You’re üçyol escort bayan breathing harder, and I can feel your hard cock straining through your jeans against the back of my thigh. Jesus Christ. My obvious discomfort and fear have just made you more anxious to claim my almost virgin asshole. I hear you unzip your jeans and feel the head of your cock pressing against my ass. I squeeze my eyes shut and clutch the sheets in both fists. I’ll be damned if I let you know that you hurt me.

At first, there’s just pressure, and my muscles, unused to this kind of intrusion, fight against you. Then the head of your cock pushes inside and I suck in a sharp breath. I barely bite back a desperate plea for you to stop. It wouldn’t do any good, and it would just make you use me harder. With a final surge, your entire cock is encased snugly inside my firmly clenched asshole, and I hear you sigh in satisfaction. Still completely in me, you lean forward and whisper, “How does my thick cock feel in your tiny asshole? You love it, don’t you, you fucking slut?” I force myself to nod, knowing that if I open my mouth it will all be over. You didn’t give me permission, and anyway, what would I say? It feels…wrong? It hurts? Please, fuck my pussy instead? I don’t think any of the above would be acceptable answers.

You start to withdraw, and I feel secretly relieved, but only to push back in again. Oh, fuck. Fuck. I shift imperceptibly, again trying to find a more comfortable way to accommodate you. In the process, my asshole stretches open a little further, and I’m encouraged by the fact that it’s a little easier to take you. You clearly feel that I’m open a little wider, and you take it as an invitation to start fucking me in earnest. Your balls slap again my thighs and pussy as you slam into me, again and again. My body and face are pushed into the bed repeatedly as I try to keep myself from fighting you. But the feeling starts creeping over me that it doesn’t feel all bad. Yes, there is still pain, but an underlying pleasure, too. My pussy starts to get wetter with each violent thrust.

Suddenly you stop, pulling me up by the hair again. “Turn around, you fucking cock slut, and take this dick in your mouth.” I flip over and sit up, trying to gain a little equilibrium, but you shove your cock against my face and I have to open up to take you. You push yourself into the back of my throat before I’m ready for you, and I gag, saliva flooding my mouth. I pull back slightly and start to suck you off. The taste is acrid. I didn’t know what to expect, but it is approximately what I would have thought. It tastes like, well, ass. Another gag reflex before I can stop it, and soon I’m drooling saliva all over your thick shaft. I cup your balls with one hand escort üçyol and lick and suck you while my other hand clutches your ass, pulling you in deeper.

“That’s enough now, slut, you’ll get more of an opportunity later. Do you want me in your pussy now? Does your tight cunt want a taste, hmmm?” I nod, and you can see the desperation in my eyes. It’s too much to hope that you’ll make me cum this time, but I still want you to fuck my pussy. It’s all I’ve wanted from day one. Please, please…

You tell me to turn back over and lift my dress again. I feel the head of your cock nudging at my pussy, and all at once you surge inside, feeling the velvet slick walls of my cunt closing in around you. Fuck yes! I moan, I can’t help it. I have been dreaming about this for months and the tension has been immense. To finally feel you inside me… But my ecstasy is short-lived as you pull out and slam into my asshole again. I wasn’t prepared and I yelp. A hard slap along the outside of my thigh reminds me to be a good girl and just take it, but I’m not used to this. I grit my teeth and try not to cry out.

You take turns with my ass, my cunt, and my mouth until I’m physically spent and I marvel that you can keep going. My body is almost limp with fatigue as you take a last turn with my mouth. I’m doing my best, but my control is almost all gone and I keep gagging as your throbbing hard cock hits me in the back of the throat. “Turn around!” you demand again, and I wearily get back on my belly, ass up and bent over the bed. Instead of taking a turn with my sore cunt, you immediately start to use my asshole again, and I know it’s time…I can feel your cock start to swell and your grunts and heavy breathing get closer together. A few final hard thrusts, and I feel you spasm and explode deep in my ass, your hands clenching my hips as you shout in release. You spurt over and over, shoving hard against me as you shoot your hot load of thick cum. You stay agonizingly still for a few moments, then slowly withdraw. I start to get up, but you put your hand on my shoulders, holding me down. I hear the shutter sound of your phone’s camera going off several times as I feel a warm ooze start to slither out of my asshole and drip down my pussy lips. I turn my head to look at you in entreaty, wondering if you’ll allow me to get up now. But it’s not over yet. I should have known.

“Get up on the bed. Knees under you. Head and shoulders on the bed. Spread your ass for me.” I hear you say. So I do. I look back for a moment, and then wish I hadn’t. You’re holding your cock aimed at my back, and I know what you’re going to do. “No! Wait! Couldn’t we do that in the…” the word ‘bathtub’ trails off into nothing as a warm jet of your piss hits my back and ass, mixing in with your cum and dribbling down my spread pussy, dripping onto my bed. Fuck. I was so hoping you would forget about that part.

I hear footsteps and the sound of my front door opening and closing. I turn around, a sodden mess, piss and cum dripping out of me and off me, and discover you’ve gone.

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