Lisa’s Birthday night

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Lisa’s Birthday nightOne Friday evening shortly after Lisa’s birthday her mother and dad were sitting in the living room after she went to her room to watch TV. When Lisa left the room her dad, Chuck put one of his adult movies in the VCR and began to watch it with Debbie, his wife. He began to get horny watching the sexual action on the screen, and started to play around with his wife, Debbie. Although she usually got very turned on by his caresses, tonight she wasn’t feeling very well. She asked him to stop, and when he continued trying to feel her up, she got up and went to the kitchen to take some aspirin. She told him she didn’t feel well and that she was going to bed. She left him sitting there feeling dejected, but still horny. As he continued to watch the movies, he heard Lisa go into the bathroom and start the shower. He pictured her young body, naked under the jets of water, and he began to fantasize about seeing it for real. The combination of the sexy scenes in the film he was watching and his fantasies about his pretty daughter got to be to much for him, and when he heard the shower go off, he peeked into his wife’s room to make sure she was asleep, and then quietly headed for Lisa’s room. Lisa had just come out of the bathroom and was sitting on the bed with her robe hanging open, so her skimpy bikini panties were visible when her dad came into her room. She was just embarrassed at first as she wrapped the thin robe around her, then she got worried when she saw his expression as his greedy stare slid over her body. He slowly approached her, and sank to the bed beside her. “You are turning into a beautiful, sexy young lady and dad wants to see how much you’ve grown Honey.” Flattered by her dad’s words, but a little scared, she sat as still as a frightened deer, wondering what he was going to do and hoping he would go away. “dad’s going to find out all about that lovely young body of yours, it looks so sexy, warm and soft.” He said, putting his right arm around her shoulders and gently caressing her breasts through the robe. Lisa jumped when he squeezed her breasts with his big hands, and when she felt his fingers twisting her tender nipples, strange new feelings shot through her body. At first she just wanted him to stop, but then he opened her robe and she felt his mouth sucking on her bare nipples while his tongue circled their tips, and she wasn’t as sure anymore. Lisa’s breasts tingled and her nipples hardened into little buds. The sensations deep in her pussy caused her to squirm and press her thighs together. Chuck felt her trembling and squirming and knew she was beginning to like what he was doing to her breasts. Placing his hand gently on her knee, he slid it slowly up her thigh, until he was rubbing her mound through her silky panties. His caresses increased the sensuous feelings surging through Lisa’s pussy and she could not resist the urge to relax her legs, giving her dad more access to the crotch of her panties. Feeling the resistance to his hand relax He knew his lovely, young daughter was getting turned on, and he slid his fingers between her thighs and pressed the silky material of her panties between her lips, rubbing it over her clitoris until he felt Lisa responding to the exciting sensations by forcing her pussy deeper into his hand. She felt the gravy beginning to flow from her pussy causing her lips to slide against each other and against her clitoris as he continued to caress her. Chuck felt the warmth and moisture of her pussy through her tight little panties and his cock swelled when he saw how much she was enjoying his caresses. He began to pull Lisa’s panties aside to get to her hot young pussy. Lisa was getting very excited. She knew she wanted to feel his hand on her naked pussy. She spread her thighs wide apart to make it easy for him to get into her panties. Powerful, sexy feelings surged through her cunt as she felt his fingers slipping under her panties and caressing her naked, wet pussy. Debbie had awakened a few minutes earlier, the aspirin having cured her headache. She had been having a dream which left her feeling very sexy when she awoke, so she headed for the living room to see if Chuck was still in the mood. Not finding him there, Debbie walked down the hall toward the bathroom until she saw the light shining out the partially closed door of Lisa’s room. She approached the door and peeked through the narrow opening just as Chuck was tugging Lisa’s bikinis aside. Her first impulse was to rush into the room and raise hell with him for trying to get into their daughter’s panties. As she watched, however, she saw Lisa’s delighted expression, and saw her thighs spread wide apart encouraging her dad to play with her pussy. Debbie could feel the heat building in her own loins watching his hand slide under Lisa’s panties to caress her naked pussy. Debbie’s hand slid down between her thighs and she began squeezing herself through the panties of her shorty nightgown. Feeling her juices begin to flow made her want to watch for a while to see what would happen. Chuck, of course, didn’t know Debbie was