Liotta Lad Pt. 07

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All characters 18+

In the space of half an hour, Stefano’s phone buzzed with thirteen messages from Dougie, Dan and Alessandra. They all wanted a piece of his ass this weekend, and there wasn’t any way of keeping everyone sweet.

He’d only just about managed to patch things up with Dan. The Trucker’s jealousy was bad enough around girls Stefano might be seeing, but letting another Man fuck him like that just about broke Danny’s heart. It took the teen a whole night of apologies and pillow-talk to win a conciliatory smile from the Man. They made love after that, and the Apocalypse was postponed.

Lucky Dan didn’t know anything about Dougie. Stefano made his sorry way back to his schoolmate’s place earlier in the week, and played Top for the first time ever. Dougie hoped it would consummate their relationship and convince Stefano to become his boyfriend, but the Sicilian stud was much too arrogant to devote himself to a nice boy like Douglas.

Now everyone was chasing him up – it was a big mess entirely of Stefano’s own invention. Thankfully he could excuse himself with a family party tonight and his admirers would have to wait. Stefano’s dozen Aunties were covering tables with food, and all the Liottas would be there.

Of course that meant Philip too. If he had any sense, Stefano would have steered clear of any more clandestine sex, but even as he cursed himself, he just couldn’t leave Philip alone. The saucy jokes told themselves and his little winks got carried away.

Under the pretext of going to play Xbox for an hour, he steered them both upstairs where they could be alone. Then he was straight back on his cousin’s piggy willy, draining him of his sapid juice.

Now Phil wanted to get his chops on a dick, and Stefano let the fat kid mouth his way around his glossy bellend. But Philip was unpracticed, and Stefano quickly realised that here was a fag he could treat rough. Taking a mean delight in suffocating the clumsy dolt, he forced his cousin’s head amasya escort down onto his long teenage shaft.

This wasn’t how Philip imagined blowing Stefano would be, but it was definitely sexy and he took it like a champ. And while the lad was busy fucking his face, Phil summoned the necessary courage with which to pitch his ultimatum.

“I love it when you’re sucking my dick,” he announced gormlessly after they were done.

Stefano guffawed from where he’d enthroned himself on Philip’s bed, taking up the whole mattress and forcing Philip to sit on the floor,

“You don’t have dick fatty, it’s a micropenis. Not the same thing at all.”

“I thought… maybe you liked me.”

“Mate, your choad tastes totally awesome,” Stefano conceded.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” Philip blurted.

“What!? Don’t be stupid” his cousin scowled, completely bewildered by the proposition.

“If you won’t be my boyfriend, I’ll tell your Dad about Dan.”

Stefano’s heart froze,

“Don’t fucking joke about that!”

“I’m not joking,” Philip pressed, and the two lads became locked in a stare-down that near caught fire in midair.

Stefano knew that if he submit to this extortion now, his cousin would wield the threat again at any given opportunity. Philip would have him by the balls forever, making increasingly absurd and humiliating demands. And as much as he liked drinking Philip’s wee, he despised the massive dork it dripped from.

“Fuck of Philip, no one would even believe you. I didn’t even do it, nothing happened with me and Dan anyway.”

“Yeah it did. I’ve got a video of you kissing.”

“Give me your phone!” Stefano screamed, reaching over to snatch Phil’s mobile off the sideboard.

Scrolling through the photos he found a whole bunch of sneaky pictures and vids, all taken from shadowy corners in the depot. Stefano had been caught on camera multiple times. He deleted them all.

“Gone! I’ve deleted them!”

“I ankara escort saved them to my cloud,” Philip stated coldly.

Stefano lost his shit, but only threw his blackmailer a couple of punches before awakening to the futility of beating him. He knew he was finished, and he took off immediately, leaving the party to warn Dan of the oncoming storm.

Running most the way across town, Stefano was too out of breath to speak when he collapsed into his Man’s arms. Dan could plainly see just how distressed the boy was however, and the first thing he thought was that they’d been discovered.

Being convinced once Stefano related the whole unpleasant story that Philip would indeed take revenge on his selfish cousin and execute his threat, Dan got up to search his draws for anything he might need to make an escape.

“But where will you go?” Stefano trembled.

“I can’t tell you, babe. If you know that, your Father can get it out of you.”

Realising the deadly seriousness of their predicament, Stefano was overcome with despair.

“Take me with you,” he wept.

“Stefano, no…”

“Please, please take me with you Dan.”

“Don’t be crazy. Your Dad isn’t going to do anything to you, you’re his only son. I’ve never even seen him raise his voice at you, he’ll just be disappointed, or cross…”

But just as Dan was trying to settle Stefano’s nerves, the familiar rumble of a Liotta truck silenced his sweet talk.

Quickly putting the lights out, Dan lifted the curtain to get a furtive look at the street outside. In the moonlight, a posse of Sicilian relatives were closing in on the entrance to Dan’s flat, swinging tentpoles or crowbars and chatting Italian under their breaths.

Dan stuffed his passport and a change of clothes into a backpack. Then hastening to the bathroom, he lifted the window sash at the back of the house.

“Dan please,” Stefano whispered.

Fucking the lad had been the most reckless and antalya escort abandoned thing Dan could possibly have done with his life. It brought about his complete ruin, to the point of absolute destruction. But if he loved the boy as much as he professed, and with nothing left to lose, he knew he had to take this final leap into the all-consuming fire.

“Come on then, babe.”

With nothing but the clothes he was standing in – his fabled work shirt, his grubby socks, his grey joggers and scuffed Nikes, without even his phone, which he’d accidentally left behind at his Uncle’s house – Stefano followed his Protector through the back window, across a flat roof, down a great drop into the yard, and onto the back on Dan’s motorbike.

His Cousins and Uncles were busy kicking the front door when they heard the roar of Dan’s getaway. They’d already lost him. By the time they piled back into the van and got the engine going, all they could do was drive up and down the Gloucester Road, boiling with incandescent rage. The lovers had slipped through their hands.

Dan rode all night, heading west, leaving the city behind and breaking free on the open road. About 4pm he turned into a service station. Sitting with Stefano in an empty canteen under harsh strip-lighting, and taking a sip on his vending machine coffee, Dan tried to take stock of what he’d just done,

“You can turn back anytime you want, Stefano…”

“Shut up.”

“I’ll give you money for a bus ride home…”

“Stop it! I’m not going back!”

They gazed into one another’s eyes.

“You look tired, babe,”

“You look tired,” Stefano teased.

“You think?” Dan rubbed his stubbled face.

A minute later he was fucking the boy in the Gents, cramming his sweet ass with his fat old cock.

Back on the road again. By dawn they reached the sea. Gentle summer tides brought tiny waves to the shore, softly splashing the length of the beach. Stefano seemed totally swept up by the romance of their elopement, and after running alongside several dogs on their morning walks, he kissed with Danny like the hero in a trashy novel. A Man and his boy, on the run, the whole world against them. Where would it all end?

Next chapter: Trucker and his boy on the run

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