Libertine Adventures Ch. 12

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All the people are over the age of 18.

Please vote in the end, using the stars. Any comments or feedback that would help me make this a better series are more than welcome as well. Thanks, and enjoy it.


Anne and Krystal

Saturday night after I told Krystal to clean Nicole and Lisa up turned into a necking session between the three women. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead gave me a new definition of a Neopolitan. A tasty fuck feast of one.

I felt my cock begin to stir at the idea, and left before I joined the group. I wasn’t quite fucked out but I did need a rest. Besides I was pretty sure that Krystal was in dire need of a fuck.

An hour later, two crawled and one walked into the living room. Nicole looked at me and started, “I trust you don’t expect this of me.”

I looked at ‘my girls’ then back to her. “We have a different relationship than I do with them. But if you ever want to give me your submission, then, yes, I will.”

She walked up to me and gave me a deep soulful kiss while caressing my cock. “Not today, big boy.”

Lisa and Nicole left, and Krystal was suckling my balls before the door shut. I led her into the bedroom where she rode me as if I were a fixed dildo. She bounced up and down, mauled her titties and all the while I could see in her eyes she was replaying Nicole and me fucking.

After her thunderous orgasm, she seemed to remember I was there and began making love to me. I came with a sigh and fell asleep with my cock still buried inside her.

On Monday, I saw Nicole and Lisa talking before the first hour of class and they waved me over. “Hi,” I said, ” What’s up?”

Nicole looked pissed off at me. So I started at her blank-faced. “I am still sore after Saturday night, ” she whispered.

Confused, I asked, “That’s a problem?”

Lisa giggled and Nicole looked more pissed. “Yes, dummy. I couldn’t do it with Hank yesterday and he expects me to do it today after class.”

“Ah, I see.” I looked up and down the hallway and shrugged, “Well I am not going to do him for you. Not my type.”

She sighed and said, “You are a lot of help.”

I looked at her and said, “Suck his dick, it will be okay.”

She thought for a moment and said, “Okay, but, I can’t come over this weekend, but I will have Anne come over at 7.”

I cocked an eyebrow, “Reneging on my threesome?”

She looked at me, “No. I probably want that as much as you do at this point. But I have to be able to do my boyfriend. We will figure something out but I need a week or two.”

“Okay, that’s fine, ” I turned to leave and looked back, “Krystal wanted me to thank you for her.”

Nicole blushed slightly and said, “See you, big boy.”

Later in the week, Chelly called wanting to visit over spring break. I readily agreed, hoping to fuck her again. Maybe Krystal could watch that. I did worry a little about how Krystal would perceive Chelly and me fucking, but I thought, more hoped, it would be okay.

As the week wore on, Krystal’s nervous energy started up again. She worried Anne wouldn’t want to come over and I explained that while I didn’t know Anne I did know Nicole and Lisa. Anne would be here.

Saturday night rolled around and at 6:55 the doorbell rang. Krystal was already in place so I answered the door. Standing before me was Anne, by herself.

How to describe Anne. To say her face was ugly is probably the understatement of the century. Her eyes were too deep, though close enough, to be compared to a rat. The bridge of her nose was far too narrow for her face yet her nostrils may have been right-sized normally looked cartoonish when looked at from the front. Her face is too long to be compared to a fox accurately, not long enough for an equine comparison. Her cheeks too wide, her chin too narrow, she was an amalgamation of ugly put together to make a whole new world of what the fuck is that?

But her skin? That was perfectly flawless. Like she wore foundation everywhere.

“Come on in. It is my pleasure to meet you.”

I noticed she had an open twelve-pack of Coors in her hand. It looked like one or two were gone, and she had an empty can in her hand.

Anne was five feet, maybe five inches, and thin. Not skinny, but thin, gym rat thin. Her musculature was impressive as she stood in a tight tee-shirt and lycra shorts that were so tight she had a pronounced camel-toe. As she slipped past me, her ass was presented and I must say, she should always meet people with that first. It was a strong ass, well developed, and if I had to guess she could crack a walnut between them.

We put the Coors in the fridge after she took another one. I grabbed one of them as well and we walked into the living room. “So, I hear you are a good fuck.”

I had to chuckle, “Apparently, yes.”

She looked at me curiously, “Why do you say apparently?”

I shrugged and said, “I have never seen any other man do it, and people keep coming back to see me. So apparently I am okay.”