watching. He could feel Lisa’s soft pubic hair and the inviting warmth which seemed to be begging for his touch. Slipping his finger between the wet lips of her youthful pussy, he rubbed them gently, spreading her juices around. Lisa was still a little scared, but her pussy was feeling so good, she couldn’t help moving it around as he pressed his finger into her. When her dad started tugging on her panties with his free hand, Lisa raised her hips to let him slide them off. As she rolled her body to the side to raise her hips she caught a glimpse of her mother peeking in the door. That was really scary until she realized that mother was playing with herself. Lisa could see Debbie squeezing and rubbing her pussy through her filmy panties. She knew her mom had been watching dad’s fingers play with Lisa’s pussy, and it had really excited her.As he removed her panties, Chuck pressed them to his face and inhaled her exciting aroma. Watching dad sniffing her bikinis and licking her gravy from the crotch while her mother was excitedly masturbating herself in the hall aroused Lisa very much. She couldn’t resist the urge to excite them even more. Shrugging her robe off her shoulders she let it fall to the bed, completely exposing her nude body, with its smooth soft skin, and firm breasts, to her parents. She bahis siteleri realized that her sexy young body was exciting them, and she enjoyed displaying herself very much. “Is this what you wanted to see, dad? Have I grown much?” “Honey, dad loves to looks at your sexy body. You have grown into a very desirable young woman.” he replied. He rubbed the panties over her swollen nipples and then slid them between her legs, pressing the silky material against her sensitive clitoris until she was gasping from the sensations he was causing in her pussy. Dropping her panties, he leaned forward and his tongue darted over her small, hard nipples while he slid his finger between the swollen lips of her hot, wet young pussy. Lisa let out another tiny gasp. He gently pushed her down on the bed, with her legs hanging off the side, and pressing his face between her thighs, began licking her juices directly from her pussy. Lisa started moaning with pleasure. His tongue played with her pussy and kept darting between her slippery lips. Her clitoris hardened like a tiny penis as his tongue attacked it repeatedly. Lisa loved the thrills that were surging through her body. She had never imagined how great it would feel to have dad eating her pussy while mother watched and played with herself. She drew up her legs to spread her hot, young pussy for their continued enjoyment. Still watching through the narrow opening, Debbie saw Lisa’s thighs spread wide apart as Chuck’s tongue slid up and down her slit. That talented tongue had explored Debbie’s pussy many times, and she knew how it was making Lisa feel. Hearing Lisa gasping and moaning from Chuck’s attentions increased Debbie’s enjoyment. She gave up all ideas of raising a fuss, and settled down to taking care of the feelings building deep in her own pussy. She slid one hand down the front of her panties and slid her finger between her hot, juicy cunt lips. She teased her clit until it got hard and then plunged the finger deep into her pussy. The sensuous feelings in her crotch built rapidly and she could feel her breasts swelling from the excitement.Her other hand slipped under the top of her nightie and began to rub her sensitive, swollen nipples. Debbie didn’t realize that Lisa kept catching glimpses of her as she rolled her head from side to side on the bed.Lisa saw her mother wildly fingering herself as she watched Chuck licking her daughter’s pussy. Lisa reached out her leg and rubbed her foot over the obvious bulge in her dad’s trousers. His cock shoved back at her probing foot, and she felt it pulsing in his pants. She enjoyed teasing him and it heightened her own excitement. Turning her head to the side she watched her mom finger-fucking herself. Lisa saw her hips thrusting forward to force her fingers deeper into her overheated pussy. It was very exciting to watch her mom, and Lisa’s enjoyed it tremendously. Her dad reached back with one hand while still pressing his tongue deep into her pussy, and released his belt. His trousers dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. Lisa saw his big prick straining against the thin material of his jockey shorts. Her pussy throbbed with desire from the sight. Caressing it again with her foot, she hooked her toes over the waistband and drew the shorts down until her dad’s cock sprang free. Lisa could see a drop of fluid on the swollen tip. She pressed her little foot against his naked cock and rolled it against his belly watching more ooze out and spread over the ruby head. Stepping out of the shorts, Chuck moved forward, bumping his hard cock against her pussy. He took it in his hand and started rubbing it between her lips, sending thrills through her cunt. Lisa’s pussy got very hot and her gravy was soaking the head of his cock. Spreading her legs wide, she thrust her pelvis toward his hot, slippery prick, feeling it slide into her vagina. Moaning loudly now, she wanted to feel her dad’s