Letting Them In- Chapter 3 Outage

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That night, Alexi couldn’t sleep no matter what. She had been left unsatisfied and wanting more, yet she was not able to recreate the huge wave of feelings that the brothers brought up to. Her masturbation session didn’t relieve her in the slightest and she couldn’t figure out if she wanted this to continue or stop. It had been years since the divorce and there hadn’t been any interest on Alexi’s part in having any sexual partners; her sex toys had served her just fine over the years. But the touch and heat of two crazily sexy and muscular men ignited a lust in Alexi that she didn’t even think she had anymore.”After all, it could just be strictly sex right?” Alexi reasoned with herself “There’s no need to complicate things with feelings. I barely even know these two men so I won’t be attached to them. I guess it has been a while since I’ve had any sex and I guess a little fun on the side won’t hurt much. If anything gets out of control, I’ll just shut it all down completely.””Is sex with brothers really a thing that happens? I can’t even tell them apart right now!” she thought as she finally drifted to sleep.For the rest of the week, Alexi saw the brothers in and out of the office, but the sexual advances never showed up again. It was as if she had dreamt the entire thing up and nothing about Christian and Colton’s demeanor and discussion towards her hinted that they were interested in anything other than conducting business. It was awkward enough knowing that they had been so intimate with her, but it felt even more awkward having to walk around like it didn’t happen at all. She didn’t want to make any moves, so she disappointingly started to let the issue go. Even as they left the building on Friday, the brothers had only wished her a, “have a good weekend,” şişli escort and made no attempt to ask what her plans were or invite her out. Alexi felt miffed about the whole thing like they had just used her to amuse themselves for the moment and then cast her aside like she was a toy they suddenly became bored of. “Whatever, it’s better this way and I won’t have to deal what would have turned into a sticky situation anyways,” she tried to convince herself.The weekend rolled around and Alexi did her usual weekend chores and Netflix binging. She decided to go for a quick run to make up for the lack of exercise she would normally do during the week. She had been too distracted fantasizing about the twins and masturbating repeatedly all week that she had neglected her workouts. “At least it’s not too sunny today,” she thought to herself as she jogged out onto the street. Thirty minutes into jogging, thunderstorms started to roll in, and Alexi started to make her way back home. Heavy rain poured onto her as she dashed back up her block and made her way back to her house. She stepped in and flicked on the light, but nothing happened. “Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me!” she groaned out loud.  “Looks like I’m not taking a hot shower anymore,” she thought annoyingly. Peering outside, Alexi saw that her neighbors appeared to have no lights on as well, which meant her electrical problems were probably part of a larger outage. “Crap, I have to get out of these clothes before I get sick,” she told herself.  “Oh I know, I’ll bet the generator at Redcon is running right now. I’ll just use the showers at the gym there.” She quickly grabbed her towel and a fresh set of clothes to change into and got into her car to make her way over to Redcon in no escort şişli time. The parking lot was entirely empty, so she parked closest to the elevator entrance, in spaces usually reserved for the executives. She made her way upstairs and in the direction of the showers. She decided to use the larger handicap stall since no one was there anyways and set her clothes down on the bench that was by her shower stall. That’s when she noticed she forgot her towel and slippers and rolled her eyes at herself for being so absentminded. Alexi ran back downstairs and grabbed her items from her car. Heading back to the showers, she didn’t notice that the men’s locker room lights were on. She walked right on by and jumped when she heard someone clear their throat. Her heart was pounding fast as she hadn’t expected anyone and she felt a slight flush on her cheeks when she realized she was staring at the twins, freshly showered, with only a towel around their waist. “Oh god, sorry, but you really scared me,” Alexi said sighing out loud, with her hand over her heart.”I’m sorry we scared you so badly, are you okay?” Christian asked politely. He looked slightly off like his pupils were dilated. Colton remained quiet and intimidating as usual.”Uh, yes, I’m fine, I’ll see you guys around on Monday,” Alexi blurted quickly and she took off into the women’s locker room.She turned the shower on the start the hot water and peeled off the wet clothes from off her body. She stepped inside the hot water and let out a very loud, “MMMmmm!””Oh Lexi, we can make you moan much more than that,” Colton’s deep voice rang out. Alexi immediately whipped around to find Christian and Colton had opened her shower curtain and were staring at her like starving wolves around mecidiyeköy a plump bunny. She tried to use her arms and hands to cover up as much of herself as she could, but all she really did was just squeeze her breasts together to make them look bigger than they were.”W-wh-what are you guys doing here,” Alexi stuttered out, already knowing the answer. “Well, you didn’t think you could just walk by with your soaked through tank top and tight shorts and expect us to leave you alone? Your nipples were practically begging for attention from us,” Colton replied as he licked his lips.”Plus we didn’t have any soap when we showered earlier, so we were hoping to share yours,” Christian said, smiling from ear to ear. “I hope you don’t mind sharing.””I forgot the soap,” said Alexi quietly, not wanting to look at them.The twins started removing the towels around their waist.”Oh, then we will definitely need to help you and make sure you’re clean,” Christian said as both his arms went on both sides of her head, caging her against the shower stall wall. “You don’t want to be a dirty girl, do you?” he whispered into her ear and teasing it with his teeth and tongue. He pushed his lower body against hers and moved one hand to pinch her nipples. “Ohhhhhhhh,” Alexi moaned out. “Haha, you’re so responsive, that’s perfect for us,” said Christian with a pleased look on his face. “God, this body… you look so hot naked. You have the perkiest and sluttiest looking tits I’ve ever seen. They are so big for your small frame, I can’t believe these are natural. They are the most perfect set of tits and I can play with them all day long. Look at how they are just asking to be played with.”He grabbed them roughly as he ground his erection against her stomach. Alexi’s nipples were trapped between Christian’s fingers and he paid no attention to her weak protests as he pulled and pinched and slapped them around.  Alexi bit her lip as she tried not to let her sounds of enjoyment escape her.  Christian noticed and pulled her bottom lip back out.  

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