Let’s call it ‘it’

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Let’s call it ‘it’The door creaks as I open it, the thick wood is covered in peeling paint and I ponder briefly that I should put a coat of paint on it. Maybe something bright and cheerful to totally fuck with their minds. Whose minds you are wondering? Well soon you will see.As I step into the room, the light so dim it takes seconds for my eyes to adjust, there is a scr****g noise of metal on concrete. It’s the sound that thick metal chain links make, when they are dragged across the cement. There is also the distinct muffled noises, of someone trying to take in quick breaths through their nose.That would happen if its mouth was stuffed full of something and the sight of the door opening meant its heart began to race and a terrible dreadful panic was racking its entire body. I kick out into the dark and hit something soft with my booted foot. A mournful, yet almost silent distressed whimper rises from the shape at my feet.I reach up into the ceiling rafters and grab around for the string pull attached to a single overhead light bulb. Finding it, I give it a yank and with a click, light floods the sparse basement room. I look down and see it blinking back up at me. It’s eyes trying to adjust to the light as it stares back up at me, a look of distress on its face morphing into that pretty look of terror, I love, as it sees the soldering iron in my hand and leather belt dangling from the other hand.‘It’ is a pretty young thin thing with dark long hair and eyes that grow adorably huge I when I approach it with any sort of fun ‘tool’. Its tits are small, but so much fun to torment, to twist, pinch, and pierce. The screams it tries to make through its jaw breaking gag, as I affix things to its nipples or I as puncture them with an assortment of sharp small items, almost always makes me cum before I even get my cock buried in one of its soft yet tight holes.“Good evening my captive little cunt.” I smile is I take my boot and push into its shoulder and then force it onto its back. Its wrists are chained behind it to a tightly wrapped waist chain. Both its ankles are chained up as well and thick wrap of more metal chain pendik escort chafes its delicate neck. I have applied padlocks everywhere. Some not even necessary really, but they inflict a mental bondage on it as well.A statement I made to it, the moment I trapped it down here, telling it, “That’s right you stupid cunt, you’re mine, now and forever. Don’t even hope for release…ever. You’re going to be kept chained up, tied up and fucked up as long as you live. Just think of yourself as my little fuck and pain toy. A thing to do do with as I please, whenever or however as the years pass.”God the look in those eyes when I said that months ago, almost made me cum in my pants then. That feeling of ultimate power over this caught girl, being nearly as good as I when I actually sunk my cock into its most private places for the first time.Fuck I should have filmed that first hour, the speech and then her reaction. The subsequent bawling and begging and then outright panicked screaming as I continued to wrap more and more chains and rope tightly around her flailing shuddering body. Guess I will do it with the next one, hehehe.But this one? This one, four months in, still has some spunk left in it. Even now, after I have taken my boot to it, it tries to roll over and use its chained legs to push away from me. Its base instinct to get away from its tormentor is still kicking in, as I stand there laughing at it.It can’t go far though, I mean the neck chain locked to a cement block slows it down for sure, but the thing I added last week, man that it is cool to see working. She pushes along with her dirty chained feet and then moans and whimpers as the chain attached to the metal device, disappearing deep into her ass, goes taut. The thing buried and spread painfully up deep inside her young ass is called a pear.I bought one online weeks ago and was delighted to see that it works. A really demented type of anchor that keeps it stuck to one place and just adds superbly, I hope, to the feeling of powerlessness this young captive must be ‘enjoying’.So fucking hot is the sight of that chain attached kağıthane escort to the metal disappearing up into her backside, as it lies crying and trembling at my feet, that I don’t even realize that I have my cock out and am stroking it rapidly.“Oh fuck cunt let’s jam my cock into your pussy immediately before we get to anymore fun stuff.” I growl, dropping to my knees.I roll it onto its back and force its knees apart. Her chained feet drawing up under my knees as I push its knees farther and farther apart, till they are forced flat on the floor. I lean over it and study the tear stained bruised cheeks. Red and purple and indented from the leather straps tightly secured around its head and holding in the biggest ball gag I could purchase. Its jaws permanently forced open by this behemoth of a gag. The corners of her mouth actually crusty with dried blood, from where the leather straps dig into its skin, on their journey to the padlock at the side of its head.Don’t get me wrong, it’s not in there all the time. Of course not, it needs to come out for when I make it suck and swallow my cock. “Feeding time bitch slave.” I will gleefully shout out as I take my cock and wipe it liberally all around its pained and sorrowful face. Then the straps come undone and the ball comes out to hang there around its neck. A reminder that as soon as it’s done ‘feeding and swallowing its Master’s cum, the ball goes right back in.So it keeps it mouth open and sucks and licks. Even with, I think, some degree of determination now as it tries to deep throat my dick. In a way I would never have imagined months ago. Then it licks every square millimeter clean and sometimes to my delight it starts working its lips and tongue up and down my shaft all over again. Trying to swallow me whole again, probably as a way to spend some precious minutes without that huge gag in her mouth. And all it does dutifully, now that it knows how much pain I can inflict on its tiny nub of a clit, if it doesn’t make me cum orally.In fact, as I lower my gaze, taking in the delicious maltepe escort sight of its heaving chest, a couple safety pins from yesterday still inserted thru each pert nipple, I look down over its smooth flat tummy and grin. Just below the waist chain digging into her skin, are the words I burned in there with the soldering iron some time ago ‘Slave Cunt’ it says.I trace the letters with my finger and delight in how its skin shivers under my touch. I can hear a little series of distressed whimpers from behind her gag, as I trail my finger then down its lower abdomen and stop at the top of the soft folds of its young pussy. My other hand is gripping my cock tight now as I am bent over, jerking away and looking down on the mangled nub of purple skin that is or was its clit.“I think those burns have healed, and I see the fish hook holes have sealed back up.” I observe out loud. It’s eyes I notice are clenched shut now and its shoulders are doing that jerking up and down thing. Snotty sniffling sounds are emanating from its nose as it sobs and cries, probably from the ‘painful’ trip down memory lane I just sent it on.But I turn my attention back to her forced open thighs and the delicious bare and reddened pussy spread out before me. Its pubic hair burned and sc****d off many times over the last four months. The locked chrome handle of the pear penetrating its rectum, fully in sight and making me want to add my jittery jumping cock to its currently empty tight young cunt hole.So with a groan I lower myself over my captive and let out a loud shout of, “Fuck me that’s good!” Sinking my cock into its warm, tight pussy. The tired and savaged muscles of its sex spreading for me and offering little resistance as I push in, till my pubic bone grinds up against its pubis and its neck is bent back in obvious distress. Its face out of sight as I begin to pump into it.The only sounds now in the room being my grunts of exertion and her muffled sobs. Each sob coinciding with each ram of my hips in between her spread legs. And as I feel my body tense and a deep shudder runs through me, my balls tighten and I start ejecting my cum into her hot cunt. I groan deep and drive harder, reaching up to grab one of the safety pins quivering in its somewhat purple nipple.With a grunt into its ear, as I twist and pull the simple household item spearing its young tit, I say over the growing agonizing scream,“God cunt your are one fine piece of fuck toy!”

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