Lisa introduces me to her mother

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Amy Faye

Lisa introduces me to her motherIn an earlier story i told you about Lisa and myself. She is a 45 year old married lady ive been having sex with.She has become completely submissive to my needs as i have given her sex , exciting hot sex and shes almost addicted to having multi orgasms from things i do with her.As i said she is married and happy except for the sex with her husband which according to her is boring and absent of excitement. And for his part is happy to not have any. She said it began with the birth of their c***d 8 years ago.Lisa met me for coffee and asked if i would do her a favor and if i didnt like it i wouldnt have to repeat.Being a little surprised what it was!She said she was happy having sex with me and doing things that fulfilled her sexually and that she had told her mother about the guy that was fucking her. Thats when her mom told her she was so happy for her but was sad since it had been 6 years since she had had sex last other than masturbation.Lisa said her mom is a 64 year old widow and she never thought about her mom desiring sex. Her mother said she would love to have a man to meet for sex if she could find one.She said at her age there must be 10 women for every man and she just put it out of her mind.So Lisa asked me point blank if i would consider it.I told her i would meet her and see how it went. Lisa smiled widely and said you will like her i know!!!!So a couple of hours later we all got together and i was pleasantly surprised, Judy [her mom] was very attractive, fethiye escort thin, and very friendly and if i didnt know what we were there for i would have liked her in any case.As we sat the 3 of us Lisa could tell Judy and i were getting along fine. She spoke up and said well how do you like my mother? I smiled at Judy and put my hand on hers and said i think she is a lovely person as well as a lovely sexy woman.Judys eyes got wide and her mouth fell open in surprise and said thank you so much that is so flattering and i dont get much of that!! squeezing my hand in return.Lisa said do you 2 want to go to your house mom and get to know each other more intimately? Judy quickly said YES!!!!!!!! I winked at Lisa a silent yes.We drove to Judys house and the 3 of us went in and Lisa said mom i think i better go so you can be alone and i wont be in the way. And with that she left and we were alone.We stood close as i put my arms around her and was pleased how warm and soft Judy was. My left arm around her thin waist slipping my right up her back to her head and brought her to me for a soft kiss, a slow soft sensuous kiss. As i held her she sighed and a soft mmmm. came out of her.As the kiss ended she looked in my eyes saying nothing as i felt a slight trembling i moved my lips back to hers this time a hotter wetter passionate kiss as my tongue moved between her lips. My left arm now rubbing her back feeling her wide Brasierre back strap realizing it was a wide 4 hook bra.Her breathing escort fethiye was getting deeper as she began to squirm in my arms. I held her in my arms and in a soft voice asked should i stay? or go to give her a choice in what was about to happen.She looked up at me and said oh please stay! It has been so long as her eyes began to tear. I want you to be in my life like Lisa has you and i will do my best to make YOU happy too.I held her close to me again and told her Judy im going to Fuck you!! She just moaned and said yes yes.She took my hand and we went to her bedroom and i unzipped her dress and she stepped out of it the i unhooked her Bra and her big full titties appeared as i massaged and fondled them. I slipped her panties of and she was totally naked and she layed back on the bed.I lowered my pants and turned to show her my hard 9″ cock, she just moaned a oh my gosh!!I walked over to her and rubbed my cock head over her face slapping her with it and rubbing my flowing precum on her face as i moved from cheek to cheek over her lips and forehead covering her in my juice.I pushed it up to her mouth and told her to suck it!! She slid it in about half way sucking and kissing it and massaging my full nut sack. As i got hotter i began fucking her mouth gagging her and choking her as she tryed her best to suck it all in.I moved her legs open and went down to her pussy covered in light hair glistening with her juices. I gave it a kiss then a kiss on her clit and opened her up and began licking fethiye escort bayan the inside of her cunt.In only about 2 min. she was trembling and began screaming and a flood of liquid squirted out of her drenching me. Followed by several more streams of her cum and pee.I moved my cock up to her pussy and pushed just inside as she held her legs up and open i plunged deep into her.I began pumping in and out of her as her pussy became sloppier with each thrust she was shouting fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!With each thrust a short stream of hot liquid shot out of her on my cock and stomach as she gasped for breath i realized she was riding a on going climax and cumming over and over as i constantly tore and ripped my dick into her.She was enjoying to the hilt being fucked like a cheap whore and i could tell it had been to long for her and she was going to be mine from here on.Soon i knew i had to cum and as it built to no return i pulled out and and shot all the way up her stomach and titties and hit her face with thick hot cum.I shot so much cum i had to rest on my hands as i finished.I looked down to see the beautiful scene of my cum all over her, she was fucked out and covered in my cum and smiling at me!!!We lay together for a few min. and got up and dressed. As i readied to leave she said i loved tonight and hope you did and i said YES!! Then she said if you want we can “go steady”. I said i do…but you will be my whore in bed and do anything i want. She said yes yes yes. I told her i want your ass too, she said if you want it its yours but ive never had sex there. I told her we will use your ass and your pussy.As i went to leave she said i think i will fall in love with you!!I told her this is just the beginning!!!

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