Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 04

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Authors note:

Just a reminder, this is a story written some years ago, just cleaned up enough for posting. Hope those of you who are following the series enjoy this installment. There are several more chapters yet to post.


The next several weeks went by quickly, but not without multiple incidents. The girls seemed to think it was fun to stop by and tease me to keep me interested. They seemed to enjoy finding new ways to discreetly flash me parts of their bodies.

I also did some minor rearranging so that the cabinet wall was only reachable from walking past my desk, not from walking directly in the door. This gave the girls a place to duck into more discreetly, and it also gave me a view partly down the row of cabinets from my desk for opportunities when they were choosing less than discrete views. I kept the fold back portion of the floor plan that was more like a deep catacomb, making it annoying to get equipment from, but also gave me an opportunity to slip in the back on occasion with one or two of them if they had done a particularly good job of teasing me, even as dangerous as it was.

It was fun to watch them come up with interesting ideas. Short skirts, jumpers, dresses and mini cut shirts of various kinds were becoming the norm for the group. I rarely saw them wearing pants, but then summer was coming on.

The weekend was coming soon and I was planning a trip to the lake. I planned on leaving Friday night of the next week for some long needed fishing and relaxing. That plan changed a few days after I mentioned this to one of the girls. I was still going to go to the lake, but there would be little fishing and less relaxing. Someone got the idea that they should rent a houseboat for the weekend, and since I was going to be there anyway, well, I could join them and we could use my boat for tubing and skiing and such. I agreed to meet them at the lake Friday night.

Thursday came and change one appeared. Three of the girls stopped by and asked if they could ride up with me. I said that would be fine, I had plenty of room, however they would have to travel light, because I wasn’t putting into the lake at the same place the houseboat was and we would have to transport their luggage in the boat. They agreed with huge smiles, making me wonder just what they had in mind.

Friday afternoon came, and I left work, headed home to hook up the boat and head for the lake. On the way I stopped and picked up the girls at the Sorority. They had indeed packed light, each having only one small duffle bag. Each was also dressed for hot weather, wearing shorts or mini skirts and cool tops. They loaded their stuff into the suburban and hopped in. Kim was in the front seat and the other two girls, whose names I forgot, climbed into the back. It didn’t take long for us to head up the highway and make for the lake. It was going to be about an hour and a half drive to the launch point, and another half hour or so by boat to meet up with the rest of the girls. We were only out of town for about ten minutes when Kim began undressing. She quickly shucked her shorts and top, leaving her sitting in the front of the truck buck naked. I looked in my mirror and saw that the two in the back were doing the same thing. I had to admit that I was almost instantly hard, a fact that Kim didn’t miss.

“Aren’t you hot?” she asked.

“I wasn’t, but I am now.” I said

“So take some clothes off, we wont mind, will we girls?”

I heard a chorus of “I wont’s” from the back.

“That could be a bit hard driving.” I said.

“No problem. I can help you out with that.” She said with an almost evil grin on her face. She leaned across the console in the middle and began undoing my shorts. It didn’t take long before she was pushing them down trying to work them over my ass and finally down my legs. I had to lift a foot at a time, but she got them off and then went to work on my shirt. It was a bit more tricky, but she got it worked out and I was soon sitting in just my deck shoes, driving down the highway with three naked coeds…. Naked coed traveling I guess. Kim also didn’t waste a lot of time before leaning over and sucking on my hard dick. I moved the seat back a bit to give her better access and tried to concentrate on my driving as she licked and bobbed on my dick. I was getting closer to exploding the more she worked.

“If you keep that up. I am going to explode.” I said.

“that’s ok.” She mumbled around my dick before she increased her efforts.

I finally had to slow down a little bit as I came to the point of no return so I could stay on the road. I tensed and concentrated on driving while I emptied my load in her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop and continued to lick and suck me until I had softened. I was extremely glad for the security shading the windows of the suburban had in the back, or every truck on the interstate would have been jockeying to see the naked beauties I had with me.

“There. That’s better isn’t it?” she asked as Pendik Escort she sat back up and fixed her seat belt back where it belonged.

