Less Surprised, But Abused Again

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I drove home again on autopilot, my mind in a whirl with a procession of thoughts of the various cocks I had received both orally and anally, re-living the events of the evening. Once home I lost no time in firing up my PC and logged onto the website which, as anticipated, contained some very graphic images and video material. I lay back and wanked off slowly, reliving my ordeal and yet itching to see the edited down video of my own ‘performance.’ Unfortunately I had to be patient until Monday evening when the video would be available and I would be able to spend time watching it after work.

It took a couple of days to recover from my gangbang show (as I now know it) aided by a couple of long soaks in the bath, followed by the application of a gentle moisturiser to settle some of the soreness and remaining red marks.

Monday at work went agonisingly slowly and I spent most of it in a daydream, while killing time until I could get away. At last I was able to leave at 5.00 pm and made my way quickly to my car, feeling frustrated by traffic hold-ups but arriving home about 25 minutes later.

Quickly, I locked the door to my flat and drew the curtains so that I would not be interrupted, switched on the PC and logged onto the website address I had been given. Success! My video was available to view. Having pressed play, I put it on the full screen display, with the sound turned up.

The video quality was surprisingly good and had been skilfully edited to show scenes from different angles to get the best views. I watched, transfixed, while squirming in my seat and getting hotter. Soon I had pulled off my shirt, trousers and pants to be naked and to re-live the events of that evening only a few days earlier. If you have read the two previous instalments of this story you can perhaps imagine how sexy and turned-on I was feeling.

The video showed all these horny guys, with me as the focus of their attentions. I was surprised too at how much I appeared to be enjoying myself even though this was not what could truly be deemed consensual sex.

Over the course of the next hour I masturbated slowly twice and licked the cum from my fingers before I felt able to tear myself away and get back to the more normal activities of making a meal and watching TV.

During the following week I watched the video several times, feeling extremely horny and my cock felt like it would burst. Of course I wanked off vigorously on each occasion until the spunk flowed and I was again able to relax. I also viewed a number of the other videos, comparing myself to other the other ‘performers’ who I assumed had been ‘recruited’ in the same way as I had been. Immodestly I made favourable comparisons with most of these guys, though the action in my video was fortunately not as extreme as in some. I also took the chance to read some members’ feedback and got warm feeling in Beylikdüzü escort my groin when in one subscriber’s comments he expressed a wish to fuck me hard in various positions/scenarios.

As the following days wore, on one hand I was fearful of the arrival of a further demanding text but, at the same time, found myself getting very turned on by thinking about what further experiences awaited. Against my better judgement I had enjoyed myself and been brought out of my normally reserved persona by the rough sex I had received. Maybe I really was a cock lover.

A little over two weeks later I was shaken from my daydreams when a text arrived. It instructed me to ‘be at the usual spot at 6.45 pm on Saturday or pay the consequences’.

As previously, I took the drive to Birmingham in good time and was careful not to carry any ID with me. Having parked my car, I concealed the key and set off on foot for the public toilet at the edge of the car park. The city centre shoppers had by that time melted away and I saw the old man waiting as I turned towards the door of the toilets.

He motioned me inside and as he had last time said “Go into the second cubicle, strip naked before putting these cuffs on your wrists behind your back and then face the toilet. And wait.”

I asked him “Is all this necessary? The handcuffs really are quite painful.”

Unfortunately he wasn’t in the mood to debate this point. He leant towards me and said “I enjoy hurting people and, if it keeps you from struggling, it’s worth my effort.”

I shrugged, walked into the cubicle, stripped and cuffed my hands behind my back as instructed. Seconds later I was joined by the old man who gave me a hard slap across the buttocks, ran his hands over my still smooth belly, prick and arse where he then, as before, inserted a butt plug. He also checked that the nipple piercing was still in place.

Again he bundled me still naked into the boot of his car and drove round, while the butt plug throbbed inside my arse. We arrived at our destination after about 45 minutes and I heard the sound of gates opening before the car lurched forward and inside the building which I imagined would be the same industrial type place as last time.

The boot lid opened and I was pulled roughly into the light and a mask placed over my eyes so that I couldn’t see much of my surroundings. Then I was marched to the same holding cell as previously, chained to the wall and locked in to wait for who knows what. Eventually after what seemed an eternity, but was most likely no more than an hour, the old man returned and, laughing while he removed the butt plug from my arse, said “The party is ready and waiting on the guest of honour. Would sir care to join the throng?”

If I was under any illusion that this was a genuine invitation it was soon shattered by the rough way I was hauled to my feet, Beylikdüzü escort slapped hard on the arse and dragged along a dark, stone clad corridor by the handcuffs, while being prodded and pushed.