“Look, Anne, you don’t have to do this.”

She eryaman escort looked and gave me a half-grin, “Yes, I do. I am not going to be the one that breaks this little dream thing the girls have going on.”

She looked around the living room and said, “Besides, if I don’t Nicole will be very unhappy with me. No one wants that.”

She came over to the couch and sat next to me, our thighs touching. She leaned her head against my shoulder and said, “Besides, you seem nice enough.”

“What do you mean?”

She flat out guffawed and asked, “Are you kidding me? I know I am not as pretty as the other girls, and somehow you didn’t make a face at me.”

What the hell do you say to that? Coming up with nothing I kept my mouth shut.

She smiled again, “See? Nice.”

This time I laughed. She did somehow have a cute smile amongst that horror show of a face. Someday a plastic surgeon was going to make a killing off of her if she chose to do the surgery.

She looked up and asked, “Are you having second thoughts about this?”

I shook my head. “In truth, I did, but not now.”

She looked hurt for half a second, then, “Why not now?”

It was my turn to smile. “Well, among other things, I think we will get along.”

She looked dubious, “That it?”

I shook my head. “I want to feel that ass of yours around my cock. It is amazing to look at, and I bet it feels just as good.”

She guffawed again, “Oh you like packing chocolate, do you?”

I nodded eagerly, “Yes. Lisa because it is a better fit. You because it looks so amazing.”

She finished her beer and got another. “Is your wife going to watch?”

Apparently, Lisa or Nicole was telling everyone. “Yes, as long as you don’t object.”

She seemed to think for a moment then said, “I want her where I can see her, or on the bed with us.”

I nodded, “Bed it is. If she…”

Anne didn’t let me finish before she screamed enthusiastically, “Fuck yes she can join!”

“I will be right back.”

I went to get Krystal who appeared nervous. “She wants you on the bed, and you can join in if you want.”

Relief exploded through her body as she said, “It was taking so long to get back here.”

I kissed her and said, “On the bed, ass-whore.”

I walked back to the living room and said, “Okay she is on the bed waiting for us.”

She stood and asked, “Are you going to carry me too.”

I grinned, “Fuck yes.”

I walked up to her and lifted her into my arms. “Is this some ego thing for you?”

I rolled her up so I could get my mouth around her tit, and chewed for about two steps, eliciting a moan from her. “Nope, ” I replied, “It is something I like to do.”

I stepped into the bedroom; at the sight of Krystal, Anne gasped, “You are cheating on her?”

Krystal replied, “Is it cheating if I ask him to do it for me?”

Anne thought for a moment, then said, “I guess not.”

I placed Anne on the bed and kissed her. She might be so ugly that you never want to see her, but fuck, she could kiss. Her mouth opened the perfect amount. Her tongue was coy enough to make one chase it down, wanton enough to reward you fabulously when you caught it. She made this most amazing purring sound while kissing, kind of a cat but sexily. Her hands found the perfect places to wait for the next move, one on the hip, the other on the back of your neck.

My hands found the bottom of her tee-shirt and I pulled it up, regrettably having to break off the kiss momentarily to do so.

I looked down at Anne’s naked torso. Nicole had massive tits when compared to Anne’s. Not much bigger than the height of a pancake, she had long nipples, about half the length of my pinky finger and they stuck straight out. “Disappointed?” She asked me.

I took the hand she placed back on my hip and placed it on my turgid member, asking, “Does that feel like I am?”

She gave me a squeeze and whispered, “No, sir.”

I reached for her nipples and gave them a rolling pinch while pulling on them. Anne shivered and shuttered. “They are always super sensitive.”

“I can’t wait to suck on them.”

I looked at Krystal, “get the vibrator and play with yourself. You are not to cum without expressed permission from me.”

Krystal muttered, “Yes, master, ”

Anne’s eyes opened wide, “Master?”

I nodded, “Yes, Lisa too.”

Before she could say anything else, I grabbed the top of her lycra shorts and started pulling. Lifting her hips, the shorts came off and got thrown to the side. I stepped back to look at her.

Toned was the word for her. A six-pack for her abdominal area, her legs equally defined. “Rollover, ” I urged.

She graced me with a smirk before doing so and lifted her hips showing her perfect ass off. I run my hand across both cheeks and spread them slightly.

Before I thought about it, my face was planted between the two strong cheeks and I was pressing my tongue into her little star.