“Yes. Thank you. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“You have no idea what to expect with this club. One thing we like to pride ourselves on is being spontaneous.”

“I can tell.” I said looking in my mirror. All I could see was one female leg sticking over the back seat and the head of the second girl buried between her legs. The moaning told me the rest.

The rest of the trip to the lake was un-eventful, so to speak. After we pulled into the lot I slipped my shorts back on and climbed out to start uncovering the boat. I was about half way done when the doors opened and the three girls climbed out, all topless. They helped me get the cover pulled off and tucked into the truck, the straps off and the four duffel bags loaded into the boat. We had no trouble getting a spot on the landing. Most of the boats were coming out, and it was clear that no one was in a hurry, leaving us plenty of room to get into the water. I presumed that was because of the view of three pair of teenage tits bouncing around in full view.

The girls held the boat while I went and parked the truck. I returned to find them chatting with a number of guys who were all looking at their tits. I climbed into the boat as if nothing was wrong, and began the work of firing the engine up. I got it running and let it idle a moment while I fired the GPS and depth finder.

“Time to go girls.” I said.

“Ok!” Kim replied. The three of them stood up and stripped off their shorts on the dock before climbing into the boat. It was a thrill most of the guys waiting to pull their boats out were not disappointed with. There were going to be a lot of well fucked wives when they got home. I backed the boat out away from the dock and we began heading out into the lake. As I crossed the no wake boundary I opened the throttles up, bringing the boat up onto plane. The girls sat and waved at the guys in the boats going the other way. A few times we had boats turn around and follow us, but the girls made it clear they were not invited. I followed my GPS map to where the house boat should be. I looked ahead and sure enough, there just off the channel the houseboat was rocking in the swells waiting. I slowed and eased over to it, letting my boat come to rest against it. The three girls jumped out and onto the deck.

“Where are you going to anchor?” I asked.

“We have a cove picked out. Follow us.” One of them shouted. I was about to pull away when two more girls jumped in to keep me company. These two were wearing bikinis that were so small they may as well not have been wearing anything. I pushed away from the houseboat and they powered up. I pulled into their wake, and followed. It didn’t take much to keep up, in fact I was not even on plane.

“How fast does your boat go?” one of the girls asked.

“Faster than this.” I said.

“Let’s go faster then!”

“Ok.” I said, turning the wheel to peel off from the wake of the houseboat. I zipped past them and opened the throttle wide open, heading down the lake a short ways and then turning to make a run back the other way. We did two loops, the girls squealing every time we jumped a wake, before we fell into place behind the house boat as it headed toward a secluded looking cove. They eased toward shore and just put the bow on the sandy beach area of the cove. I used my boat to set two rear anchors and they tied the bow to two trees. It was just touching the shore with the bow, which allowed the girls to step off the front platform to the shore if they wanted. I anchored my boat next to the house boat and climbed on board with the four duffel bags. I stepped into the main salon area and had to stop and take a breath. In front of me were nearly fifteen girls all between 18 and 20, and all wearing either nothing or nearly nothing.

“Where should I put these?” I asked.

The three girls that rode up with me came and got their bags as Julie came over to greet me. You can sleep anyplace you want. There are three double beds and sixteen of us, so we are going to be a bit cozy.

“It sounds like it,” I mumbled. Then I leaned down and whispered to her. “I hope I’m not supposed to screw everyone in one night.”

She laughed. “No we drew straws… You only have five with you once we go to bed. Tomorrow night you get a different five, unless you want to choose who sleeps with you.”

“No, that’s ok. I’ll take whatever you guys decided. I’m just afraid that I won’t last long enough.” I said to her with some seriousness. I am as horny as the next guy, but we all have limits to how many times we can get it up in a given time.

“No problem. Emily told me how good you are with a dildo, and there are a lot of toys around to help. I am personally looking forward to seeing how good you are with one. I drew tonight.” She said, standing on her tip toes to kiss me, pressing her naked tits into my Kurtköy Escort chest. “Now how about some dinner.”