cock plunge into her hot little pussy. Reaching down with her hand, she grasped his cock tightly, feeling its great heat with her fingers. She pulled it into her pussy, rubbing the head between her slippery lips and over her clit. “Oh, that feels so good, dad.” Lisa squealed. Wantonly thrusting her cunt toward her dad’s big prick, she made it slide deeper into her throbbing pussy. It hurt a little as it pushed through her hymen and stretched her vagina for the first time, but such thrills shot through her cunt that even the hurting felt good. “Oh dad!” she exclaimed, “I’m a real woman now.” “I love the feeling of your big cock stretching my pussy like that.”Dad was surprised and excited by her reaction and he began to slide his prick in and out of Lisa’s tight little pussy. Her cunt was so hot and slick he was able to shove his cock all the way into her until his groin bumped against her crotch. Lisa could feel his head throbbing deep inside of her. She loved the feeling of her clit rubbing against the base of dad’s cock. Thrill after thrill shot through her crotch. Lisa’s body was quickly building toward a climax, and she began thrusting her pussy against him rapidly, chanting “Fuck me dad, Fuck my pussy like you do mother’s! Shove your big cock deep into my belly.” Debbie’s hands clutched her crotch tightly when she heard Lisa’s words. Hearing her daughter beg for her dad’s cock was driving Debbie wild. She leaned back against the door frame shoving both hands into her crotch. Frantically rubbing her clitoris with one hand, she plunged the fingers of the other deep into her pussy. Her cunt juices were flowing all over her fingers and even down the inside of her thighs. Sliding slowly downward, she sat on the floor and leaned back against the door frame. She drew her knees up and spread her thighs wide so she could drive her fingers deeper in her cunt. Lisa watched her lift one of her breasts from the top of her nightie and bend to suck the swollen nipple. She saw Mom plunging two, and then three fingers into her sloppy pussy and rapidly finger fuck herself. Lisa fucked her dad’s big cock wildly, loving the feeling of it filling her pussy and bumping her clitoris. She suddenly let out a little shriek and had her very first orgasm. She thrashed about as her juices flowed all over her dad’s swollen cock. Lisa’s reactions were beyond her dad’s wildest expectations and excited him tremendously. He started to fuck her like a wild man, shoving his prick deep into her canlı bahis hot young pussy and feeling the muscular walls squeezing his cock tightly. Lisa also went wild, shoving her pussy up to meet his cock on every stroke. She used the muscles in her pussy to squeeze and milk his cock as it slid in and out. His breath was coming in short gasps as his excitement reached fever-pitch. He finally drove deep into her and she felt his prick throb as it shot the hot spurts of his cum deep into her convulsing pussy. His cock pulsing hard inside of her triggered an even bigger orgasm for Lisa. She screamed, her head falling back on the bed, and she wrapped her legs around his ass, driving him hard against her pussy. At the same moment, she saw her mom reach a tremendous orgasm fucking her own fingers. She saw the shudders running through her mother’s body as Debbie drove her fingers deep into her cunt, clutching at the remnants of the exciting sensations surging through her pussy. Lisa then saw her rise slowly and turn from the doorway as she went back toward her room. When Lisa’s orgasm finally abated she felt completely exhausted. Chuck slid his dripping prick out of her, bent to place one last kiss on her pussy and let himself out of the room, without a word. Lisa lay with his come oozing from her pussy, thinking about what had happened. As she thought about what the future would bring she was sure of one thing, she loved having her pussy licked and fucked, and she wanted a lot more of it from now on. She was glad mother had left before dad became aware she had been watching. The knowledge that mother watched and let dad fuck her without doing anything except play with her own pussy was sure to be of use to Lisa before too long.The sound of dad’s car leaving woke Lisa Saturday morning. She recalled that he had mentioned having to work this Saturday. As she lay thinking about the excitement of the previous night when her dad was fucking her while mother watched and played with herself. Her thoughts began to excite her pussy, and she could feel her gravy begin to flow. Her hand drifted down over her flat tummy and began to idly caress her pussy through her panties. A few minutes of playing with her pussy and thinking of how her mother had gone wild from watching the night before gave Lisa an idea for some more fun. Lisa rose from the bed and stepped into the hall. She padded quietly down the hall to her parent’s bedroom and slowly opened the door. She saw her mother sprawled on the bed in a transparent black nightie, still sound asleep. The covers were thrown back and Lisa could see her mother’s pussy through the filmy material of the bikini bottoms. Looking at it brought a picture to Lisa’s mind of her mother sitting against