We entered a cavernous room, which was some kind of industrial workshop in a previous life and found group of eight men sitting around a bed in the centre, lit by spotlights from high above. All of the guys were very welcoming and were keen for me to come and sit with them. There were a wide range of ages and body types and I figured I was going to get to know them all, but intimately!

There were two video cameras that were being used by the old man and his assistant, the black man who, between them, had fucked me so hard the last time I was here.

I was introduced to the cameras as this evening’s ‘entertainment’. I sat, self-consciously due to my nakedness, on a long bench with the guys. After a few brief greetings, hands started to touch me and, before I could react, someone leant into my face and kissed me hard on the lips and forced their tongue into my mouth. While this was happening, a hand took my semi-hard cock and wanked it a few times and a surge of pleasure coursed through me.

I heard a voice say “C’mon fellers, put him on the bed so we can all get a piece. I found myself lifted bodily and flipped face first onto the bed. After a few moments I felt hands touching my body and fingers start to explore my arse, probing slowly at first, and then deeper as the moisture allowed. Before I realised there were three fingers deep inside me.

After a couple of minutes of this, my head was lifted from the bed and a naked body came into view briefly before a cock was inserted into my mouth. A hand was clamped over the back of my head and I was pulled onto the intrusive cock until I was choking. I spluttered and there was some cruel laughter before I was slapped on the face and told in no uncertain terms to “Suck my cock hard if you know what’s good for you.” I did my best on the assumption that this would make things easier for me and the cock slid faster in and out of my mouth until I was held very firmly with it buried deep in my mouth as its owner shot his sticky spunk into my throat.

My arse was still being fingered and then the first cock was inserted. It was noticeable that it didn’t hurt as much as before as I must be getting used to anal fucking.

There were calls from the others to “Fuck him hard” and, as soon as the first guy shot spunk up my arse, he withdrew and was replaced by another. I couldn’t see which, as I was busy swallowing another mouthful of cum. This carried on until five or six of the guys had each fucked my arse and mouth.

I was then turned over again and this time told to wank for the camera. I was feeling sooo horny and readily complied, while spunk glistened on my belly as it dripped from Escort Beylikdüzü around my mouth. The guys were urging me on but it took ages to reach the point of no return and then I exploded, sperm shooting in all directions. One guy got a good shot on the face but was unhappy about it and slapped me hard, then twisted my nipples painfully. He was still hard and thrust his cock into my mouth forcefully and held my head with his full length down my throat, causing me to gag. He seemed to enjoy this, though he continued to slap my arse hard occasionally, making it burn and sting.

The other guys took his lead and I was given a series of very hard slaps. What with the hard deep throating and all the slaps and nipple twisting, tears were streaming down my face. I was relieved when this stopped and for a short time I got some respite to recover.

However, before long I was pushed onto my back and my arms pinned to the bed. My legs were parted and one of the guys, a hard faced individual, stepped forward and inserted two fingers into my arse, then a third. I was shocked when he still kept pushing with his hand and my arse was being opened up very wide indeed. In a matter of two minutes or so he had worked his whole hand inside my arse to the cheers of the others. He then started pulling his hand out and pushing right back in again with his fist clenched. I realised that this was what fisting was. The pain was intense until my legs were spread wider and some lubrication applied to my anus.

At this point I tried to relax so that the pain became less. This worked in my favour and the pain subsided but I had a whole hand right up inside me where no one had gone before. All the time I could hear the whirring of the video cameras getting in close for the best possible view as the hand was worked in and out of my arse to the sounds of whoops and applause as I was fisted good and hard. I would have tried to stop this but couldn’t move, since the other guys were holding me tightly. The video camera was brought close to my arse and I learned later that they were filming my open sphincter.

At this point one of the guys lurched towards my arse, cock in hand. I thought he was going to fuck me again, but no. He held his prick close and then a stream of piss was launched inside me. I could feel myself filling up and eventually overflow, piss streaming down my cheeks. The others followed his lead and pissed on me too. Eventually I was dragged to my feet, slapped around the head, made to kneel and forced to open my mouth so that they could use me as a piss mop. I tried to swallow all the piss that rained down on me but could not keep up and it flowed over my hair, down my face and chest and onto my lap. Once they were done, I felt sick and puked up some of the piss that had entered my stomach. Two of the guys hadn’t quite finished and proceeded to wank over me, finally spilling their sticky mess all over my face, hair and chest.

The old man stepped into the light again and said to the camera “I hope you enjoyed the show this little cum slut has put on for you tonight and will join us for the next in two weeks.”

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