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Lesbian RaiseI have been struggling to pay the bills for the past few months. I work a stupid secretary job that my friend got me. The pay is barely enough to get me by. I really need a raise in my payment if I want to keep this beautiful condo I have. My first home that I bought by myself.I arranged for a meeting with my boss, Miss Kool, at a local cafe by our work. I dressed in my semi-formal work wear with a tight blouse opening buttons to expose a peak of cleavage. My long legs showing from the knees under this pencil skirt.My boss walked in wearing her typical suit. Her hair was pinned up in a bun but she took it down on her way into the cafe. She had short blond hair that framed her tan skin and green eyes. She was quite a curvy woman with a petite chest.”Hello, AJ. You said you would like to discuss giving you a raise?” She greeted me. She took a seat at the table I had been waiting at sitting across from me. She leaned over the table and peered at me. I tried to peak down her shirt without her noticing.”Yes, Miss Kool, I was hoping I could have a raise in my pay. I’m finding it hard to pay my bills,” I explained.”Please, call me Bre. We’re outside of the office so you don’t have to address me professionally,” she said.”Alright, Bre, well do you think it would be possible to give me a raise?” I questioned.”Hmm… how about we go for a walk and talk about it. I never really liked this place. The servers are real bitches,” she replied as she stood up and waited for me to join.”Alright.”We made our way out the door and walked bahis siteleri side by side towards the park. We didn’t speak until we reached the park. The walk was filled with only the clicks and clacks of our high heels.”So…about that raise,” I broke the silence.”Oh, right. Well how much more an hour were you thinking?” She wondered, gazing off at the trees and birds that decorated the pavement path through the park. It was quite quiet with very few people in this large park.”Maybe three more dollars an hour?” I suggested.”Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t think we can really afford much right now in this economy,” She answered.I pouted and began to drag my feet.”Unless,” she added.”Unless what?” I chirped.”Come with me,” she demanded, walking off of the path into the trees. She walked towards a bench that wasn’t very far off the path. Some trees were in the way but you could still see the path from where she was headed.She sat on the bench and patted the seat beside her. I sat down, awfully confused.”I don’t know how in tune you are with the gossip around the office but my boyfriend and I just split up,” she explained.”Alright…” “It’s been a while since I have had sexual intercourse,” I looked at her, puzzled.”The gossip at work is that your are a lesbian and I know you and your girlfriend are on the verge of breaking up,” she added.”What are you getting at?” I asked.”I will give you a raise if you can satisfy my sexual needs. I’ve never been with a women and have been craving the sexual desire of being with a female for years. canlı bahis siteleri I was dating boyfriend DJ for two years and I was stuck with the same old penis for those whole two years wham bam and it was over.He didn’t even know what he was doing when it came to foreplay. I just layed there and let him do what he wan’t whick wasn’t long . I was responsible for my own orgasms,” every time he left to home.”I don’t know…” I replied.”I’m sure Carly won’t mind. You know your are going to be breaking up after you caught her flirting with those other girl. She probably cheated on you already,” she begged.”Well what would I have to do?” I caved.She didn’t speak. She just placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss. Her tongue met mine and they swirled around in each other’s mouths.”We’re in public!” pulling away from the kiss.”Don’t worry. We won’t get caught.” she assured me.”What if some old guy has like a heart attack! Or what if-” I rambled. She interrupted me with a kiss again. I unbuttoned her suit jacket and took it off. Luckily, the spring air was warm that day so it wasn’t cold on our bare skin as we got naked in the park.This time I reached her hand up her skirt and started to rub her pussy through her panties. She was beginning to dampen.We stripped each other down to our bra and panties. I had on matching pink lace bra and panties set. She admired my lingerie with her hands, feeling all over my body. She traced her fingers down from my cleavage, to my belly, to my crotch which was now fully canlı bahis wet. She slipped a finger around the waist of the panties and yanked at them. I bit my lip, anticipating for her to take them off.As she lay on the bench, I took them off slowly as was kissing down her torso. I kissed her until I reached her mound. I immediately found her clit with my tongue and played with it in my mouth, tracing circles and shapes around it. I took it into her mouth and played with it while she stuck her pretty manicured finger inside me.The waves of pleasure caused her to have a mind blowing orgasm on the park bench. She screamed loud enough for the whole park to hear. I was surprised that nobody came to see what was going on.She sat up to catch her breath. I was smirking at her.. She knew it was her turn. She was sitting upright and normal on the bench. I got off my knees. I looked her straight in the eyes as I slipped my lace panties off. My pussy was glistening in the sunlight, wet and waiting. She kissed up my thighs until she reached my awaiting pussy. She gave it a little kiss on the clit before diving in. She slowly licked from my hole, up my lips, to my erect clit. She flicked it with my tongue in repetitive motion and mimicked the fingering I did on her, curving the finger upwards to get my G-spot. I grabbed my head with both of her hands, encouraging me to keep going. “Faster!” She begged.She followed my command and licked faster. My breath began to get shallow and she knew I was close. She sped up my fingering motion along with her tongue until I started screaming with my orgasm.Hard to believe that was your first time with a women.Well maybe not my first”I think you earned your raise. I look forward to seeing you down there much more often,” she panted.

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