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Like two drops of …. spermLike two drops of … spermDuring one of my daily visits to the supermarket I was scanning my groceries when I thought I recognized a familiar face. The face of a very attractive lady I’d been chatting with for a while and who had mailed me some very horny pics and videos of herself. But it could not be her, because she had told me recently in one of our chats that she was living nearly 100 miles from where I live. She probably did not want to run the risk of bumping into me at Ikea, and me passionately greeting her. I decided to follow this mysterious lady once she had paid for her groceries too. She walked straight to the parking lot and I followed her at a small distance. When she had put her groceries into her car, I suddenly jumped in front of her and said: ‘Hi, can I ask you an impertinent question?’She looked a bit disturbed and replied: ‘Yes, why?’ I said: ‘Are you on Xhamster?’ Her reaction was: ‘Xhamster? What is that?’ I explained: ‘That is a website on which people chat and flirt with each other and also swap pics and videos’. She pulled up her nose and said: ‘No, of course not. How can you even suggest that!”O, sorry. But do you by any chance have an attractive sister who resembles you?’ Charmer that I am … ‘Yes, I have a twin sister’, she replied. ‘But she does not live anywhere near here. And you canlı bahis say you know her from that creepy website?’ ‘Sorry, but I could swear she is the one. If you don’t believe me, come with me, and I will show you her pics. Than you can see for yourself.’ Just trying my luck with her, hoping she would ‘bite’ out of curiosity. And she did. ‘Okay, I want to see for myself. I will come with you. Do you live far from here?”No, it is only a three minutes’ ride. I will meet you at my house.’ I drove not too fast, with her in my trail. She parked her car and I waited for her at my front door. She was very attractive and had a very sexy walk. I already noticed that when I walked behind her in the mall. Nice ass! She entered my house and I took her coat. What a beauty she was! Two twin sisters like that was a precious gift from Mother Nature.I asked her if she wanted coffee, but she declined. She wanted to see the pics straightaway. I opened my computer and first showed her a rather decent pic. She was silent and then said: ‘Show me another one’. I showed a pic that was a bit more naughty. ‘Shit, yes, there is no doubt, that is definitely my sister. She never told me that she visits this website.’ Well, that happens more often …’And you said that people also swap videos on this website? Does she do that as well?’, she asked, still curious after bahis siteleri her kinky sister. ‘Yes, she does’, I replied. ‘But you’d better not watch them’. She reacted as if insulted: ‘And why shouldn’t I, she is my own sister!”Okay then, but I warned you’. I opened a video in which Tigerlover (because it is her we were talking about) was playing with herself. A very exciting video for all men between – say – 12 and 92, but also for women. At least, so I noticed from her sister’s behaviour. She was sitting restlessly on her chair and had shoved a hand between her legs.’Do you want to see more?’, I asked when the video was over. ‘Yes, give me more’, she said hurriedly. ‘Do you know that this makes me very horny?’. She need not tell me, a blind man could see that. I started another video, in which her naked sister was caressed and kissed by a man, who also penetrated her. Her sister’s eyes nearly popped out. ‘Oow, this makes me so horny. Can I ask you something? Could you please fuck me, here and now?’No need to ask this twice of course. She walked into the kitchen, put down her trousers and knickers, and sat on the kitchen sink with her legs spread. I also dropped my pants and did not even need to make the tip of my dick wet, because her pussy was so wet that I was sucked into it, as if into a swamp. Swampy, that is the best was to describe bahis şirketleri her gorgeous pussy.Why I was fucking her, I secretly thought about her sister. Because it was her I really wanted to fuck. Her twin sister was a good body double, though. It did not take long before I felt her orgasm shivering and shaking around my dick, just as quickly as her sister reached hers in our chats. It did not take long after that before I emptied my balls into her divine pussy. It felt like heaven on earth!I grabbed a piece of paper – with my dick still inside her – and tried to stop the sperm flood that escaped from her when I let my dick slide out of her pussy. I threw the wet paper into the bin and she then put a finger into her still glowing pussy. She took it out again, with a bit of my sperm on it and put her finger into her mouth. ‘Thanks for the great fuck, honey! It was so nice. You know … my sister and me resemble each other like two drops of … eh … sperm.’She pulled up for pants, took her handbag and I helped her into her coat. Again I was struck by the resemblance between her and her sister. Since she had no intention of prolonging her stay, I decided not to try and insist. Choose your battles … and besides: I had fucked her!I closed the door behind her and she walked to her car. I was a bit sad at the idea of fucking the duplicate, and not the original. Tigerlover had been very clear to me about not dating people she met on Xhamster, so this was probably all I could get. But maybe there was no twin sister at all, and she had pulled a smart trick on me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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