She yelped, “Oh fuck me!”

To which I parted eryaman escort bayan from her back door to say, “Yes, I will.”

Standing up I disrobed, Anne’s eyes following closely. When my cock sprang free from the confines of my boxers Anne leaned forward and grabbed. “They weren’t lying about this at least.”

She looked up and said, “Lay down big boy.”

So I did.

Anne crawled between my legs and took hold of my cock and muttered, to herself, I think, “Yeah, I can.”

She kissed the head of my cock and it felt almost as good as kissing her did. Slowly she began taking more and more of me into her mouth. Her tongue performed all kinds of acrobatics, and if I hadn’t kissed her previously, I would have sworn she had two or three tongues in there.

Farther and farther her mouth sank down my pole. She stopped, came up and off my cock, declared, “Yep, sure can.”

Her mouth opened wide and she began to suck me back into her mouth. This time she didn’t stop until her nose hit my pelvis and her chin rested between my balls. Krystal exclaimed, “Teach me that!”

I moaned, “Fuck yes, teach her.”

Then Anne began to hum. I have no idea how one hums while their mouth and throat are stuffed with cock, but she accomplished it. My eyes rolled up into the back of my head and I plopped onto the pillow, sweet rapturous pleasure making anything else impossible to comprehend. I felt her mouth travel up my length and then, after a couple of breaths, she swallowed me whole again. The humming began again, and I lost any semblance of control. I started pounding my hips up uncontrollably and Anne made that amazingly sexy purring sound.

I heard Krystal say something, but I could not figure out what.

Anne backed off my cock again and stroked it gently while she got her breathing under control. I looked at her and suddenly, she was one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She smiled again, “Do you like that, sir?”

I shook my head and said, “No, I fucking love it.”

She guffawed again, but cut it short as she took me into her mouth again. This time she didn’t swallow me whole. Instead, her tongue was working its magic on me. Her suction increased considerably and my hips began firing up and down again. I don’t think she moved at all. I was fucking her face and fist. I grabbed at her, my hands landing on her shoulders and I held on for dear life as I pounded my meat into her face and hand. Had I any ability to think I would have eased my grip some, as it was I squeezed so long and hard that I left bruised of most of my fingers on her shoulders.

It was too much.

I roared an unintelligible sound more akin to an animal than a human and began shooting my load into her mouth. She took every last fucking drop of it without any spillage.

I dropped back onto the bed in a daze. It took a minute to understand what I was seeing as Anne fed my wife some of my cum in a kiss.

I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes while they made out. I listened to them moan into each other’s mouth and Anne made her purring sound again.

I propped myself up on my elbows to watch the show the two of them were giving me. As the kiss ended, Anne looked at me and said, “I am popular with the boys at the gym.”

I replied, “I bet.”

She rolled off of Krystal and laid on her back. I put my mouth around her long nipple and began to suck on it. Her hips fired up, looking for contact with something that wasn’t there. I took the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began tugging on it, rolling it around, and pinching it. Anne howled in pleasure as her body convulsed beneath me.

She eyeballed me, “Not fair.”

I looked back, “Like humming is?”

Krystal, ever helpful, said, “Well, it is called a hummer.”

I groaned at the joke and rolled Anne onto her stomach. I started licking her asshole again. This time I was using a finger to press into her rectum. I was going to fuck this ass, and I planned on doing it right then.

Krystal handed me the lube and I squirted some into Anne’s asshole and began to finger fuck her in earnest. Anne started humping back into my finger and I figured she had done anal before.

I lubed up my cock and crawled over her. I sank my cock into her slowly until she fired her hips back and up, sinking me balls deep before I was really ready for it.

I grabbed Anne’s mouse-colored hair and bent her backward and placed her face on my wife’s pussy. I put my mouth over Anne’s ear and asked, “You like a cunt more than a cock, don’t you?”

She nodded as she lapped at Krystal’s cooch. I looked up at Krystal’s euphoric face. Her eyes were closed and she looked as happy as I had ever seen her. I reached up and slapped her face hard enough to get her attention. “Cum, now, Krystal.”

Her whole body spasmed as she locked her legs around Anne and I. Wave after wave of pleasure blasted through her body, and Anne seemed to be able to extend Krystal’s pleasure longer than I thought possible.