the door frame last night wildly frigging herself, and the thought sent hot feelings through her own pussy. Debbie’s breasts and nipples were also visible through the skimpy nylon nightie. Lisa walked quietly to the bed squeezing her pussy through her panties and wondering if she could make her mother hot without waking her. Kneeling beside the bed she carefully placed her hand between her mother’s thighs and rested her fingers lightly against the crotch of her mother’s panties. She slid her fingers slowly up and down over the silky material, rubbing Debbie’s pussy through the panties. Lisa knew it was beginning to work when she felt the lips of her mother’s pussy starting to swell under the thin nylon of the panties. Debbie’s hips began to move, rubbing her pussy against Lisa’s fingers. Lisa’s fingers playing with her pussy were making Debbie have a sexy dream. Lisa felt the crotch of the panties getting damp as her mother’s juices began to ooze from her cunt.Her mother started moaning softly in her sleep. Lisa discovered that her mother had shaved all the hair from her pussy except for a heart-shaped patch her mound of venus. It made her pussy look very sexy, and was probably done for her husband, but it was very exciting to her daughter. Wanting a better look at mother’s hairless pussy, Lisa gently slid the panties to one side and ran her fingers over the naked, puffy lips. Debbie’s soft moaning and her own rising excitement made Lisa more daring, and she slipped her finger between the juicy lips of her mother’s pussy. Debbie’s dreamy movements made it easy for Lisa’s to slide her finger deeper and deeper into the slippery cunt. When her knuckles bumped against the clitoris, her mother’s pussy jumped against her hand. Rapid little quivers started going through Debbie’s body as she moved her pussy against Lisa’s hand. Suddenly she woke and raised her head. When she saw Lisa’s fingers pressed into her pussy she exclaimed, “Lisa, what are you doing to me?” “Stop doing that right now!” She tried to close her legs to get away from the exciting fingers, but Lisa had other ideas. Pressing her fingers firmly into her mother’s pussy, Lisa looked into her eyes and said “I saw you watching dad play with me last night, Mother. You got very excited when he was licking my pussy. I saw you cum all over your hands when he was fucking me.” Shocked by Lisa’s words, Debbie head dropped back on the pillow. She buried her face in her hands as she realized all that Lisa had seen her doing last night. It was as if she was seeing it all again in vivid flashes of memory. As Debbie remembered the things she had seen and had done the evening before, she recalled the feelings that had surged through her body. Now Lisa’s hand was causing the same exciting, hot feelings deep in her pussy. She could feel her breasts and nipples swelling again as the hot blood pumped through them. Her mother’s nipples poked against the sheer fabric of her nightie, and Lisa could see them plainly. Her mother’s pussy was getting hot and juicy around Lisa’s fingers. She knew she had mother right where she wanted her. She began to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy, and she twisted her wrist to make her knuckles rub over mother’s swelling clit to stimulate that tiny bundle of nerve endings. Her mother’s movements made it obvious that Lisa was exciting her very much. Debbie tried desperately to get her feelings under control, but her body was betraying her. The sensations that raced through her as her daughter’s fingers invaded her pussy caused her hips to roll involuntarily. Her cunt was doing her thinking for her, and it was pumping against Lisa’s hand. Her hands güvenilir bahis slid from her face to cup her breasts. The fingers squeezed and rolled her nipples passionately.Debbie knew she was losing the battle with her treacherous body. Lisa suddenly removed her fingers from her mother’s pussy, and leaned forward to run her tongue into it, sliding it up and over her mother’s clit. Her mother moaned loudly, giving up the fight, and letting her pussy have its way. Wrapping her long, lovely legs around Lisa’s shoulders Debbie drew her face closer, pulling it against her pussy. Lisa’s long tongue slid deep into her mother’s cunt. Then it flicked teasingly over her clitoris. Debbie was gasping for breath. Humping her pussy against her daughter’s face, and moaning loudly, she came in a rush of delightful feelings. Looking down, Debbie saw that Lisa had her hand between her own thighs rubbing her pussy frantically through her panties. Debbie enjoyed the way Lisa made her cum so much that she wanted to make her daughter cum too. Her legs still held Lisa’s face trapped against her throbbing wet pussy.Spreading her thighs, she released her, saying “You’re a tease, Lisa, and you really made me cum hard. I really enjoyed it, Honey, but now I want to make you enjoy it too, and these panties are in the way.” Debbie swung her legs to the floor and rose from the bed, sliding her panties off and dropping them to the floor. She sat down on the edge of the bed, exposing her shaved pussy to her daughter. Pulling Lisa to her feet, she fingered the soaking crotch of