“Sure, what are we having?”

“The girls wanted bratwurst. Kind of have sausage on the mind I guess.” She said as she took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen. “Someone want to get the stud some food?” she called as we stepped into the galley.

“I will.” A petite brunet said as she walked over toward me. She was wearing a bikini bottom but her large tits were bouncing tantalizingly free. She wrapped her arm around my middle and pressed her tits into me as she leaned in for a kiss. I obliged with the best I could offer. She was panting after breaking the kiss. “Damn.” She muttered. “If you’re that good at everything else I may have to marry you.”

I laughed. “For now I’ll settle for some food.”

“I’m sorry, I forgot. What would you like?”

“What do you have?”

“Bratwurst, hot dogs, beans and chips.”

“Any of it sounds good. Let’s go with a brat, some beans and chips.”

“OK. You go sit and I’ll bring it.” She said giving me a pat on the ass.

I found a seat in the main room and true to her word she brought me a plate. Instead of setting it down for me, she sat on my lap and proceeded to feed me. An unusual experience to say the least. At one point she spilled some bean juice on one of her tits. I reached my head down and she bent her back to lift her tit, and I licked the juice off, taking time to suck the nipple in and get it good and hard. When I let it go she sat back normally and finished feeding me. Once my plate was empty she got up. “Don’t go away.” She said, disappearing with the plate. She came back a minute later without the plate and without the bikini bottom. She stood in front of me and bent over to begin undoing my shorts. I lifted my butt off the seat to allow her to pull them down, which she did, and then off my feet. I was now naked except for my deck shoes.

She climbed on my lap, facing me. “Would you please suck on my tits some more?” she asked quietly.

In answer I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. I aimed my mouth to her right tit and began by gently kissing around it. I covered her right tit with little kisses and licks and then worked my way across to her left. I worked my way around her nipple as it hardened and then suddenly sucked it into my mouth, pulling hard with suction and stroking the bottom of the nipple with my tongue, squeezing it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I heard her squeal with the sensation and begin to hump her pussy against my hard dick, which was trapped between us. The more I sucked the harder she humped. I let go of her tit for a moment and lifted her enough to allow the head of my dick to line up with her pussy. She pushed down and drove herself over my dick as I reached for her right tit and gave it the same treatment I had given the left. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her coordination was starting to fail as she ground her clit into my pelvis. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me tighter to her chest, nearly smothering me.

I let go of her and with one hand moved enough of her tit so I could breath, and with the other hand reached down and found her clit. She became quite vocal as I began to stroke her clit with my fingers between us, screaming obscenities alternated with cries of how good it felt. Several of the other girls started cheering as she bucked harder on me. Her whole body began to quake and she cried out that she was cuming. I continued to work her clit with my finger and her nipple with my tongue. She shook for several long seconds before she started to buck on me again, almost frenzied.

I pulled my head back enough to switch tits again, having worked that nipple nearly raw. She clamped my head to her other tit and within second screamed that she was coming again, and went rigid a second time, this time a lot longer. I felt some of the tension go from her body and stopped rubbing her clit and eased the pressure on her tit. She eased pressure on my head as the cheering turned into clapping. She pushed herself away from me until she could look down at me. “That was fucking awesome!” she whispered to me. “Does it always feel like that?”

“I don’t understand. Does what always feel like that?”

“Having sex with a guy.” She said as if that explained everything.

“Um. I don’t know. Am I to understand you were a virgin?”

“Not exactly. But you’re my first guy. It took me hours to work up the courage to do this.”

“Ah. That explains the cheer leaders.” I said

“You didn’t cum, did you?” she asked.

“No. why.”

“Didn’t you want to?”

“Sure I did. But I didn’t have permission.”

“I didn’t think guys asked.” She said.

“Well, this one does. How else would I know if you were on birth control or anything.”

“We all are silly. It’s required to be in the club.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that.”

“So do you want Kartal Escort to cum now?”

“Well, I am certainly primed for it. Do you want to finish me?”

“Uh huh. What do I do?”