As it subsided, I escort eryaman pried Anne and I free of Krystal’s legs and rolled us over onto my back. Anne moved to sit up and I stopped her by grabbing both nipples and pulling them down and to the side. “No, stay, ” I said, leaving no room for discussion.

I craned my head around and said, “Krystal, do what you want to her pussy. Make this ass-slut cum as she made us cum.”

Grabbing her vibrator, Krystal moved between our legs. I can not tell you what Krystal did to Anne, I just know that I was buried in her asshole and playing gently with her nipples when suddenly she stopped writhing on top of me. She tensed up so much that I felt myself start to cum, and it was cut off by the pressure she applied against my rod.

Anne turned her head and asked, “Everything okay back there big boy” breathlessly.

I nodded as I began firing my hips up against her ass cheeks. I heard Krystal’s musical laugh as she said, “Master didn’t cum.”

Ignoring the comment I groaned at my inability to generate the force I needed to finish.

I yanked Anne off my dick and tossed her down on the mattress. I pressed her legs up and out until her asshole was aligned with the red angry head of my cock.

I pressed inside her, and once there, I slammed it home. I fucked her hard. I leaned up over her face, my hips and cock moving straight up and down. I felt Krystal move behind me and then the tip of her tongue was moving up and down my ass. Once the combination of my thrusts and her movement got it on my star, I slammed home with a guttural grunt and filled Anne’s ass with cum.

I kissed Anne as our bodies relaxed. In the middle of the kiss, she started giggling. I looked down at her and she said, “You sir would be very popular with some of the boys too.”

I looked at her, smiled, and replied, “Shower time girls, I have one more hole to fill.”

We got out of bed and I said, “You two start, I will be there in a bit.”

When I did get to the shower the two women were just rinsing off. I stepped in, and hand one on each side of me. They used the soap and washed me from head to toes, paying special attention to my meat package. By the time they were done, the water was running cool, and I was hard again.

We moved to the bed, I was between the two women and they were both playing with my cock and balls. It was a serene pace, neither of them in any hurry to jump straight to fucking. Their heads were in my shoulder crooks facing each other.

“You two should totally join my gym, ” Anne said. “You both would be popular with a lot of people and once I told them you fuck like crackerjacks there would be no end to the supply of pussy, or dick if you wanted it.”

Krystal began kissing my chest and shrugged, “Well, for now, we seem to be doing okay on that front.”

Anne pointed out the obvious, “Well there are only four more in the friend set. What then?”

Krystal replied, “Then I see if I can fuck you to death?”

Anne leaned over and gave her a kiss. “You are sweet, but, even I can tell I am not a permanent addition here.”

Krystal looked up at me, “What do you think?”

I had only been half paying attention to what they had been saying, I was far more in tune with what their hands were doing to me. I looked at her, “You want to add her to our household?”

Krystal nodded, “At least for the summer, assuming you are going to school.”

Anne nodded. “I am.”

I asked, “Where?”

Anne replied, “Perdue. I move in late July.”

I leaned back thinking, “What about submission?”

Anne propped herself up and looked at me. “That one is hard for me. Well, at least to a man. I could probably do it for the right woman.”

My thought now complete, “how about this?”

I sat up and leaned against the headboard my cock now halfway between their mouths. “No formal arrangement. If we want a third, we call you. If Krystal or I want a show we call you. If you want to get royally fucked you call us. If you want to watch, call us. In short, we keep it easy and free.”

Anne’s mouth engulfed my cock, root to stem and Krystal rotated to suck both balls into her mouth. I groaned, “I will take that as yessss.”

Anne started humming around my pole, and Krystal did around my balls. Holy fuck, you would think that after two orgasms this evening it would take longer to get me that worked up.

But it didn’t.

I said, “I want you two to 69 each other with Anne on top.” As they started to move into position I said, “And Krystal, make sure there is room for my cock.”

My eyes went cross-eyed with how tight Anne was. Tighter than her asshole, it felt like her muscles down there could stroke me to orgasm without either of us moving. But move I did.

My balls swung freely, only occasionally dragging across Krystal’s forehead. More frequently was her nose.

I slothfully sawed my hips back and forth. I was in no hurry and after two orgasms tonight, and what was quickly becoming a custom, two orgasms this morning, I knew I could do this all night.

I let the two women pleasure each other as my dick slowly sawed back and forth into Anne’s cunt. Every now and then one of them would shudder, and I would pick up the pace at those times, and then slow back down.

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