her panties for a moment, and then raised her fingers to her mouth. Debbie sucked the juices from her fingers, thrilled by the idea of tasting her daughter’s pussy. Sliding Lisa’s panties to the floors, Debbie pulled her close and mouthed her firm, young breasts sucking first one, and then the other nipple into her mouth. Her knee slid between her daughter’s thighs and pressed against her pussy. Lisa let her knees bend and mashed her hot, slippery cunt lips against her mother’s knee, feeling it get slippery from her gravy. She rubbed her pussy back and forth on mother’s knee until her knees trembled from the exciting sensations surging through her cunt. Straightening up, she pulled the top of her mother’s nightie over her head and cast it aside. Taking her mother’s turgid breasts in her hands, Lisa sucked on the nipples, one after the other. Swinging her legs back onto the bed, Debbie pulled Lisa with her, spreading her legs wide so her daughter was between her thighs. She drew Lisa up until they were face to face. Lisa’s pussy and breasts were pressing tightly against her own. Pulling her head down, Debbie kissed her full on the mouth, sliding her tongue against Lisa’s. She felt her daughter respond to the sexy kiss by grinding her pussy against her mom’s until their clits rubbed like two tiny cocks. Shocking tremors of passion surged through their bodies.Debbie flipped over on the bed until her head rested on Lisa’s thigh. Her daughter’s juicy young pussy excited her very much. Grasping the cheeks of Lisa’s ass she pulled her closer until her open mouth pressed against her pussy. Her tongue darted between the slippery lips and tasted Lisa’s honey. Excited by the feeling of her mother’s tongue in her pussy, Lisa pulled her mother’s cunt to her own mouth. Her nose pressed into the neatly trimmed patch of blonde hair on Debbie’s mound as her tongue licked all over the naked lips and up the slit between them. They were moaning in delight over the feelings they were causing in each other’s pussies. Debbie remembered how much she enjoyed having Chuck play with her ass while he was fucking her. She slid her hand between Lisa’s thighs from behind and dipped her finger into her juicy cunt to get it slippery. Then she moved it back and rubbed the juices over the rim of Lisa’s ass. Debbie repeated the action several times, transferring Lisa’s juices from her pussy until it was well lubricated. Lisa quivered each time Debbie ran her finger around her ass. She was almost overcome by the rush of exciting new feelings when her mother slid her long slender finger deep into her rectum. Lisa pressed her pussy against her mothers face, greatly stimulated by the finger sliding in and out of her rear while Debbie’s tongue slid in and out of her cunt. In her rising excitement, Lisa forgot about her mother’s pussy until Debbie raised her head and pleaded “Do me too, Honey. Lick my pussy and play with my butt.” Lisa dipped her fingers into her mother’s pussy until it they were wet with Debbie’s juices. She swirled them around her mother’s ass until it was slippery, and then plunged one in all the way in up to her knuckles. Her mother moaned with pleasure and thrust her pussy against Lisa’s face as she drove her own tongue deep into Lisa’s cunt. The dual action of tongues and fingers fucking into their bodies simultaneously drove them both to new heights of delight. With hips thrusting shamelessly, tongues and fingers sliding deep into pussies and asses, and noses rubbing clits, they fucked each other’s faces wildly until they both came at once, moaning and gasping for breath. “Oh Honey, that was wonderful” Debbie purred. “What a marvelous way to wake up in the morning.” “I loved it too, mother” Lisa replied. “I woke up thinking about watching you play with your pussy in the hall last night, and it made me so hot I had to come to your room.” “When I saw you sprawled on the bed with your pussy showing through that sexy nightie, I couldn’t resist playing with it.” Debbie would have liked to linger with Lisa, but she had an appointment with her hairdresser in a short while, so she had to rise and started dressing. Lisa lay idly fingering her pussy and watching while her mother slipped into a pair of filmy black bikini panties and stuffed her full breasts into a matching black bra. She watched her pull on dark stockings, fastening them with a lacy garter belt she wrapped around her hips. Debbie was aware Lisa was fondling herself while she watched her dress, and it made her juices start to flow in her fresh panties. She wished she had more time to stay and play. She felt the lips of her pussy rubbing together between her thighs as she walked to her dressing table to apply her makeup. It was obvious to Lisa that mother was still excited from the way she was rubbing her pussy against the chair. Lisa kissed her mother’s neck, forcing her forward so her pussy pressed hard against the corner of the chair making her squirm in her seat. Lisa turned and went down the hall to her own room, knowing it wouldn’t be long until they played together again

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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