“Just exactly what you were doing before.” I said

She began to work her hips, rocking back and fourth.

“A little more up and down.” I said. She began to lift herself up and down my dick more than rocking.

“Oh fuck!” she said. “That feels sooo good.”

I reached up and began to play with her tits, gently rolling her nipples in my fingers as I squeezed and kneaded the mounds of soft flesh. She rode on me for several minutes before her pace started to pick up again.

“Oh god! I think I’m going to cum again.” she said as she began bouncing harder.

“I’m not far behind.” I grunted as her pussy began to contract around me. I went rigid a few strokes later, shoving my dick as deep into her as it would go, pumping my juice into her. She let out a squeal and tried to continue bouncing on me, but her body just wouldn’t work right and she began to shake like she had before, coming hard around my spurting dick. More cheers were heard in background, but I certainly wasn’t paying much attention. After several long seconds she began to relax and I guided her to my shoulder, where I held her until my dick softened and slipped out of her.

“I guess I better go clean up.” She said, climbing off of me and walking toward the bathroom.

“I suppose I better too.” I said, getting up.

“Not so fast buster.” One of the girls said. “You did a pretty damn good job on her. It looked like she enjoyed the hell out of it. I just hope you saved some for us for later.”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do when the time comes.”

“Fair enough. Now if you want to clean up, you can join us for a swim.” She led me out the back door onto the wide swim platform. It was still well light, the sun just now touching the tops of the trees. I saw a lot of naked girls swimming, diving and going down the water slide. Clothing optional seemed to have gone out the window, along with any form of privacy. When the girls saw me there was general cheering and applauding, presumably for my earlier actions. I took a small bow, which turned out to be a mistake. No sooner had I started to bend over and I was pushed head first into the water by my escort. I did my best to stop the fall, turning part way around and grabbing the only thing within reach, which was the arm that was pushing me. I hit the water with a splat, and the young lady that had pushed me over landed next to me with a similar splash. By the time I came up there was more cheering and the playing was in full swing.

We swam for nearly an hour, before I called it dark enough to go inside. I wiped what water I could off with my hands and stepped inside. Someone got a towel and stood next to me drying me off while we watched a game of naked twister. Some of the commands were altered. In addition to the regular left foot red and such there was also suck a tit and lick a clit. We laughed as the several girls playing fell into a heap, laughing like crazy.

“Come on, let’s play.” The young lady that dried me off said.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh don’t be a spoil sport.”

“Ok, ok.” I said allowing myself to be dragged over to the mat. Two other girls that were waiting for a chance got in on it also, so there were four of us. We started off with the normal stuff. After several moves we were in a variety of positions. I was enjoying the feeling of three young bodies against me, which of course was quickly making me hard again. The next call was more interesting.

“Before I call the next one, we have to make an adjustment since we have a guy in the game. If it says pussy it will mean either pussy or dick. The next one is ‘lick a pussy’!”

Several girls were sitting on the sofas watching, and began to cheer at that call. I looked around and found the closest pussy. I reached over and began to slide my tongue up her lips and across her clit, getting a squeal from her. Soon after I felt a mouth close around the head of my dick, and a tongue swishing around the head like an ice cream cone. This lasted several seconds until the next call was made.

Right hand blue. I looked and found a blue spot and moved my right hand. A young lady was reaching for a similar circle and ended up with her tits in my face. That’s ok. I didn’t mind. The next call was left foot red. I looked around and found a red spot and rolled myself over so I was facing nearly up to reach the spot, my dick now standing in the air like a pole. The next call was to suck a tit, which wasn’t hard. There was one inches from me. The interesting thing was that the other tit was being sucked by another girl. My dick didn’t escape either. I felt a powerful suction begin to work on my dick as the head bobbed up and down on it. Several second elapsed and we were again called.

Right foot yellow. I wiggled myself around as best I could and got my right foot on a yellow spot. That meant that the girl near my dick was going to have to go over me to reach it. Somehow she did, but she ended up with half her body across me, and my dick sticking up between her legs. I felt her wiggle her pussy against my shaft.

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